Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 90

In this spiritual medicine collection mission, there are a total of fifty people, including three leaders from the Inner Sect.

There are actually only ten people like Mo Fan who got places by taking tasks.

Except for ten of them, all the others were arranged within the Pill Dao Church.

The travel tool is also very characteristic of the school – carriage.

Not a carriage in the general sense.

Although the carriage looks quaint and outdated, it is blessed with rune, flowing with jet black rays of light, as strong as steel.

The horse is not an ordinary horse, but a Scarlet Scales Horse with a monster beast bloodline, which can travel three or four thousand miles a day, much faster than an ordinary car.

The carriages are extra large, with fifty people divided into six carriages, so it is not crowded at all.

On the way.

Mo Fan and Xu Wei were in the same carriage.

And still in the driver’s seat driving away the carriage.

Scarlet Scales Horse is very spiritual, knows the way by itself, and doesn’t need to be driven by humans at all.

Mo Fan and Xu Wei are sitting here for a better exchange of boxing techniques.

And because of the carriage rune shroud, even sitting in this open air position, you can’t feel the flow of the wind.

The face will not be deformed by the wind blowing too fast.

“In summary, if you want to become a Vajra Fist, you must maintain an extremely firm and fierce air, and you can’t have the slightest compromise.

“You grasp this core The point is, if you live for a period of time in an extremely firm and fierce way and behavior, you may have a different perception. ”

After two or three hours of explanation, Mo Fan summarizes.

β€œSo that’s how it is, I seem to understand a little-”

After listening According to Mo Fan, Xu Wei looked thoughtful and touched the red glow of the scales on the Scarlet Scales Horse.

He wanted to jump out of the car and do a set of punches.

But he resisted the urge, closed his eyes and comprehend earnestly, his spirit restrained, his astral qi bulging, and he seemed to have really understood something.

Seeing this, Mo Fan was a little stunned.

Is that okay?

is it possible that I’m also a genius in education?

Mo Fan shook the head, no more thinking.

At this moment, Xu Wei closed his eyes and realized himself.

Mo Fan also had time to absorb spiritual energy.

With a condensed expression, Mo Fan connected his consciousness to the system space, moved towards Spirit Stone and lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

In an instant, the virtual panel flashed and a prompt box popped up.

【Found low grade Spirit Stone *200, absorbable Converted to attribute points, absorb?]

Mo Fan chooses to absorb.

The virtual panel flashes again.

His attribute panel changes quietly.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Innate Ichi (+)]

[…] (click to expand and collapse)

[Available attribute points: 243]

Available attribute points rose to an astonishing 243, reaching a new high.

Mo Fan was reluctant to be happy and focused again, his eyes locked on the cultivation base column The plus sign at the back.

thoughts move, the prompt information emerges:

[cultivation base: Innate Ichi (+) (243/240)]

look Mo Fan couldn’t help but be a little surprised by the result.

“This time, only 240 a’s are needed to add points. attribute point? Compared with the increase in Body Tempering, Innate Realm is somewhat conscientious-

“is it possible that because I opened up the strongest Qi Sea, the physique was improved, and the independent cultivation had a little effect, Save a little bit of Spirit Stone?”

Mo Fan shook his head, concentrating, and quietly clicked the plus sign behind the cultivation base column.

Xu Wei fell into a state similar to sudden enlightenment, and would not be able to wake up for a while.

There are only two of them in this position.

Mo Fan is not worried that people will see the strangeness after adding points.

Of course, it’s okay to be seen.

Normal breakthrough can also produce some exceptions.

It’s just that Mo Fan’s movements are bigger.

He can completely explain that he had a feeling in the heart, he broke through on the spot, and the movement is big but the momentum is stronger.

Plus, a mysterious energy rushed towards him from the unknown space in an instant, rushing through his body quickly and triggering the energy in the Qi Sea.

In a flash, his Qi Sea rolled up, billions of stars were on and off, and one after another, the thick Innate Astral Qi rushed out quickly, transforming Mo Fan’s body.

A few minutes later, Mo Fan completed the breakthrough.

His muscles are tighter, more graceful, and full of explosive power.

Mo Fan let out a heavy breath, laughed with joy.

He focused on the attributes panel again.

At this time, his attribute has changed.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Innate 2nd layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Innate Merit, Breath Restraining Technique, nourishment Sword art (complete volume) (Introduction)]

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Innate, Golden Body Art (First Layer)]

[Special ability: Pill Refinement Technique ( initial understanding)]

[storage space: 100 cubic meters (+)]

[Available attribute points: 3]

The cultivation base breakthrough reached the Innate 2nd layer .

The available attribute points are near zero.

Clenching his fist and feeling his strength, Mo Fan glanced at Xu Wei sideways and laughed again.

“Good manβ€””

After the cultivation base breakthrough, his strength has improved again.

Even if there is an accident during the mission, there is a certain ability to deal with it.

When he was still in the seventh layer of Body Tempering, he could beat Zhao Yong of Innate 3rd-layer.

Now he has Innate 2nd layer and Qi Sea is terrifyingly big.

His Innate Astral Qi is not only terrifying of high quality, but also inexhaustible and will never run out.

In this state, he is far superior to his peers, and has an invincible imposing manner, which is many times stronger than when he was in the Handyman Academy.

Mo Fan estimated that in this state, it should not be difficult for him to deal with Innate Realm Peak.

In the case of running the golden formula, I am afraid that the initial stage of the Foundation Establishment will not suffer.

Of course, this is a situation that he tries to underestimate as much as possible.

The real fight may be exaggerated.

Feeling the surging power in his body, Mo Fan was about to be happy again, but his face turned black again soon.

β€œred clothed woman ghost—”

Whispering inwardly, Mo Fan quickly calmed down and ran the cultivation technique to polish the cultivation base.

“I have to digest it well, and try not to be abused so badly tonight-“

He already has experience.

No matter how ruthless he is, the red clothed woman ghost will keep up and abuse him.

“It’s so hard, tonight is another sleepless night-“

Mo Fan looked at the sky speechlessly.

He calmed down and silently cultivated and polished the cultivation base.

Time passed slowly.

An hour later, Xu Wei woke up.

He seemed to have gained something, looking excited and wanting to get out of the car and punch.

But soon, he seemed to think of something, and he became depressed again.

He sighed, watching Mo Fan muttering to himself in cultivation.

“Although I can comprehend a little, I still can’t touch the threshold. It seems that Mo Fan is right, martial skill really depends on innate talent.

“Ai, My innate talent has always been a little off. “

Xu Wei shook the head and looked a little lonely.

After a while, he adjusted.

“It’s not that absolutely does not have The harvest, although not completely comprehend Vajra Fist, but through the comparison, I have improved a lot of stacking waves, these 200 Spirit Stones are not a loss. “

Thinking of this, Xu Wei laughed.


Yuxu Academy is about 600 kilometers away from Jiangcheng Base.

The Scarlet Scales Horse was very fast.

It only took nearly four hours for Mo Fan and the others to arrive outside the high walls of the Jiangcheng base.

β€œ Ur-“

Xu Wei reined in the horse to stop it.

The other horses that followed also stopped.

Mo Fan slowed down. Slowly opening his eyes, looking towards Xu Wei, he said somewhat surprised: “Is it coming so soon? “

Xu Wei laughed and explained:

“We’re here, we’ll wait here for a while, and someone from the Demon Suppression Department will come to meet you later.”

“They are very familiar with Huilong Mountain. It is safer to let them be guides.”

“en. “Mo Fan nodded, looking at the 100-meter-high wall not far away, Thoughts fly.

This 100-meter-high wall is the most important part of the defense line. It is carved with complex runes, flowing with jet-black rays of light, imposing manner so high that it is difficult for birds to cross.

Because of the high wall, the line of defense can resist the demon.

This is the flesh and blood city wall built by Human Race Xeon and countless Human Race heroes for hundreds of years.

The city wall stretches for tens of thousands of kilometers, wrapping the entire Human Race territory.

“Come here, hey, it seems that this time it’s still a beautiful woman?” Xu Wei’s voice pulled Mo Fan’s thoughts back.

He took a closer look, and suddenly saw a beautiful woman with a high ponytail, wearing a black tight-fitting uniform, with a beautiful face and sultry curves approaching.

Seeing this silhouette and looking at the familiar face, Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

Lin Yiyi?

Why is she here?

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