Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 93

After Lin Yiyi left, Xu Wei began to make arrangements in an orderly manner.

Huilong Mountain is very large, and there are many monster beasts lurking there. It is not easy to collect spiritual medicine.

Before coming, Pill Dao Church sent everyone a collection list.

All spiritual medicines on the list need to be collected.

And before departure, Pill Dao Church also signed an agreement with everyone.

The spiritual medicine obtained in Huilongshan.

The portion specified on the list belongs to Pill Hall.

Of course, the agreement also stipulates the amount of collection.

When the collection amount reaches a certain level, it is considered that the entrusted task has been completed, and the remaining part of the merit points can be obtained.

The amount exceeding the collected part can be freely distributed by the collector.

Similarly, if the collection amount is far from the agreement, a certain amount of merit points will be deducted.

Of course, spiritual medicines that are not on the list can also be at the discretion of the collector, deducting the amount collected, or taking them back for disposal.

However, the list basically lists all the common spiritual medicines around Huilong Mountain.

“Don’t run around, just collect at the periphery. It’s quite dangerous to go back to the depths of Longshan Mountain. The Foundation Establishment Realm monster beast often haunts.”

Xu Wei’s loud voice up.

“Of course, you can also follow the large army. After all, there are so many people and great strength that you can properly go back to the depths of Longshan to explore.”

This is mainly for Mo Fan and the others. “Outsiders” said.

And the so-called large army is their own team, Pill Dao Church, it is the main force, naturally it will not satisfy the periphery.

After thinking for a while, Xu Wei reminded again:

“You can think about it for yourself. It may be dangerous to act alone, but as long as you don’t kill yourself and go back to Longshan, it’s basically safe. .

“And acting alone is also more free, if you have good luck, you may get more spiritual medicine, maybe you can exchange for additional merit points.

“Anything is fine, you just need to be back here before 4pm on the 15th.

“Stop talking, let’s do it. “

Concentrated, Xu Wei waved his hand, indicating that everyone can act.

Most people choose to join the group.

Only two people choose to act on their own.

Mo Fan is one of those two people.

Seeing Mo Fan drilling into the forest alone, Xu Wei quickly grabbed him.

β€œ brother, what are you doing? “

Mo Fan was stunned for a moment, then scratched his head in embarrassment: “I almost forgot, I also want to guide you to practice Vajra Fist. “

After all, those who have received the money have to be dedicated to their work and have a beginning and an end.

Xu Wei was stunned, then shook his head quickly and said:

“I didn’t mean that.” , Vajra Fist I gave up, I heard you talk about it on the way here, I have realized it.

“My innate talent is really not enough, no matter how hard I try, I can’t learn Vajra Fist.

“So I don’t need your guidance in the next time, because it’s meaningless . ”

Hearing this, Mo Fan took two steps back calmly.

This guy, doesn’t he want to refund the money?

This can’t be returned, it’s all used up!

Xu Wei didn’t notice Mo Fan’s strangeness and continued:

“Although I didn’t learn Vajra Fist, I can compare it with reference. At the same time, I have also improved my boxing skills.

“When I digest the previous insights, my strength should be enhanced a lot. This Spirit Stone is worth it!”

At the end, Xu Wei was a little excited, and his face was full of excitement. Full of excitement.

At the same time, Mo Fan was also relaxed.

As long as we don’t return the Spirit Stone, we’re still good brothers!

“Since you don’t need my guidance, why are you pulling me?” Mo Fan looked at Xu Wei.

He really doesn’t want to join the group, after all, he has his own little secret.

“Brother, don’t kill yourself, it’s dangerous to act alone,

just follow me!” Xu Wei held Mo Fan’s arm.

Hearing this, Mo Fan was stunned.

He freed his arm from Xu Wei’s hand, smiled and said:

“It’s okay, I’ll just take a look at the outside, I won’t take any risks, mainly because I want to turn around. Zhuan, after all, this is the first time I’ve come out, and I think everything is new.”

Seeing Mo Fan’s insistence, Xu Wei didn’t want to say more, so he had to say:

“Then you yourself Pay attention to safety, don’t run deep into the mountains and forests, and remember to come back on time in fifteen days.”

“Okay, see you in fifteen days!”

Mo Fan drilled without looking back. into the forest.

“See you in fifteen days!” Xu Wei moved towards Mo Fan’s back and waved his hand vigorously.


Huilong Mountain is more than 3,000 meters above sea level and covers an area of nearly 2,000 square kilometers.

The spiritual medicines marked on the list are all categories that are not suitable for artificial cultivation, or the training effect is not very good.

The previous written test was also conducted around these spiritual medicines.

Mo Fan carried the medicine basket distributed by Pill Dao Hall and searched in the forest.

The medicine basket is specially treated, and the runes are engraved on it.

Putting the collected spiritual medicine Spirit Fruit in it can not only preserve the freshness, but also prevent the escape of spiritual energy and attract the attention of monster beast.

Mo Fan took a serious look at the list.

It is found that the so-called collection amount is converted by points.

Different spiritual medicines have different values, so the points are naturally different.

After reading the list, Mo Fan summed up the most valuable spiritual medicines.

1. Midnight stars.

Midnight stars are quite magical. They usually grow long and small, and only bloom at midnight.

During flowering, the midnight stars will emit light, such as one after another shining star, and emit an attractive fragrance and a certain amount of spiritual energy fluctuation.

When Midnight Stars are not blooming, they are exactly the same as ordinary weeds and are difficult to tell apart.

But when it blooms, it attracts the nearby monster beast.

In order to pick it up, you obviously need to take the risk of grand competition.

Second, black blood grass.

The black blood grass is red throughout and looks like wheat, and it will set ears when mature.

The fruit is the main material for refining Blood Qi Pill. It is relatively rare and hard to find in Huilong Mountain.

Third, Purple Gold fruit.

Purple Gold fruit skin is purple, the flesh is golden yellow after cutting, the shape is like Fire Dragon Fruit, and the taste is very good.

Purple Gold fruit is also very rare, and it is good luck to find one or two in the whole Huilong Mountain.

These three kinds of spiritual medicine are the most valuable, and one plant is worth a dozen or even dozens of ordinary spiritual medicine.

As for common spiritual medicine, it includes: Spirit Fruit, Red Snake Grass, Clover Vine, etc.

It’s all low-level spiritual medicine, all at Grade 1 or Grade 2.

After analyzing the list, Mo Fan headed back to the depths of Longshan.

Perimeter security is not wrong.

But security also means that spiritual medicine is almost picked up, and it is difficult to obtain good spiritual medicine.

And Mo Fan will naturally not meet the merit points given by the task.

It’s hard to come out, so naturally, I need to collect more spiritual medicine and earn more Spirit Stone.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a loss?

As for security?

Mo Fan felt that the Foundation Establishment monster beast could also resist the primary antibody when he used Golden Body Art.

For him, going a little deeper into the forest wasn’t too dangerous.

even more how, he still has to try it to see if he can find the seven star vines and empty grasses that Li Star River wants.

These are both Grade 4 Spirit Medicine, and they are very valuable. If they can be found, it is estimated that they can be exchanged for a lot of Spirit Stones from Li Star River.

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