Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 94

In an hour.

Mo Fan’s medicine basket contains three ordinary spiritual medicines.

Looking at the empty medicine basket, Mo Fan couldn’t help sighing.

β€œspiritual medicine is a bit hard to find.”

This is also the result of his familiarity with the habits of various spiritual medicines, and being able to speculate a little about where they grow.

For other people, the efficiency is even lower.

“No wonder the amount requested is not large, it seems that Pill Dao has already calculated it.”

Mo Fan shook the head and didn’t think any more.

It’s getting late.

In the blink of an eye, it was past five o’clock in the afternoon.

Mo Fan only ate a bit of dry food along the way, and now he’s too greedy.

What if you don’t eat meat?

After observing the terrain for a while, Mo Fan locked in one direction and walked away quickly.

Ten minutes later, he found a quiet flowing stream.

After picking up some dry wood and simply building a stove by the stream with stones, Mo Fan started to work.


Take the beef.

Have a grill.

puchi —

Grease drips into the fire, sparks and crackles.

Mo Fan’s heat is well controlled, and the meat is roasted to a golden brown and crispy, but not at all charred.

The enticing meat aroma quickly dissipates.

Seeing that the roasting is almost done, Mo Fan took out pepper, cumin powder, chili powder, barbecue powder, fine salt, etc. and sprinkled it on top.

Finally, he took out a jar of honey and spread it evenly on the meat.

Scented for ten miles, the little monster beast next door cried directly.

Mo Fan is not worried about attracting monster beast.

This is still the outskirts of Huilong Mountain, and most of the haunts are the monster beast in the Body Tempering realm.

Mo Fan is afraid they won’t come.

It’s just in time, you can add a meal.

After the seasoning was almost sprinkled, Mo Fan picked up the meat, opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and took a bite.

Zi Laβ€”β€”

The tender beef juice is fried in the mouth, and under the crispy skin, the meat is extremely tender.

The aroma of the seasoning and the aroma of the beef stimulate the taste buds at the same time, and the saliva is secreted at once.

Mo Fan didn’t care about being hot, so he raised his knife and fell, cutting off pieces of meat and eating it loudly.

Soon, half of the three catties of beef went down.

Mo Fan rubbed his stomach, took out a glass of watermelon juice from the system space and drank it happily.

“It’s cool, burp~”

After drinking a glass of watermelon juice, Mo Fan happily burped, feeling a little full.

Looking at the half of the meat left, Mo Fan frowned and planned to finish.

However, at this moment, a rustling sound entered Mo Fan’s ears.

The sound came from across the creek.

It is also Mo Fan who has a keen sense of perception. Even across the stream, he can detect a strange sound.

β€œDid you really attract monster beast?”

Mo Fan concentrates, runs the cultivation technique, and prepares to fight.

speaking of which, he hasn’t tasted monster beast meat yet.

“Monster beast meat should be better than normal meat?”

Thinking of this, Mo Fan was inexplicably looking forward to it.

But soon, his face turned black.

β€œWhy are you here?” Mo Fan looked at the silhouette that suddenly appeared across the stream.

High ponytail, long legs, lustrous white oval face, incomparably delicate facial features, and a figure that can’t pick out any faults. The black tight-fitting training suit can’t hide it.

Not Lin Yiyi and who else?

“Hey, so you’re roasting meat here?” Lin Yiyuan on the opposite side was also a little surprised, obviously he didn’t expect to meet Mo Fan here.

“Would you like some?” Mo Fan shook the barbecue in his hand.

Seeing this, Lin Yiyi’s eyes straightened, and without saying a word, he jumped straight across the stream and came to Mo Fan in an instant.

“This is for you.” Mo Fan took out his knife and cut a large piece of meat for Lin Yiyi.

Lin Yiyi is also welcome, just took the barbecue and ate it.

However, she soon widened her eyes and said vaguely:

“Jie, Jie Ye is so delicious?!”

Mo Fan: “…”

“It’s delicious, madam! Where did you get the seasoning? Forget the beef, don’t tell me you brought seasonings when you go out?”

efficiently finish eating a large piece of roasted meat, Lin Yiyi bluffs.

In this regard, Mo Fan spread his hands and said: “Isn’t it reasonable to bring some seasoning with you as a foodie? a meal. “

Mo Fan said regretfully.

It’s hard to explain.

That’s one of the reasons why he acted alone.

“That’s really a pityβ€”” Lin Yiyi also felt sorry.

“Would you like to come again? “Mo Fan cut out another mouthful of meat and handed it to Lin Yiyi.

The piece of barbecued meat that Lin Yiyi just gave him is at most three or four taels, so it’s no wonder if he’s full.

” No, no, you can eat it yourself, I’m full! “Lin Yiyi hurriedly shook his head.

Mo Fan only has this amount of meat, so naturally she can’t eat more.

“You’re welcome, I ate half of it before you came here. I was almost full in no time. “

He doesn’t eat a lot, just about a pound and a half or two pounds of meat.

“Really?” “Lin Yiyi is suspicious.

“If you don’t like it, forget it. “Mo Fan shook the head, and was about to take the barbecue back and eat it.

Seeing this, Lin Yiyi hurriedly stretched out his hand, grabbed the barbecue, and ate it.

“Praise the sun! too delicious! You can actually eat such delicious barbecue in the wild! Let me feed monster beast all worth wow!

“It’s a pity that I won’t be able to eat half a month!

“If you let me eat another meal! Damn it’s worth ah!

“No, when I go back to this mission, I must eat barbecue for the last week!”

Lin Yiyi’s expression was exaggerated, and he was enjoying himself, and at the same time stood frantically, watching Mo Fan’s scalp tingles.

Is this girl afraid that she can go back alive?

Also, you, a shadow member, actually praise the sun?

Soon, Lin Yiyi finished eating another piece of barbecue.

She rubbed her still flat belly with satisfaction.

“At this time, it would be better if I could have a bottle of soda~”

However, her voice just fell.

A bottle of Arctic Ocean was handed over.

Lin Yiyi: “??!”

“Where, where did it come from?”

Lin Yiyi looked at Mo Fan in confusion.

He…does magic?

“Just put it in the medicine basket. There is a small freezer in Pill Dao’s carriage. I got it from there. It’s still ice now, so drink it now,” explained Mo Fan.

There is indeed a small refrigerator in the carriage, which consumes Spirit Stone for cooling and storing necessary food, but no one has the luxury to put soda in it.

“Thank you, thank you!” Lin Yiyi quickly thanked him, took the soda and drank it contentedly.

After taking a few sips, Lin Yiyi seemed to have thought of something, so he stopped quickly, looked at Mo Fan sadly and said:

“Aren’t you going to drink? Is this the only one? A bottle…”

Mo Fan shook his head, pointed to the cup on the ground and said, “I’ve already drank it.”

“That’s good.” Lin Yiyi smiled and continued drinking up.

β€œMore roast meat?” Mo Fan shook the remaining roast meat in his hand.

Lin Yiyi ate about a pound just now.

Mo Fan still has half a pound left in his hand.

“No, no, I’m very full, you can eat the rest yourself.” Lin Yiyi waved his hand quickly.

Continuing to drink a few sips of soda, about halfway through, Lin Yiyi stopped again and handed the soda back to Mo Fan.

“I’ll keep half of it for you. After a while, I’ll finish the barbecue and drink, so I’m tired.”

Mo Fan was stunned: “This is not good?”

Drinking a bottle of soda together, isn’t it a bit like that?

“I don’t mind, what do you mind?” Lin Yiyi gave Mo Fan a blank look.

Since the other party said so, Mo Fan was not hypocritical, took the soda and teased: “I’m mainly afraid of being unsanitary.”

“I #@%&! “Lin Yiyi was so angry that he wanted to punch someone.

After eating and drinking, Lin Yiyi got up to say goodbye: “It’s almost time, I should continue on my way.”

Mo Fan seemed to think of something, and hurriedly asked: “You Is your destination the Huilongshan Core Zone?”

Lin Yiyi shook his head: “No, I want to go all the way west, turn over Huilongshan, and go to the Broken Demon Valley there.”

“so that’s how it is, then you go all the way.” Mo Fan nodded and said no more.

He also thought that if he was on the way, he and Lin Yiyi would move towards Huilongshan Core Zone and take a section of the road.

After all, it is good to have multiple companions on the road.

even more how, Lin Yiyi has not seen for two months, the cultivation base has broken through to the Foundation Establishment 5th layer, the strength should not be underestimated, and there is some guarantee with her.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

“By the way, if you go further inside, the Innate monster beast is haunted. It’s very dangerous. You should look for spiritual medicine around here, and don’t go inside.” Lin Yiyi warned. .

In her perception, Mo Fan only has Body Tempering 8th layer cultivation base, and naturally she can’t go deeper into the forest, it’s too dangerous.

<> “Okay.” Mo Fanp agreed.

“Then I’ll go first. This time you invite me to have barbecue. If you come to the base in the future, feel free to contact me. I’ll treat you to a feast!”

“Okay, I Take it down.” Mo Fan nodded again.

“Goodbye.” Lin Yiyi waved his hand, turned and burrowed into the forest.

“The journey is smooth.”

Mo Fan packed up a little and continued to walk along the creek into the deep forest.

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