Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 95

Back to Longshan.


With a roar, the monster beast, whose head is more than three meters high, covered with azure scales, and shaped like a liger, rushed towards Mo Fan.

Mo Fan wore two panda eyes and lost an Appraisal Technique at a moderate pace, looking a little weak.

Zhanblue’s virtual panel flashed, and the identification information appeared instantly.

[Azure Fish Beast, Innate Realm Peak cultivation base, agile action, lasting endurance, amazing defense, strong explosiveness, and capable of leapfrog combat. ]

Seeing this identification result, Mo Fan’s eyes lit up, and he immediately became energetic.

He has been going back and forth to Longshan for three or four days, and he has been moving towards the depths of the forest.

He also met many monster beasts along the way.

The cultivation bases of these monster beasts are all under the Foundation Establishment.

At first Mo Fan, I still have some expectations. I want to test my combat power to see how far it has reached.

Unfortunately, along the way, the monster beasts he encountered were all things that he couldn’t stop with a single punch.

Not to mention using Golden Body Art, even without Vajra Fist, Mo Fan can kill them with three or two punches.

What’s more outrageous is that these monster beasts are especially bad!

Not to mention the sourness of the meat, there is even a smell of urine when grilled, no matter how good the seasoning and the superb cooking skills can’t save it!

After a few tries, Mo Fan gave up completely.

It’s not that all monster beasts are bad.

It’s just that most of the monster beast meat is not very good, and it is not fresh at all, either particularly chai, or sour and astringent.

Only a small portion of monster beasts are delicious and in line with human taste.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no such monster beast in Huilongshan.

Otherwise, Mo Fan can also have a good time.

Of course, this is not the point.

The point is that Mo Fan wants to test his combat power, but he has never been able to find an opponent.

And the Azure Fish Beast at Innate Realm Peak in front of me is especially suitable!

“High defense, high sensitivity, high attack? This is a fully developed monster beast! No wonder it can fight beyond the ranks!

“Innate Realm Peak, it must have the Foundation Establishment combat power!

“Yes, this is a strong opponent and worth taking seriously!”

Mo Fan staggered a step like an illusory shadow.

With a swish, Azure Fish Beast swooped in the air, the sand and gravel splashed, the soil rolled, and the sharp claws ripped apart the rocks on the ground.

“roar!” Azure Fish Beast roared, turning around and continuing to attack.

At this time, however, Mo Fan moved.

He took a step forward, instantly squeezed a golden fist mark, moved towards the huge body of Azure Fish Beast and slammed it down.


The sound like a metal collision sounded, the sound waves spread, deafening, and the ground trembled slightly.

Mo Fan didn’t care about this, and his face was even full of excitement.

“I didn’t punch through it? Yes, the defense is amazing!”

Seeing that Azure Fish Beast blocked his own blow, Mo Fan was overjoyed and didn’t even think about it To fight again.

But the next second, the smile on his face froze.

I saw Azure Fish Beast, who was punched by himself, fell to the ground, his limbs twitched, blood spouted from mouth in two blows, and finally stretched his legs and passed out.

Mo Fan: “?”

Are you pretending to be dead?

Can’t you just get up and fight?

Mo Fan, with a dark face, cautiously stepped forward to check.

After a moment, he was dumbfounded.

“This guy is actually… dead?

“The internal organs are all displaced, the bones are broken, and the heart is shocked to the point of blood foam, Is this guy too impatient?

“This is just one punch. You are an existence that can wrestle with the creatures of the Foundation Establishment. Can you not be so fragile?”

Mo Fan looked at the sky speechlessly.

What about the amazing defense?

That’s all?

Mo Fan couldn’t complain,

In the end, he could only tear off the animal skin of Azure Fish Beast and put it into the system space.

This stuff is a good material for making armor, and you can take it back for some money.

And this thing is really good, not being punched through by Mo Fan, it is barely considered an amazing defense.

Having dealt with everything, Mo Fan continued to head deep into the forest.

Through this battle, he gained a little understanding of his combat power.

In the state of using Vajra Fist, his combat power is comparable to that of Foundation Establishment’s monster beast.

The usual Foundation Establishment 1 heavy 2nd layer monster beast may not even be his opponent.

If Golden Body Art is added, under the outbreak, I am afraid that the Foundation Establishment mid-level monster beast will hardly be his opponent.

After opening up Qi Sea, all his physical indicators have skyrocketed, and even if he fully uses Golden Body Art, he can persist for a while.

Mo Fan still remembers that when he first learned Golden Body Art, he couldn’t hold on to it for even a second, so he could only settle for a partial golden body.

It’s good now, he doesn’t have to worry about this problem anymore, how to change it how he wants.

Qi Sea, which is comparable to Xinghai, is not a joke. Other functions may not have been developed yet, but the energy supply… Enough!

After gaining a clear understanding of his own combat power, Mo Fan accelerated his speed and headed straight for the depths of the forest.

Except for spiritual medicine collection tasks.

He still has to search to see if he can find Kongmingcao and Qixingvine.

The deeper you go, the more spiritual medicine you have.

Two days later, on a moonlit night, Mo Fan spotted the midnight stars!

As soon as this thing appeared, it was a small amount, and Mo Fan took it into the bag, and it was directly half of the collection!

In addition to the spiritual medicine collected a few days ago, the task is completed in an instant!

After the quest is completed, the spiritual medicine collected is considered Mo Fan’s own.

Thinking about this, Mo Fan worked even harder.

These days, most of the monster beasts he meets are still the Innate cultivation base.

Occasionally you can meet one or two monster beasts of the Foundation Establishment’s initial cultivation base.

By fighting monster beast, Mo Fan has a clearer understanding of his combat power.


Nine Heavens past in a blink of an eye.

At this moment, Mo Fan has entered Huilongshan Core Zone.

Here, the Foundation Establishment monster beast is vertical and horizontal, and you can encounter a Foundation Establishment Realm monster beast after a few steps, and it is basically the foundation establishment’s middle-level cultivation base.

In such an environment, Mo Fan didn’t dare to care anymore, and made good use of the Breath Restraining Technique.

I have to say that Mo Fan’s Breath Restraining Technique is a bit against the sky. After full use, there is no breath, and the sense of existence is reduced to a minimum, like a transparent person.


Twelfth days.

Mo Fan came to Huilongshan peripheral zone.

At this moment, the spiritual medicine he has collected has been several times the amount collected by the mission.

A few days ago, he discovered three black blood grasses and two golden Spirit Fruits.

So far, the three most valuable spiritual medicines on the list have been found by Mo Fan.

Unfortunately, there is still no whereabouts of the kongming grass and the seven star vines.

Mo Fan was also a little helpless about this.

“It’s already Twelfth day, I have to go back, I can’t stay any longer-“

Mo Fan shook his head, although it would be much faster to travel with all his strength, but for the sake of safety, You have to set aside two or three days.

“Forget it, let’s just go back.” In the end, Mo Fan made a decision.

However, just as he turned around to leave, he caught a glimpse of a colorful light flashed out of the corner of the eye.

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