Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 98

Mo Fan was looking forward to the scene in front of him.

He stared at Fire Spirit Fruit.

At this moment, Fire Spirit Fruit no longer glows, and slowly returns to ordinary, acting like an ordinary berry.

In addition to the attractive color, there is nothing special about it.

However, its aroma is more intense and mellow, like a century-old wine, warm and intoxicating.

Mo Fan knows that this is the full ripeness of Fire Spirit Fruit.

Now the normal monster beast has been cleaned up.

There are only three Great Demons left.

However, there is only one Fire Spirit Fruit.

There must be a battle between the three Great Demons.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan’s heart, which had been quiet, became alive again.

Three-headed monster beast evenly matched .

If you lose all three…

Don’t you have another chance?

It’s two thousand Spirit Stones after all.

If there is a chance, he still wants to try it.

If he really succeeds in getting it in his pocket, then he is considered developed.

“Two thousand attribute points, how many times does this have to be added?”

Mo Fan looked at the three-headed Great Demon with a burning gaze.

The nearby monster beasts have been emptied at this moment.

If the three Great Demons really fight and all are injured, Mo Fan feels that he still has a chance to sneak in silently and take the Fire Spirit Fruit.

Sure enough, as Mo Fan expected, the three-headed Great Demon soon started fighting.


The demon bird swooped down, golden lightning gushed in the air, and smashed its head towards Big Black Ox.

Big Black Ox is obviously not good at it either, roaring towards the sky, sending out a terrifying sonic attack.

A circle of ripples spread out, directly locking the demon bird.


The space vibrated violently, and the demon bird could not stabilize its body in an instant, screamed, golden feathers scattered, and bright red blood oozes out of the body.

Fortunately, at this moment, there was a rumbling sound, and the golden lightning also fell, hitting Big Black Ox directly.


Golden lightning flashes, bursting with bright light, Big Black Ox is even darker, and the smooth satin fur is instantly charred black, exuding a tempting barbecue smell.

Mo Fan swallowed saliva and said , there is an urge to rush over to sprinkle cumin.

This beef is of good quality, and it can have such a flavor when it is roasted!

This is top quality ingredients!

β€œsi si ――”

Just when Mo Fan was cranky.

The big white snake took advantage of the demon bird and the Big Black Ox to fight, quietly spitting out letters, twisting its body, and quickly crawling towards Fire Spirit Fruit.

Big Black Ox noticed the abnormality, so he didn’t care about the demon bird anymore, roared, locked on the big white snake, and launched his own sonic attack again – Demon Ox roar!


The space vibrated, and the big white snake trembled, and its movement was sluggish, like an earthworm wriggling in an instant.

Soon, bright red blood began to ooze from its snow-white body, and its delicate skin had a tendency to crack.

The golden demon bird also reacted quickly, swooping down like a sharp arrow.

This time, it did not launch another lightning attack, but grabbed the big white snake with one claw.

The sharp claws are strong enough to crack mountains and rocks, and pierce the delicate snow-white skin of the great white snake.


The demon bird roared, grabbed the big white snake that was ten times bigger than its own body, and threw it vigorously.


The big white snake was overturned and rolled away into the distance.

Fortunately, at this moment, the effect of the Big Black Ox sonic attack passed, and the big white snake was able to stabilize its body and crawl in the grass to recover its strength.

Its originally pitch-black eyes instantly turned red with anger, its secret power flowed, and the wounds on its body healed instantly.

β€œsi si!”

After recovering for a while, the big white snake twisted its body, fast as lightning, and

with a flick of its thick and long tail, it was towards the golden demon bird Slap away.

Seeing this, Big Black Ox’s eyes flashed, and he immediately seized the opportunity to target the golden bird again and launch a sonic attack.

Obviously, it wants to join forces with the big white snake to kill this flying monster first.

Soon, the three Great Demons scuffled together.

Sand and gravel splashed, dirt tumbled, and thunder bursts from time to time.

The hills crumbled, the ground collapsed, and from time to time, white shadows smashed across, sprinkled with silver light and rain, spreading out not far away.

The three-headed Great Demon scuffles, and for a while, it seems that the winner will be indistinguishable.

However, even so, the monster beast around didn’t dare to act rashly.

Nothing else.

The three Great Demons in front of me are too strong.

They’ve lost their temper just now.

If you pick spiritual medicine rashly at this time, you might not be able to endure it after a while.

Therefore, even if they begin to stir in their hearts, they dare not approach them rashly.

Not only monster beast, but even Mo Fan on the crooked neck tree started to stir.

“Two thousand Spirit Stones!”

He wanted to rush over immediately.

But reason tells him that now is not the best time.

Although the three Great Demons were in a state of distress, they were all wounded.

But Spirit, Soul and Qi are still full, fierce and domineering.

Obviously, they haven’t hurt the root, and their strength has not been consumed much.

Mo Fan was trained by a red clothed woman ghost in a dream to get a terrifying perception, and his spirit strength is far more than the same level, so he can naturally perceive these details.

He could even notice that the three-headed monster beast was still distracted by Fire Spirit Fruit even after several hundred meters away.

Obviously, the three of them didn’t fight with all their strength and kept their back.

If you act rashly at this time, there is a high probability that you will hate the Northwest.

So, he resisted the urge and waited patiently for time.

The minutes passed by.

The sun is setting.

The sky is getting darker.

The fragile ground has become pitted, and some small hills nearby have been affected, all crumbled, and turned into messy rocks and mud scattered everywhere.

The three-headed monster beast is still fighting hard, and it seems that the winner will not be determined for a while.

However, Mo Fan noticed that their spirits were extremely exhausted, and they had little energy to pay attention to this side.

And, although their offensive still looks ferocious, they are obviously weak.

It can be seen that the three-headed Great Demon hit True Fire, which is already an irreconcilable situation.

They were each injured and their strength was severely overdrawn. They wanted to stop but couldn’t.

At this point, they start to really fight for their lives, and they don’t care about Fire Spirit Fruit for the time being.

Of course, the monster beast onlookers also seemed to have noticed this, and his heart was hot again, and some began to stir.

Noticing the movement of the monster beast nearby, Mo Fan focused, hesitantly flashed in his eyes, jumped off the crooked neck tree, lurked in the grass, and slowly dived towards the Fire Spirit Fruit. go.

At this moment, he has run Golden Body Art’s Breathing Technique, ready to deal with emergencies.

He has faith.

Under the blessing of the Golden Body Art state.

In addition to the three Great Demon’s attacks that cannot be resisted, other ordinary monster beast attacks can be blocked.

Just get Fire Spirit Fruit before the Golden Body Art status disappears.

He can escape this canyon.

And with his super Breath Restraining Technique, as long as he dives into the dense forest of Huilongshan, these monster beasts will never find him again!

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