Bank of the Universe Chapter 763

“Impudent, you are really too arrogant today. Other Emperors, dont you show up yet?” Emperor Zi Wei yelled and resounded throughout the world. He was given by Holy Spirit Xing Zhe Forced to retreat, even more unable to deal with the three Lucifer.

If they are allowed to leave today intact, the majesty of Celestial Court will surely be swept away.

So inside Celestial Court, a kind face and big belly appeared.

South China Emperor!

This is one of the four Emperors of Celestial Court. He is very powerful, but he is often in retreat. Regardless of Celestial Court matters, he is often invisible to others.

Now, he appears.

After the South China Emperor appeared, laughed and said: “You are all juniors, and you are ignorant and attacked my Celestial Court. I won’t kill you either. You can kill yourself.”

As soon as the words came out, all around suddenly fell silent, Nanhua Emperor’s words were a bit rampant, and everyone stared at Lucifer and the others closely.

I want to see how they react.

And Lucifer is sneered, saying: “The four Emperors of Celestial Court, the most powerful is the Great Emperor Gou Chen. The remaining three are not as good as one Gou Chen. Do you also deserve such a boost shamelessly? “

As soon as these words came out, Nanhua Emperor’s face turned black.

The Great Emperor Gou Chen is great, but if we say that we dont want face?

Although we are a bit weaker than the Great Emperor Gou Chen, we are not the object of your jokes either.

“youngster, there is no future by the strength of his tongue, and he will provoke a killing disaster to himself.” Nanhua Emperor’s smile disappeared, his eyes darkened, and he immediately covered it with a slap.

hng l_ng l_ng!

The billowing thundercloud is accompanied by it. This slap is terrifying and frightening, like the end of the world.

But Lucifer’s twelve wings vibrated, the sky rolled, the darkness shrouded, and the bloody aura filled.


The next second, the will to kill comes, extremely terrifying.

Lucifer is Fallen Angel. Dark Law was originally his profession. It is an instinct carved into the bone and into the blood.

For Dark Law, he didn’t need to learn at all, so he went to learn Slaughter Law later to make himself stronger.

The combination of Dark Law and Slaughter Law, with his Fallen Angel identity, is the most powerful.

Now, the first time he makes a full shot, he is against the Nanhua Emperor, one of the four Emperors in Celestial Court.

The thundercloud rolls, covering the sky, hiding the sky and covering the earth. It is very vast. It is covered by one of the huge palms, just like the hand of the sky.

And the speed is extremely fast, without any slowdown, it just fell down like this, extremely scary.

The first to bear the brunt is Lucifer.

He bears the two mountains of darkness and slaughter, his eyes are like torches, and the 12 Pairs behind his wings flap and the wind swept, setting off his stalwart silhouette.

“Kill!” Lucifer was very violent and greeted him directly, not willing to escape. The speed was fast, and at the same time a huge imposing manner broke out. He was no longer a weak person.

Dongdong dong!

In the void, there was a shock. Lucifer brought darkness and killing to the South China Emperor, and did not give the face to the face, and immediately made this a sky breakthrough like the last days. Up.

The sun was shining on the earth, the world saw hope, and the thundercloud rolled down, but Lucifer was completely fearless. When the space was covered, he slapped it directly into it.

The fall of Wanjun Thunder, this is an extremely rare scene, which makes people feel horrified.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Nanhua Emperor’s big hands are also very fast, fiercely grabs Lucifer to death.

This battle in a flash brought a shock to the world.

During the day and night, the aftermath of the battle between Lucifer and the Nanhua Emperor can destroy thousands of people.

This is the power of Celestial King, and the two of them are well-known figures in Celestial King.

In Wanjun Thunder, Lucifer bathed in lightning, and cut off a palm like a sharp blade, cutting off the palm of Nanhua Emperor, eliminating all natural phenomena all around.

Nanhua Emperor screamed, extended the hand fiercely, and the last blow of the severed palm hit Lucifer’s chest, making him tremble violently, his face flushed, and he took many steps back.

The battle between the two sides this time has not been resolved, and both are injured. Even Lucifer’s injury seems to be a bit more serious, but the Emperor Nanhua is happy at all that does not raise.

His cultivation base is stronger than Lucifer, but now he and Lucifer have a birds of a feather.

His severed palm was urged by the great magic force to recover instantly.

And Lucifer’s injury also recovered between breathing.

The gap between the two sides is very small.

Still at the peak, still rising in an imposing manner, still extremely powerful.

The fight between Emperor Zi Wei and Holy Spirit Xing Zhe in the distance came to an end. Emperor Zi Wei still strongly surrendered Holy Spirit Xing Zhe, fiercely knocked Holy Spirit Xing Zhe back. Up.

On the surface, he is extremely strong, his face is cold, and he looks tough.

But privately, his arm has been completely broken. It was interrupted by Holy Spirit Xing Zhe. The repair is extremely painful. His muscles are twitching and shaking, which is terrible.

He is pretending to be tough.

Holy Spirit Xing Zhe beat Emperor Zi Wei like this, and smiled contentedly. For the first time he was abused by Emperor Zi Wei, and now he can beat Emperor Zi Wei with birds of a feather. It is also good.

He was holding an iron rod, panting, speechless, but he was happy from the heart.

The depression in my heart has been vented with the attack of hiding the sky and covering the earth.

All these are the instructions given to him by the Master, and Holy Spirit Xing Zhe couldn’t help but looked towards the Master.

But Li Xiandao is no longer there.

He is on top of a mountain, wearing a dark golden mask that he hasn’t worn for a long time.

Beside him, there is a middle-aged man wearing a python robe, with torch eyes and complexion is gloomy.

Lord of the Celestial Court!

Because of the arrival of Li Xiandao, Lord of the Celestial Court didn’t make a move. Otherwise, Lucifer and the others would definitely not be able to resist it.

It was also because of the arrival of Li Xiandao that Lord of the Celestial Court knew that todays events were destined to be irresistible.

In his induction, Li Xiandao is very powerful and very powerful.

So strong that he didn’t dare to make a move, or he was afraid, he had to come down personally to meet Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao did not refuse to meet him, but just put on a mask that had been taken off for a long time.

The current Bank of the Universe has not yet been exposed to the eyes of Celestial World experts.

“Your subordinate is very good, this time my Celestial Court approved it.” Lord of the Celestial Court icily said.

Looking at the battle at the end of the void, Lord of the Celestial Court knew that if he didn’t take action, even if the three Emperors of Celestial Court took action together, Monk Heaven Heart and the others would not be left behind.

Unless Celestial Court’s trump card is completely exposed.

But using those trump cards to deal with these people in front of you is not worthwhile.

So he admit defeat.

For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long, he needs a little time.

Wait for his breakthrough, it is time to sweep Celestial World!

Lord of the Celestial Court’s heart has changed a lot, but his attitude is still cold.

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