Bank of the Universe Chapter 765


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“No courtesy, you are now a member of my Bank of the Universe, you will call me master later.” Li Xiandao calmly said.

As the number of subordinates increased, and they were all geniuses, Li Xiandao was no longer as excited as at first receiving subordinate.

It is good for Lao Jun to follow him, and it is also a pity not to follow him.

To treat everyone calmly is now Li Xiandao’s way of life.

When Lao Jun heard Li Xiandao’s words, his anxiety was relieved and he shouted: “Master.”

Behind him, Lucifer, Angel of Moon, Monk Heaven Heart, Holy Spirit Xing Zhe all returned together.

“Many thanks to Master’s reinvention.” Holy Spirit Xing Zhe slapped Li Xiandao, very moved.

The conflict between this time and Celestial Court was all because of him. If it weren’t for his incomprehension at first, then those things would not happen later.

Li Xiandao said: “Get up, it’s all Celestial King Realm, no need to kneel.”

“Master’s grace to rebuild is greater than the sky, and the discipline will be by Master’s side in the future, for Master to resolve a difficult situation and leave worries behind.” Holy Spirit Xing Zhe firmly said.

“I won’t let you go if you want to go.” Li Xiandao jokingly said.

He has spent a lot of thoughts on cultivating Holy Spirit Xing Zhe, how can he leave himself after success?

Holy Spirit Xing Zhe also laughed, got up from the ground, holding the iron rod given by Li Xiandao in his hand, looking at Li Xiandao admiringly.

Li Xiandao said to Lao Jun: “You first entered my Bank of the Universe, and you are also an alchemy teacher, not good at fighting. Later, you will be an alchemy teacher in Bank of the Universe, and you will concentrate on studying your medicine pill. Enough medicine ingredients.”

Li Xiandao didn’t expect Lao Jun to go out and charge. Everyone is different. He is good at alchemy, so give him a quiet environment to alchemy.

Make the best use of things and make the best use of people.

This is Li Xiandao’s philosophy of subordinate management.

Little Seven’s body emerged out of thin air, still so beautiful, like a nine Heavenly Celestial female, not stained with dust.

“I will take you to Danfang. Bank of the Universe used to have a huge alchemy team. Now it is empty. The large Danfang mountain range has also been sealed. Only a few small Danfang exist. Improve yourself, and you will be the alchemy leader of Bank of the Universe in the future.” Little Seven promised Lao Jun.

She was right. Bank of the Universe did have an alchemy team before. Everyone was not inferior to Lao Jun. The three alchemy kings headed by Alchemy are a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them. to rain.

As long as they exist, you can’t die if you want to.

Unfortunately, all this has been the same as in the past. Disappeared. Little Seven often missed it. Now that I see Lao Jun, she can’t help but expect Li Xiandao to unblock Danfang Mountain, and then form the alchemy team to restore its former glory .

Lao Jun’s eyes lit up, and when he heard this, he was immediately enthusiastic.

In other respects, he dared not speak big words, only in the case of Alchemy, he dared to speak Lao Tzu World’s First.

There was no Bank of the Universe training before. He groped on his own. Today, he successfully refined Celestial King Pill.

Now with the strong support of Bank of the Universe, his progress will surely be advanced by leaps and bounds.

Lao Jun was immediately full of energy, full of strength and passion, and left with little Seven.

Only Li Xiandao and Lucifer and the others are left in the square.

Li Xiandao looked at them and whispered: “From now on, you guys have to be busy too. We have entered Celestial World for 50 years. These 50 years have been accumulating strength. Those who owe debts are still at large , They must be punished severely.”

Lucifer coldly said: “Master, give me the contract and I will clean them up.”

“The contract is in Little Seven’s hands, and she immediately took it. This time there are many contracts. You are not enough. I need to call other subordinates.” Li Xiandao said.

Lucifer, Holy Spirit Xing Zhe, Angel of Moon, and Monk Heaven Heart are very powerful. Together, the four Celestial Kings can fight against the three Emperors of Celestial Court.

But there are only four of them after all.

Celestial World has more debts than Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, so this time it is not enough to rely on them alone.

Li Xiandao wants to summon his subordinate back, and summon back.

For example, Burning Legion is still continuing to cultivation and promote yourself as the master, Li Xiandao will not be called back.

But others can be called back.

“Master, call Tian Guanming back.” Monk Heaven Heart suddenly said with a slight smile on his face.

He would love to see Tian Guanming’s aggrieved look.

Angel of Moon’s eyes lit up.

Even Lucifer couldn’t help being nodded.

They all want to bully Tian Guanming, this sullen fellow.

Li Xiandao thought for a while, nodded and said: “I called him back.”

It’s good for Tian Guanming to be stimulated a little, so that he can work harder and improve himself and not fall behind.

Li Xiandao’s subordinate now has six Celestial King experts.

Except for Lao Jun who is not good at fighting, others such as old daoist, Monk Heaven Heart, Angel of Moon, Lucifer, Holy Spirit Xing Zhe are all first-class combat experts.

“Let’s go down and rest first, and wait until I call everyone back, and come together to release the contract.” Li Xiandao waved his hand and told them to leave.

He himself started to notify the subordinates.

Battle Angel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, God of Light Tian Guanming, Wu Xian’er, La Mo, Qiu Bai, Northern Region Lord, Magic Frog.

Li Wuya, Huang Jiu’er, Murong Longcheng, Titan, Poisonous Serpent, Zero, Blood Dragon, Primal Chaos Dragon Alligator.

Wait, wait.

These all are the subordinates of Li Xiandao. After entering Celestial World, they all go out to travel, looking for opportunities, improving themselves, and seeking progress.

50 years have passed, and I don’t know how they improved.

Li Xiandao directly sent a message to everyone regardless of the others.

“Quickly return to Bank of the Universe and hold a meeting.”

In a nutshell, Li Xiandao waited silently after finishing the notification.

These people are in different places in Celestial World, but want to come back, but with no difficulty.

Bank of the Universe has unlimited tolerance for your own people, and you can enter Bank of the Universe anywhere.

Moreover, Li Xiandao, the master, opened the channel. If they want to come back, they can definitely come back.


As the news of Li Xiandao was sent out, the first batch of responses were Battle Angel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, God of Light Tian Guanming.

These three are angels of God Race.

They belong to successor, but they have fuse together with Divine Spark.

Among them, Battle Angel Michael and Archangel Gabriel have been not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, but Angel of Moon Usuna and Fallen Angel Lucifer have robbed all rays of light.

Of course this is also at first Battle Angel. Michael and Archangel Gabriel are not as good as Angel of Moon and Lucifer, but their foundation is extremely solid.

In the past 50 years, they started to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, continuously improving themselves.

One is Battle Angel and the other is Archangel. These two people are not destined to be weak.

Battle Angel Michael has been pursuing the fun of battle for 50 years, constantly challenging different people, making progress in battle, dying in battle, and recovering in battle.

He used battle to raise himself up, and realized the charm of Battle Angel, and he reached the Celestial King Realm.

At the same time, Archangel Gabriel found some clues to God Race. He regained the majesty of Archangel, holding the scepter of Archangel, hitting the heavens, found a remains of God Race, and completed the transformation. King Realm.

Only Tian Guanming, over the past 50 years, he has improved a lot, but not as much as expected.

He was very upset.

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