Battle Frenzy Chapter 1166

A pair of humongous energy wings suddenly swayed from the back of Wang Zhong, while red and blue, showing the true body also accelerated the recovery of the injury, the spiritual power is the growth of the geometric progression, making Old Wang feel great at this time. .

And the entire scene is in this in a flash into an absolute silence!

Not to mention the representatives of the major forces, even the Miller Elder and the others in the stands, and even the Pythius on the life and death, are in a flash pupil!

“Elemental descendants?!”

In the stands, Milch Elder couldn’t help but look at towards Elsa, who is obviously not concerned about the power of Wang Zhong, Ice and Fire. It is rumored that this little guy has an elemental messenger messenger, a little fun, but Tianmen The big guys are not doing anything, and now it seems that it’s not just a matter of elves.

This pair of wings has a strong law force, the omens of Ice and Fire’s law, which is not only a good-looking decoration, but a real power, and the most enviable power type in the gods, and how can there be such a backward Earth civilization? Talent ?

Element family! This is the taboo exist/existence of these Level 8 civilizations. The fire Demon Race dares to start with Wang Zhong. Of course, it will not completely check his background. What is the Earth civilization? In fact, the fire Demon Race is quite Clearly, Wang Zhong is Earthling, no doubt, and the Tianyi people originally could not pull any relationship. But don’t forget, Earth is also a paradise for the gods. The elemental family also went to Earth to preach Boone. In the process of leaving Soul fragments, it is difficult to say whether Earthling will inherit.

In this case, there is no shortage of precedents in the many paradise of the land, and all such life experiences are either unknown for a lifetime, naturally unknown, or genetic hybrids or hybrids of intergenerational hybrids. Let the talent be outstanding and talented. The Bloodline is powerful and unmatched. Of course, this is only in their World. After the situation reaches the domain, the common is the most outstanding. The strange thing like Wang Zhong is really the first time.

Soon Milsi calmed down, even if it was really calm with the elemental Soul pieces? Although the heavens are rulers, they are not stupid. This kind of goods has no value at all. If Elsa wants to use this method to put pressure on the Demon Race, it is too naive.

Elsa Supervisor is only lightly smiled, and Milli thinks a bit reasonable, but it is still a bit biased. She is optimistic about Wang Zhong, but not only because she is optimistic, she can finally push Wang Zhong into the Tianzun class. One of the more important reasons is always The attitude of the neutral mechanical family has been since!

Elsa Supervisor just rushed to Mirshi Elder to reveal a dull smile, indifferently said: “Mirch Elder, this is quite interesting.”

Mirsch indifferent expression, did not take care of Elsa, turned his lips slightly creeping, a sound transmission straight into the ears of Pumisus.

“kill him!”

Pemisias shrugged indifferently, Elder thought too much, how could he care, don’t say it is a descendant, even if the elemental family is down, this world is watching power!

The Sugawara konjac gun picked up slightly, but this time he did not wait for him to shoot, and there was already a fierce momentum on the opposite side suddenly slamming!

Wang Zhong’s two eyes have turned into red and blue two colors. The real body of Spiritual Qi has been smashed into the sky, directly resisting the real pressure of Pumisus. Without the impact of the airflow, Wang Zhong only feels very incomparable. Compared to the feeling of being restrained before, the sense of fighting at this time is simply wonderful.


He snorted and saw that the energy wings of the Ice and Fire II were slamming behind him.

Hu~ ~

Two raging energies, one ice and one fire, flew down the left and right sides of the giant wing, and only one in a flash formed two hurricane hurricanes of different energy, the left side is the fire and the sky, the right side It is cold and cold.

Pumisus long spear slightly pulls, the wind is like a dragon, whipping to the sides, the strength of the rolling level, in a flash, the two pieces of attack directly scattered, but the Prometheus is a complex change.

The hurricane was evacuated, but the strength of the element was still there. It was naturally reorganized in the a-flash that had just been broken, and it was directly condensed into thousands of Ice and Fire bullet screens in front of his face!

Strong as Pumisius is also too late to be caught, in a flash is surrounded, it is too unexpected, the opponent’s control of the power of the element is simply incredible, so the quantum level of the elements control, this turned out to be a Void Core Realm child? Even natural people can’t reach such elements in Golden Core Realm to control the talent!

“Breaking!” The scorpion konjac gun in the hands of Pumi Xiusi flashed a little, and the fire was scattered. It seemed to want to use the power of the fire element to recoil, but he still had to wait for him to shoot, and it was already in midair. Thousands of bombs, endless flares and ice awnings will be submerged in a flash.

The air flares and the cold light are interlaced, and Ice and Fire alternate. It is not a separate flame and Ice attack. It is completely integrated and complementary, making the fire bomb have the sharpness and toughness of the Ice System. The Frostbolt has the heat of the Fire Element. High temperatures, and energy cycles, complement each other, are endless!

Hōng hōng hōng hōng ! !

The fire element energy of the meditation is only completely smashed by the attack in the a flash. The Ice and Fire mixed formidable power is far beyond the single element attack. Although the spiritual response is not high, the destructive power is extremely amazing. . The endless Ice and Fire bombs also have a terrifying interrupting effect that delays your mental movements, and Pumisius simply can’t cope with the counterattack tricks. He can only force his arms and heads, and the body of the Spiritual Qi The defensive layer was directly smashed. The ordinary casual clothes are only ruined in a flash, and the most important thing is that some of the skills he mastered did not respond to the strong impact of element law/rule.

Rule collisions can cause interference.

I suddenly ate such a big loss.

Suddenly a Spiritual Qi blasted like a wave, and the violent force swept out, forcing Wang Zhong to retreat. The coming is still coming. Wang Zhong also wants to see what the real body of this guy is!

The body changes, the momentum of the whole person is very different from the one just now, whether the body or the spiritual level is multiplied in a flash geometry, the Ice and Fire bullet screen that previously played his whole body tremor, at this time He is like a splash of water on the body, in addition to stimulating a wave, it will not lose the boulder.

I saw that the ruined coat on Pumiusius was directly tamped by the humongous body. He was naked and left only the special underpants that made the base, which became four meters high and exposed. The whole body is like a reddish-brown complexion.

Heavenly Demon God is real!

Fire Demon Race One of the most powerful three real bodies, the real world is best at defense and all kinds of resistance, known as the body of the undead Vajra.

“I actually forced Pumi Xiusi to shine.”

“It seems that Pumisus is going to be real!”

All around in the stands, there was no exclamation, and no one expected that Pumisius would deal with Wang Zhong and would be forced to move to the real body. As a member of the Tianzun class, Pumisus is higher than the other party with a great realm, and even made this, if it is fair, Pumisus is already lost. However, this is not to correct the fighting field, but to live and die, only life and death is the result of winning the game.

The Prometheus, which shows the true body, is like the Antiquity God-like looking at Wang Zhong, the terrifying spirit from the peak of the real Dan. At this time, Wang Zhong, who showed the true body, crossed the boundary of the common Void Core, and the spiritual power was about three. Between million and four million, of course, this is not the killing of his Ice and Fire rule and the strange spiritual outburst, but this time Pemius is more than the limit of five million spiritual power of Shidan, probably More than seven million, this is just the most common state as natural as breathing.

At this time, Pui Xiusi looked at Wang Zhong’s demeanor. In normal circumstances, he could crush Wang Zhong. The strength is improved. Realm and eyesight are completely different. But strangely, now Pumiusius can’t see Wang Zhong. .

Things are getting more and more interesting. This Little Junior Brother seems to want to turn Heavens, face it, still hide, tsk tsk, too don’t give face!

The scorpion konjac in his hand has already issued a crisp trembling sound, the sense of blending the master and the master, and the peak of his spiritual power is constantly improving and continually soaring, hiding the sky and covering the earth. It seems that the powerful pressure airflow that wants to freeze the entire space once again covers the entire life and death. More oppressive than before, and more controllable!

Kill ~~~~~~~

The Sugawara konjac gun glimpsed on the ground in front of him, and all the Spiritual Pressure airflow immediately rushed from all directions to Wang Zhong, and not only the Spiritual Pressure, but also the sway from a Soul, as if with a unique The rhythm of the rhythm, to confuse Wang Zhong, to completely tie him from the inside out, in a flash spiritual breaks through eight million, which is already close to the Golden Core level.

In the next second, the Qianlong sword has been placed on the chest of Wang Zhong.

The hair on the head is upside down, the Ice and Fire rotates around the body, and the body seems to have become bigger. The explosion of Deifized cells in the real state is obviously more terrifying than the explosion in the normal state. The peak force is multiplied in in a flash, but it is still unable to forcibly break away from the other’s Spiritual Pressure.

“Sword one!” Wang Zhong was not in a mess, not even thinking, the cold voice spit out from his mouth.

The Qianlong sword is slightly swaying.

Wēng ~ ~

A slow and heavy roar suddenly slammed, all around being surrounded by the Spiritual Pressure airflow, and it was so tight that it was directly swayed by the vibration, followed by the sword. The frequency is getting faster and faster, and the vibration is getting bigger and bigger.

Wēng wēng wēng wēng ! ! !

Jianwei spread and turned into a road ripple.

Every sound and every ripple of the circle will drive the entire enclosed space to tremble, and it seems that every vibration can naturally overlap with the previous force. The formidable power is multiplied by only three or five seconds. The clock, the power that desperately wants to bind this space is directly shattered into nothingness! Not to mention the power of Pumisus, even the transparent barriers of life and death, which were trembled by the vibrations, and the dazzling rune rays of light reflected the entire space.

Pā pā pā ……

The Sugawara konjac gun trembled slowly in the sword, as if it was brought to the rhythm by the other party. What kind of skill is this?

In the eyes of Pumisus, in a flash, the hot and amazing rays of light, the opponent’s sword is even stronger than his own gun, the rhythm of the vibration is simply higher than a whole great realm. The forced closed space was broken by the other party. Actually, it would have to bring its own rhythm, a Void Core.