Battle Frenzy Chapter 1189

Everyone knows that heavenly treasure street is now covered with turbulent turmoil. The people who have stepped on the spot and the news have been more and more in the heavenly treasure street. Wang Zhong’s prestige is against these forces. Gradually losing the constraints and deterrence that should have been there, the accident will come at any time. Many vendors on the heavenly treasure street, including the old cow and Magnus and the others, are waiting in the middle of the day, and this day is finally here.

Blue Demon Race.

At this time, the old cow flower shop is surrounded by a large group of blue Demon Race people. This blue Demon Race is also considered to be a big family in the Cartan Lai area, a standard powerful Level 6 civilization, and even the family. Golden Core sits in the town, occupying a full three blocks in the Cartanley area, including a region as the center of the entire card tanking area, which is the strongest and most powerful in the various forces of the Katangla District. Before Wang Zhong was still there, the Blue Demon Race and the heavenly treasure street were still some nodded, never asked about the heavenly treasure street, and never had a bad relationship with the heavenly treasure street, but did not expect this many ethnic groups. Underneath, it turned out that they took the lead in attacking. I was afraid that they were fancy the heavenly treasure street economy driven by the emperor pill shop. Now the heavenly treasure street is a big fat, no worse than the central area of ​​the Katanglai district. On the minute.

At this time, I saw three seemingly impressive Void Core Experts, and dozens of blue Demon Race people holding the flower shop door, not allowing anyone to enter and exit, all around around watching the lively neighbors is already the whole The block blocked a not even one drop of water can pass through. And so many people around the audience, this time can maintain absolute silence, because there is an unbridled conversation from the store door, and there is no need to take into account the meaning of the ‘listeners’ outside, but instead deliberately increase the volume, It’s like trying to make people in the street feel clear.

“Earth is not a Level 5 civilization. According to the Star Alliance law, it is only the right to establish a communication point here. What is the qualification to occupy the heavenly treasure street and charge the management fees of many businesses? My Blue Demon Race is also a good reminder. If you ignore the Star Alliance law so much, if you are still stubborn, beware of the evils.”

“The legal owner of heavenly treasure street is my Monster Race Magso! Earth is just hired by me to help manage and manage the heavenly treasure street. My Monster Race is an orthodox level 7 civilization, with a place in the Central region, with any Question?”

“hē hē, a sinner who was sentenced to 50 years of labor in the Tianhe battlefield, you were expelled from Monster Race 50 years ago? And you rejected the Monster Race recall a year ago, what are you? Monster Race? Also dare to apply for the legal ownership of heavenly treasure street under the banner of level 7 civilization?”

“Hahaha!! Although I was sentenced to serve in the battlefield, I was also expelled from Monster Race. The labor period is full, and I have naturally restored the identity of a former Star Alliance citizen. Even if I don’t rely on the level 7 civilization, I am qualified enough. Force to form a new force. The Crocodile Palace is my signature, and the heavenly treasure street is also anchored in the name of the Crocodile Palace and not Monster Race! You are looking for it, I am afraid to investigate it clearly and then better.”

“Wu Li? Hahaha, this is the reason why I am urging you today. Do you think you really have enough force to occupy the heavenly treasure street?”

“Star Alliance has already admitted my ownership of heavenly treasure street, can you still rob the Blue Demon Race?”

“hē hē, the violation of the Star Alliance law, our Blue Demon Race will not do.” The voice laughed unscrupulously, with a hint of contempt and ridicule: “But my home Old Ancestor also said, you If the little crocodile is acquainted, the heavenly treasure street will be dedicated to my blue Demon Race, which will not only protect the peaceful treasure street, but also protect you the little crocodile in the Katanglai area. If you don’t know, then I will be blue. Demon Race will come to this heavenly treasure street every day, see you once to repair you once, don’t hide, hide it is useless. hē hē …… I certainly want you to choose the latter, after all, in the Cartanley area, has not been for a long time People dare to reject my Blue Demon Race, and the days are too dull. I always need to have some fun to adjust the adjustment. Margaux, what do you think of this proposal?”

Another is the hole in the Star Alliance law, Magso has already owned the ownership of the heavenly treasure street. Under normal circumstances, as long as he does not make mistakes, other forces cannot be robbed. But people don’t say that they are robbing, they are looking for trouble every day. They are exactly the same as the methods used to be yin yin. They are only more atmospheric than the yin yin. They don’t look for the troubles of ordinary businesses, but they are looking for troubles.

In a word, hit your clothes and hit you down.

Heavenly treasure The street is quiet, everyone has heard the words in the flower shop clearly.

Since Earth and Magso took over the heavenly treasure street, the tax here has always kept the lowest level in the entire tank tank area. Instead, the business is getting better and better. All businesses are against Wang Zhong and Magso. Earth is a grateful heart. At this time, I heard the blue Demon Race threatening Magnus. Many people are sad and angry. Of course, many people are worried about their future unknown fate. Even if you don’t mention the relationship established with Earth and Magso, the tax in the area of ​​the Blue Demon Race has always been the highest in the entire tank tank area. Once they take over the heavenly treasure street, the tax Adjustment is inevitable.

Everyone’s ears are now upright, waiting for the answers of Magso and the old cow. If they decide to give up, everyone can understand it in fact, but that means that everyone’s good days are over.

“Hahahaha!” Just listen to Magsoso’s laughter and even from the house, the pride in laughter makes the entire heavenly treasure street all the spirit: “My Magso is a greedy and fearful death.” Apprentice, I was already stunned when the yin yin came over! Also, my mother got you?”

“Since I have put aside all considerations of face, there is nothing to say.” He slammed the table and faced the blue Demon Race sitting in front of him. There was no fear of shouted in the blue Demon Race. Give me a roll! Heavenly treasure Street does not accept any form of sale and transfer! If your Blue Demon Race really has any means behind it, even if it is given to me, if I frown my brow in front of my eyes, it is not a twin mother. Raise!”

“Suo Ye is good! Full of men!”

“The heavenly treasure street doesn’t sell, it’s not transferred, it’s dead!”

“Star Alliance has the law of Star Alliance, heavenly treasure street belongs to Suo Ye, blue Demon Race wants to grab, I will go to Star Alliance with your Blue Demon Race!”

“Blue Demon Race! Get out of heavenly treasure street!”

The quiet street was finally boiling under the words of Magsoso. Now the heavenly treasure street is full of opportunities and wealth, and no one is willing to change the door at this time. I only listened to countless voices on the street, and the time was like a boiling pot.

“hē hē, a group of ants, and dare to drink my blue Demon Race in public, give me a hand!”

Just listening to the faint slap in the house, a few Void Cores waiting outside the door cocked and shot at the same time!

‘pā pā pā pā pā 啪’

A series of loud slaps of light linger in a line, on the street in a flash quiet, followed by…

Dēng dēng dēng dēng ! !

The slap in the face is the few blue Demon Race Void Core Expert! I saw a few silhouettes that just jumped up, and they fell back from the midair to the old cow’s shop door at a much faster speed than they jumped up. They couldn’t stop falling back all the way, and the last ass sat down. Ground, only feeling dizzy, cheeks swollen, numb directly lost consciousness.

“Dare to be a man in my heavenly treasure street, who will give you the courage?”

Not waiting for those Void Core came back to his senses, only listening to a faint voice from the air.

Several Void Cores were still in a state of dizziness, and they couldn’t see who the suspended silhouette was, but the audience around all around broke out after a brief period of extreme silence.

“Heavens!! Heavy, heavy?”

“That is the master! The master is not dead, he is back!”

“It’s all rumors! Hahahaha! I know, those are rumors! The master is so powerful, how could he suddenly die in the hands of a bunch of Underground World mice!”

With a few screams, the entire heavenly treasure street was boiling, and the kiss of Madness shook the world.

Then there was a few silhouettes of ‘cèng cèng cèng’ in the house.

With a face full of surprises, tears, Magnus, old cows, little confused, there are also two complexions that have become extremely ugly blue Demon Race.

“Wang Zhong !!” The little confused couldn’t help but scream.

Old Wang rushed her slightly, and then she turned her eyes to the two blue Demon Races. “What did you say when you just let people talk?”


The blue Demon Race Shidan’s reaction was also very fast. He took a direct slap on his own face. The last second was still arrogant. At this time, he was already full of faces: “His Royal Highness misunderstood, I thought I was yelling. It’s my few unbelievable men, just wanting them to talk about themselves. I don’t know if these beasts will be wrong. If it’s not for the timely execution of Wang Zhong’s Highness, I’m afraid that my Blue Demon Race will have to be bullied. The sin, the villain is really grateful!”

All around in a flash is a slap in the face, and when Old Wang comes back, the entire heavenly treasure street immediately feels like everyone. Before, it was an unattainable blue Demon Race for the entire heavenly treasure street. At this time, it was like a pug-like pug common, which made people feel proud.

“………” Old Wang is also speechless, people can shameless to such a point, it is also kind of ability, he looks at each other faintly: “I heard that your Blue Demon Race will drive me Earthling and Magso from the heavenly treasure street. ?”

“His Royal Highness has misunderstood! My Blue Demon Race has occupied the Three Streets area in the Katangla District. Even if His Royal Highness sends the heavenly treasure street to me, how can I manage my Blue Demon Race?” “I used to say that, but I saw too many people on the heavenly treasure street. I wanted to help Maggiore and the Earth civilization in the name of my Blue Demon Race. Now that His Highness has returned, it is shocking and small, naturally. No one will dare to play the idea of ​​heavenly treasure street, my blue Demon Race can also be retired.”

In fact doesn’t blame this Blue Demon Race so useless, a Level 6 civilization, even if you have a Golden Core, it may be a strong exist/existence in the Cartanley area, but look at the entire land, whether it is their power or that There is no famous Golden Core, it is nothing at all, otherwise it will not be mixed in the Star Alliance for so many years still in the Central position as a land emperor. The level of contact with Wang Zhong is the real Star Alliance higher civilization such as the Tianbei people, and even the blood Demon Race that has been disdained by Old Wang. It is also the well-know figure in the level 7 civilization, the district blue Demon Race, how dare you and the characters like Wang Zhong? This is the exist/existence that even the Prometheus has been extinguished. It is really annoying. Even the Golden Core in their family is afraid to suffer.

The most important thing is that when so many things happen, they fall into the Styx and don’t die. No matter what happens, they can’t be provoked.

So at this time all around is a sneer, and the blue Demon Race does not care, even keep laughing.

“I have never liked this person to turn around.” Wang Zhong just gave him a faint look: “You are guilty of claiming a hundred dollars for Marg, and then calling the Blue Demon Race to send five hundred thousand Venus. This is all over.” Otherwise, go back and tell you the Blue Devils Old Ancestor, saying that Wang Zhong will definitely visit the door in person and see the first Golden Golden power in the tank tank area.”

That Shidan’s complexion has become pale.

The Blue Devils Old Ancestor, but the gods of their family, have been so despised, really, this has to be replaced by other real Dan dare to say such things, then he will not live today. But this is Wang Zhong…

“Today is the fault of the villain. My Old Ancestor is still enjoying the temple. If I know this, I am afraid that the punishment for the villain is even heavier.” That Shidan is also alert, and he is responsible for the Blue Devil. Old Ancestor is afraid of Wang Zhong: “His Royal Highness is a big man, and the villain is really grateful.”

“You, go back to the family and take the five hundred thousand Venus!” He told his team Void Core.

‘pā pā pā pā ‘, only listen to a series of slaps, the blue Demon Race has been pumping up until the 100th palm is finished, the money there has been sent, respectfully to Wang Zhong put it at the door of the flower shop, and then ran away without a shadow.

The street was full of endless cheers, and the voices of ‘Heavy Lord’ were shouting everywhere. The death of Wang Zhong these days had already worried and feared the entire heavenly treasure street, and felt lost. Now I am back, and once I am so strong, I am calming down the blue Demon Race ambition. With such a strong guardian, why is the heavenly treasure street not prosperous?

Old Wang looked at the crowds full of excitement and enthusiasm. What kind of eyesight he could easily identify many of his unusual eyes, with shock and doubt, these people are afraid of being placed in heavenly treasure street. The spies, and the news of their own return, I am afraid that the entire Star Alliance will be transmitted immediately within an hour.

As one of the key figures in this Pluto Jiuyin incident, I am afraid of greetings from allies such as the Tianbei and the mechanical family. The conspiracy traps from the enemy Demon Race and Blood Demon Race will follow. The leisure days that were rarely stolen before were counted to the end.

Come on!

Old Wang is also ready, especially after learning that Earth has dealt with a blood Demon Race, Earth’s situation, and the potential position of the Star Alliance has been a far cry from the previous one. Haihuang said it is good. Now, there must be a lot of people in Earth, and they are passively waiting to dismantle their sinister tricks. It is better to take the initiative to attack, it is time to do a big job!


Sure enough, I just contacted Ma Dong through the old cow and learned about the current situation of Earth. The news from all parties has been passed on to heavenly treasure street. Heavenly treasure Street is now docked with the Star Alliance newsletter, and can enter the civilized network of Fifth Dimension. It is extremely fast to receive news from major civilizations.

First of all, the news of the mechanical family Rhodes d and the Zerg absolutely and othersand the others, after all, the mechanical family has its own internal shared network, there is a law enforcement team on the heavenly treasure street, but the Blue Demon Race was only a mouthful. The law enforcement team also has no right to interfere with the jurisdiction of that’s all. However, Wang Zhong has just appeared on this side. The mechanical family law enforcement team has already discovered that the internal network is shared, and all mechanical clansman knows it. The mechanical family knows that the Zerg is equal to know. However, the news sent by these people is a private identity, just to confirm the situation of Old Wang, and express their excitement and happiness.

Then there is the Emperor Elsa of Tianbei. As the master of Tianmen, the news is inevitably not under anyone, but there is not much speech in the news, so that he can immediately return to Tianmen, and before going to the Tianzun mission, first Go see her side.

This matter, even if the governor does not tell, Old Wang will do the same. The Tianbei people can be said to be very derogatory to Earth. Even the derogatory ones have made Old Wang somewhat surprised. To Tianbei, the old Wang is grateful. Besides, if you want to communicate with Mu Tian about the high-level Tianmen, the first thing you need to communicate is Tianbei.

After that, it was the power of the parties or the friends of Tianmen. The speed of getting the news may be a little late, but the response was all enthusiastic. Those friends who had a good friendship were not mentioned, and some civilizations that had nothing to do with Wang Zhong and Earth. At this time, there were also words of congratulations, and the relationship between Earth and Wang Zhong was very deep, and it was not very happy.

It can be seen that regardless of whether Earth will fall into the so-called troublesome autumn, at least, the number of people who pay attention to Earth has become more and more influential, and these things are real reality.

“That’s great!” Ma Dong in the video until listening to Wang Zhong said all the circumstances of Mu Zi, the heart that has been hung is put down, Wang Zhong is of course the pillar of Earth, but Mu Zi is also, If Mu Zi is really being possessed by Pluto’s body possession as rumored, then the impact on Earth is really too big.

Well now, Wang Zhong is fine, Mu Zi is fine, but it is to recover a Pluto, and to see the attitude of the Tianbei people in this incident, just wait for Wang Zhong to return to the Tianmen negotiations, Earth these days The crisis will be solved, and even a step up: “Earth, you don’t have to worry about it. After dealing with the troublemaker, the veteran will have a good time, and then I will announce the news of your return. Everyone will Putting down all the burdens, I dare say that Earth has never been united like it is now!”

Ma Dong laughed heartily, apparently also the heart of the stone finally landed: “There is another thing, Emily, they have been clamoring to come to the realm, especially after killing the blood Demon Race, the guys are now inflated. Wang Zhong, look at your side…”

Can kill a real Dan, this group of people really has enough money to come to the boundary.

“No hurry, as long as there is a physics laboratory, they still have a lot of room for improvement when they stay at Earth. And…” Wang Zhong’s eyes flashed: “This time I will return to Tianmen, there will be some big actions, only I am afraid that I can’t be distracted for them.”

“Understand.” Ma Dong nodded: “The most important thing is your side. As for Emily, I will appease. No matter what you have to do, just let go! And at the current rate of development, I believe that Earth will soon be Can give you real help and support.”

Earth has not been idle during this time. In addition to actively reorganizing the internal and upper-minded, all aspects of intelligence gathering, analysis, etc. have been followed up. Old Wang got a list of materials from Ma Dong. Everything about the various civilizations related to Earth and their attitude towards Earth.

Although there are only a few people who can determine the friendly relationship, such as the Tianbei, the mechanical, the fantasy, the sea emperor, etc., but only the blood Demon Race can be determined.

Most other civilizations are neutral in this matter. After all, Blood Demon Race has just suffered a big loss from Earth at Tianmen. Now no one knows what kind of attitude the Tianmen executives have on Earth. Besides, many people have looked down on Earth before, but because they think that Earth has only one Wang Zhong. This kind of civilization with only one or two accidental rises in the history of Star Alliance is endless, and this kind of civilization is often nothing. The strength of the scenery is also a moment. Don’t think that Golden Core is eternal, it’s just lifespan eternal, but after that level, the contacts are all fierce people, who are slightly inadvertently offended, there is no helper behind them, it is almost a catastrophe, can be scenery It’s not easy for hundreds of years, so there’s no need to treat them differently.

But now Earth, in addition to Wang Zhong, and Underground World’s Pluto, as well as the new arena, even in addition to these three, Earth still has the ability to kill a real dan in a flash, which is completely different. Many civilizations now regard Earth as a standard Level 6 civilization. They are cautious about speaking or thinking about Earth. Don’t easily blame a standard 6 civilization with standard strength. This is Star Alliance. Most people recognize the guidelines.

Therefore, the enemies on Earth’s bright face now say that there is only one blood Demon Race, and perhaps there is the shadow of the fire Demon Race behind them, but that is the thing of the Tianbei people.

Looking at the list on hand, the prototype of a plan has been shaped in Old Wang’s mind.

The sea emperor said yes, one will be ruined, and if Earth wants to stand firm, it must stand up! Only by making everyone aware of Earth’s strength and strength can it be guaranteed that those neutrals will not become Earth’s enemies.

Blood Demon Race… just take them to the knife!


Going back to Tianmen, I went to the inner sect according to the instructions of the Tianbei Supervisor. I thought that only the Tianbei Supervisor was waiting for him in the main hall of the Superintendent, but I did not expect two unexpected visitors. .

The mechanical family, Justice Lyon and Wilkins Arbitrator.

“Wang Zhong, let me introduce you.”

Tian Beiduo smiled and was about to introduce Wang Zhong to the two people, but he heard that the Wilkins Arbitrator had said: “Dover, we both have a relationship with Wang Zhong.”

“Wang Zhong, I met again.” Although Justice Lyon is a non-changing poker face of the mechanical family, the sound is a bit of a friendly taste.

“I have seen the Governor, Justice Lyon and Wilkins Arbitrator.” Wang Zhong lightly smiled.

The last time I saw these two, I went to the Machinery City to participate in their law enforcement game tournament, but I didn’t communicate much with each other.

It seems that Tianzhu’s master is not unexpected. The relationship between Wang Zhong and the mechanical family is now known from the top of the gate. It is said that Wang Zhong bullshit luck relies on a ‘law enforcement game’ and the mechanical family, but like Tianbei Supervisor and some Tianmen high-level people know that it was the mechanical family that sent Wang Zhong to Tianmen, but before the law enforcement game became popular.

“You don’t have to be polite.” These three are all relatively easy-going. Of course, this kind of ‘easy-going’ object is also divided.

The voice can be heard, and a loud laughter suddenly sounds outside the hall: “I heard that Tian Zhongban has returned to Tianmen and brought back the first-hand information about the Pluto event. According to Tianzun class rules, Wang Zhong should be the first time. I came to the task department to report my duties and give back the information. The governor first recruited Wang Zhong to the Chamber of Deputies. Is there any ulterior motive to discuss privately?”

Listening to this sound, it seems to be the Miller Elder of the Demon Race, and there are a lot of sounds outside the door, obviously not just one or two people.

“Yes, now that the Pluto event is not over, Wang Zhong has just returned from Underground World, and it is involved in this matter. The identity is sensitive. Decrepit thinks the Governor is not doing this.” This is the voice of the natural family Elder.

The original relaxed atmosphere in the hall was collected in a flash and became slightly solemn. Wang Zhong has already appeared on the heavenly treasure street. Tianbei is able to get news, other families can also, and already knows the whereabouts of Wang Zhong, when does he return to Tianmen via Transfer Array, and even when When you get out of the Transfer Array and enter the inner sect, the hearts of the people in the Tianmen can obviously be easily grasped. Therefore, it is not surprising that he knows that he is in the Chamber of the Lord of the Days. .

If it’s just Milsch Elder, Elsa’s Lord may not be in the eye, and the Demon Race is the opposite. It’s a cool sarcasm, when he puts a fart, but Beverly Elder But different, he represents the natural family of one of the Four Great Clans groups in Tianmen.

Tianmen Four Great Clans group, Tianbei people, fire Demon Race, natural family, soul family, as for the mechanical and zerg of the same level 8 civilization, mainly responsible for Star Alliance management and not Tianmen, so within all Tianmen In their decision, their right to speak is far less than that of the four races.

These days, the debate about the events of Pluto, Earth, etc., has already reached the stage of white-hot. On the one hand, the Tianzun team that killed Pluto must have been sent, but Underground World has not determined the specific location of Pluto. The specific candidates of the Tianzun team have not been determined yet. On the other hand, it is against the rumor that Edam is Earthling. Blood Demon Race insists on convicting Earth. Fire Demon Race secretly supports them and wins many neutral votes for them. This is the same as the Tianbei people and machinery of Libao Earth. The clan formed a complete confrontation. The two sides have balanced forces and a single word. They are all fighting for the support of the soul and natural races that have always been neutral and fair. Now it is the crucial moment to reach a conclusion. It can be said that who can convince the soul and the natural family, who can occupy the absolute right to speak in this matter.

Wang Zhong’s ‘Resurrection’ is obviously a turning point, and his testimony will largely influence the judgment of the natural and the soul. But now, the Tianbei Supervisor is the first to summon Wang Zhong alone, just as he wants to have a “confession” first, and there is a faint meaning of wanting one hand covering the heavens. Obviously, there is some unhappiness for the natural and the souls that have always been fair. Just now, Bai Fan’s tone has already revealed his dissatisfaction with the Tianbei people.

“Baifan Elder said it was heavy. It was the Governor’s poor consideration, but the Governor only cares about the younger generation and knows that Wang Zhong is not dead. He wants to see him first, and has no other meaning.” Elsa Supervisor Jade hand With a gentle wave, the door of the hall has been opened: “Since all of you have come over, it is just right, it is better to hit the sun than to choose the day. Let’s listen to Wang Zhong’s statement about it today.”

Wang Zhong turned his head and looked out of the hall. He saw the open door and stood at the 17-18. Some people who know each other, such as Zach Simon of Wu Xiu Tang, Elder Yi Mo of Pill Refining Hall, etc., also have Demon Race, Blood Demon Race, Nature, Soul, Titan, etc. Golden Core and Elder’s generations are also high-ranking officials and giants inside Tianmen.

At this time, the hall door opened, and the entire group sneaked in. First, they met with Lord Elsa, Lord Justice and Wilkins Arbitrator. Milsch Elder smiled and looked at Wang Zhong: “Wang Zhong Xiaoyou really has all-knowing ability, and it is really admirable to be seriously injured and fall into the Styx.

He is barely fell, and there is already a person on the side: “haha, Milch Elder doesn’t know, this Earth is clearly out of the ordinary, and it must have a special relationship with the Styx.”

Wang Zhong looked at the man and saw Axel Elder from Blood Demon Race.

“Is Earth related to the Pluto event? This matter has not yet been fully confirmed. The influence of Axe Elder’s words is too heavy. Is it intentionally suggesting to guide anything?” Zag Simmon is obviously standing in the sky. On the side of the tribe, the Titans only have the level 7 civilization, but the strength is the top of the level 7 civilization. Even many people in their hearts have juxtaposed them with the Level 8 civilization, and obviously have considerable right to speak within the Tianmen.

Axe Elder gave him a slight look. Although he didn’t answer the words, the disdain on his face had already exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech.

Wang Zhong is watching and watching, but between these three or two sentences, it can be seen that the factional factions within Tianmen have now reached a certain level.

“Wang Zhong, you have already consulted the information about Pluto in the past before you went to the task, and just came back from Underground World, you should know the importance of this matter,” Elsa Supervisor interrupted everyone’s low voice. Directly rushed to Wang Zhong and said: “There are some boring rumors that Pluto is your Earthling. This time, killing Jiu Yinzong is because of you…hē hē, but the rumors stop at the wise, just now I am also big The judge and the arbitrator talked about the Pluto incident. Now all the elders of all ethnic groups are there. Everyone wants to hear your opinions. If these rumors are intentional and deliberately damaging Earth, and provoke the relationship between Earth and Star Alliance, then I will not be light. ”

It is also afraid that Old Wang is wrong, and the suggestion of Tianbei’s main sentence is obviously too overdone.

Tianmen’s attitude towards Pluto in the past is Seal, repression, and even the civilization behind the birth of Pluto’s body. All of them are also taking high-pressure measures to directly extinction and prevent future troubles.

Old Wang understands that Tianbei Supervisor wants to give Earth a chance to save Wang Zhong and Earth lineage. As long as Wang Zhong denies the relationship between Pluto and Earth, then Earth can stay out of it. To be honest, if it is not because of the contract of Pluto, this may be the only life-saving way for Earth. After all, even the Tianbei people can’t openly compete with the tradition of the entire Star Alliance, and ignore the safety benefits of many civilizations. Even the Tianbei people have only one dead end.

but now……

“Let the governor worry, Pluto did control my friend Mu Zi for a while, and manipulated his body to do something, but after our struggle, and found a way to sanction Pluto on Hell Island, now Pluto has Signed a slave contract with Mu Zi, which means that he is not threatening any of the Star Alliance at exist/existence.”

His voice fell, and the time in the hall was quiet.

Not to mention that the Tianbei Supervisor did not respond, even the blood Demon Race’s Axel Elder, including all the halls in the hall or opposite or neutral, did not respond.

“Since I said this, I will definitely let Mu Zi prove it. Everyone who is doing is Older Generation. You don’t need to question this little thing. As for the nine Yinzong,” Wang Zhong complexion is serious. ,: “In violation of the Star Alliance regulations, Sect Golden Core is a member of the Tianzun class, and is bent on killing me. This is already a crime of extermination. Some people in my family have destroyed the whole family, but It was just a matter of presiding over the Star Alliance. I was afraid that no one could blame Earth for it. To talk about guilt, I have another thing to report, and Jiu Yinzong was bought by Blood Demon Race to make Golden. Core is able to shoot at the bottom, this is what I witnessed and personally experienced. Assassination of the members of the Tianzun class, blood Demon Race Ax Elder is denying sin?”

Wang Zhong has a strong grasp of the initiative. In this ambiguous occasion, you need to bring a rhythm, first give the other party a little color to see.

“Wang Zhong Xiaoyou,” Ax Elder did not care, including said with a smile: “The event of the Nine Yinzong has already been closed, and Tianmen is also chasing the remnants of his escape, including the rumor that is against you. The Nether Elder. Is this matter instructed by my blood Demon Race, and when it is caught, people can naturally force it out, and before that, if there is no evidence, don’t mention it, it doesn’t make sense, and you pay attention to your identity. The problem of Pluto is very serious, and you can pass it without a word.”

Mastering Pluto? Let him acknowledge allegiance? What kind of international jokes, the awareness of the Styx has always been a problem for them.

“Little little don’t knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth is simply nonsense!”

“hē hē, the district of Shidan, the district’s low civilization, even want to control the Pluto, it is really funny.”

“Wang Zhong,” Tianbei’s lord interrupted the ridicule of the people. There is a complicated expression in the eyes of looked towards Wang Zhong: “Evidence!”

“Returning to the Lord, Mu Zi is still on standby, waiting for Tianmen summon, but the evidence is ready,” Wang Zhong waved with his left hand, and a simple mechanical family imager has been turned into his hands: “Let’s see.”

He turned on the image switch, and saw that the light was swept away. A three-dimensional projection image was placed in the hall.

The ones that appear in the image are Wang Zhong, Mu Zi and Grai.

The image of Mu Zi and Grai, Underground World has long been known to everyone. Many people who are concerned about the events of Pluto are naturally well aware and recognize it at a glance.

I saw Wang Zhong in the image, Mu Zi, a nodded gesture, Mu Zi grinned, running, and a summon Rune Array appeared immediately in the chest.

Blood Demon Race’s Axel Elder, along with Fire Demon Race’s Milli Elder and the others, are slightly frowning, only to see the black smoke in the summon squad, turning into a black mist that is completely condensed by the air. In the air, it turns into a human form.

“I, the Will of the River, has been based on Earthling Mu Zi. This life is willing to follow the Master. Everything obeys the command of the master and never gives up!”

While speaking, the whole river in the background of the river, the huge waves of the sky, just like humanity, rushing to the scene, constantly nodded 叩…

The image is only a short ten-second, and there are not many words, but the information revealed is amazing.

There is not a poor eyesight in the presence, only one eye will recognize the Soul that is condensed by the suffocating, it is the Pluto that once made many civilizations have a headache! Only the legendary Pluto can take care of it and control the river to such a degree. Moreover, the summon method of Mu Zi is familiar, very similar to the Soul contractual array of the elemental elves. The depths of the rune details are not visible to some Golden Core geniuses…

There is no possibility of falsification in this image, and the authenticity can be recognized at a glance in the eyes of these people. Moreover, Pluto has both acknowledged allegiance, and Tianmen can fully verify the authenticity with a single sentence, and it is completely meaningless to falsify.

Is it true? Pluto acknowledgment allegiance in Earthling Mu Zi, also as his master?

The hall was quiet, everyone was a bit stunned, and even the Tianbei Dudu, who had never collapsed in front of the sky, was a bit stunned and unimaginable.

As Earthling, power fighting ability is born, and Wang Zhong’s voice sounds in the silent hall: “Now Soul is a contract, as long as Mu Zi achieves Golden Core, Life is eternal, Pluto will always be a servant’s identity exist/existence In the world, under the control of its master, it can never be a curse. This is no more than the seal of Tianmen, repeated suppression, but it has to be repeated once and for all. Look at the Governor and you Elder!”

The temptation of this sentence is too great. The Pluto event has always been a heart disease in the realm. If it can be done once and for all, it is simply that everyone is happy to see it. Many of Elder, who were still hot about doing things according to the rules, had only shaken in a flash, but listened to Axel Elder: “Jokes! Even if you are true, how can it be difficult to achieve Golden Core? If this is Earthling Can’t you achieve Golden Core? You can’t prove forever, he will die all the time. When he is dead, Pluto will be free, and he will not miss the opportunity to surrender it!”

“Mu Zi and I can condense Shi Dan in just one or two years after entering the boundary. Who dares to say that we have no chance of achieving Golden Core?”

“A mouthful of vernacular, a Level 4 civilization can dare to easily achieve the Golden Core? You Earthling have what skills and abilities, what background talent dare to say this?”

“hē hē, my Earthling’s talent doesn’t need Axel Elder to worry about it.”


Wang Zhong sneered at it. In fact, only looking at the expressions of many Elders in the hall at this time, I already know the attitudes of various ethnic groups. Axe is just a sleepy beast.

To put it bluntly, this image not only represents a big trouble for helping the Star Alliance, but also the power of Pluto, which is based on Earth, and the power of Pluto, which is in control of the Styx, is itself a humongous force deterrent.

If Earth is isolated, that’s all, but there are mechanical, zerg, and celestial people behind him, especially the firmness of the first two, which is equivalent to putting an end to some people’s ideas.

“Okay.” Tianbei’s face had already had a little smile on his face. Pluto became a servant of Earthling, which means that the strength of Earth has increased greatly. It will take a while, whether it is Wang Zhong or the recovery. Mu Zi of Pluto can grow to a very terrifying degree, which will inevitably become the right arm of the Tianbei people: “Mirch Elder, Baifan Elder, Elder Yi Mo, how do you think of the three?”

“There is no righteous or evil in this world. It is just to see what the power control people use to do it.” Baifan Elder sighed: “Wang Zhong Xiaoyou said it is good, it is not as good as blocking, I think you can trust Earthling and Pluto.” “”

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