Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 241

After Cao Xin Elder’s words were finished, the crowd scattered to all parties to rest. Yan Qingshan also picked a place to settle down. Just when he was sitting cross-legged, he heard something in his ears. There was a voice, “Boy, yes, don’t get up.

This Elder has a good impression of you brat. Here is a bit of news, not about the assessment. The place you are going to is my Pill Tower later. The key place for the previous Pill Competition is a dilapidated mystery named Alchemy within the realm.

This alchemy is the mystery created by an Old Ancestor in my Pill Tower. Since the fall of Old Ancestor It’s getting dilapidated and it’s not suitable for long stays, so we only give you half a month’s time.

Since you have chosen to participate in the Pill Tower trial, you will have some strength if you want to. In this regard, I It’s not easy to reveal.

But I remind you that you must be careful about your surroundings in Dan within the realm. You are all competitors. Dan within the realm is not easy to monitor. It is easy for people to take risks.

But it’s not the most dangerous. What’s more dangerous is that there are some creatures in it. Although the pill world is not suitable for human habitation, for some Magic Beasts, it is heavenly paradise. After all these years The Magic Beast in the Pill World is also extremely tyrannical.

The medicine field we have opened up for you is naturally safe, but it’s best not to leave casually. If you meet a powerful Magic Beast, be careful. Don’t lose your life.

Also, Dan within the realm is not only dangerous but also has opportunities, but this requires risk, and you need to control the proportions of it yourself…”

Cao Xin Elder’s voice echoed in Yan Qingshan’s mind, which gave him a slightly weird feeling, but he did not expect that he had covered it up like this, and it still caused Pill Tower Elder. Attention, it seems to be kind attention, this is really…

No one knows Cao Xin Elder’s advice to Yan Qingshan. After a quarter of an hour, everyone got up and came to Cao Xin Elder’s before.

“You all come with me, don’t walk around at the next trial site, otherwise there is a problem, don’t blame me.”

Cao Xin Elder said, and then took Everyone came in front of the old man. After each received a Space Stone, the old man opened the space passage, and everyone entered under the leadership of Cao Xin Elder.


This is a desolate plain, the earth is full of yellowish colors, and occasionally there will be some green shade embellishments, releasing a little bit of vitality and vitality. On the plains, there will occasionally be some small Magic Beast bursting out, bringing up a wisp of yellow smoke, and then disappearing into the distance.

The silence of the desolate plain lasted for a while, the empty space squirmed suddenly, and immediately one after another silhouette swept in a flash from the space.

“I remind you, you guys don’t try to absorb a lot of energy from this world.”

Cao Xin Elder stood in the air. Seeing some people seemed a little secretive, he reminded: “The energy in this area is indeed exceptionally abundant, but there are some violent factors in the energy, which is difficult for a person’s body to bear, so I am still a little worried.”

Yan Qingshan grabbed a hand in this space One hand, feeling the difference between the space and energy here, blue light emerges in the eyes, scanning the data entered into the environment of the surrounding world.

This opened up space is the strength of Heaven that Dousheng powerhouse only possesses. Of course, even if the space is successfully opened up, it still needs constant maintenance, otherwise the opened space will gradually decline sooner or later. It is a very rare opportunity to collect data wantonly in such a mystery within the realm.

“My God, Di Huang Jing, there is such a big piece of Di Huang Jing.”

“Hehe! Are you going to go down! The place where Di Huang Jing appeared, generally They all have Yellow Earth Python.”

“But this is indeed a treasure, and you can find a lot of heavenly materials and earthly treasures just by looking at it. This Pill Tower is really rich in heritage!”


“This place, I seem to have heard people mention that we seem to have come to the legendary Pill Realm. This is the mysterious realm that will be opened only after the previous Pill Competition!”


Cao Xin Elder said first, but there is no random action that is not afraid of death. The entire group has Dou Wang cultivation base at the lowest. Following Cao Xin Elder flying in this Dan within the realm, I can see some from time to time. The heavenly material earthly treasure and the guardian Magic Beast are quite fascinating.

The original area of ​​the Dan Realm is not small, but because of its gradual decline, it is only less than the size of the one third of the Pill Region, but don’t underestimate this one third, just rely on the heavenly space in this space. Materials earthly treasures, I don’t know how many people’s heartstrings are hooked.

Including the eight ancient tribes, I’m afraid they all have thoughts about this piece of pill world. With such a space, it is completely equivalent to possessing an inexhaustible rare. The medicine ingredient warehouse, and from this it can also be seen how rich the Pill Tower is.

However, the strength of Pill Tower is not weak. The Peak period is comparable to the strongest ancient soul clan among the ancient eight clans. Even though it is greatly weakened by the conspiracy of Hun Clan, it is also not weak among the eight clans. Shi Clan’s strength is stronger than Ling Clan, who is already weak.

Of course, this is the Pill Tower who was refined by Old Ancestor, which is comparable to the Black Pill clone Old Ancestor of 6-Star Fighting Saint, if the Old Ancestor is missing Ancestor, today’s Pill Tower, is very reluctant compared to Soul Palace.

The mountain range of Wanyao is a very famous mountain range area in the alchemy world. The energy of this mountain range is also famous in the alchemy within the realm.

Looking from a distance, this mountain range is like a giant dragon disk, winding around. The mountain range is in the middle of the sky, filled with thick fog. These fogs are not natural fog, but are made of rich energy. Condensed.

The mountain range is sinister, in which there are continuous undulating beast roar resounded, and the roar is filled with violence. The mountain range covered in the mist is not a good place.

“Come with me!”

Cao Xin Elder called out to everyone, and then took out a jade token, ripples in the jade token, wave after wave In the shimmering light, a person’s invisible defensive cover was opened, and the surrounding mountain range suddenly swept through divine sense, but the power on the jade token was sensed one by one, but it died down.

These are the many Magic Beasts of Dan within the realm. They have lived here for many years and become the owner of the mountain range of Wanyao. The spiritual medicines in the mountain range are all collected and guarded by them.

But even though they have collected a lot of spiritual medicine, they don’t dare to touch what Pill Tower cares about. They know very well that compared to a huge monster like Pill Tower, even if it’s really promoted, it’s comparable to fighting. Zong’s 7th-Rank Magic Beast is still nothing.

Cao Xin Elder led everyone into this valley that was shrouded in space defense. There is a special isolation array outside the valley, which protects this place from the disturbance and invasion of Magic Beast.

This valley is a relatively flat field, which is artificially divided into pieces of medicine field. Various precious spiritual medicines grow freely in this area. The rich spiritual qi makes people feel drunk. The feeling is a bit too cheerful.

“Before the second round assessment, please help this Elder to collect the spiritual medicine here! Everyone can keep a useful spiritual medicine, which is not letting you do it in vain, but Be careful.

By the way, some problematic spiritual medicine will remain. This will be your topic afterwards.”

Cao Elder said lightly, and then collected all kinds of The tools of spiritual medicine have been passed down. Since everyone is here to participate in the trial, they naturally need corresponding professional knowledge for taking care of and picking spiritual medicine, so they almost take the initiative to pick spiritual medicine one by one.

Cao Xin Elder is standing on a stone stage and observing the performance of everyone. This is actually a round of trials. The dísciple included in the Pill Tower, even if it is just an Outer Disciple similar to the medicine farmer, needs to go through Layers of assessment.

This round is not only a test of Yan Qingshan’s ability to take care of and handle spiritual medicine, but also to look at their character, in the face of so many precious spiritual medicines, whether they have a desire for selfishness in secret Zang, when choosing spiritual medicine, whether you can make a correct decision based on the current situation here, these are all within the scope of the assessment.

“This kid is worthy of the old man’s suggestion.”

Cao Xin Elder paid close attention to Yan Qingshan, and saw that his performance has always been excellent, and there is nothing wrong with it. The move of transcendence, nodded very satisfied.

Many examiners worked together. The heavenly materials and earthly treasures in this valley medicine field were quickly collected, and the jade boxes were sent to Cao Xin Elder. The heavenly materials and earthly treasures, which are enough to make Dou Zun fascinated, were included in the Storage Ring by him.

“There is no such kind of profitable people among you. This is very good. I, Pill Tower, hates traitors and requires the highest character.”

Cao Xin Elder glanced at everyone. After that, said solemnly: “Next, I will divide you into areas. Within each area, there are one or more problematic spiritual medicines.

Each of you is responsible for one area, and I will Leave the jade token and your breath, and rush to other people’s turf at will. If you leave the breath, you should pay attention to it. Others’ failures may be attributed to you.

Of course, You can get in touch in the spiritual path between medicine fields and exchange opinions and help each other. Pill Tower still encourages this kind of behavior.

By the way, you who have temporary jade tokens are free Go in and out of the medicine field valley to find some opportunities, but I advise you to think twice.

This whole mystery within the realm Magic Beast is rampant, especially in the mountain range of Wanyao, there is no lack of 7th-Rank. Shaped Magic Beast, the most powerhouse is an ominous beast close to 8th-Rank, please weigh it yourself!

This Elder is leaving now, come back half a month later, I hope you will be one of you All of them are intact. The selection trial of Pill Tower is not that kind of bloody trial after all. Don’t cause me a bloody crime.”

After Cao Xin Elder finished speaking, he confronted him in the crowd. The few people who were optimistic were slightly nodded, and then put away the item and distributed the jade token. After doing all this, he flew away from the medicine field valley, moved towards the exit of the Dan world and flew over.

After Cao Xin Elder left, there was a loud noise among the people. At first, they were still vigilant. Later, someone took the initiative to exchange opinions. Cao Xin Elder understood that Pill Tower’s This trial does not limit the number of places, and encourages everyone to join forces.

Although everyone is a competitor, they did not say how generous the reward is for the first place. Cooperation is encouraged by Pill Tower. If everyone really enters Pill Tower, grouping is a good choice , So everyone started to communicate with each other.

Yan Qingshan has also met some people around. Naturally, other levels don’t need to do this, but in order not to be too eye-catching, he is better to follow the trend.

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