Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 243

“If I remember well, blending the Essence Essence of Earth Core Spiritual Essence and Green Jade Gastrodia Essence Rock, it is in the mountain range of Wanyao.”

Yan Qingshan returned to the Wanyao mountain range again after a slight turn in Dan within the realm. After wandering in the endless mountain range for a while, the stature swept into the vast mountain range.

The energy contained in the mountain range of Ten Thousand Medicines is extremely rich. With the innate conditions here, some heavenly materials and earthly treasures that are extremely difficult to be found by the outside world have grown, and it seems not surprising.

The beasts roar constantly in the Wanyao mountain range. Many of these roars carry tyrannical killing intents. They are infected by the violent factors in this world. These Magic Beasts are far more than the outside world. Ferocious.

“Northeast, Xiong Zhan!”

Yan Qingshan stands on a mountain and senses the four directions with soul. Within this mountain range, there are many abnormal aggressive breath, and among these breaths, the one in the northeast was the most terrifying, making him faintly feel the mortal danger.

Yan Qingshan glanced at the location of a mountain in the northeast, and then retracted his gaze, “For the time being, don’t disturb him. Although he is not afraid of trouble, it is easy to cause trouble.”

Yan Qingshan, after taking a long view of the mountain range of Wanyao, chose a direction to go deep into it. As we go deeper into the mountain range of Wanyao, the breath of the Magic Beast here is also stronger, and there is even a 7th-Rank Magic. Beast passed him by.

I don’t know how long it took, he stopped in front of a mountain. The mountain was active and wide, like a Heaven-supporting Pillar, thrusting straight into the sky, and on its mountainside, it was covered by a dense energy mist. The cover makes it difficult for people to detect the situation inside.

This mountain stands at the center of this Wanyao mountain range, and it can sense the rich energy that diffuses from the mountain. In this kind of cultivation, you can definitely get twice. the results for half the effort.

But it’s a pity that the energy here is mixed with that kind of violent factor. When it is absorbed, it must be removed first before the energy can be obtained and smoothly integrated into the body


And above this mountain, there are at least three breaths, reaching the 7th-Rank level. In other words, on this mountain, just other Magic Beasts of Dou Zong class have at least three.

But the most important thing is that he also sensed a rather concealed, but with a monstrous and fierce breath. Obviously, this concealed one is the truly powerful character. It may well be the peerless beast that has already been promoted to 8th-Rank.

“Look for the elixir first!”

Yan Qingshan slowly closes his eyes, the sensations of various senses spread infinitely, perceiving everything around him, his stature is like an arrow moving, He quickly submerged into the depths of the mountain and went all the way until it stopped in front of a stream.

At the source of the stream, there is a boulder nearly ten meters in length. The boulder is covered with moss. At its center, there is a stone hole inside the hole. Vaguely visible allows some dark green-colored viscous slurry, and the scent of fragrance comes from here.

Yan Qingshan didn’t go directly over. This kind of heavenly materials and earthly treasures must be guarded by Magic Beast, not to mention that this is still the most important mountain in the Wanyao mountain range, and Magic Beast must be based on it. He glanced around and locked a deep pool about ten zhang below the boulder.

This deep pool seems extremely deep, and it is invisible at first glance. The deep water is also extremely calm, without any fluctuations, everything seems extremely peaceful and harmonious.

“Black Water Tiger-Dragon also seems to have extremely weak dragon blood!”

Yan Qingshan absorbed one of the piles of scales distributed around the boulder In the hand, the scales are blue, with a snake-like pattern on it, occasionally mixed with allow some tiger patterns. This is the characteristic of Black Water Tiger-Dragon, a rare water genus Magic Beast.

“I don’t have to spend that many troubles.”

Yan Qingshan confirmed that the situation here is not unexpected, and did not hesitate to move on, just as he was near the stream ten When I walked around, the sound of extremely small water waves suddenly sounded in the deep pool.

A circle of water ripples began to sway in the deep pool, and a black shadow suddenly sprang out from the deep pool, bringing up bursts of water.

This black shadow is not big, only about two meters in size, and its whole body is covered with blue scales. The lines on the scales are like tiger stripes, and it looks fierce and hideous. The huge mouth cold light is shining, and a pair of sharp eyes are constantly sweeping all around.

This Black Water Tiger-Dragon normally is not big in size, but if it enters a fighting state, it will immediately rise to a hundred meters huge. When the tail comes down, the whole mountain will be taken away by it. go with.

This 7th-Rank Black Water Tiger-Dragon did not reveal the human body, a dozen long tentacles were constantly swinging, and a pair of Jiao eyes looked at Yan Qingshan in front of him vigilantly,” Human, you have crossed the line.”

It was very cautious and did not directly act. It felt a threat in Yan Qingshan’s body. It was not willing to fight to death, and wanted to scare him away, “We Magic Beast and your human Pill Tower have an agreement that most of the mountain range of Wanyao belongs to our rule.

You have crossed the boundary now. If you leave now, I will not care about it. If not, wait until I call many At this point, you have no chance to leave the Magic Beast.”

“Are you intimidating me, or are you afraid of me!”

Yan Qingshan and remained unmoved Moving on, a trace of purple halo appeared on the body. Light purple lines wandered on the skin under the clothes, faintly showing the shape of a dragon mark. A faint coercion made this Black Water Tiger-Dragon not Trembling consciously.

Yan Qingshan’s footsteps continue to move forward, to the front of the Black Water Tiger-Dragon, “Do you feel it! The trace of dragon blood from the ancients on your body, when facing me, unconsciously The fear, trembling, and the acknowledge allegiance from the heart…”

“This guy…how could…draconic power, such a pure draconic power…”

Just like Yan According to Qingshan, the Black Water Tiger-Dragon in front of him actually collapsed, because Yan Qingshan’s body uploaded the seemingly high-level breath, which greatly affected its state.

Magic Beast has a distinct hierarchy, especially among some ancient bloodlines. The upper ranks are particularly restrained from the lower ranks, such as dragon clan, a special type of Magic Beast, and the pure-blooded Ancient Dragon is in Magic Beast. There are very few worlds, but there are many mixed dragons, Magic Beast.

Whether it’s the Black Water Tiger-Dragon in front of you or Xiong Zhan, the overlord of the mountain range of these ten thousand medicines, there is far Ancient Dragon blood in the body, but their bloodline source cannot be integrated into Yan Qingshan’s body at all. My source of dragon blood mentions on equal terms, so it is normal to be restrained.

“I want this elixir, but I won’t take your things randomly. The Tier Seven medicine pill refined by Human Race Alchemist should help you a lot.”

Yan Qingshan threw a jade bottle to the Black Water Tiger-Dragon, and then took care of himself and put away the elixir contained in the boulder in front of him.


Black Water Tiger-Dragon silently picked up the jade bottle on the ground, the fear in his eyes was relieved and relaxed, and suddenly there was another call. Let its body tighten up.

“You, you said, the little one is here.”

The attitude of the Black Water Tiger-Dragon is very low, because it clearly feels the threat from Yan Qingshan , The one in front of him not only had his own cultivation base better than him, but also brought bloodline coercion, and could easily take his life.

“Here you, most of the spiritual medicine, have been put away by Xiong Zhan! You lead the way and come with me to find him.”

Yan Qingshan’s words make This Black Water Tiger-Dragon was shivered, especially when it heard the name Xiong Zhan, but it didn’t dare to refute it when facing Yan Qingshan. After silently sinking into the water, it didn’t take a long time. The heavy man appeared.

The man incarnation of Black Water Tiger-Dragon bowed to Yan Qingshan, and took the initiative to walk in front to lead the way, “You come to visit King Xiong Zhan, please come with me!”

In the depths of the Wanyao mountain range, like the top of the mountain peak of the Heaven-supporting Pillar, there is a magnificent great hall built by boulder.

Outside the great hall, there are two gigantic beasts that are guarded by creeping, two ferocious breaths, which permeate from the body of the two gigantic beasts. It looks like a Black Water Tiger-Dragon. Stronger.

“Yi! The Black Water Tiger-Dragon at the foot of the mountain has actually come over. Hasn’t it always come to greet the king?”

“It seems something is wrong, Black Water Tiger-Dragon’s behind also has a breath, which seems to be human.”

The two 7th-Rank Magic Beasts communicated silently, with a hint of vigilance in their eyes, as 7th. -Rank transformed into Magic Beast, their wisdom is no less than that of human beings, they will be selected to guard this important place, and naturally they will not be negligent.

In the depths of the great hall, there is an extremely spacious square. At this moment, in that square, there are countless medicine ingredients that are placed neat and tidy.

The things here, just like taking them out, are enough to cause a lot of Alchemist’s coveting, but here, they are as common as Chinese cabbage.

Among the many heavenly materials and earthly treasures, there is a burly shirtless man who stands casually, but he does not dare to look at him as a mountain-like calmness.

This shirtless man is like a king who patrols the territory, wandering around the square of countless medicine ingredients, and from time to time he lowers his head and sniffs the fragrance of medicine ingredients around him, his eyes revealing a satisfied look.

“Um! Tiger Tiger, it’s not right, there seems to be humans?”

The shirtless man suddenly turned his head and looked at the doorway, guarded by the 7th-Rank towards Magic Beast at both ends. There seemed to be some movement at the gate of the city.

“What’s the matter!”

Outside the magnificent great hall, the two 7th-Rank Magic Beast watched the front warily, the behind of the Black Water Tiger-Dragon, the one of Gu Sheng There was a breath that made them feel threatened, which made them afraid to put people in. At this moment, a rough voice came from their behind.

“The King!”

In unison, the two 7th-Rank Magic Beasts turned and saluted the burly robust man who had just appeared, and the Black Water Tiger who came with Yan Qingshan -Dragon also bowed his head and called the king.

The burly robust man who just appeared does not care about the paid respect of the three-headed Magic Beast, but immediately sets his sights on Yan Qingshan, “This, this draconic power… Guys, it shouldn’t be Magic Beast?”

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