Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 244

“Xiong Zhan Venerable, it’s been a long time since we last met!”

Yan Qingshan’s voice fell, and Xiong Zhan’s eyes became more vigilant.

Xiong Zhan looked at Yan Qingshan, and after observing for a long time to no avail, only said solemnly: “Are you not from Pill Tower?”

Yan Qingshan nodded, smiled and said: “I am not yet a dísciple of Pill Tower, but when I pass this trial, I will become an Outer Disciple of Pill Tower.”

Xiong Zhan is still watching Yan Qingshan opened his mouth and said: “Although I don’t know the specific situation of Pill Tower and your origin, with your strength, this matter must be strange.”

“This matter has nothing to do with Venerable. “

Yan Qingshan indifferently smiled, and then the conversation changed, “I am here today to prepare to make a deal with Venerable.

Most of the precious spiritual in the mountain range of these ten thousand medicines Medicine is hidden by Venerable, and I need a spiritual medicine to refine a medicine, so I want to exchange medicine pill for spiritual medicine in Venerable’s hands.”

“medicine pill! Are you Alchemist?” ”

Xiong Zhan’s eyes flashed with doubts. He has been in the mountain range of panacea for a long time. Although there is very little intersection with Pill Tower, it is not one or two times to observe Alchemist secretly. Now he does not. Feel the unique Fire Attribute breath in Yan Qingshan.

Yan Qingshan laughed, “This seems to have nothing to do with Venerable!”

Xiong Zhan hummed, “Nothing? I didn’t seem to agree to it, right?”

“Xiong Zhan Venerable, my time is precious. Now that I found it here, I must get what I want today.”

Yan Qingshan’s pupil light changed, A trace of purple halo appeared on the body, and the dragon mark became faintly discernible on the skin, and the invisible draconic power spread out.

“Here is my site, I can’t tolerate others to run wild.”

Xiong Zhan roared, let out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar, the actual sound wave rippled In the space, even one after another corrugated Space Crack is torn out.

A huge silhouette suddenly stood up like a giant tower, and a giant bear nearly 100 meters tall appeared. The giant bear was dark in color, and its hair stood upright like steel needles. On the chest of the giant bear, there are eight silver feather adornment, and behind it there is a black giant tail 20 meters long.

The tail of the giant bear flicks, bringing the sound of hu hu. This tail is not like the short tail of a common bear, but a long tail like a dragon tail.

An Ancient Dragon Bear, an extremely aggressive ancient Magic Beast, is rarely seen today. It belongs to the ancient beast, and there are some dragon bloodlines hidden in its body, and its strength is extremely terrifying.

According to the ancient book, this kind of Dragon Bear, also known as the Dragon Bear of the Nine Patterns, is on their chests, and the silver feather adornment is used to measure their strength.

It is said that if this kind of Dragon Bear can have nine dragon marks, then the bloodline of the dragon in its body will be completely awakened.

When the time comes, Dragon Bear will experience First Transformation. If transformation is successful, then it will evolve into Supreme Dragon Bear. Supreme Dragon Bear, shattered mountains and cracked ground, is just a matter of gestures.

This kind of feather adornment, which represents strength, is also called dragon mark. This Xiong Zhan already has eight dragon marks. It is a real 8th-Rank Magic Beast. If there is another one. , This guy can be promoted to the ninth Sacred Beast, and will become the Supreme Demon Bear with a fierce reputation in the ancient capital.

“You only have a Dragon Bear with a bloodline of the dragon, and you really want to disobey the upper bloodline.”

Yan Qingshan’s body has a dragon roar sound, sweeping purple The light quickly condensed on his behind, an illusory dragon shadow appeared on his body, and the powerful draconic power continued to oppress the entire mountain. At this time, he was like a Supreme Dragon King.

Even if the average person successfully integrates the Ancient Dragon bloodline, it is basically impossible to run the Bloodline Strength to release the draconic power, but Yan Qingshan is different.

His Qi Method includes a method that specializes in running the bloodline of the dragon, plus Zi Yan’s previous help, at this time, he is like a person with unlimited potential and possessing the Dragon Emperor ancient blood Supreme Dragon King.

Xiong Zhan’s heart is full of horror, “You actually have such a pure Ancient Dragon blood on your body, and it is not born from nature. Who are you?”

” This matter has nothing to do with you, can you come back and speak well!” Yan Qingshan’s cold voice sounded again, he had already seen that Xiong Zhan was to test him, otherwise, As early as when the draconic power was released, he had already taken action to conquer this guy.


Xiong Zhan coldly snorted like a giant tower, and then his huge body began to shrink quickly, and in just a few breaths, it changed back again Yan Qingshan The strong man who I saw earlier.

Xiong Zhan stared at Yan Qingshan in front of him, saying solemnly: “I can give you spiritual medicine, but you have to do something for me.”

Yan Qingshan calmly Withdrawing my draconic power, the purple light pattern converges back, “If it means let me take you out, then it will be avoided. I am not a member of Pill Tower. I don’t have this method to help you out.

But I can help you improve, and if I become stronger, I won’t be able to help you out if I am in charge of Pill Tower in the future.”

Yan Qingshan’s words let Xiong Zhan’s eyes flickered. After a long time, he said solemnly again: “Tell me, how can you help me, and what do you need me to do.”

“I am an Alchemist, Tier Seven Alchemist, and I have studied the Bloodline Strength of Magic Beast quite a bit. The refined medicine pill, even your 8th-Rank Magic Beast, should have some effect.”

Yan Qingshan Near Xiong Zhan, throw a jade bottle, this is the medicine pill he made specially for Zi Yan before, “And what I need you to do is very simple, you are here within the realm, try to unify all the Magic Beasts in it.

And I, after joining Pill Tower, will emerge as quickly as possible, and try to win the power and responsibility of patrolling the Dan world. If you and I cooperate, I can get more spiritual medicine. Naturally I can help you refine more medicine pill, and when I reach a high position, you will have a chance.”

Xiong Zhan’s eyes flickered, it seemed that he was a little tempted. His original idea, It is to help Yan Qingshan join the team this time, in the name of adopting pets, and wait for the opportunity to bring out this pill world.

But Yan Qingshan is a fine person. He entered this pill world with a purpose in itself. He wanted to act low-key. How could he venture for a Xiong Zhan, even more how for Dan within the realm, Pill Tower The investigation must be very strict, and the dedication exposed in this way is enormous.

“This kind of medicine pill of yours is not enough in quantity and grade.”

Xiong Zhan unplugged the jade bottle and smelled the smell of the jade bottle. Pour the medicine pill into the water, and the mushrooms are all dried up like fried beans. Then, with a little expectation, he said: “If you take out this medicine pill from Tier Seven, I will agree to your request. “

“This medicine pill was specially developed by me. At the beginning, it was only deduced to Tier Six. It was impossible to do Tier Seven, but after I go back, I can try to deduct Pill Recipe. Next time I come in, I should be able to bring it to you.”

Yan Qingshan shook his head, and then pointed to countless precious spiritual medicines around here, “But there are so many spiritual medicines around here, I practice It’s enough to make a batch of medicine pills for Tier Six Tier Seven. Maybe it’s not much useful to you, but it can win over more people.”


Xiong Zhan’s eyes changed for a while, and nodded turned away. As soon as he stepped away, the original atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent suddenly cleared. The three-headed Magic Beast such as Black Water Tiger-Dragon was also sighed in relief, just now. When the two seemed to be ready to do it, the movement was too scary.

Xiong Zhan stepped away, Yan Qingshan stepped into this square full of spiritual medicine, a strong smell of medicine that almost became viscous rushed over, almost making people beat sneeze.


“Heart Red Flame Fruit! “

“Sulphur Flame Spirit Saliva! “

“Longxin Jiuyezhi! “

“Magic Blood Spirit Fruit pulp! “

“Tranquil Immortal Grass! “

The medicine ingredient neatly arranged one by one appeared in his sight. These things are extremely rare in the outside world. However, here, it is like a Chinese cabbage, placed here at will.

The medicine ingredient on this square is almost the collection of the entire mountain range of medicines. There are so many kinds of medicine ingredients. Enough to dazzle anyone, Xiong Zhan and other Magic Beasts are not real Alchemist after all. Although they are well preserved, they don’t know how to classify them. It’s quite troublesome to find things.

Yan Qingshan is looking for The natural thing is Green Jade Gastrodia Essence Rock. This thing is like a medicine but not a medicine, like stone but not stone. If you are not an experienced person, it is difficult to distinguish it from a pile of rocks.

Yan Qingshan found it very quickly. At an unremarkable corner, a stone glowing with green light lay quietly in the fragrant soil.

This green stone looks down from a distance. It is indeed no different from an ordinary stone, but it can only be seen when it gets close. The stone is covered with some strange patterns.

The surface of the stone is slightly transparent, if it is placed in the light In strong places, you can vaguely see the allow some viscous slurry flowing inside. The spiritual liquid flowing inside is the key to the deployment of Earth Core Spiritual Essence.

Xiong Zhan came to Yan Qingshan Around, some impatiently opened the mouth and said: “You have found what you need. “

“Found it! “

Yan Qingshan nodded, put Green Jade Gastrodia Essence Rock away, all three pieces of spiritual medicine are in hand. In the future, he will have an important help when he needs the breakthrough Common Stage to be promoted to the Spirit Stage.

He was in a good mood, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, then turned to Xiong Zhan and said: “I just found some spiritual medicine that can be refined, and I will start Alchemy later. In the past few days, you urged your subordinates to change positions of some spiritual medicine. “

“What do you mean? “

Xiong Zhan asked with some confusion, he has no opinion on Yan Qingshan’s opening of Alchemy.

” Although the spiritual medicine here is well preserved, it is placed too casually. , It can only be said that there is no medicinal restraint, but they have not used their medicinal energy. “

Yan Qingshan pointed to this pile of spiritual medicine for a while, “I know some medicine formation techniques, and follow my instructions. The infinite cycle of spiritual medicine’s medicine gas here can make You have a better cultivation environment. “

Xiong Zhan was taken aback after listening to Yan Qingshan’s words, but his heart rarely aroused a little favor. His hostility at first was just because Yan Qingshan’s behavior seemed a little insidious.

But after contact, Yan Qingshan seems to be really not malicious, and now he is actively helping him to arrange a medicine formation. This is naturally to make Xiong Zhan, who has a straightforward character, start to try to believe him.

“This is One of my soul clones, the drug formation thing, just listen to me. “

Yan Qingshan’s body gushes out a touch of lake green Profound Light, intertwined into a silhouette glowing with faint blue light, it is a clone of Yan Qingshan.

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