Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 245

"This is another Heaven and Earth fluctuation, and this time seems to be differently powerful. Is it Tier Seven medicine pill, or which one can motivate Pill Thunder."

Wanyao mountain range, where the medicine ingredient square is on the absolute peak, Xiong Zhan stared at a rainbow pillar that swept over the sky with scorching eyes. This is not the first time I have seen similar movements these days, but the movements are still It's really the first time for such a big one.


There was a fine thunder in the sky, and there seemed to be thunder brewing about to fall.

"This really seems to be Pill Thunder. Pill Thunder can provoke such movement. At least this is a medicine pill of Tier Seven middle level!"

Xiong Zhan's eyes flickered slightly Although he looks rough, his knowledge is not low. After all, the Pill World was the base camp of Pill Tower, but now with the decline, he has gradually withdrawn, but he also left a lot of knowledge about medicine pill.

"This kid is so young, he is able to refine the medicine pill of this level. In time, maybe he can really be promoted to Tier Eight."

Xiong Zhan whispered to himself Soon, slowly nodded, if Yan Qingshan could really promote to enter Tier Eight Alchemist, then he would really have something to ask for in the future.

Tier Eight Alchemy Grandmaster, even if you look at the Dou Qi continent, there are not many, even more how is this Dan within the realm where almost no one lives!

"All the bastards give me orders, within a hundred miles, no big movement is allowed, and I also monitor the group of people in the valley, and half of them are not allowed to be released."


Xiong Zhan passed the allow some thoughts in his mind, and suddenly got up and let out a roar, which resounded endlessly in the entire forest.

Xiong Zhan’s command caused countless Magic Beasts in the mountain range of the Wanyao Mountain range to boil, and then the low roars continued to resound. Even the medicine field valley was noisy, trial by trial. Many of them have poor psychological quality, because the frequent roars have caused problems in their work.

hōng lóng lóng lóng ……

Lei Yun in the sky has brewed to the extreme, one after another thunder dropping from the sky, the silver thunder fell all the way, this is not a small movement. Many Magic Beasts have inner fears. Most Magic Beasts are fears from the heart for the Heavenly Tribulation that 7th-Rank needs to experience.

Just as Xiong Zhan was about to break the Pill Thunder, a silver light dazzling silhouette flew out of Yan Qingshan’s retreat in Alchemy, slammed into the thunder, and smashed the Pill. After Thunder, he rushed in at Lei Yun.

Xiong Zhan’s eyes flashed with a deep condensed color, "Such a powerful puppet, I am afraid it is close to the eight to 9-Star Dou Zong!"

Not much time, The movement in the sky faded away, and Yan Qingshan, who had been in retreat for nine days, also reappears. He stepped onto the medicine ingredient square, his body swelled, and the clone returned.

At this time, in the medicine ingredient square, various spiritual medicine breaths seem to cooperate in general formation. Surrounded by this has a kind of relaxed and joyful meaning. It seems that the violent factors in the mountain range of the ten thousand medicines are all Disappeared in general.

Xiong Zhan has also arrived here. After seeing Yan Qingshan, he politely stepped forward and said, "Brother Yan, you finally left the customs, Old Brother, I have to thank you! You are true I don’t know how terrifying this Dan within the realm’s spiritual qi is.

The violent power is mixed in the spiritual qi. Every time we spit out, we accumulate this power, and the animal instinct is full of In my heart, even I can’t avoid it, so it was a bit rude that day.

But although your medicine array failed to get rid of that kind of power, the power here can kill that kind of hostility. , Let us calm down, you helped me a lot! Thank you, thank you..."

Yan Qingshan laughed replied: "Xiong Zhan big brother, why have you been so polite so many times? Thank you, you Haven’t I said it many times these days!"

Xiong Zhan stubbornly said: "This is different. I said it to your clone before, but now I am talking to you. It’s not the same, for sure. It’s not the same."

Yan Qingshan smiled and shook his head. He was quite appetite for Xiong Zhan’s confession of death. Then he threw a few jade bottles to Xiong Zhan, "This is me. The medicine pill refined in the past few days, because of the limited time, most of them are Tier Six.

Today I refined a Tier Seven pill, and Tier Seven middle level has become proficient now, and it feels that it will not be long before. , I should be able to become Tier Seven high level Alchemist. The past few days have to thank Xiong Zhan big brother for giving me so many spiritual medicines to try trial system."

"No trouble, a little bit It’s not troublesome. If I’m willing, I’ll come here often."

Xiong Zhan took the medicine pill, sniffed it, and grinned in satisfaction. The Tier Seven Dan inside is kind to him. Good, how unhappy he is.

Don’t look at his collection of so many spiritual medicines, but it is only part of it that can be taken directly and is not inefficient. Most of the spiritual medicines are eaten directly, and a lot of medicine will be wasted, so a lot of spiritual medicines It's just dust accumulation here!

Now Yan Qingshan can use them to lay out the medicine array to refine the medicine pill, which is very intuitive for him to benefit, and he hopes that such good things will increase.

Yan Qingshan and Xiong Zhan exchanged greetings for a while, and then they said: "These two days are the time for Elder to take us out of the Dan realm. Today I also have to say goodbye to the Xiong Zhan big brother. ."

"If you want to leave, my brother, there is a gift here at Old Brother."

Xiong Zhan laughed, suddenly a whistle sounded from his mouth, and immediately the ten thousand medicine mountain There was a burst of crisp bird crying in the range. After a while, a huge silhouette soared away from the mountain range in the distance, and finally hovered above the mountain.

Xiong Zhan spoke to the mysterious bird and beast for a while, then turned his head to Yan Qingshan and said: "hehe! The speed of this mysterious bird and beast is extremely fast, I think my brother lacks a leg..."

"Many thanks!"

Yan Qingshan smiled to Xiong Zhan nodded, and walked to the side of Xuanniao Beast, exuding a wild breath similar to Magic Beast. Reduce the vigilance of this mysterious bird and beast, and then medicine pill opened the way, and the'little jelly bean' made this 6th-Rank Magic Beast recognize the owner.


Yan Qingshan flies up and sits on this huge mysterious bird beast, the black bird beast rises up to the sky with a sharp cry, and then the giant wings vibrate. It brought a strong wind and flew away towards the medicine field valley of Wanyao mountain range.

"My brother, there is so much ability!"

Xiong Zhan looked at the back of Yan Qingshan's departure, laughed shook his head, and then summoned his own Magic Beast, At this time, he was going to leave his strong strokes in the history of the Dan realm.


One day later, in the medicine field valley, Yan Qingshan was carefully watching over the medicine field area he was in charge of, and a huge mysterious bird and beast followed awkwardly. Behind him, the wide wings spread out to shade him.

The spiritual medicine here has basically survived, and under his careful care, several strains are already close to maturity.


There was a call from the spiritual path next to the medicine field. The mysterious bird and beast turned his head first, wailed vigilantly, and carefully sent Yan Qingshan.护在behind.

"Mysterious bird, it's okay."

Yan Qingshan patted mysterious bird beast, let it retreat and approached the edge of the medicine field, and rushed over to wait for me Cao Xin. Elder saluted: "I have seen Cao Elder."

"Boy, I thought you were not simple, you really made me to be startled!"

Cao Xin Elder smiled at Yan Qingshan, and pointed to the obedient mysterious bird and beast behind him, "The Magic Beast in the pill world thought I had absorbed too much violent energy, which made it extremely difficult to communicate with me.

Well, you brat, a little Dou Wang actually conquered a 6th-Rank Magic Beast. It's still such a rare and extremely fast mysterious bird and beast. You really have the ability!"

Yan Qingshan laughed, "Elder is too acclaimed, but it is also by luck. The mysterious bird ate some bad things and was rescued by me from the uncomfortable fall. In addition, I was born in the many places of Magic Beast. *Liu has a little bit."

"This is not a point! But this is the chance of you brat, and I won't say much."

Cao Xin Elder smiled and said, followed by Yan Qingshan to patrol around the medicine field, satisfied nodded, "en! Although you spend a long time, but the effect is the best among everyone, even if it is not ranked first, but At least in the top five.

For the trial at this time, you are fine. What do you plan to do after joining Pill Tower? According to the usual process, you will be assigned to several deacons that specialize in spiritual medicine cultivation. Even though I can’t be considered bad, the escort has basically turned around."

Yan Qingshan slightly smiled, bowed and said: "Please also Cao Xin Elder express it."

"Boy, I'm not going to sell it anymore."

Cao Xin Elder said with a smile quite proudly: "I am also in charge of this spiritual medicine and a piece of Elder, but I am more in charge of things. Many, often when I can’t be busy, I have several points of goodwill towards you brat, you are willing to come over and help me do things."

"Since Elder has spoken, naturally there is nothing wrong with me here. "

Yan Qingshan naturally responded to this matter. This Cao Xin Elder is one of the senior leaders of the Cao Family, Tier Seven high level Alchemist. He is not very old yet. It is still possible to be promoted again in the future. Being by his side is conducive to Yan Qingshan's plan.

"Very good! "

Cao Xin Elder nodded smiled, squeezed the already energetic blade of grass, and suddenly sighed again: "Little Yan, you are really good at the cultivation of spiritual medicine, and you are proficient in medicinal pharmacology. , It's a pity that there is no fire genus, otherwise the old man would like to receive a discipline! "

Yan Qingshan just smiled and did not speak. He has heard similar words from many people. He is good at pharmacology of Wood Attribute, and he is at the time of refining medicine pill twice the results for half the effort.


This is an empty square. There are many elite guards guarding the square. Just not far from the square, there is a huge high The tower stands not far away, so you can’t see the top of the tower. This is the all-continent Alchemist Holy Land, Pill Tower.

"You have now passed the trial and officially become the Shen of the Pill Tower outer sect. Nong dísciple, someone will come over and arrange your place to go. Just stay in this square and wait! "

Cao Xin Elder said something to the people who passed the trial in front of him, and then clicked Yan Qingshan, "Little Yan, come with me!" "

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