Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 246

“Brother Yan, congratulations!”

“This kid really has gone dog shit luck, and he is actually valued by Elder.”

“It’s really too much. This kid’s grades are clearly not the best.”

Yan Qingshan passed the group of people, and there was a greet and talk from time to time around him, both in joy with him, and in private. He was quite calm when talking strange things, and walked past the crowd and followed Cao Xin Elder to leave the place, and passed to the position of Pill Tower.


In the inner domain of Sacred Pill City, within the building complex where Pill Tower is located, Yan Qingshan is holding a pot of strange purple flowers with a stem that is more than three feet long. On the leaves, purple flowers clustered together, and carefully counted seven.

“Senior Brother is good!”

“I have seen Senior Brother!”

“Brother Yan!”

Yan Qingshan is walking in On the way, many people greeted him, and he responded with a polite smile.

This is after he joined Pill Tower’s half a month. At this time, he is already an Outer Disciple of Pill Tower, but because of the appreciation of Cao Xin Elder, his status is no better than that of Pill Tower’s direct line. The Inner Disciple is bad, and even the Cao Xin Elder also said that if he is a breakthrough Dou Huang, he will find a way to make him an Inner Disciple.

Pill Tower’s Inner Disciple and Outer Disciple are completely two concepts. The two have no fixed requirements on the cultivation base, but the difference between Heaven and Earth in status and welfare.

Outer Disciple, basically like Yan Qingshan and the others before, joined through trial, the most are the guards of Pill Tower, such as Yan Qingshan and the others who cultivate spiritual medicine. , Has been regarded as the elite among Outer Disciple.

And Inner Disciple, this is the real core backbone of Pill Tower. It is basically Elder’s Outer Sect Disciple. Most of them are Alchemist, with high status and excellent training. Elder specializes in lectures.

When Yan Qingshan and the others participated in the trial before, several Alchemists were among them. They just failed to join the Pill Tower Inner Sect. Some people who want to move in a curve, the elites in the Outer Disciple, There is also a chance to go to Elder’s seat to listen to the lecture, but the position is not so good.

“Big brother Yan, you are back from class!”

Yan Qingshan held a flower pot in one hand and went all the way to a house near the Heavenspan giant tower. One was quite delicate and pretty. Xiaotong’s child was serving some spirit flowers in the flower garden outside. After seeing him coming, he immediately threw down his work and came to him.

“Cao Xuan, what are you doing?”

Yan Qingshan was surprised when he saw this boy, who belonged to Cao Xin Elder A junior, who was admitted to the door wall as the Pill Tower Inner Disciple, studied Alchemy under Elder’s door. He usually stayed in the quiet room Alchemy. Unless he made a mistake, he would basically not come out to work.


Cao Xuan’s young age is still a teenager temperament. After getting acquainted with Yan Qingshan, he has a good affection for him. Hearing his questions, his head shook. Like a rattle, he leaned to Yan Qingshan’s side and whispered: “Big brother Yan, I tell you, I’m here to hide.

Master, I’m here as a guest today. It’s my clan sister. , A demonic girl, she bullied me many times before, and I came out to avoid her.”

Cao Xuan’s words made Yan Qingshan’s eyes flashed with interest, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly. He seemed to have thought that this demonic girl is who.

“I’ll see Cao Xin Elder first.”

Yan Qingshan faced Cao Xuan laughed, and then stepped into the courtyard holding the flowerpot, turning straight In the corridor and the courtyard on the corner, there was a dialogue between the two. In addition to Cao Xin Elder’s slightly vicissitudes of voice, there was also the voice of a young woman with a silver bell-like laughter.

“Elder, Qing Shan, come and return.”

Yan Qingshan stopped in front of the courtyard gate, slightly bent and held the flower pot.

“Qing Shan! Come in!”

Cao Xin Elder’s voice came over. Yan Qingshan held the flowerpot inside. There were only two people in the courtyard, the pavilion was located. In addition to Cao Xin Elder, a lithe and graceful silhouette came into view.

This woman has a long lovable body and a black dress. She has a hint of cold and arrogant temperament. Her skin is like snow. Three thousand green silks are scattered randomly on the fragrant shoulder. Her cheeks are slightly thin, but Extraordinarily exquisite, like porcelain, it makes you feel like you can’t put it down.

She sat in a corner of the pavilion, and saw him come in and look at her eyes slightly, the narrow and slightly lazy within both eyes, revealing a hint of enchantment and charming.

The charm of this woman didn’t make Yan Qingshan’s eyes stay for too long, she turned her head back for a moment, and his action made the corners of the woman’s slender lips Slowly lifted a faint arc, and the moment the arc provoked, the thin and charming cheeks instantly became Monster Qi.

Yan Qingshan walked to the front of Cao Xin Elder and put down the pot of spirit flowers in his hand, “Elder, these seven clusters of purple spirit flowers have survived, and Qing Shan will bring them back to life.”


“Qing Shan! You are really a genius in cultivating spiritual medicine.”

Cao Xin Elder looked down at this cluster of spirit flowers, with a smile on the corners of his mouth. This cluster of spirit flowers are rare heavenly materials and earthly treasures that are helpful to soul. They are extremely rare and difficult to feed. After using many methods in his hands, they couldn’t, but they were survived by Yan Qingshan.

Yan Qingshan cup one fist in the other hand, bowed and smiled slightly, “Elder overpraised!”

“You brat, still so humble.”

Cao Xin Elder smiled with his beard, and then said: “Before you come here, you should have listened to Sheng Yao Elder’s lecture! How, how much help is it for you, what is there that I don’t understand? “

Cao Xin asked actively. Yan Qingshan would naturally not let go of this opportunity to ask some questions he encountered normally, including some knowledge about Alchemy technique, because he normally He showed interest in Alchemy, so he didn’t arouse suspicion.

He entered Pill Tower to improve his Alchemy skills. After all, what Jia Nan Academy has learned is a bit low-end. He does not have Venerable Yao’s precepts and deeds and many classics. Ye Family has also fallen. Tier Seven Alchemist There are many things above that he needs to explore on his own.

Alchemist has reached the level of Tier Seven, and it is not easy to improve it. In addition to the necessary soul level, the skills and medicinal properties of Alchemy have very critical requirements.

With regard to the knowledge of medicinal properties, he already has access to Pill Tower Elder’s lectures, and now he can ask Cao Xin Elder to learn more.

Compared with Jia Nan Academy’s Alchemist inheritance which has a maximum of five Tier Six, the training on Pill Tower is more systematic. For example, Yan Qingshan went to listen to the status of Sheng Yao Elder today, although he said It’s just Tier Five Tier Six’s Alchemist knowledge, but it’s more in-depth.

It is rumored that Pill Tower also has special lectures for the opening of Tier Seven Alchemist. I heard that there is a Tier Eight Alchemist of the Pill Tower Big Three at this stage. However, Yan Qingshan is not qualified to contact.

Although Cao Xin Elder in front of him is only Tier Seven high level Alchemist, he was born in the Pill Tower Cao Family and has a solid foundation, and his learning is not much worse than the average Tier Eight Alchemist. Now he is instructed He is more than enough.

However, Yan Qingshan is only a side attack at best, and he still dare not directly tell him about the problems he encountered at this stage of Tier Seven Alchemist.

“Nine grandfather, this Young Master, is also the dísciple of our Pill Tower?”

Cao Xin Elder answered a few questions of Yan Qingshan, and the nice female voice is next to him It sounded, the black clothed girl leaning on the pavilion spoke lightly, her lazy eyes slowly swept across the great hall, and her rather playful gaze fell on Yan Qingshan’s body.

“Oh! Take a look, I was too involved all of a sudden, but left out my status, Little Princess, Ying Er, let me introduce to you, this is a youngster I like, Yan Qingshan.”

Cao Xin Elder turned his head and laughed quite suddenly, shook his head and introduced for the two: “Qing Shan, this is the most powerful genius in my family, my Little Princess, Cao Ying.”

“outer sect Shen Nong dísciple Yan Qingshan, I have seen Young Miss.”

Yan Qingshan has a fiery feeling in his heart under the pressure. The style of this woman is indeed very tempting, but right It’s not a big deal for him, who has been so hard for a long time.

“Shen Nong dísciple of outer sect?”

The black clothed woman’s eyes flashed with surprise, she sat upright, her hands propped on the stone table with her chin, beautiful Eyes staring at Yan Qingshan in front of him, Yanran said with a smile: “Cao Ying, I have seen Young Master.”

“Ying Er, don’t you see Qing Shan is just an Outer Disciple, but he is spiritual The way of medicine may be even more powerful than you. Even the old man has to admire his achievements in the cultivation of spiritual medicine.”

Cao Xin said with a smile, “Although he is not an Alchemist, But I have a very good understanding of the properties of spiritual medicine, and I have a lot of refreshing ideas. I have communicated with him these days, and it seems that I have entered another layer heaven, and I feel like a world away!”

Cao Xin Elder’s words made Cao Ying slightly moved. She knew that her nine-grandfather had always had a very good vision and such a high evaluation, but it was an extremely rare first time, even though it was the second only to her genius Alchemist Cao Shan in the clan. There is no such high evaluation.

Cao Xin faintly smiled and said: “Qing Shan, I will test you. Do you think these seven clusters of purple spirit flowers should be treated in order to achieve the greatest effect.”

“Seven clusters of purple spirit flowers have extraordinary benefits for the soul of the cultivator. They have mild medicinal properties, but are basically useless for Alchemist above Tier Seven. Elder should be prepared for Cao Xuan’s Little Brat.”

Yan Qingshan thought for a moment and then said: “Cao Xuan is only Tier Two Alchemist at this time. The medicine pill suitable for him cannot be too high. Using these seven purple spirit flowers to refine a Tier Five Spirit Tempering Dew is the best A good choice.

Tier Five Spirit Dew, the main material is spiritual medicine that is beneficial to soul, but the rest of the medicine ingredient needs to be changed according to the situation. This purple spirit flower has a foundation since it was collected. The medicine efficacy is greatly reduced. I am afraid that Alchemy will not be possible if only the petals are collected, but if the whole plant is used, the medicinal properties are too strong.

I think that seven clusters of purple flower stamens and half of the flower stem should be used as medicine. Taking six coins without roots, one blazing mushroom, and…” Yan Qingshan described a solution in detail. The process was detailed, but he had already guessed it before he came. Yes, the success rate should be extremely high.

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