Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 250

“I just didn’t say anything, but I have a Secret Skill here. It seems, should, be able to make your Life Source flame stronger. Are you interested? , Give it a try!” Yan Qingshan said hesitantly, seeing Cao Ying’s eyes with a trace of eagerness, it wasn’t because she was greedy for Young Miss’s body, although she was also very greedy. , But his eyes now seemed to be staring at a little white mouse and preparing to conduct crazy experiments on her.

“What do you mean?”

Cao Ying is a little bit overwhelmed by Yan Qingshan’s gaze. Although she wants to attract the attention of the person in front of her, it should not be this gaze. That’s right.

“I mean, I mean, do you want to make your Life Source flame stronger? The Secret Skill in my hand is quite similar to the refinement method of the Blood demon flame. To match,”

Yan Qingshan looked at Cao Ying with a frenzy in his eyes, because he had an almost crazy idea, that was the man-made Heavenly Flame.

The Heavenly Flame between Heaven and Earth is a cohesion of Power of Heaven and Earth by chance. It contains the precious Dao of Heaven and Earth Law Power. Each flower is a rare treasure in the world.

Man-made flames, there are many ideas on Dou Qi continent, such as Cao Ying’s Blood demon flame fire and Demon Flame Valley’s metamorphic fire, which are all artificial flames, creating this kind of bias. The original intention of Dou Technique is to pursue the ultimate and powerful flame, and it is best to be able to compete with Heavenly Flame.

However, whether it is Blood demon flame fire or metamorphic fire, there are even other refining man-made flame Secret Skills. Even if it is a cultivation success skill, its power and Heavenly Flame are also not small. The gap is at most equivalent to half a Heavenly Flame, which cannot be compared with a complete Heavenly Flame.

But now, Yan Qingshan seems to have a more perfect idea. In theory, if his idea is successful, the brand new flame refined will not be inferior to Heavenly Flame, and this If a method is perfect, it is the Heaven Class Dou Technique of real deal.

Yan Qingshan’s idea is actually very simple, or it is to integrate the two secret skills of Blood demon flame fire and metaplasia fire.

Blood demon flame fire needs to use the blood of Fire Attribute Magic Beast to be refined through Secret Skill. The power of blood demon flame fire of cream of the crop is still above that of Life Fire. For Life Fire, Magic Beast’s Beast Flame is needed to condense Tempered. The cultivation complete mastery is comparable to half a Heavenly Flame.

This one uses Magic Beast blood, and one uses Magic Beast’s Beast Flame. The most powerful power can be compared to half a Heavenly Flame. If the two can be perfectly integrated, how can it be? Can’t get a man-made Heavenly Flame comparable to a complete Heavenly Flame.

Of course, this idea is crazy and quite difficult. It is not difficult to simply obtain a single Life Fire and Blood demon flame, but it is only theoretically feasible to integrate the two into one.

Even if the two Beast Flames successfully refined by the same person, it is difficult to merge into one, not to mention that these are two artificial flames with different breaths, forcibly merged, bigger It may not be that they are unified, but that they are destroyed by conflicts like Heavenly Flame.

In this case, Yan Qingshan has also considered, and his solution is to collect the blood and Beast Flame of the same Magic Beast to refine the Blood demon flame fire and metaplasia fire respectively.

Use the blood of the same Magic Beast and Beast Flame to refine two artificial flames. After both are successfully refined, because the sources of power are similar, the probability of conflict is minimized, and the possibility of fusion is maximized. of.

“Do you have any ideas, tell me.”

Cao Ying was a little excited after hearing Yan Qingshan’s words, but at this time she was quite calm. beautiful eyes staring at Yan Qingshan scorchingly.

“I have a Secret Skill in my hand, which can forge artificial flame with Beast Flame. It is called Life Fire. Peak complete mastery’s Life Fire is no worse than your Blood demon flame. It can be compared to half a Heavenly Flame, plus a Blood demon flame, if the two are combined…”

Yan Qingshan took out a scroll from the Storage Ring It was the Di Class High Level Dou Technique he got from Demon Flame Valley. Then he took out a blank scroll and wrote on it and explained it to Cao Ying.

Cao Ying at first is still a little confused, listening to Yan Qingshan’s encouraging words, a pair of beautiful eyes shines more and more.

“My idea is like this, what is your idea.”

Yan Qingshan gave a rough overview of his thoughts, and everything was a little dry. Then I took a cup of tea and took a sip to moisturize my throat, feeling much better.

Cao Ying stared at Yan Qingshan, glanced at him with a charming look, and leaned over, “Your idea, it sounds like a good idea, but if I guess it’s right, this is your temporary The intentional idea has not been verified at all!”

“Don’t make trouble now!”

Yan Qingshan patted This beauty’s restless little hand, holding his jade wrist, pointing Pointing to the table Nong Yan Jue said: “Although this is my idea, this Nong Yan Jue is really real, a Di Class High Level Dou Technique capable of cultivation.

You If you are willing to try according to my ideas, whether it is success or failure, this thing belongs to you, and I only need your insight during the cultivation process.”

“chuckle…your idea is such a good idea. , Why not try it yourself!”

Cao Ying chuckled and hugged the lovable body close to his arms, hooked his neck with both hands, and approached his ears. He whispered: “You can take out this Dou Technique to prove that your origin is absolutely unusual, and people are really interested in you!”

“Little fairy, be nice!”

Yan Qingshan did not pretend at this time, slapped it directly on the plump ground of Little Witch, pinched her use strength to bully the weak chin, and directly captured the gorgeous red lip.

“wu wu…”

Cao Ying was stunned all of a sudden, this guy in front of him was not an upright gentleman before, but now he suddenly became a hungry wolf and tiger. This sudden change made her completely unprepared, and all of a sudden she lost there’s no resistance, and she was fooled by there’s no resistance.

“You…you are not a good guy, bad guy, bad guy…”

Cao Ying finally broke away, holding Yan Qingshan’s chest with both hands, showing off his shoulders Leaning on the coffee table, the black skirt is scattered, the hair is fluttering, and his expression is slightly blurred and imaginative.

“Little Witch, your method is in front of this Young Master! It’s still a little tender, right now I will eat it to death!”

Yan Qingshan 浅浅With a smile, Cao Ying lowered her head. Cao Ying lowered her head subconsciously. From the root of her ears to the neck of the snow, it was all crimson, but Yan Qingshan was not in a hurry to taste the peerless stunner in front of him. You should guess a little bit about the Secret Skill that was introduced.

I do have a little background, but it is far behind the Pill Tower Cao Family’s thousands of years of savings, especially financial resources and resources. And personal connections.

The Secret Skill I’m performing now requires the collection of at least a thousand Magic Beast Blood Flames and Beast Flames. I don’t have the time and resources, so I can’t do it in a short time. Here.

And you are different. Since Cao Family can refine this blood demon flame of the cream of the crop for you, and collect a batch of Beast Flames to refine the Life Fire, I think it should It’s not a problem.”

Cao Ying frowned slightly, “But, according to the method you deduced, the same Magic Beast’s Beast Flame is needed to refine the Life Fire. They refined this Blood demon flame at the beginning. At the time of fire, many Magic Beasts directly took all the blood essence, and there is no Beast Flame left.”

“The best way is to push it all over again and refine a brand new Blood. Demon flame fire, the possibility of success like this is the greatest, and the flame power after fusion is also the strongest.”

Yan Qingshan said solemnly: “And this Blood demon flame fire can be used in a brand new artificial After flame refining is successful, you can integrate it to enhance the power of the artificial Heavenly Flame. Anyway, it is your flame.”

Cao Ying seemed a little hesitant, “But this way, the cost is not small. , Clan refining a Blood demon flame for me back then was a waste of a lot of resources, and now you have to do it according to your ideas, even if it’s my Cao Family……”

Yan Qingshan rubs Cao Ying’s cheeks. The jade skin feels great. “If I remember well, Tier Seven Alchemist in Pill Tower, if you have the right idea, you can apply for Pill Tower’s resources. Help, you probably haven’t used this right yet!

Once the artificial Heavenly Flame succeeds, there is no way to hide it. If you want to become a Pill Tower giant, you must have enough contributions. Is there anything more suitable for Alchemist than this Secret Skill! “

“Do you mean…”

Cao Ying is also the pupil light, and suddenly thinks of a lot, then suddenly chuckles and smiles, beautiful eyes staring at Yan Qingshan. “You bad guy, you think so well for others, you’re not afraid that after I succeed, hehe……”

Yan Qingshan slightly smiled, and is ready to enjoy this Little Witch again, “Don’t you? No, I’ve already eaten them to death, and sooner or later they will be eaten up and wiped out! “

“You fellow, don’t let you succeed so easily! “

Cao Ying flexibly avoided Yan Qingshan’s aggression, but she also didn’t want to think that the two of them are almost stuck together now, there is a coffee table behind, there is not much room for dodge, not very often It was put down on the coffee table again, but it made someone enjoy it.


Sacred Pill City’s inner domain is generally related to Pill Tower. Powers or high-level Alchemists are only allowed to move in.

In the Central Zone of the inner domain, a majestic Black tower stands tall, like a small mountain, giving people a sense of majestic grandeur.


The top of the giant tower goes deep into the clouds and into the starry sky. It is almost impossible to see the top at a glance. The clouds and fog are shrouded, and it looks very mysterious.

A carriage stopped outside the Pill Tower. Cao Ying, wearing a black skirt, carried an inexplicable glamorous color, and all the guards who watched were taken aback. The Direct Disciple of the Pill Tower giant came forward, and no one stopped him, so he let him go.

“You wait for me outside. “

Cao Ying took Yan Qingshan into the Pill Tower, and stopped outside a very spacious great hall, turned her head and whispered to him, the restless Little Witch gave it back before turning around A charming little red carp who is not sensible and deliberately spins between his red lips.

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