Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 251


Cao Ying stepped forward and pushed the door inside, a fragile call came from within, followed by a dialogue with an old voice .

Yan Qingshan was outside the door, but his gaze crossed the threshold to get a clear view of the inside. He also saw who the bounced Cao Ying was talking to.

This great hall is covered with many bookshelves, and it looks messy. In the great hall, there are many flames of different colors, intertwined with multi-colored flame glow. , It seems a kind of dreamlike blurry feeling.

In front of a bookshelf, an old man in white clothed was originally cautiously cleaning the dust on the bookshelf. The arrival of Cao Ying did not arouse much reaction from him, until this Little Witch made a move. When he wanted to fight, he responded with a smile.

This white clothed old man has no breath overflowing all over his body. The whole person is like an extremely ordinary old man, but within Yan Qingshan’s Spiritual Perception, there is nothing, white clothed old man. If it doesn’t exist.

This white clothed old man’s hair and beard all white, his face is covered with deep wrinkles, and his eyes look a little dense under the overlapping wrinkles. In those deep and unmeasurable eyes like a deep pool, But there is a gentle smile.

Although it was only the first sight, Yan Qingshan already knew the identity of this person, one of the Pill Tower Big Three in the same generation as Venerable Yao, the Teacher of Cao Ying, and the son of Xuan Kong.

In the great hall, Cao Ying coquettishly said to the white-bearded old man: “Teacher, Teacher, you know, no one has applied for a test until now! You are great this time.” What a great person, if they succeed, your face will be bright!”

“You! This is really a risky, unverified ancient Dou Technique dare to try randomly, although the old man It makes sense to look at this thing, but I can’t guarantee it will happen!”

Xuan Kong looked at the scroll that Cao Ying gave him, and it stated that it was “Blood demon flame”. Fire fuses another kind of artificial flame to smelt a brand new artificial flame comparable to Heavenly Flame.

This Dou Technique Secret Skill is quite detailed and looks very organized. Even his powerhouse, which is close to Half Sage, does not see any problems. He said that this dísciple was obtained by chance and wanted to try it. Although he felt a bit risky, he thought about it and chose to support it.


“Cao Ying, do you know what you are talking about!”

Sacred Pill City inner domain, Cao Family, one wearing purple Alchemist The robe-clothed youngster yelled at Cao Ying, this youth was quite young and handsome, with an unconcealable arrogance.

He sternly accused Cao Ying: “clan has already spent a lot of resources on you. In the beginning, it has spent a lot of background information to refine the Blood demon flame.

Now that you are not satisfied, you have to collect tens of thousands of Magic Beast blood and Beast Flame to refine who to make Heavenly Flame. Don’t you think this is really an unreasonable and excessive request!”

Cao Ying glanced at this youth faintly, coldly said: “Cao Shan, when I do something, when will it be your turn to teach you?

Although this thing I want to do is risky, Once successful, the benefits of my Cao Family are not small. Even more how, I have the support of the Teacher.”


Cao Shan is still ready to speak, But he was interrupted by an old voice, speaking of an old man with white beard and hair, sitting on the main seat, with an unpredictable majesty. This is one of the eight Great Elders of Pill Tower, Tier Eight Alchemist, the old Family Head of the Cao Family.

The old Cao Family Family Head looked at the younger generation he most valued in front of him, and only said solemnly after a long time: “Ying Er, how sure are you about this matter.”

Cao Ying immediately respectfully spoke: “Grandfather, Ying Er is not completely sure, but even if it fails, this method of transforming Life Fire is still a tangible Di Class High Level Dou Technique. Inferior cream of the crop Blood demon flame, our Cao Family, at least will not lose money.”

The old Family Head of the Cao Family pondered for a while, then spoke again: “I know, since Xuan Kong’s chairman chose to support, so you can do it boldly! Clan will be your backing and help you set foot on the Peak of Pill Tower.”

“Thank you grandfather!”


Cao Ying listened to the words of the old Family Head with great joy. Her grandfather made the decision, which means she can use the resources of the entire Cao Family to do this.

Pill Tower Cao Family has the stronger capital of Glacier Valley, with the full support of Cao Family and the help of Xuan Kong, one of the three masters of Master Pill Tower, to use Pill Tower’s channels And the background of Cao Family, the probability of success in this case is very great.


The core place of Sacred Pill City, a retreat of Pill Tower, Cao Ying sits cross-legged, full of densely packed jade boxes and jade Bottle, roughly no less than 20,000.

“Ten kinds of 8th-Rank Magic Beast, 100 kinds of 7th-Rank Magic Beast, 1,000 kinds of 6th-Rank Magic Beast, 10,000 kinds of 5th-Rank Magic Beast, a total of more than 1 thousand kinds Once the blood of Magic Beast and Beast Flame are truly integrated, the old man will look forward to this power.”

Teacher of Cao Ying and Xuan Kong, one of the three giants of Pill Tower, will stand there. Aside, looking at Cao Ying who was about to start the ceremony cross-legged, there was a look of expectation in her eyes.

By the side of Xuan Kong’s son, the old Family Head of Cao Family said with a bitter smile: “Xuan Chairman, this time my Cao Family is out of blood, and all the resources of hundreds of years have been invested in it. Old The man didn’t expect Ying Er this time to be so courageous.”

“Cao Elder, what you said, if resources are placed there, they are just resources and cannot transform actual benefits, only Only use it to make the most of it.”

Xuan Kong shook his head, and suddenly pointed to Yan Qingshan, who was not far away from Cao Ying, and said: “Right, I I haven’t asked yet, what is the relationship between that youngster and Ying Er? Is he the dísciple of Pill Tower? Or is he a descendant of your Cao Family? I didn’t seem to have any impression before.”

The old Family Head of Cao Family took a look. Holding a scroll and constantly comparing it to the surrounding Yan Qingshan, pondered and said: “He is the outer sect Shen Nong dísciple who entered the Pill Tower through the trial trial this year. Cao Shan Elder recruited him to enter.

Ying Er seems to have some good feelings for him. According to Cao Shan, he is a relatively good youngster. Although he is not an Alchemist, his knowledge of medicinal properties and pharmacology is still higher than that of Ying Er. Many unknown spiritual medicines He can survive in his hands.

In the past two months, Ying Er’s original Xiangyang Pill, which was purchased in large quantities by Ye City Ye Family, is said to be the main ingredient and Pill Recipe from him. And this The copy of Secret Skill Dou Technique inheritance that time Ying Er got is from him.”

Xuan Kong was a little surprised: “It turned out to be him, such a complicated and cumbersome piece of Dou Technique, look. It looks like this Shen Nong dísciple also has a lot of secrets!”

The old Family Head of the Cao Family nodded said: “Yes! Ying Er at first Both the Secret Skill mentioned and the Secret Skill used now originate from him.

But the Secret Skill used now involves more than 10,000 Magic Beasts on top of 5th-Rank, but there are unique ideas between the collocations, not random choices, but very organized. In my opinion, the success rate is not small, otherwise I would not dare to support it. “

Xuan Kong was also nodded and said: “Yes, when Ying Er handed over the final plan to me, I was also taken aback! But I’m a little strange, why does he want Ying Er to prepare the Three Thousand Raging Fire in the Star Region? “

The conversation between Xuan Kong and the old Family Head of the Cao Family did not continue, because Cao Ying was ready to start the ceremony.

Cao Ying wearing a black skirt Both hands forming seals, one mind and two drums with Dou Qi, one by one jade box and jade bottle are opened, all of the jade boxes are Magic Beast blood, mixed together to render the horrible wild breath, and each jade bottle is inside , Tian Huo flew out one day, intertwined in the sky and rendered magical colors.

“You two should take action. “

Xuan Kong spoke to the old Family Head of the Cao Family. These two Tier Eight Alchemists set off at the same time to both sides of Cao Ying. The powerful breath released the Magic Beast blood and Beast that suppressed restlessness. Flame.

Cao Ying’s body burst out one after another Dou Qi beam, and the Magic Beast blood flew up and merged into the air in a specific order. Various Magic Beast breaths were intertwined, of which ten It’s so powerful that it’s even close to the two of Xuan Kong.

The original Blood demon flame is just a fusion of a thousand kinds of Magic Beast blood, but after countless deductions by Yan Qingshan, it took ten There are 8th-Rank, hundreds of 7th-Rank, thousands of 6th-Rank and 10,000 5th-Rank, a total of more than 10,000 kinds of Magic Beast blood, so the power after successfully refining is extremely terrifying.

The Blood demon flame on this side is fusing, and on the other side, more than 10,000 kinds of Beast Flame seeds that have been tempered and only a trace are beginning to interweave and condense. Life Fire is not like a Blood demon flame. The upper limit of absorption is the more the better, so the integration in this area is easier.

In the cultivation room of Pill Tower, with the ebbing of time, two flames jumped in the air, on the left. The blood-colored flame has begun to condense the blood shadow animal shape, and the slightly grayish Life Fire on the right has also begun to have a complete prototype.

“Now is the most critical moment. Combine the two flames Let’s try fusion! “

Yan Qingshan stared at Cao Ying at the scene intently. After calculating the heat, he gave Cao Ying an instruction, Cao Ying nodded, and found another banned jade altar from the Storage Ring. As soon as it was unveiled, a purple flame with a fiery temperature rose to the sky.

Cao Ying had been prepared for a long time, and the blood demon flame that it possessed completely covered the stars inside. flame, temporarily absorbed it into her own use, Stellar Fire blended into it, her Blood demon flame seemed to have a hint of purple halo.

Next, she blended into the stars. The flame’s Blood demon flame burst into flames, completely engulfing the two prototype flames.

“chi chi… ”

The horrible flame wave almost destroyed the secret room.

“chi chi…”

, Just when the three flames converged, the two smelted prototype flames broke out instinctive resistance and almost broke away from Cao Ying’s control.

But the magic is that accompanied by this blood demon The purple halo emerged in the flame, and the two embryonic flames that were rioting were slowly suppressed, and under the control of Cao Ying, the two gradually came into contact and collided, seeming to start a process of fusion.

“This is… a success! ! ! “

Yan Qingshan’s eyes showed a hint of joy. Although the two embryonic flames did not completely merge, they did not directly erupt into Nirvana, but have a little bit of possibility of fusion, which proves his The idea is right. This Secret Skill, which he promoted, can really successfully smelt a brand new flame.

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