Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 253

“Teacher Teacher, look, my flame is very difficult to deal with!”

To put it bluntly, Cao Ying is still a girl, and still has a show off comparison. Zhixin, at this time, she was extremely happy, and showed her newly formed flame to her Teacher.

“Ying Er, your cultivation base……”

Suddenly a rather stunned voice sounded next to him. The old Family Head of the Cao Family who was adjusting his breath was also surprised by this The movement was disturbed, so he just got up, but when he looked towards his granddaughter, he realized that Cao Ying had already increased his cultivation base, and even approached Dou Zong.

“This situation is normal. Heavenly Flame contains plenty of energy. If ordinary people absorb Heavenly Flame, the cultivation base will increase greatly.”

Yan Qingshan explained on the side: “Although this group of flame is made by man, it is formed by the energies of more than ten thousand Magic Beasts. The Fire Attribute energy contained in it can only partly create a fighting sect.

After Cao Ying successfully condensed it, he also absorbed its energy. It only needs to retreat for a period of time to become a Douzong powerhouse.”

“I want…breakthrough Dou Zong?”

Cao Ying is a little confused. Although her cultivation talent is not bad, as an Alchemist, she has not paid much attention to the growth of the cultivation base. After all, with the improvement of Alchemist’s realm, the cultivation base also Will rise naturally.

But now someone actually tells her that she is about to break through Douzong, Douzong powerhouse, and looking at Central Plain, she is also a powerful party, suppressing the existence of a city, and how old she is, she is almost 20 years away. !

“You this girl, it’s not a good thing to become a Douzong!”

Xuan Kong patted the little brain of his little discipline, this girl. She looks like a demonic girl in front of others, but she has always been a well-behaved little girl in front of him. Everything has its nemesis!

“Teacher, don’t shoot me! I am a girl, what should I do if I become stupid like this!”

Cao Ying pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction, and secretly looked at Yan secretly Qingshan glanced, obviously a little worried, the scene that appeared in front of him just now will affect her image in Yan Qingshan’s heart.

“The power of your man-made Heavenly Flame is really strong, a little beyond the teacher’s expectations.”

Xuan Kong’s thoughts are all in Cao Ying at this time. On the blood-colored flame that summon produced, I took it in the palm of the hand with a Dou Qi package and observed it carefully, and made an evaluation, “The Heavenly Flames I have seen are not too many, but they are all ranked above the Heavenly Flame list. Some of the earlier ones.

Your group of man-made flames has just taken shape, and Vaillant has surpassed some real Heavenly Flames, and will be ranked in the top 15 of the Heavenly Flame list.

My teacher has seen the Three Thousand Raging Fire at the ninth place in Heavenly Flame, the Bone Cold Spirit Fire at the eleventh in Heavenly Flame and Twelfth’s 9-Dragon Lightning Fire.

The former was sealed. In my Pill Tower Star Region, your new flame is not comparable to your new flame. Among the latter two, 9-Dragon Lightning Fire is the fire of Burning Flame Valley inheritance. It has been cultivated by Burning Flame Valley for many years. It’s more than the bone-cold spirit fire I’ve seen.

And your flame has only been completed at this time, and it has not reached the Peak completely. After it is stable, it will reach the Peak. It should be able to be cold with the bones. Spirit Fire and 9-Dragon Lightning Fire compete for a while and never lose the wind.”

“Heavenly Flame, which ranks in the top ten on the Heavenly Flame list, is actually not that big in nature. The real power, Depends on the energy contained in it. If a group of mysterious yellow flames gathers Profound Yellow Qi for thousands of years, then it is enough to challenge the top ten Heavenly Flame.”

Yan Qingshan’s voice came from the side, “Phase The more natural Heavenly Flame, this artificial Heavenly Flame has more human factors, and its stability may be a bit worse, but because it is made by humans, it is easier to control.

Next, you are better. The embryonic form of its Fire Spirit is born and imprinted with it, and it reaches the status of Person and Fire Unites, so that it can be used to its strongest.”

The Heavenly Flame list that Ancient Emperor Tuo She ranked at the time was based on the Heavenly Flame power he had encountered and absorbed. In fact, except for the top ten Heavenly Flames, the gap between the rest of the Heavenly Flames is not that big. .

Most of the Heavenly Flames encountered by Ancient Emperor Tuo She that year were basically just born and not very long, so he arranged only the powers of Heavenly Flame just after the formation.

However, Heavenly Flame, such as Heaven and Earth, has almost no upper limit. As long as it is not found and subdued, you can always absorb Power of Heaven and Earth to strengthen yourself.

Therefore, if many of the Heavenly Flames in the lower ranks exist for an extremely long time, the power contained in them will be stronger than that of the higher-ranked Heavenly Flames.

“en! I see.”

Cao Ying nodded, raised her bare hand and looked at the blood-colored beast in the blood-colored flame in front of him. A scorching color flashed in the middle.


Just when everyone was extremely pleased that this artificial Heavenly Flame was born, suddenly the blood-colored fireworks trembled suddenly, and a roar of beasts came from inside. It seems that the enemy was quite panicked.

“Damn it, that guy is rioting again.”

Xuan Kong’s complexion changed, suddenly looking up to the sky, the top of Pill Tower straight into the starry sky, sealed in the Star Region The Three Thousand Raging Fire seems to feel the newly generated Heavenly Flame breath, and seems to be trying to break through and ban it and cause a riot.

“You stay here.”

Xuan Kong confessed, and the stature dissipated after the space fluctuated for a while, and Cao Ying comforted the freshman Fire with regret. Spirit.

This Little Brat, which condensed the spirits of tens of thousands of Magic Beasts, is still quite fragile, and when it was born, it also relied on the power of Three Thousand Raging Fire. Faced with the Three Thousand Raging Fire struck by the riot, it is inevitable In a state of panic.

Cao Ying wrinkled her Qiong nose and came to Yan Qingshan’s side, and said with great regret: “Qing Shan, the little demon said it was scared. The guy above seems to be calling for it. It is very afraid of the angry one. Guys, what can I do!”

“The Three Thousand Raging Fire in the Star Region has existed for many years and already has its own spirituality. It senses the new Fire Spirit but uses its power to transform So I want to summon it to help.”

Yan Qingshan thought about it for a while and analyzed it: “But between Heavenly Flames, they almost fought each other to try to swallow them.

Although this new Fire Spirit is man-made, the energy it contains is stronger than most formed Heavenly Flames. Its mind is probably to swallow the Fire Spirit and become stronger, in order to seal the breakthrough. .

What you have to do now is to calm down carefully and never let it out of your control.”

“I understand.”

Cao Ying is supporting her with both hands. This group of newly born artificial Heavenly Flames whispered soul fluctuations, carefully calming the agitated and restless newly born Fire Spirit.

Yan Qingshan watched her movements on the sidelines, and suddenly asked: “By the way, have you thought about it, have you named this flame?”

Cao Ying First, he stunned and said happily: “Name, yes, the little demon needs a prestigious name.”

Yan Qingshan looked at this brilliant blood red flame, said solemnly: “Since it is made up of thousands of Magic Beast spirits, and you call Fire Spirit a little demon, you might as well call it Demon Fire!”

“Demon Fire, true It’s a good name, do you like it, Little Demon! Chuckle…”

Cao Ying is quite satisfied with the name given by Yan Qingshan. The naruto in her palm seems to be a jumper. Quite pleased.


At the top of Pill Tower, in the endless Star Region, there is a huge giant dragon with invisible end. Its body is winding and entrenched. On its huge body, shrouded With a kind of weird Heavenly Flame of purple and black, the space around the flame ascends, and there is a sense of distortion.

The vastness in the sky, the giant dragon is entrenched, and the purple black flame constantly penetrates from its body, burning tirelessly. This spectacular scene makes people have a kind of shock that cannot be concealed. sense.

But Xuan Kong, who only appeared here at this time, feels extremely tricky, because this giant dragon that was sleeping has now regained consciousness, rioting with waves of dragons roaring to seal the breakthrough.

Xuan Kong’s sub-both hands forming seals are running an array. I want to reseal the Three Thousand Raging Fire that I want to be born. But at this moment, the Three Thousand Raging Fire will not be recognized so easily, and it will continue to spew out indefinitely. Stellar Fire, want to forcefully break out.

“Xuan Kong, what is going on, why is this Three Thousand Raging Fire rioting again.”

A voice came from Xuan Kong’s side, and again is a His powerhouse appeared, and the two worked together to run the array. Only then did they reluctantly reseal the Three Thousand Raging Fire. After finishing all these things, the powerhouse asked with some doubts.

“Probably my discipline used its power when condensing Life Source Fire. The new Fire Spirit power attracted it and awakened it from its deep sleep!”

Xuan Kong son pondered a moment later and said, as a powerhouse of a generation, he is naturally experienced and knowledgeable, and Yan Qingshan can infer things that he can naturally guess.

Another powerhouse eyes shined, smiled and said: “tut tut… I can’t think of your dísciple, but there is such an opportunity, not inferior to the artificial Heavenly Flame ranked in the top 15 of the Heavenly Flame list, this one Secret Skill Dou Technique, should be able to enter the ranks of Heaven Class, and is by no means ordinary Heaven Class Dou Technique.”

“A coincidence, just a coincidence…”

Xuan Kong He spoke of a coincidence, but the smile at the corner of his mouth exposed his true thoughts, “However, trying to refine this man-made Heavenly Flame requires a huge amount of resources. I still have my help for my discipline. I have Cao Family. As a backing, I barely collected enough materials.”

Another old man said with a smile: “This is also very good. After all, these materials can be collected. I have Pill Tower. This Dou Technique will definitely increase its background.”


In the Pill Tower Star Region, the Three Thousand Raging Fire sensed when the man-made Heavenly Flame was born and rioted. , Foreign Domain is a wild land, where countless fierce Magic Beasts are rampant.

When the Fire Spirit in Pill Tower was born, a weird Magic Beast suddenly raised its head, a pair of eyes flashed with a strange bloody fire, spinning and silent for a moment, and then there was a sound Shocking continuous roar of beasts.


“What’s wrong with you?”

With the passage of time, the Three Thousand Raging Fire in the Pill Tower Star Region was resealed, and The new Fire Spirit, who was agitated by the Three Thousand Raging Fire, also became quiet, but Yan Qingshan noticed that Cao Ying’s face seemed a bit wrong.

“I just sensed something, and some pictures flashed in my mind, not from the dragon-shaped Three Thousand Raging Fire.”

Cao Ying hesitantly said: “Yes There is a Magic Beast in the wild. The Magic Beast is very weird. The moved towards I was calling. There was a strange bloody fire in my eyes. It was a little like a little monster, but it seemed a little different. Would this be because I was hysteria? “

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