Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 255

“hehe, guess I am…ah…don’t…wu wu…”

Sacred Pill City, in the study room in the Medicine Garden small building , Yan Qingshan is still recording the details of the Heaven Class Dou Technique about the Demon Fire, with a faint scent coming from behind, a pair of tender little hands wraps his eyes in a charming and chuckle, someone wants to and He plays fun, how could he be polite!

“Did you just say, no, don’t stop…”

Yan Qingshan backhanded the restless Little Witch in front of him, staring scorchingly Her delicate face and smiling face leaned forward to make this little beauty pay the price.

Cao Ying is really afraid that he will be messing up. After all, he is not ready for it. Isn’t it? He immediately begged for mercy: “No, no, good big brother, I know something is wrong!”


Yan Qingshan is not so anxious, and the Cao Family Young Miss in front of him has a dark background, Pill Tower Cao Family Young Miss , Direct Disciple, one of the three giants of Pill Tower, has to figure out countermeasures before eating, otherwise Yan Qingshan said that he was a little bit embarrassed by the many Tier Eight Alchemist and Dou Zun in front of him.

Yan Qingshan hugged Cao Ying horizontally, felt the situation in her body, and asked: “Have you mastered the Fire Spirit!”

Cao Ying shook her fist trivially, but with the other hand, he hooked his neck and almost stuck it upside down, “Probably you have mastered it. Don’t underestimate me. Now I am the powerhouse of real deal, you If you mess up, pay attention to your own safety.”

Yan Qingshan thought for a moment, and then asked: “In that case, the probability of your success in refining Tier Seven high level medicine pill should be very high. It’s higher!”

“That’s right! People originally barely reached Tier Seven high level Alchemist, but now with the help of the little demon, it’s even worse than most senior Tier Seven high level Alchemist. It’s amazing. I even caught a glimpse of the threshold of Tier Eight Alchemist!”

Cao Ying is quite proud, she should be proud, but Tier Seven high level Alchemist, who is about 20 years old, is already amazing. , But she also peeped into the threshold of Tier Eight Alchemist. With the 8th-Rank of breakthrough time, she was able to rank among the core Elder seats of Pill Tower and become the youngest female Elder.

“You have reached this level, then there may be a solution to that matter.”

Gu Sheng glanced at Cao Ying somewhat unexpectedly, and muttered to himself for a while. Then she turned her head and said: “Ying Er, have you heard of Burning Flame Valley!”

Cao Ying replied after thinking for a moment: “Burning Flame Valley is one of the three valleys of Central Plain, and Glacier Valley has the same name, but according to my grandfather, Burning Flame Valley has a very strong background, far from being comparable to Glacier Valley. Why, what you want to say is related to Burning Flame Valley?”

“en! “

Yan Qingshan nodded said: “I have a friend who is the Young Master of Liu Clan in the southwestern Zhonghuang City of Central Area. Zhonghuang City is an affiliate of Burning Flame Valley, and in recent days he has got one News.

The only daughter of the valley owner of Burning Flame Valley. She was injured because of the forced integration of 9-Dragon Lightning Fire. She needs high-end Alchemist to help Alchemy. If you want to inherit the position of Pill Tower in the future, you must not only have internal The support of the company needs external assistance, do you know what I mean!”

“chuckle…Do you treat others as a fool! When do we leave?”

Cao Ying gave Yan Qingshan a dissatisfied glance, and then she looked a little eager to move. Burning Flame Valley is the Great Influence on the same level as Pill Tower. If they can owe Favor to her, either Cao Ying or Cao Family is a good thing even for Pill Tower.

Yan Qingshan shook his head slightly and said: “No hurry, you go back and report to the Xuan Chairman and the old Family Head. Your current worth is not simple. Only with the support and escort of the Pill Tower powerhouse can you leave this Sacred. Pill City.”

“I see, I will prepare now, and go!”

Cao Ying smiled, charming limpid autumn water, and her eyes pierced him fiercely. At a glance, he turned his head abruptly and gave him a kiss, and then disappeared into the study with a silver bell-like laugh.

“This little girl is really a fairy.”

Yan Qingshan was taken aback for a moment, and shook his head quite silently.


Southwest of Central Area, Zhonghuangcheng.

In the main hall of Liu Clan Manor in Zhonghuang City, Liu Qing is in the main seat, and together with the two Liu Clan Elders, he entertains the visitors of Burning Flame Valley.

The visitor of Burning Flame Valley is an old man named Elder Chi Hou Dou Zong powerhouse. Although a little absent-minded, he still looks kind to Liu Qing, “Liu Qing, you find People invited me over, I don’t know what happened.”

Liu Qing politely spoke to Elder Chi Hou: “Elder Chi Hou, I heard that Burning Flame Valley is now looking for a high-level Alchemist.”

Elder Chi Hou’s stature was straightened, and after his smile faded slightly, he said resolutely: “You actually knew the news, it was Hou that informed you! He and you have a very good relationship!

Liu Qing, now that you know the news, you should be prepared! Let’s not waste time. Where is the person you found? If appropriate, I can take it to see Yijiangu Lord.”

“The person he is looking for is me.”

A voice came from the main hall door. Liu Qing looked over in amazement, many eyes were Gathered in the past, only a few silhouettes walked into this main hall, and the first person was a woman wearing a purple Alchemist robe.

“This Young Miss is from Pill Tower.”

The landlord Liu Qing hasn’t spoken yet, but Elder Chi Hou spoke first, staring scorchingly at the person entering the main hall. At the front of Cao Ying’s clothes, it was not that there was an Evil Thought head, but rather looking at the badge that symbolized Tier Seven high level Alchemist.

Cao Ying stands proudly and believes herself: “Pill Tower Cao Family, Cao Ying, my teacher is Xuan Kong’s son, I think no one is more suitable for this time than me!”

“Unexpectedly, Young Miss is actually the discipline of Xuan Kong’s chairman, one of the three giants of Pill Tower. If you come forward, things at this time will naturally not be difficult.”

As soon as Cao Ying revealed his identity, Elder Chi Hou’s posture was immediately extremely low. After all, compared with this young Tier Seven Alchemist, whether it is cultivation base or status, he is completely impossible to mention on equal terms.

Liu Qing was in shock, a masked man in Cao Ying’s line came to him and said in a low voice: “Brother Liu, long time no see!”


Liu Qing was stunned and then tried to speak. After getting a definite response, he peeked at Cao Ying opposite Elder Chi Hou and said in a low voice. “I said that your courage is getting bigger and bigger, the only daughter of the valley owner, the female disciple of the giant Pill Tower, this is not in Northwest Continent, you are not afraid of playing accidentally!”

“What are you worried about? , Didn’t everything go well!”

Yan Qingshan is this youngster wearing a mask. Hearing what Liu Qing said, he still didn’t panic at all.

Here Yan Qingshan and Liu Qing exchanged information for a while, and then Elder Chi Hou finally got Cao Ying nodded and went with him to Burning Flame Valley.

Elder Chi Hou turned his gaze to Liu Qing and said with a smile: “Liu Qing, three years from now, the Space Wormhole in Yellow Sky City will be handed over to you Liu Clan, as long as every year Just send the offering to Burning Flame Valley on time.”

Liu Qing quickly cup one fist in the other hand and said: “many thanks Elder Chi Hou! many thanks girl Cao Ying!”

Space Wormhole is an extremely expensive income, and Liu Clan can obtain the management rights, but the income obtained must also be paid to Burning Flame Valley according to the share. This has been the rule over the years.

Cao Ying pointed to Yan Qingshan beside Liu Qing and said: “You don’t have to thank me, I will help you, but because you are his friend!”

Liu Qing nodded with a smile, and hugged a cup one fist in the other hand to Yan Qingshan, he naturally knew that Liu Clan’s opportunity this time was completely brought to him by Yan Qingshan.


Burning Flame Valley, located in the Blazing Volcano Range southwest of the Central Area, this mountain range is entirely formed by hot volcanoes. The same crimson color.

Some peaks everywhere in the mountain range are constantly curling up with thick white smoke, and occasionally there will be lava overflowing from it.

Blazing Volcano Range, even if you look at the entire Central Plain, it has a lot of reputation. This is naturally because of the peerless Sect located here, the Burning Flame Valley, one of the three valleys of the Central Plain.

Because of the endless volcanoes, the Blazing Volcano Range’s Fire Attribute is extremely powerful. The cultivation Fire Attribute Qi Method here will undoubtedly achieve the effect of twice the results for half the effort. And its location is not far from Huang Tian City, and it is less than half a day away.

Above the firmament of Blazing Volcano Range, a flame glow flashed across the sky quickly and went straight into the continuous mountain range. After a while, the flame glow slowly landed and landed in one place. At the foot of Crimson Peak, this turned out to be a giant bird with several silhouettes on it.

Yan Qingshan and Cao Ying followed Elder Chi Hou and jumped off the giant bird. They glanced at all around. In front of them were two extremely majestic red giant mountains. The two giant mountains depended on each other tightly. The winding stone stairs climb up from the foot of the mountain.

Not far in front of the stone stairs, the space there faintly exudes an astonishing space fluctuation, obviously behind it is the place of charm and beauty.

Elder Chi Hou continued to lead the way, leading them to a stop at the end of the stone stairs. There was a space barrier in front of him. The palm of his hand was gently pressed on the space barrier, and an amazing rebound force suddenly violently surge out.

Elder Chi Hou took out a fiery red jade token from the Storage Ring, and then pressed it on the space barrier. A strange wave spread out, and the space barrier was automatically split slowly.

“Cao Young Miss, friends from Pill Tower, please!”

Elder Chi Hou laughed at Yan Qingshan and Cao Ying, and then took the lead in lightly stepping in , And as he stepped into the barrier of space, his stature was also strangely disappeared.

Yan Qingshan brought Cao Ying forward, moving in his footsteps, and walked slowly towards the Space Crack. Behind this space barrier is an extremely long bluestone stone stairs.

Around the stone stairs, there is actually a lush green shade. Looking far away, I can only see a lot of buildings in those green shades. In the faint, there are some human voices coming from a distance. Finally hovering in this invisible valley.

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