Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 256

“Burning Flame Valley is a side World of its own, worthy of being one of the three great valleys…”

Cao Ying is facing the amazing view of Burning Flame Valley , Is also tut tut amazed, inside and outside the barrier, the two sides Heaven and Earth, almost become the world on its own.

“Hehe, Young Miss Cao liked it very much. My little method of Burning Flame Valley is still insignificant compared to the Pill Tower of Pill Tower!”

Elder Chi Hou waved his hand. The Dan world of Central Plain Pill Tower is very famous. Although his Burning Flame Valley was once wide, he is also one of the inheritance of Five Great Half-Emperors, but now he must not mention on equal terms with Pill Tower. Up.

During the conversation between Cao Ying and Elder Chi Hou, a roaring wind suddenly sounded in the mountains surrounding the stone stairs. A dozen vigorous silhouette swept in a flash came, and immediately fell around the stone stairs. When their eyes saw Elder Chi Hou, the guard on their face weakened, and they bowed respectfully to the latter.

These silhouettes are all wearing red shirts. They are not very old, but the Dou Qi that diffuses from the body is quite majestic. These are all from Burning Flame Valley. Young dísciple, innate talent and cultivation base are also quite strong.

“Cao Young Miss, everyone at Pill Tower, please follow me!”

Elder Chi Hou laughed at Cao Ying’s line, and then the stature moved, and the palm of his foot stomped into the void, It flew towards the depths of the valley.

Cao Ying and Gu Sheng’s behind, an old silhouette dressed in grey, burst into a powerful Power of Space, and took others to fly to keep up. This powerhouse was sent by Pill Tower. An expert to protect Cao Ying, a 1-star Dou Zun from a real deal.

After Elder Chi Hou flew by for a few minutes, he gradually lowered the stature and landed in front of a fiery red great hall, while the gray-clothed old man with everyone was only a little slower than him. The gap between the two can be seen.

There are many buildings in this valley, among them there are many Burning Flame Valley dísciples dressed in red-clothed shuttles, and the occasional sound of discussions and shouts makes this huge valley allow some vitality .

Besides the fiery red great hall at this moment, there are many Burning Flame Valley dísciple guards, and their vigilant eyes are constantly sweeping all around.

“Cao Young Miss, the powerhouse of Pill Tower, please wait a moment, let me first report to the military leader in the Valley, and then come to welcome you all.”

Elder Chi Hou confronts him A nodded voice, then walked into the great hall that was tightly guarded, and the gray-clothed old man who followed Cao Ying behind was carefully observing the surroundings.

“Unexpectedly, the famous Venerable will come in person, but let Tang excuse me for not going out to meet you!”

With a creak, the door of the middle hall opens, and a stature The thin, red-haired old man in plain linen walked out. The old man’s face was always full of smiles. However, the entire group of Pill Tower, including the Venerable, did not dare to underestimate this one in the entire Central Plain. A great character with great weight.

This old man’s name is Tang Zhen, it is one of the three valleys of the Central Plain, the contemporary valley owner of Burning Flame Valley, 5-Star Dou Zun powerhouse, and around him, except for a Burning Flame Valley Elder An expert, there is also a scarlet clothed woman who is very eye-catching and can compete with Cao Ying, regardless of Xuanzhen.

This scarlet clothed woman is dressed in a strong outfit, with a dark red long whip wrapped around her slender waist, which outlines her waist to be more attractive, her face is very good, and her slender willow eyebrows can be seen through. With a hint of heroism, with a fiery red outfit valiant and formidable looking, it has a unique charm.

Cao Ying stepped forward and saluted Tang Zhen and said: “Cao Ying has met Lord Tang Gu, my teacher Xuan Kong, and asked me to greet you before coming!”

Tang Zhen lifted his palm lightly, and said politely: “Cao Ying Young Miss is so polite, I can let Xuan Kong’s son Chairman miss. Tang is really fortunate for Sansheng.”

“This younger sister is so young, but it’s true. I can’t tell, it’s actually a Tier Seven high level Alchemist certified by Pill Tower!”

The scarlet clothed woman next to Tang Zhen suddenly spoke, curl one’s lip coldly snorted and said, bright and beautiful eye swept towards Cao Ying , Xue Bai’s chin was slightly provocative, and there was a touch of provocation in her eyes. The appearance of a beauty who competed with her like Cao Ying made her very interested.

“Huo Er!”

Tang Zhen hurriedly called out in a low voice. They need to ask someone to take action this time. Cao Ying comes from such forces as Pill Tower. Can’t neglect the guests.

Cao Ying also provocatively said with a smile: “This is Tang Huo Er elder sister! The younger sister will let the elder sister see the ability later!”

Tang Zhen personally led the way and led Cao Ying and his party into the great hall. “Cao Young Miss and Pill Tower are invited in. Huo Er’s situation is rushed this time, so Tang only issued a notice and sent someone to go. I invited some Alchemist over, but I never wanted Cao Young Miss to come here specially.”

At this moment, there are nearly a dozen silhouettes sitting in the great hall, most of whom are dressed in Alchemist robes. Looking at their faces, it is obvious that they are not too young, their complexion is indifferent, and they are not at all constrained by the fact that this is the headquarters of Burning Flame Valley.

These Alchemists were previously hosted by Tang Zhen personally. After Elder Chi Hou came in, Tang Zhen personally brought many Elders to greet them. This made them very interested. At this time, many people were very interested. Projected his eyes to the location of the great hall door.

“Burning Flame Valley Lord himself leads the way!”

“What great character is this coming?”

“The people at Pill Tower seem to be Tier Seven What about Alchemist!”

“Such a young Tier Seven Alchemist, are you fake?”


The ten or so names in the great hall are in the Central Area Alchemist, who has some reputation, was shocked to see Cao Ying and his party. The two Alchemists at the top showed a terrified look.

These two are the Alchemist with the highest middle grade. They are very famous in the Central Area. One is that they have very high Alchemy skills, and they are both Pill Tower’s Guest Official Elders. They have participated in Tier. Those who were assessed by the Seven Alchemist trial were more aware of the weight of Cao Ying’s purple robe badge.

“Cao Young Miss, Kuyi Venerable, please come to the table!”

Tang Zhen personally ordered Cao Ying and Kuyi Venerable to sit here, only in his Burning Flame Valley master Below, Cao Ying’s identities are different, and Kuyi Venerable is the same level Dou Zun powerhouse, and currently only the two of them are qualified to do so.

“Masters, someone from Tang called everyone to come. I think everyone knows a little too. It’s for refining a Medicine Pill. The grade is Tier Seven high level.”

As soon as Tang Zhen’s voice fell, the faces of the dozen or so Alchemists in the great hall changed slightly, except for Cao Ying’s expression.

Tier Seven medicine pill, still Tier Seven high level, most of the Alchemist present are not Tier Six, except for Cao Ying, the two strongest people, but they are barely able to refine Tier Seven middle level medicine pill. This Tier Seven high level medicine pill, they knew it, but they couldn’t.

The two Pill Tower Guest Official Elders took a look at Tang Zhen and said, “Master Tang, if you can tell me bluntly, Tier Seven high level medicine pill, this class of medicine pill, even if it’s me Two of them can’t be refined.”

“Two masters, the old man knows this naturally, but the key to refining medicine pill at this time is given to the old man, although the old man is not It’s Alchemist, but you also don’t have some of my abilities.”

Tang Zhen said with a smile: “Masters, what I need are two 9- that can resist me. The Alchemist of Dragon Lightning Fire.”

Tang Zhen’s voice fell, his palms were lightly held, only a pu chi sound was heard, a wave of silver flame slowly curled up from his hands, the flame was rising, and faint. You can see nine silver fire dragons, shuttled in the flame.

silver flame curls and burns, and nine tiny fire dragons shuttle through it, as if possessing intelligence, and faintly, there is allow some draconic power to diffuse out of it, which makes people feel a bit Spiritual Strength Depressed.

Cao Ying’s eyes showed interest, and in her eyes, scarlet flames flashed by, “9-Dragon Lightning Fire!”

Tang Zhen said with a slight smile: “You masters only need to bring out their Spiritual Strength summon. If they can withstand the calcination of my 9-Dragon Lightning Fire, then they are qualified.”

Many Alchemist looked at each Other in blank dismay, many people’s faces are twitched. 9-Dragon Lightning Fire, Heavenly Flame ranks 12th on the Ranked list. Within Heavenly Flame, there is draconic power condensed, so it has the magical effect of intimidating soul, plus Tang Zhen. Its own deep and unmeasurable strength.

Ordinary people’s Spiritual Strength may be burned into nothingness when they come into contact with flame. Although the people here are not weak in Spiritual Strength, they can’t bear such a test. !

“Tanggu Lord, I wonder if I can ask you a few questions!”

In the midst of many Alchemist hesitations, a somewhat enchanting voice sounded, exactly From Cao Ying sitting on the top.

“Cao Young Miss, please speak.”

Tang Zhen is still smiling, turning his head to Cao Ying and gently speaking.

Cao Ying whispered: “The Lord Tang Gu asked Alchemist to be able to withstand the power of the 9-Dragon Lightning Fire. Does this mean that refining this medicine pill has very special requirements, such as Heavenly Flame must be used.”

There are countless types of medicine pill in Dou Qi continent, some of which have very special refining conditions, and Heavenly Flame must be used. Just like the Tier Six Breaking Adversity Pill that Ice Emperor Hai Bodong once sought is one of them.

Tang Zhen’s smile remained the same. Nodded explained: “Cao Young Miss said it is true. This medicine pill has extremely high requirements for Tempered. It must have the power of a true Heavenly Flame to meet the conditions.

I once wrote to the Great Elder of Guita’s Qiulin before, and Great Elder replied to me that it can be refined, but three Chairmen must be used to draw out from the Star Region…three The Chairman is not easy to move, so Tang can only try it by himself.”

Tang Zhen said a bit vague, but anyone who knows the truth knows what he means. Pill Tower does There is Heavenly Flame, the Three Thousand Raging Fire in the Star Region, but it is not in a state of acceptance.

If you want to use this unconquered Three Thousand Raging Fire refining pills, few people in the entire Pill Tower can do it, so you can only ask the powerhouse of Three Great Giants this stage to shoot, and what is the value of Three Great Giants? , The asking price must be high, and Burning Flame Valley is a bit unbearable, so I decided to try it myself.

Cao Ying pondered for a moment, and then said again: “Lord Tang Gu, suppose you have found a suitable Alchemist to assist you. In your heart, what percentage of Alchemy’s success rate can be estimated!”

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