Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 257

“50%, up to 50%.”

Tang Zhen brows tightly knit, a moment later, only slowly said that this number is his highest estimate. This medicine pill is a little different from the ordinary medicine pill. It is extremely difficult to refining.

“The probability of 50% is indeed not small, but these two are no more than Tier Seven middle level. If you want to refine the Tier Seven high level medicine pill, I am afraid that you are not strong enough.”

Cao Ying got up and said separately: “Although you are Dou Zun powerhouse, Lord Tang, I know that you are quite interested in Pill Dao, and you can refine some low-grade with the power of profound cultivation base and soul. Medicine pill, but it shouldn’t have been before. Refining the medicine pill experience of Tier Seven high level!”

Tang Huo Er heard the disagreement in these words, a little angrily stood up and shouted “What do you mean by this!”

Cao Ying glanced at her and continued: “I have no other meaning, just want to ask Lord Tang, this time refining pills for you, Is it extremely important?”

Tang Zhen brows tightly frowns, glanced at Tang Huo Er beside him, pondered for a long time, and then slowly nodded, saying: “This time, the refining pills are for me In terms of it, it is indeed extremely important. If it is possible, I don’t want it to fail.

Seriously, Cao Young Miss said that, I don’t know what to say in my heart. Tang does not. The experience of refining Tier Seven medicine pill may indeed be too simple.”

Cao Ying took his seat again and said indifferently: “Tang Gu, if I said, you need to refine this medicine. Pill, I can do it alone, and I have refined Tier Seven high level medicine pill. What do you think?”

“Cao Young Miss is serious!”

Tang Zhen stood up with a sigh of time, the pupil light was extremely shining, and then he seemed to have thought of something. After looking at the Venerable of Cao Ying next to Cao Ying, he tentatively said: “Cao Young Miss has reached such an age. In the realm of Douzong, did you conquer the Star Region… “

He suddenly thought of a lot. The Three Thousand Raging Fire in Pill Tower Star Region is not a secret to the power of Burning Flame Valley at this stage. Great Influence also knows that Pill Tower does not No one conquered it.

Cao Ying specifically asked Tang Zhen that many questions just now, and bluntly said that she could refine the Tier Seven high level medicine pill with special requirements. This had to make Tang Zhen associate and guard Cao with her. Ying’s security, Venerable, seemed to corroborate this speculation.

I’m afraid it was this Cao Family Young Miss who subdued Heavenly Flame that made Pill Tower so nervous about its safety and arranged for a Dou Zun to personally guard it.

“hmph ……”

Cao Ying slightly smiled, the rainbow in the eyes is light flashed, a fiery-red flame flies out suddenly, the dragon roar of the beasts roars repeatedly, terrifying The power swept the audience, and at the same time it spurred another Heavenly Flame’s confrontation.

A deep but hard to hear dragon roar sound suddenly sounded. The 9-Dragon Lightning Fire began to riot. The nine fire dragons within the silver flame suddenly surge out.

Cao Ying’s Demon Fire also heard a dragon roar not to be outdone, and thousands of beasts moved towards these nine fire dragons like a sea of ​​blood.

The nine fire dragons of 9-Dragon Lightning Fire rushed into the sea of ​​blood with a ferocious force, but it didn’t take long before they were stagnant. The majestic nine fire dragons were as if they were seen when a dragon roar sounded. When it came to something terrifying, it burst out like lightning.

After the nine fire dragons fleeing far away, they slowly drifted closer, but they only dared to wander above the sea of ​​blood, but they did not dare to rush to try like just now. Bite.

The blood shadow in the blood-colored fire sea is heavily, one after another beast shadow is suppressed by these nine fire dragons, only ten beasts and a very illusory and slightly purple dragon-shaped phantom are not afraid of this With nine fire dragons, the two Fire Spirits launched a confrontation test in midair.

“This flame presents a blood red color, which seems to be somewhat similar to the Blood demon flame fire, and it seems to be somewhat similar to the Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Fire on the Ranked 2nd twelfth Heavenly Flame list.”

Tang Zhen muttered to herself, “But Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Fire shouldn’t be like this, so many condensed beast souls have the power to fight against my 9-Dragon Lightning Fire? A brand new Heaven and Earth Heavenly Flame?”

Tang Zhen guessed that Cao Ying might have subdued Heavenly Flame, but he didn’t expect the Three Thousand Raging Fire, but a An unknown, powerful Heavenly Flame that is similar to Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Fire, but can compete with his 9-Dragon Lightning Fire.

But he didn’t think too much about it. Over the years of artificial Heavenly Flame, the best result was only half of the power of Heavenly Flame. No one would think about it, just The guess is the newly discovered strange Heavenly Flame that’s all.

This Dou Qi continent is vast and boundless. The power of Heavenly Flame will never be limited to the 23 types on the Heavenly Flame list. The 23 types of Heavenly Flames on the Heavenly Flame list are nothing but the Ancient Emperor Tuo She. The Heavenly Flame that I have encountered is nothing more than.

Tang Zhen said with emotion: “Cao Young Miss is so young that he has already subdued a kind of Heavenly Flame. It is really the younger generations will surpass us in time, but the old man did not recognize it. What kind of Heavenly Flame is this?”

“This Demon Fire is my Pill Tower recently discovered. Ying Er’s ability to conquer is also luck. It’s not surprising that Lord Tang doesn’t know it.”

Cao Ying laughed and explained that Pill Tower must conceal such things as man-made Heavenly Flame. After all, this Dou Technique is too attractive for Fire Attribute powerhouses. I am afraid that even forces like the Ancient Eight Clan Everyone is tempted. Pill Tower is not afraid of trouble, but it is not willing to get too much trouble.

“Cao Young Miss owns both Heavenly Flame and Tier Seven high level Alchemist. This Fiery Buddha Pill is refined by you, so it is naturally the most suitable.”

Tang Zhen took the initiative to apologize for cupped the hands, lowered her voice and used honorific words, “If you help me refine the medicine pill successfully, the reward will definitely satisfy you. If you have anything you need, just talk about it, Burning Flame Valley does everything possible to satisfy.”

“I don’t need anything, but I want Lord Tang to make a promise, and it’s him to fulfill the promise.”

Cao Ying laughed, led by behind Putting a palm on his fragrant shoulder, Zhen Shou slightly leaned against the person behind him. This intimacy made many eyes converge on the masked silhouette behind Cao Ying.

“Tang Zhen has met this little friend, and I don’t know what promise you need, I will try my best to satisfy it at Burning Flame Valley.”

Tang Zhen stared at him with a mask. Yan Qingshan in the pupil light is full of surprises. He always feels that this person seems a little familiar.

Yan Qingshan spoke, and the voice coming from behind the mask was a bit hoarse and weird, “Lord Tang Gu, let’s wait until the Fiery Buddha Pill is successfully refined!”

Cao Ying clasped Yan Qingshan’s palm curled up around his wrist, and smiled at Tang Zhen: “Master Tang, please send me the Pill Recipe and materials! Tier Seven high level medicine pill, although I am a little sure, it is also I need to prepare!”

“Okay, okay, Cao Young Miss, wait a moment.”

Tang Zhen nodded and said to Cao Ying, and then ordered everyone to bring things Come here.


The huge valley, with lush green shades, occasionally dotted with fiery red maple trees, looks very seductive. In the center of the valley, there is a spacious square made of crimson Fire Mountain Cliff.

In the center of the square, there is a stone stage as high as ten zhang. At this moment, there are many silhouettes around the square. Most people are dressed in red shirts, obviously dísciple of Burning Flame Valley.

“Cao Young Miss, if the refining pills are successful this time, I will honor the promise you want, and I will pay you as a reward.”

With a wave of Tang Zhen’s sleeves, a huge object flew out of its Storage Ring, and then fell heavily on the center of the stone stage. The heavy weight made the stone stage tremble.

This is one is about one zhang. The huge medicinal cauldron, the medicinal cauldron is red all over, and on the round wall of the medicinal cauldron, there is a pattern like a volcanic eruption. At a glance, a violent breath suddenly faces Come.

“Mountain melting pot, this is the medicinal cauldron on the Heavenly Cauldron Ranking! Tang Zhen is really generous.”

Among the many silhouettes I watched, there are also those Alchemists. Among them, many experienced and knowledgeable generations immediately recognized the origin of this medicinal cauldron, which is exactly on the famous Heavenly Cauldron Ranking in the Alchemy world.

Heavenly Cauldron Ranking thirteen medicinal cauldrons, although they are not as famous as the Heavenly Flame list, they are all extremely perfect and outstanding medicinal cauldrons in the past. Each medicinal cauldron has its own merits. The magic power that countless Alchemist rushed for.

“Mountain melting pot!”

Cao Ying is also a pupil light, a famous item on the Heavenly Cauldron Ranking, which is extremely attractive to every Alchemist. She was born in Pill Tower Cao Family experienced and knowledgeable, the medicinal cauldron on hand is also extremely precious, but it is still far behind the famous medicinal cauldron on the Heavenly Cauldron Ranking.

“Cao Young Miss, please!!!”

Tang Zhen solemnly spoke again, his sleeves waved again, and suddenly densely packed medicine ingredient continuously flew out of its Storage Ring , Immediately hovering in this stone platform space, looking at that number, there are probably at least hundreds of them.

When these medicine ingredients appeared, a strong medicinal scent suddenly filled out. Refining this so-called Fiery Buddha Pill actually requires so many medicine ingredients, which is indeed Tier Seven high level medicine. pill.

“Tang Gu, Lord, don’t worry, Ying Er will do his best for the body of Huo Er elder sister.”

Cao Ying glanced at Tang Huo Er lightly, and leapt onto the stage. While speaking, a bloody flame burst from the palm of the palm to ignite the fiery red mountain melting cauldron. One after another medicine ingredient flew up and flew into the medicine cauldron under her control.

The refining of Tier Seven medicine pill is extremely cumbersome, and this so-called Fiery Buddha Pill is Tier Seven high level, and it is extremely tricky to refining.

But in the hands of Cao Ying, it seems so relaxed and freehand. Above the stone stage, it is quiet, except for the sound of flame burning, blindly medicine ingredients under the Demon Fire. Tempered became liquid and slowly began to merge.

The difficulty and cumbersomeness of the Fiery Buddha Pill is beyond everyone’s expectations. It requires the medicine pill to be condensed and integrated into eight rounds. Such refinement must be Heavenly Flame.

Even if Cao Ying is very proficient in fire conditions, it is not the first time to refining Tier Seven high level medicine pill. It took a full eight days and eight nights before it came to an end. There is a strong medicinal fragrance in it.

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