Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 258

“This time Alchemy’s success or failure depends on the most critical step now.”

On the Burning Flame Valley stone stage, it has gone through eight days and eight Tempered in the night, all suspended medicine ingredients were put into the medicine cauldron.

In the mountain melting pot, eight small dark green light clusters stand in suspension, and the rich medicinal fragrance constantly diffuses out of it. This is the medicinal liquid that is fused with nearly a hundred medicine ingredients.

“She actually chose to integrate the eight groups of medicinal liquids together. Is she so confident!”

Tang Zhen has been paying attention to Cao Ying’s actions, originally it was this step medicinal liquid fusion At this time, the medicinal liquids should be fused one by one in order, but Cao Ying controlled eight medicinal liquids to form a vortex-like jade ring of light, ready to be fused and formed at one time.

Under the gaze of many eyes, the Heaven and Earth energy on the high platform gradually became violent. Under this violent violent, an unusually strong medicinal fragrance also quietly diffused out. , So that the hearer relaxed and joyful.

Cao Ying’s handprint changes, and the Spiritual Strength within the medicinal cauldron also changes accordingly. Under the surge of pressure, I completely fuse together all the medicinal power in it.

At the moment of successful integration, a light mixed with green and red bursts out of the medicinal cauldron, like a Heavenspan beam of light, reaching 100 meters away.

Tang Zhen said with joy on his face: “This is the medicinal liquid. The complete integration is successful. Now there is only the final pill.”

Cao Ying’s handprint is another one. After the change, the green red light within the medicinal cauldron suddenly skyrocketed, and immediately, under the gaze of many eyes, it turned into two streams of light, and at the center of the medicinal cauldron, heavily collided.

Amidst a deep sound, a ring of unusually powerful energy fluctuations surged out violently. Heavily hit the medicinal cauldron inner wall with a crisp sound, the Heaven in the Burning Flame Valley and Earth’s energy suddenly fluctuated.

Tang Zhen looked at the center of the stone stage with ecstasy. Inside the medicinal cauldron there, a pill fragrance suddenly floated out.

“hong long long!”

A dark cloud suddenly appeared above the sky without warning. In the dark cloud, the thunder is rolling, and the silver snake is walking around, with a terrifying reputation. .

“Dan…Pill Thunder? Is this a success?”

Those dark clouds in the sky made the Alchemist present all discoloration, and the body suddenly stiffened, incredibly muttered The murmur, slowly came from the mouth.

On the edge of the square, a Tang Huo Er dressed in red-clothed, raised her pretty face and looked at the dark clouds in the sky. The slender lovable body also trembled with excitement and excitement at this moment.

The dark clouds condensed on the sky, and the entire valley seemed extremely dark for a time. Only when the silver lightning pierced the dark clouds could it illuminate the valley below.

When the dark clouds in the sky condensed, the pill fragrance of the stone platform is also rich to a peak, even the Heaven and Earth energy around the stone stage is pulled by the pill fragrance and emits subtle Trembling.

In the medicinal cauldron, the blood-colored flame burns blazingly, a green and red medicine pill, a round medicine pill, is spinning round and round, and an amazing energy is constantly spreading out from it. Immediately hit the inner wall of the mountain melting pot, making a clanging sound of gold and iron.

Tang Zhen woke up from his excitement, and quickly flew onto the high platform. Cup one fist in the other hand said: “Cao Ying Young Miss, thank you for this great kindness, about Pill Thunder, You leave it to the old man.”

“This Pill Thunder, let me come!”

A silhouette suddenly appeared beside Tang Huo Er, with fiery red hair. , Dressed in the costume of Burning Flame Valley dísciple, he waved his hand, and a bright silver silhouette rushed into the sky of Lei Yun.

“Fire Junior Brother Luo, you, you are out of customs.”

Beside this youth, Tang Huo Er has a complex expression, biting his lip and whispering. And the moment Cao Ying on the high platform saw this youth, she seemed to be shocked by something. She subconsciously glanced at Yan Qingshan who was beside Kuyi Venerable.

Dark clouds cover the sky, silver thunders are walking down like silver snakes, and immediately after hiding the sky and covering the earth, the whole piece of Heaven and Earth is trembling slightly at this moment , The continuous silver thunder beam makes the valley bright as day, and the loud hong long long sound echoes endlessly.

Silver thunders in the sky poured down, and a dazzling silver silhouette suspended the sky, leading the surrounding silver thunders to his body.

Every silver thunder crashes down from the sky, and the silver silhouette will be blasted down suddenly by the huge force contained in the thunder. The dull sound is quite troublesome for people’s scalp. If you change your personal resistance, I am afraid it will be directly chopped into a piece of coke.

Lei Yun in the sky gradually stopped rolling after the most powerful silver thunder broke out and became thinner, one after another beam of light penetrated through the dark clouds and turned into countless light spots. Shine in the Burning Flame Valley that has just experienced the devastation of Pill Thunder.

The sun poured down and quickly expelled all the gloom in the valley. The Thunder that made people scared witless before quickly dissipated because of this.

In the mountain melting pot, there is a green and red medicine pill that mirrors each other. It is spinning round and round. The rich pill fragrance makes people relaxed and joyful.

Cao Ying flicks with the finger, the cauldron lid automatically flew and opened, and immediately a blue red light flashed out of it like lightning, without a pause, it flicked towards the sky Seeing that, he actually wanted to escape.

The medicine pill of Tier Seven high level has derived a little spirituality and knows how to avoid bad luck, so once a medical cauldron comes out, it will run away by itself.

But where did it run away in this Burning Flame Valley? Tang Zhen held his palm to the sky, and the space where Fiery Buddha Pill escaped was directly frozen, and it also slammed into it. Then he was ejected and returned.

With a violent suction in his sleeves, he easily rolled the Fiery Buddha Pill back, and then quickly took out a good jade bottle, and stuffed the green and red medicine pill that was constantly jumping in his palm. among them.

Tang Zhen was also sighed in relief, and immediately turned to Cao Ying solemnly, cup one fist in the other hand said solemnly: “Cao Ying Young Miss, many thanks, this kindness, old man remembers Live.”

“It’s okay, Lord Tang Gu can fulfill the promise.”

Cao Ying got up and returned to the salute, looking rather tired, and a masked silhouette jumped to the stage. Up, holding her lovable body lightly.

Cao Ying’s heart warmed, she leaned up subconsciously, her whole body was almost hanging on Yan Qingshan’s body, her little face was close to his ear, and she whispered: “Bad guy, you seem, I’ve concealed something from others!”

“Let’s go back and talk.”

Yan Qingshan responded in a low voice, and after nodded with Tang Zhen, he took Cao Ying and left for Burning Flame. Valley has a prepared wing room.

Yan Qingshan helped Cao Ying into the wing. This Little Witch pushed him to the bedside to unmask his mask. “You guy, there is no one else anymore. You can explain why it’s outside. The guy who is unclear and Tang Huo Er is exactly the same as you!”

“Ying Er, you are wronged! Tang Huo Er and I are innocent, and there is no clearness.”

Yan Qingshan raised his hands in a gesture of surrender, but he also frankly revealed a message that the one Tang Huo Er called Huo Luo is himself. To be precise, he passed through Liu Clan in Zhonghuang City before. Relationship, visit the Heart Flame clone under Burning Flame Valley.

Cao Ying was a little confused. After figuring out what he was talking about, she subconsciously raised her voice, “What do you mean? That person is actually you.”

Yan Qingshan was a little vague. Explained: “That person is also me, in fact, there are some Secret Skills similar to soul clones.”

“soul clone Secret Skill? But that person is obviously from Fire Attribute! And, Burning Flame Valley and Pill Tower are separated by such a long distance!”

Cao Ying is still a little confused. Although the soul clone type Secret Skill Dou Qi continent is rare, there are still some, but most of them Restricted heavily, similar to Yan Qingshan, which existed for a long time in two places apart, I have never heard of it, okay!

Yan Qingshan doesn’t know what to say, so he can only prevaricate: “This, I will explain to you later, OK?”

Cao Ying tenderly snorted, straddling Yan On Qingshan’s body, small fists gestured, “hmph! After going back, you must explain it clearly to me, otherwise…”

“Cao Family younger sister, I came here specially…”


At this moment, the closed door suddenly pushed open, and a clear and sweet sound suddenly sounded. The two people on the bed were suddenly shocked, and Yan Qingshan quickly put the mask on his face.


Tang Huo Er looked at the two people entangled on the edge of the bed in astonishment. She absolutely didn’t expect to see such an exciting scene when she came in. Cao Ying, who spent eight days and eight nights refining the Tier Seven high level medicine pill, is so energetic that she can’t help but spend her time with others…

“Tang Family elder sister! I’m a little tired, let him hug me up to rest! If you have something, just talk to the prince of others!”

Cao Ying hugged Yan Qingshan without embarrassment at all. He got up, turned his head and put himself on the bed, after covering the bedding, he gave him a fragrant lip, “Don’t be messed up by others!” Cao Ying instructed this. After one sentence, she closed her beautiful eyes, and Yan Qingshan carefully covered her with a neat bedding, then turned her head to hiss and gestured to Tang Huo Er, and the two of them left the guest room and closed again. Closed the door.

“Ying Er is taking a break in the house, please Venerable. I have been tired for a while.”

Yan Qingshan whispered to Kuyi Venerable outside the house. After all arrangements were made, Then Tang Huo Er left the garden.

Tang Huo Er and Yan Qingshan are walking on the garden path. It seems that because of the previous events, the two people seem a little embarrassed, and there is no word for a while.

Yan Qingshan’s eyes are slightly ahead, this Burning Flame Valley Young Miss is leading the way. She has a long upper body. When viewed from the side, it happens to extend an attractive stretch from a long jade neck to a delicate buttocks. curve.

Yan Qingshan is surrounded by the girl’s faint fragrance. At this time, the Fiery Buddha Pill should have been taken, so it has become different from before.

At this time, Tang Huo Er’s morbidity was wiped out. The white face turned over allowing some ruddy and pretty cheeks to be unparalleled. Between expectation and expectation, he looked generous, valiant and formidable looking. Appearance, has an alternative charm.

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