Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 261

“Old Ancestor praised too much.”

Yan Qingshan spoke neither humble nor arrogant, without showing any change in expression.

“No, you deserve the praise of Old Ancestor. Since you came in, you have reduced your sense of existence to the extreme, like a transparent person.”

Huo Yun Old Ancestor laughed, the breath on his body changed, a blazing gust of wind suddenly rose, a red light burst out, a horrible breath that made Xiao Yan’s brows slightly raised, suddenly like heaven overflowing The giant wave is normal and diffuse.

Tang Huo Er was shocked when he saw this. He didn’t know which way the old fellow suddenly went crazy. He quickly said: “old fellow, don’t mess around, Junior Brother is not a villain.”

“There is a big secret hidden in your body. This is the reason why you don’t want to attract Old Ancestor’s attention. You have hidden it very deeply. Tang Zhen and Huo Er probably didn’t find this secret, but in the old man In front of you, you can’t hide.”

Huo Yun Old Ancestor opened his mouth, and after hearing Tang Huo Er’s words, he turned his head and glanced at it. With his palm raised, the red light covered Yan Qingshan. As if torn a veil on his body, a phantom silhouette separated from Yan Qingshan’s body, and three surging flames rose into the sky.

The three colors of black green, pure white and light red are intertwined between Yan Qingshan’s clone and the body, and the powerful flame power even distorts the surrounding space.

“This is really a weird power, a very peculiar idea. Refining a Heavenly Flame for clone, which solves the problem of the conflict in the body of the Heavenly Flame. One person has two Heavenly Flames. With this flame, it is also similar to the power of Heavenly Flame.”

Huo Yun Old Ancestor stared at Yan Qingshan with scorching eyes, and the pupil light was full of inquiry, “If the old man looks good, this The cyan one should be the Green Lotus Core Flame, which is ranked nineteenth on the Heavenly Flame list, and the Fallen Heart Flame, which should be the fourteenth.

There is this one, I can’t see it, but it’s basic With the power of Heavenly Flame, the flame that burns the sun, I have heard that the Ye Family of the five major clans of Pill Tower has a Yang Fire, but it seems that it can’t be saved.

You also brought one on your body. Soul body, is it a former Dou Zun! His breath has a deep connection with this Fallen Heart Flame. Is Fallen Heart Flame the previous owner? Your luck is very good!”

“old fellow , What are you doing!”

Tang Huo Er hurried to Yan Qingshan’s body and opened his arms to protect him. Huo Yun Old Ancestor at this time had calmed down her power casually, she was ruthless He glared at the old fellow and quickly turned to support Yan Qingshan, “Junior Brother, are you all right!”

“Senior Sister, it’s all right.”

Yan Qingshan shook his head. He really didn’t expect that there will be such a crop today. This is the powerhouse of Dou Qi continent. Dou Qi continent truly exists. It is just a little serious. It is a test of his situation and it is impossible to hide the secret. general.

Huo Yun Old Ancestor picked up the fruit again and gnawed, “Boy, you are Huo Er’s sweetheart. Innate talent and opportunities are very good, but it matches my Huo Er very well.”

Tang Huo Er some angrily said: “old fellow, will you die if you talk less! Also, why did you suddenly attack Junior Brother.”

“hehe! Huo Er Girl, I’m not doing this for you, if I don’t take action, I don’t know when this kid will hide these secrets.”

Huo Yun Old Ancestor laughed, people who are old-fashioned are not afraid of junior choreography. “But you kid is very clever. Since ancient times, there are people who can get more than one Heavenly Flame, but they can have such a fantastic idea to accommodate two Heavenly Flames into one.

The old man has to say that you are very innate talent. This Heavenly Flame refining clone is almost a Heavenly Flame transformation, which can be said to have unlimited potential.”

He looked at him in amazement. Yan Qingshan’s Heart Flame clone next to Yan Qingshan, looking at the pink flame that lingers all over his body, a trace of envy flashed in the pupil light, “you brat these three flames are the best in the world, if it is cultivated Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, you will definitely be able to practice. To the highest realm.”

Yan Qingshan has straightened out Dou Qi who was rioting in his body at this time, Hearing this gave a salute respectfully spoke: “Old Ancestor, do you think my clone would inherit Burning Flame Valley The core method, with Qi Method as the fundamental, what realm can it reach!”

“You are going to let clone accept Burning Flame Valley inheritance, and yes, you are the Wood Attribute Dou Qi of cultivation, It’s a pity, but this clone is made by Heavenly Flame. When there is With the superb Fire Attribute innate talent in the world, it can also carry forward my Burning Flame Valley inheritance. “

Huo Yun Old Ancestor glanced at Yan Qingshan, then at Heart Flame clone, and then nodded expressed his approval. After thinking for a while, he said to Tang Zhen nodded: “If this kid has no problem with his identity , I agree that he accepts core inheritance. “

Tang Huo Er is quite dissatisfied with Huo Yun Old Ancestor today, “old fellow, what are you talking about!” How could there be a problem with Junior Brother! “

Huo Yun Old Ancestor is not surprised, shook his head and said with a smile: “Hehe, it’s really not a female college student!” This dislikes Old Ancestor’s nagging…”

Yan Qingshan was silent for a moment, then suddenly said: “Old Ancestor’s body seems to have some problems too! “

Huo Yun Old Ancestor was a little surprised, “you brat can see it, yes, you still have a faint fragrance of medicine on your body, you should be an Alchemist with two Heavenly Flames, but cultivation with Wood Attribute Dou Qi’s Alchemist, this is really rare. “

Yan Qingshan said again, “The kid is indeed Alchemist, his grade is not bad, he barely reached Tier Seven, it might help Old Ancestor to get rid of the disease in the future…”

Huo Yun Old Ancestor laughed, “Boy, you are a method of stimulating Interesting, but at a young age, you have the cultivation base of 7-Star Douzong, and you have reached the level of Tier Seven Alchemist. Like the guys from Pill Tower. “

Yan Qingshan followed his words and continued: “Old Ancestor gaze as if a torch, I did join Pill Tower. After an assessment at the end of the year, I may be able to become a candidate for the Pill Tower giant. one. “

“cough cough…”

Huo Yun Old Ancestor was gnawing at the fruit. He almost didn’t choke upon hearing this. He coughed and spit out the fruit, subconsciously watching Yan Qingshan glanced at him, and saw that he was not lying, but looked towards Tang Zhen, “This kid, is what he said is true? “

Tang Zhen shook his head to say with a bitter smile: “Old Ancestor, Qing Shan, his clone alias Fireluo joined Burning Flame Valley, and he also went to Pill Tower to study Alchemy. “

“Boy, yes, there is ability! Old Ancestor underestimated you. “

Huo Yun Old Ancestor seems to have met Yan Qingshan again. After watching him up and down several times, he took a palm backward and shot out again. A flame vortex suddenly appeared, and the center of the vortex was hidden. A crimson fire screen world, “Inheritance Land I have opened, you can go in. “

“many thanks Old Ancestor. “

Yan Qingshan bowed and bowed, then the body sat cross-legged, the power of the soul above the Heart Flame clone skyrocketed, and the pupil light scorched out, turning into a fire shadow and plunged into the world of fire. disappeared.

“This kid is decisive, wait, there should be results within two or three hours. “

Huo Yun Old Ancestor was taken aback, then laughed and beckoned, flame vortex disappeared, then the mountainside fell into silence, Tang Huo Er and Tang Zhen both silently waited for the result.

An hour later, above the blue sky, thick dark clouds suddenly gushed out, between Heaven and Earth, violent wind erupted, and wu wu. This sudden scene made Huo Yun Old Ancestor slightly colored Change.

Huo Yun Old Ancestor looked into the distance, his eyes filled with incredible color, “This is World Mysterious Anomaly, this kid actually got the Heaven Class inheritance of the cream of the crop, old Man inherited Qi Method back then, and it’s not so scary! “

Generally speaking, there are about three situations in World Mysterious Anomaly. One is the birth of a high-level medicine pill, which will lead to the arrival of Pill Thunder, and the other is when the cultivation reaches each realm. This will lead to this situation.

But generally speaking, this is rare, because it can reach this level. Looking at the entire Dou Qi continent, it is as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. Existence.

As for the third, it is the birth of the so-called Heaven Class Qi Method or Dou Technique. Generally speaking, the birth here does not mean that Qi Method or Dou Technique reappears in the sky, but is similar to the birth of Qi Method or Dou Technique. In the situation of creation, only when some Heaven Class Qi Method or Dou Technique is created, will this World Mysterious Anomaly be attracted.

Yan Qingshan originally created a new artificial in Pill Tower. The method of Heavenly Flame, there was a situation where he created the Heaven Class Dou Technique, but the situation was special at that time. Although he created this Secret Skill, he did not have a cultivation.

Cao There was such a big noise during Ying cultivation. Wan Huo’s pilgrimage was actually considered an unusual form. This is still the situation that Cao Ying is not the creator of Secret Skill, if Yan Qingshan himself cultivation, because of his cultivation of Secret Skill. With a deep understanding, the resulting unusual form is definitely beyond the ordinary.

However, the unusual form that Yan Qingshan is now motivating is not one of the above three, but another one. Circumstances.

The core inheritance of Burning Flame Valley is quite special. At the time, the half-emperor powerhouse Fen Yan Old Ancestor of Burning Flame Valley fell in a conspiracy. Before his death, he left a secret inheritance for his descendants, that of the fire curtain. The inheritance world is formed by his body and soul, which has a magical effect.

This fire curtain world, according to the different situations of each trial person, through the powerful cultivation experience of Fen Yan Old Ancestor and countless Qi Method Dou Techniques, a set of the most suitable inheritance can be combined. Heaven Class inheritance tailored by Bandi powerhouse.

Yan Qingshan’s current situation is like this. The clone, which is almost Heavenly Flame’s transformation, has great potential. It naturally provokes the highest level of inheritance. After passing the trial of the fire screen world, the Heaven Class is the most suitable for him. Qi Method Dou Technique is about to be born.

“The inheritance that this kid has received is extremely dynamic. He won’t have the deepest inheritance of his ancestors anymore!”

Huo Yun Old Ancestor frowned and looked into the distance, but I can’t believe it again. This Burning Flame Valley core inheritance is not simple. If it is not an innate talent, you can get the most profound inheritance, and you still need to pass the trial. He is a little uncertain about Yan Qingshan. To what extent can it be achieved.

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