Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 263

“This is the information of a dísciple from Pill Tower. I have some information. I am not sure how to deal with it.”

Xuan Kong hesitated for a moment, The information was thrown to the other two people, and while the other two were circulating, he said: “Although Yan Qingshan has hidden his identity before, he can only say that he has hidden his strength. The origin is clearly stated.

His innate talent is very high. Although he is Wood Attribute, he is proficient in pharmacology and is good at deducing Qi Method alchemy. A few days ago, he even created a Heaven Class Secret Skill……”

Xuan Kong’s words made the other two quite moved. The dark-skinned Heavenly Lightning was silent for a while, and said: “Xuan Kong, listening to what you mean, I don’t want to give up this Yan Qingshan.”

Xuan Kong’s son nodded and said: “Yes, Yan Qingshan’s innate talent is very high. Although it conceals some things, it’s irrelevant. In addition, he has done a great job in Pill Tower. I think as long as the investigation is clear and sure It’s okay, but I can entrust the important task.

However, I can’t decide on this matter alone, so I called both of you to come over, ready to listen to your opinions.”

Heavenly Lightning fell silent and fell into thinking. Xuan Yi said after a moment of silence: “I think this thing can be let go.

Strictly speaking, Pill Tower is not that. This kind of hierarchical Sect, as long as it is not malicious towards Pill Tower, there is no need to pursue it.

How many people are enshrined in Pill Tower’s dísciple, everyone always has his own little secret, Hidden strength can only be regarded as a personal act. He has taken the initiative to clarify now. Why don’t we give the youngster a chance!”

Xuan Kong saw that Xuan Yi supported his idea, and hurriedly said. : “Xuan Yi’s meaning, I agree. Heavenly Lightning, how about you!”

Heavenly Lightning saw that the two companions agreed, so they had to be nodded and said: “This matter, just investigate If you know it’s okay, I’ll send someone to Northwest Continent to investigate Let’s take a look at his specific origins. “

“Yes! “

Xuan Kong son nodded and said, the Pill Tower Big Three reached an agreement. The tone of this matter is set, even if some of the Eight Great Elders object to it, it is useless.


“Senior Sister, this Sacred Pill City is full of wonders, and there are many small trade fairs. Let’s see if we can find any good things today. “

Sacred Pill City external region, Yan Qingshan took Tang Huo Er on the street, Burning Flame Valley Young Miss followed him to Sacred Pill City, saying that it’s easier to recuperate your body here. Actually The above is Tang Zhen, who are not ashamed to urge them to quickly become a good thing!

Gu Sheng still remembers that when he left Burning Flame Valley, the two old Ancestor and Tang Zhen, Huo Yun Old Ancestor and Tang Zhen. Ashamed, he actually hinted that he worked hard to get someone to succeed in their Tang Family.

“This Sacred Pill City is indeed…Junior Brother, when you made that Zhang Wuji mask, didn’t it? It is based on daoist. “

Tang Huo Er looked at the dazzling array of merchandise in front of him, and was about to pick a few things he likes. Suddenly his eyes stopped at the corner of the street, and he patted Yan Qingshan on the shoulder while speaking strangely. Motioned him to turn his head and look over.

“Impossible, my…”

Yan Qingshan turned his head a little strangely, but at the corner of the street, a’Zhang Wuji’ shook his hand. With a folding fan, she was pestering a young girl. There was a youth guard beside the girl who kept staring at’Zhang Wuji’ with that vigilant gaze.

“Dan Clan’s person, she It should be, Dan Chen? “

Yan Qingshan’s eyes locked on the girl who was entangled by’Zhang Wuji’ and the unswerving youth on the side. They all have a badge in front of them, and a circle is painted on the badge. The pattern, like a medicine pill, is a sign of Dan Clan, and from the girl’s weird reaction, Yan Qingshan also guessed her identity.

The girl of Dan Clan seems to be young At the age of sixteen or seventeen, his lovable body is exquisite, as if he hasn’t seen the sun for a long time, and his beautiful cheeks are extraordinarily pale. It looks faintly sick, and his face is soft and timid, which is very pitiful.

At this moment, the girl looked at the’Zhang Wuji’ with a rather weird look, and seemed to be interested in him. This made the youth with refined breath feel rather uncomfortable.

Beside this young girl, a blue clothed man with a long body stands upright. The man has a pretty handsome face. There is a soft color between his brows, but this gentleness is obviously just facing her. The girl beside him, but even so, it made the blue clothed man look warm and refined.

At this time, he stared at the’Zhang Wuji’ with a vigilant gaze, obviously on this The suddenly entangled youth is full of vigilance, just looking at the weird look of his own little girl, it seems that he has a slight affection for this person, and he feels a little tricky.

At this time, the’Zhang Wuji’ has been staring. While holding Dan Chen, he said: “Dan Chen Little Sister, I really have no malice towards you. I am very familiar with the inner domain of Sacred Pill City. Or tomorrow, we will make an appointment…”

“Brother Zhang, so interested! “

Just when Zhang Wuji wanted to’abduct’ Dan Clan Young Miss tomorrow when he made an appointment, suddenly a familiar voice came from the side, and then his shoulders tightened, and someone embraced him. The shoulders of the brothers look good.

“Why are you guys here? “

When this’Zhang Wuji’ saw Yan Qingshan and Tang Huo Er, there was obviously something wrong, especially when Yan Qingshan hooked his shoulders and back, at first he was ready to subconsciously break out Dou Qi countered, and after recognizing Yan Qingshan, he was weirdly obedient.

“These two are…”

Yan Qingshan did not expose Cao Ying around him. Identity, but looked towards the two Dan Clan siblings on the side.

Yes, this guy pretending to be’Zhang Wuji’ is the demonic girl Cao Ying with weird nature, and I don’t know why she wants to cross-dresser, dressed up as Yan Qingshan to strike up a conversation with this Dan Clan siblings.

Dan Xuan’s very polite cup one fist in the other hand arched his hand: “Pill Tower Dan Clan, Dan Xuan, this This is my younger sister Dan Chen. “

“It turned out to be Dan Clan’s Young Master and Young Miss, but they are my family! “

Yan Qingshan laughed and said: “I am Pill Tower dísciple, Yan Qingshan, I have worked under Cao Xin Elder for a period of time. I have long heard of the reputation of Dan Xuan Young Master, but Cao Xin Elder is Having said that, your Alchemy innate talent is outstanding, even above the Cao Shan Young Master of Cao Family! “

“Cao Xin Elder is too boastful of Dan, Dan Xuan is not as good as his Senior said…”

Dan Xuan responded with a smile, talking on his lips. I’m not so good, but the smile on the corner of the mouth is getting stronger and stronger. Obviously it is quite popular with these words.

Yan Qingshan and Dan Xuan’s greetings are almost put on, Cao Ying on the side is still facing his Zhang Wuji’s vest and Dan Chen make eye contact there.

I have to say that this demonic girl looks a bit like a romantic girl, at least Yan Qingshan can see it, Dan Chen is right The Zhang Wuji he is playing is not that annoying.

Yan Qingshan tried Dan Xuan’s words again, and then pulled Cao Ying Little Witch’s wrist, smiling and said: “Brother Dan, I met him today. Happy, but I have something to ask Brother Zhang, let’s just leave it alone! “

“Brother Yan, please! “

Dan Xuan listened to what Yan Qingshan said was sighed in relief. The Zhang Wuji played by Cao Ying really made him a little bit embarrassed before. That guy was eyeing his little girl. Dan Chen, and the little sister Dan Chen who has always treated people indifferently, seems not to resist this person.

Although Dan Xuan is not the kind of sister-in-law, but’Zhang Wuji’ is full of Oddly, he doesn’t want his younger sister to be deceived, so he has always been quite hostile to this’Zhang Wuji’.

Now that Yan Qingshan wants to pull people away, he is of course very happy That’s right.

“Dan Chen younger sister, remember, tomorrow, I will go there tomorrow…”

Cao Ying is still going to say something to Dan Chen, but unfortunately he didn’t say something After that, Yan Qingshan took him away, but I can’t let this Little Witch mess around with his waistcoat.

“Smelly guy, what are you doing to ruin someone’s good deeds!” “

In Sacred Pill City, inside Cao Ying’s own small building, as soon as she entered the pavilion, she vented her dissatisfaction at Yan Qingshan with baring fangs and brandishing claws, but was easily suppressed by Yan Qingshan I live, take off the mask of’Zhang Wuji’ and press her on her lap.

Yan Qingshan held the mask in his hand, looking at Cao Ying a little displeased, “Little Fairy, are you okay? Why do you want to provoke Dan Clan’s people against this? “

“hmph! People just use it, anyway, your identity is not a good thing. “

Cao Ying muttered in a low voice, watching Yan Qingshan’s serious expression. After she seemed to be really angry, she became a little scared again. She pulled his sleeves and whispered: “People, people are Just for fun!

It’s mainly Dan Clan’s Little Sister, which really makes people very interested. Her physique is as special as others. If most people come into contact with her, the soul’s power will pour out unconsciously, while she’s It is able to swallow the power of this foreign soul to improve itself.

Don’t look at her young and younger than me, but her Alchemy skills are not inferior to me before the Demon Fire, and she has also reached the Tier Seven high level Alchemist realm. I have a hunch that she will be a good opponent. “

“Because of this? You can use your own identity to contact her, why wear this mask! “

Yan Qingshan is not surprised that Cao Ying is interested in Dan Chen. In their original work, is innate talent is quite an opponent, but what he feels bad is that Cao Ying actually used his vest to contact Dan Chen. , This is the rhythm of things!

Cao Ying pouted and replied: “You took your good Senior Sister out for shopping today, people are boring! Just think about the cross-dresser once, go out with your identity! I happened to meet Dan Clan siblings. People felt that there was a problem with Dan Chen’s physique, so I went to get to know him! “

Yan Qingshan rolled the eyes, displeased: “Do you know that Dan Chen has a very good impression of you, and a very good impression of’Zhang Wuji’!” “

“What! Dan Chen’s younger sister has a good impression on me, isn’t it…you said…No way…”

Cao Ying said in a bewildered manner, suddenly she was shivered, and looked towards Yan in disbelief. Qingshan, the words are also stammering. Although she loves to play, she has never had that kind of thought about girls.

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