Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 264

“What do you think! A young girl who had little contact with people because of her physique from childhood suddenly met a young man who would not be affected by herself, and that young man was exceptionally good It can make people feel good…”

Yan Qingshan rolled the eyes said ill-humoredly, “I forgot to tell you that my mask is engraved with illusion, which is especially attractive to women. Normal girl, seeing her face, the first side is mostly a good feeling.

Dan Chen’s situation is also special, she belongs to the kind of girl who can easily arouse emotions. You were so passionate just now. , She looked at your gaze, didn’t you feel it yourself!”

Yan Qingshan was a little speechless. Just now he observed that Dan Chen seemed to have something wrong with his eyes, and then he quickly pulled Cao Ying away. What’s all this and what, I knew this mask would not let Little Witch take it, and almost made a mess.

When he made this vest, he deliberately went in the direction of beautiful men in ancient costumes, referring to the handsome faces of overwhelming majority girls in the Dawn database, and inscribed the illusion derived from the inheritance of the lotus demon saint. girl has a certain attraction.

Because of the peculiar mask and the fact that he has a database to clear the way, the arrogant Feng Qing Er and the playful Demoness Mu Qing Luan were almost attacked by him in a short period of time. Base it!


Cao Ying doesn’t know what to say. She just came into contact with Dan Chen today just by the way, not talking about playing with her mind, really If things happen with Zhang Wuji’s vest, she must be the first big one!

Yan Qingshan sighed: “If you want to contact Dan Chen, you can use your own identity to make friends. There is no need to hold on to this thing to lead to misunderstandings in your life. I didn’t see Dan Xuan watching you. Are you looking bad at me!” Cao Ying nodded, after hesitating for a while, she said: “I know, but before I leave, I have agreed with Dan Chen younger sister in Yuchi in the inner region tomorrow. See Yuan, she should be… take it seriously.”

“You…I’ll take care of this!”

Yan Qingshan really doesn’t know what to say , This Little Witch and this mask are really good enough. After they met, I dared to make a private meeting with other girls. This little girl can really make trouble!

Cao Ying rolled her eyes, turned her head and looked at Yan Qingshan in’horror’, “What do you want to do, you won’t be staring at Dan Clan again, ah…”


“Little Witch, if I don’t show you some color, you really don’t know the lesson!”

Yan Qingshan beckoned and hugged this Little Witch and threw it on the bed. The tiger rushed to let her know what a lesson was. The red wave of laughter and trembling continued to be heard. Tang Huo Er just walked to the door and raised his hand. After hearing the movement, he blushed and walked away.


In a special great hall in the inner domain of Sacred Pill City, today is a very lively day, and many forces have come here. This is the exclusive place for the assessment of the five major clans in the past. It is set up by Pill Tower, which shows that Pill Tower values ​​the assessment of these five major clans.

The five major clan assessments are not held in secret, but semi-public interest. Some forces with a little qualification will rush here when the assessment begins.

The position of the five major clans can be remembered by countless people all the time, because everyone knows that this is a shortcut to enter the upper floors of Pill Tower. As long as you climb the big tree of Pill Tower, your power and fame will definitely It will skyrocket overnight.

But for a long time, the position of the top five clans has not changed, only this time seems to have some permission.

The Ye Family of Ye City has been going downhill for hundreds of years. The last time it failed even the assessment, I heard that the talents are dying in modern times. It seems that there is a good chance.

Today’s five major clans, Ye Family’s status is in jeopardy. If the assessment this time fails, then there is only one chance left, and it must be among the top three in the next assessment, otherwise it will be very May lose the status of one of the top five clans.

And once Ye Family loses this position, then some other forces that have already glare like a tiger watching his prey, I am afraid they will immediately swarm them, and many forces that want to mix into the top of Pill Tower will all be The assessment of the so-called five major clans is of great concern.

The one in Pill Tower occupies an extremely large area, and the great hall that looks extremely magnificent is very lively before. From time to time, there will be waves of people who seem to be big and small to pass through the door of the great hall. The defense successfully entered the great hall.

There are a lot of silhouettes sitting on the seats around the great hall. Most of these people’s breath is not weak, obviously from some powerful forces or clans.

There are four seats at the front of the great hall. It is Cao Dan Qiu Bai’s four big clans who successfully passed the assessment last time. In the seats of Cao Family, Cao Ying and Tang Huo Er are sitting together, and they Next to him was Dan Clan’s Dan Chen. The three of them laughed constantly, just like good sisters.

Cao Ying sat next to Dan Chen, smiling and said: “Dan Chen’s younger sister, elder sister was indeed a little messy last time, so don’t care!”

“Cao elder sister, brother Yan’s big brother has explained that to me, I didn’t care.”

Dan Chen shook the head, replied in a low voice, now she met at the beginning of that day It seems to be different. Although it is still pale and sick, it seems to be a lot more lively and a bit more angry.

Cao Ying smiled at hehe and stretched out her hand and squeezed Dan Chen’s face, causing this Little Sister to shrunk timidly, “hehe! Dan Chen younger sister, you can tell me you, that bad guy that day What happened to you, how I think about you, it seems like a big change!”

“No, nothing, Cao Ying elder sister, don’t be like this.”

Dan Chen is here In this regard, where is Little Witch’s opponent, and her reaction also made Cao Ying even more interested. How could she easily let her go!

The dialogue between Dan Chen and Cao Ying naturally attracted Tang Huo Er’s interest. Facing the timid little beast, she quickly joined the protective desire of Dan Chen. After joining Cao Ying’s team, the two of them “bullyed” Little Sister together.

The three beauties are laughing and playing here, naturally attracting a lot of attention, but most people dare not pause too much.

These three are all background is quite extraordinary, Pill Tower Cao Family and Dan Clan’s direct line Young Miss, and Burning Flame Valley’s sole daughter of the valley owner. Few of those present here are able to provoke.

After Dan Chen, Cao Ying and Tang Huo Er had a fuss for a while, her pale little face became a little more bloody, she looked around and said strangely: “Cao elder sister, Why didn’t I see my big brother Yan coming over today!”

Cao Ying is also a little strange: “I don’t know, he seems to say something is wrong today, but I feel a little weird.”

Tang Huo Er on the side looked weird, and he looked at the location of the main entrance of the great hall. At this time, there were waves of commotion coming from the main entrance of the great hall, and it seemed that a new clan had arrived.

“Ye Family is here!”

With the shouts of guards coming from outside the great hall, the inside of the great hall could not help but be quiet, and many eyes focused on The location of the gate of the palace, and all kinds of comments came from the surrounding area.

“Look, Ye Family’s badge, it turns out that Ye Family’s people have arrived.”

“hehe, if they fail again this time, Ye Family will be really dangerous , Once you fail the last assessment, you fall out of the top five clan positions and lose the shelter of Pill Tower. The future of the Ye Family will be difficult.”

“Ai, yes, back then What a prestige and prestige Ye Family is. Among the five major clans, Dan Clan is the only one who can compare with them. Unfortunately, now…”

“Times change, who would have thought that the Ye Family, which was once very prosperous in the past, would fall. This is the end.”


Everything around is the voice of discussion, and the people of Cao Danqiu and Bai’s four clans are all looking at the entrance of the great hall. Ye Family everyone.

This Ye Family entire group stepped into the great hall, and many eyes gathered in the past. The rest of the people did not respond yet, but there were many more whispers in the Cao Family.

Cao Ying looked at Yan Qingshan who appeared in the middle of the Ye Family team and suddenly lost her smile, and stared at Ye Xinlan beside him with a bit of gritted teeth, “This…that guy, how could he be there? Also, what’s the matter with the woman next to him.”

“Cao Family younger sister, Junior Brother, he was going to wait until the five major clans were assessed before telling you, before he came to Pill Tower , I visited Ye City Ye Family.”

Tang Huo Er on the side explained in a low voice: “The old Family Head of Ye City Ye Family and the Jia Nan Academy Inner Academy Great Elder where he lives are old. He visited Ye Family to improve his Alchemy skills.

But you also know that Ye Family was in trouble at the time. Later, the Junior Brother reached an agreement with them and prepared to use Ye Family to become a Young Miss. In the name of the fiancé, he helped Ye Family to tide over the difficulties.

His entry into Pill Tower was also arranged by Ye Family through relationship. The reason for concealing this relationship is to concentrate on cultivation and avoid getting involved in Pill. Tower’s faction fight…”

This explanation of Tang Huo Er did not let Cao Ying relieved. Instead, his eyes became sharper, staring at Yan beside Ye Xinlan fiercely. Qingshan, there was a’smile’ on the corner of her mouth, “Is Ye Family’s fiancé, very good!”

“Boy, you dare to fool us Cao Family, so brave.”

Before the Ye Family team, they suddenly came to the entire group to block the road. Many forces that recognized the identity of this person suddenly became interested. All of them were watching the show. The person who spoke was naturally Cao. The person of the family is Cao Shan who has had several relationships with Yan Qingshan.

“Cao Shan! Cao Xiu!”

Yan Qingshan passed the Great Elder Ye Zhong who led the team before coming to the team, and his eyes passed Cao Shan without much attention, but looked. Towards another man with a slightly sturdy figure beside him.

This person has a solemn face, thick eyebrows, reserved, giving people a very harsh feeling, and looks extremely calm and calm.

Cao Xiu, one of his three great Cao Family, this Cao Xiu Yan Qingshan has been emphatically introduced by Cao Ying, he is not inferior to Dan Xuan’s Cao Family, and the refining pills innate talent is no better than Cao Shan is weak, but his temperament is much calmer than Cao Shan. After he became an adult, he went out to practice alone.

After he returned home after seven years of experience, he has reached the Tier Seven Alchemist level, and is far better than Cao Shan in terms of heat and subtlety. He is the character of Cao Family younger generation second only to Cao Ying. It may be the Cao Family Family Head in the future.

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