Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 267

“If you are not obedient, be careful that I practice the’Family Law’ in public!”

Cao Ying is of course unwilling to be held by Yan Qingshan, she can I haven’t forgiven this big pig’s hoof, but with Yan Qingshan’s words, she immediately became well-behaved, letting him send medicine pill into her own mouth.

“You, don’t go too far…”

After Cao Ying regained a bit of strength, he pushed the guy in front of him busy, and his mind was confused. , This bastard actually made their private jokes in public just now…that kind of thing can be said casually, it is really going to be done by him in public, she is not alive anymore.

This little action of Yan Qingshan and Cao Ying is of course unable to escape the attention of many people. Heavenly Lightning next to Xuan Kong smiled and said: “Xuan Kong, your disciple looks like you want to eat in the future A big loss!”

Xuan Kong’s eyes were rather unkind, staring at Yan Qingshan on the stage, “This bastard actually bullies the little Ying Er so much!”

Aside Xuan Yi chuckled: “Xuan Kong, I advise you not to bother. The young couple is now in conflict. If you intervene, don’t look back at your disciple and find you the Master’s bad luck.”

“Yes…Yes…you two are very good.”

Elder Sheng looked at Cao Ying and Yan Qingshan and smiled I even said two good things. When he reached this step, he became a little bit weaker about power and so on. What he prefers to see is that Pill Tower has more and more outstanding youngsters emerging, because only in this way can it be guaranteed. The vitality and potential of Pill Tower.

“This second item is still Cao Ying first and Yan Qingshan second…”

Elder Sheng stroked his beard and announced the result with a smile, although everyone with a discerning eye It can be seen that Yan Qingshan has not exerted his full strength twice, but no one at this time said to offend people.

Elder Sheng laughed and said again: “Spiritual Strength is the foundation of Alchemist, but our assessment requires not only a test of soul, but also a demonstration of the offensive of soul. After all, this is also a good attack method for Alchemist. One.

The final assessment is very simple. Five of you enter this circle and use Spiritual Strength to fight each other. Whoever stays in the circle last is the winner…”

Elder Sheng points to a wide red circle with ten zhang in the field. Yan Qingshan has a calm face. After reading the original book, he naturally knows the process, and he doesn’t panic at all. He also wonders what kind of human method he should use later. The defeat in Little Witch’s hands made her feel depressed!

“Elder Sheng, Cao Ying has something, I don’t know if I can tell you.”

Cao Ying’s voice sounded in the great hall, all eyes shifted sharply, and finally paused. The charming demonic girl with the black skirt dancing.

Elder Sheng startled, frowning slightly, said solemnly: “What do you want to say?”

“Elder Sheng, the purpose of this Pill Tower assessment is to discover excellence Young Alchemist, and the most fundamental way to test an Alchemist should be to refine medicine pill.”

Cao Ying glanced at Yan Qingshan slightly, and said with a smile: “These are years of age. They are all the same assessment method, which is too old-fashioned. For these three-level tests, we might as well try another method this year and try the most basic Alchemy technique, so that some people will not have a powerful soul. Li and seize every opportunity.”

She said provocatively and glanced at Yan Qingshan. After spending so long with him, she still knows and guesses some of his situation, Yan Qingshan’s soul The power may be above her, but in terms of Alchemy’s technique, it is really short board.

Yan Qingshan’s true innate talents in all aspects are actually not top-notch. Cultivation has already occupied most of his energy. In addition to SmartBrain, he spent a lot of thought on Alchemy skills, but compared to For those true Alchemy geniuses, there are indeed some gaps.

After all, he is only born of unorthodox, and Jia Nan Academy’s Alchemy technique inheritance upper limit is also quite limited. Some things can’t be done behind closed doors. Compared with Cao Ying and Xiao Yan and Xiao Yan and who have always been under the guidance of Tier Eight Alchemist The others, he does have some shortcomings.

“This…is unreasonable!”

Elder Sheng frowned, said in a deep voice: “This assessment usually ends on the same day, and Alchemy, high level medicine is opened. The refining time of pill is not short, and there is the risk of frying in the middle.”

“I believe this will not be a problem, and I also believe that everyone here is also willing to witness an Alchemy Discuss.”

Cao Ying turned his gaze down, and people who watched the excitement and were not afraid of big things responded one after another. Several people on the stage began to think about it. Yan Qingshan is just slightly frowned, Dan Xuan The faces of Bai Ying and Qiu Yun were very ugly.

The gap between the three of them and Cao Ying is really big, and Alchemist’s most intuitive way to compare Alchemy techniques, if you really compare it, there are too many influencing factors, let alone what it is now Conducting an almost defeated Alchemy skill test, the mentality of a very collapse affects the performance.

Elder Sheng was hesitating, suddenly his body stretched his ears and moved slightly, and then he spoke to Yan Qingshan and said: “The old man thinks that this matter can be discussed, and you can have opinions.”

Yan Qingshan saw the change of Elder Sheng’s attitude, and glanced back from the corner of his vision, indifferently said: “I have no opinion, everything is naturally controlled by Elder Sheng.”

Yan Qingshan said Yes, Dan Xuan, Bai Ying, and Qiu Yun could only agree to it even if they still had some small thoughts in their hearts.

So, this test became an assessment of Alchemy technique, and the venue naturally had to be changed. Everyone followed Elder Sheng to the great hall, inside a fairly empty courtyard.

Elder Sheng saw the five people choose their positions and said, “You have an hour to tell the medicine ingredient you need. After I order people to prepare the medicine ingredient, you can start. It’s.”

Yan Qingshan and other five people thought for a while, and they reported the medicine ingredient they needed. What is strange is that Yan Qingshan only asked for a few materials that were obviously adjuvants. , It seems that the main material is already ready on hand.

One hour later, with the sound of Elder Sheng falling, the sound of gold and iron sounded one after another. Five medicinal cauldron medicinal cauldrons fell on the floor, which immediately attracted countless light and attention.

“Look at me, Cao Family demonic girl’s medicinal cauldron. Is this a mountain melting pot in the legendary Heavenly Cauldron Ranking? This is really a long experience.”

Soon Someone recognizes the medicinal cauldron used by Cao Ying, but it is not the precious medicinal cauldron that is famous on the Heavenly Cauldron Ranking, which naturally attracts countless envy.

Many eyes are on the Shanrong Ding in Cao Ying’s hands. Dan Xuan and Bai Ying and the others have naturally become foils, while the three giants of Pill Tower in the dark look at it with doubts. With the medicinal cauldron taken out by Yan Qingshan.

The medicinal cauldron in Yan Qingshan’s hand is quite large, and its body is covered with various strange patterns. On the cauldron, there are carved images of lifelike beasts, which seem to have a strange roar. All these abnormalities show the extraordinaryness of this crimson medicinal cauldron.

“Look at that kid’s medicinal cauldron, it seems to have some impression.”

“The surface of the medicinal cauldron is engraved with many Magic Beast patterns. This seems to be a tripod of ten thousand beasts?”


“This kid looks extraordinary, he has such a chance.”

Yan Qingshan has this one medicinal cauldron because he copied Han Feng’s lair back then. It’s probably because The Ten Thousand Beast Cauldron on the Heavenly Cauldron Ranking is naturally extraordinary, and what he is preparing to refine this time is the Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill for the resurrection of Venerable Tian Huo.

After the five medicinal cauldrons of Yan Qingshan appeared, the five flames appeared one after another. When the bloody flame appeared in the palm of Cao Ying, the three of Dan Xuan’s complexion changed abruptly, because They found that the flame in the medicinal cauldron was violently commotion during this brief moment, and almost went directly to the fryer.

“Heavenly Flame?”

one after another exclaimed, one after another resounded, Cao Family demonic girl actually has a’Heavenly Flame’, which is a lot Everyone didn’t expect it.


A pure white flame is like a cloud of sunlight, which is even more dazzling under the shining of the sun. It is actually faintly fighting against the Demon Fire. attitude.

“Your flame, Ye Family’s Yang Fire?”

Cao Ying looked at the pure white flame produced by Yan Qingshan summon, her eyes were a little weird, Ye Family’s Yang Fire I have naturally heard of it, but that kind of flame is not only condensed by the Yang Fire ancient altar of Ye Family, and the power is also impossible!

“I remember when it was born, I once said that this is second, and what I have is first. A Secret Skill cannot be perfected all at once. Before the Demon Fire This metamorphosis of Yang Yan is another achievement of mine.”

Yan Qingshan laughed at Cao Ying, the flame in his palm was dazzling, “It is equivalent to Yang Fire. Condensation, under the sun, its power will rise to a very strong level, but limited by its conditions and characteristics, it cannot be as good as the Demon Fire.”

Cao Ying has a small face. , Coldly said: “Since you also have this level of flame, then I will not be defeated.”

She stopped talking, and immediately entered the state of serious Alchemy. Pieces of spiritual medicine flew out under the force of soul and poured into the medicinal cauldron.

Yan Qingshan was also slightly smiled when he saw this, he took out a piece of medicine ingredient from the Storage Ring and was about to start Alchemy work.

Xuan Kong watched Yan Qingshan’s movements and muttered: “Blood Essence Demon Fruit, Sacred Lily Spirit Vine, Snow Bone Ginseng… This kid wants to refine, is it Bone-Growing Blood? -Melting Pill, this medicine pill has the lowest Tier Seven high level, and the difficulty is not small!”

“hehe! Tier Seven low level instant Vital Breath Pill, Tier Seven middle level cold Yin Pill And Element’s Core Pill……”

Heavenly Lightning glanced at the few people who were preparing to refine pills, turned his gaze on Cao Ying, turned his head and said: “Xuan Kong, your little one Disciple’s heart is not small. I think the material she used seems to be preparing to refine the Xuan Bo Foundation Establishment Pill.”

Xuan Yi exclaimed slightly: “Xuan Bo Foundation Establishment Pill, this is Tier. Seven Peak medicine pill, Xuan Kong son, your discipline has reached this level.”

Xuan Kong son slightly frowned, “In the case of Ying Er’s Alchemy technique, with this omnipotent Demon Fire’s help, but barely able to refine the Xuan Bo Foundation Establishment Pill, but the success rate, I’m afraid it depends on luck.

Ying Er this time If you can refine the Xuan Bo Foundation Establishment Pill, then It will not be long before her breakthrough Tier Eight Alchemist.”

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