Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 269


At the moment of Yan Qingshan breakthrough Spirit Stage, there was a muffled sound from the cauldron of beasts, a bright and strong light, like one The wheel jumped out like a moon, and a shocking energy fluctuation swept all over the place.

Along with this energy, there is also a strange medicinal fragrance. After everyone present smelled it, there was a strange feeling of blood boiling.

Xuan Kong took a look and commented, “This Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill is very close to the Tier Eight medicine pill, which can be regarded as the top grade among Tier Seven Peak. The kid is overwhelming Ying Er.”

Heavenly Lightning is also slightly nod. “This kid has just passed through the Spirit Stage. It’s not bad to be able to successfully refine this level of medicine pill. All Spirit Stage Alchemist can refine Tier Eight medicine pill.

However, with this kid’s innate talent, as long as he works hard enough, he wants to truly refine Tier Eight medicine pill. For a year or two!”

“Look, he seems to be still moving.”

Xuan Yi is slightly frowned, pointing to Yan Qingshan, whose gesture has changed again, facing Heavenly Lightning son and Xuan Kong son whispered: “He seems to be ready to continue.”

“It’s not over yet!”

In front of the ten thousand beast cauldron, Yan Qingshan looked like one Lun Mingyue’s Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill, a ray of azure light flashed in his eyes, his right hand was slightly raised, and the moment a green-colored flame appeared, everyone present felt the high temperature of space distortion.

Xuan Kong was a little surprised and said: “Its color is pure blue, with lotus patterns leaving marks. This is the 19th Green Lotus Core Flame in the legendary Heavenly Flame list.”

Heavenly Lightning was also surprised: “This kid actually has this opportunity. This is not the artificial Heavenly Flame refined by your discipline, but the real Heavenly Flame. No wonder he knows that many Heavenly Flames. He has a Heavenly Flame!”

Abruptly, a vague light and shadow separated from Yan Qingshan’s body, a reddish hair, exactly similar to Yan Qingshan, but with Slightly red, even the pupils are faintly red. At this moment, a translucent fire snake appears in the silhouette’s hand.

The Big Three of Pill Tower were all shocked, “This is… the 14th Fallen Heart Flame on the Heavenly Flame list. How could he have two Heavenly Flames.”

” Refining the three fires at the same time, returning to the ruins and ascending the spirit!”

Pure white, dark green, light red, and three-color flames flow into the cauldron of beasts at the same time under the control of two figures, bringing the original Bone- After the Growing Blood-Melting Pill was broken up, it was refined again. In an instant, the wind and clouds changed color. The strong energy fluctuations caused the sky that had just disappeared to quickly gather terrifying thunder fluctuations.

A round of blood-colored blazing sun gradually raised, a blood-colored beam of light measuring twelve feet long, shot out from the cauldron of thousands of beasts, and rushed straight into the sky.

In countless shocking gazes, this beam of light went straight into the sky and washed away Lei Yun, which was still pervading. Then the wind and clouds suddenly changed, and clouds and mists appeared in the sky. In just a few blinks, it was Condensed into a huge Lei Yun over a hundred meters.

The most shocking thing is that Lei Yun formed this time, it has two colors of blue and silver as soon as it appears, and a touch of red gradually emerges, and when it comes to red, it will become more vivid. In the end, it is no less than the other two colors.

After the red lightning flash was completely formed, Lei Yun’s tumbling finally stopped gradually, and then completely solidified into three gorgeous colors.

“Three-color Lei Yun, this is Tier Eight Spirit Pill!”

“It turned out to be three-color Lei Yun, which seems to have never been seen in previous Pill Competitions. A few times!”

Among the crowds discuss spiritedly, even the Pill Tower Big Three and the Pill Tower elders of the Eight Great Elder this stage were shocked. The Tier Eight Spirit Pill, even among them Some people may not be able to do it.

Tier Eight medicine pill, in the world of Dou Qi continent medicine pill, can already be counted as the level of the pyramid Peak, Tier Eight and Tier Seven, although only separated by Tier One, they are real The difference between Heaven and Earth.

Tier Eight medicine pill, possesses spirituality, and even has some basic intelligence, that is to say, Tier Eight medicine pill, possesses its life force, it can be said to be a creature Category.

The division of Tier Eight medicine pill is beyond imagination. Its quality is not identified by naked eye, but by the color of Pill Thunder. The higher the quality of medicine pill, the more Pill Thunder colors will be induced when it is formed.

It is said that if it can trigger the nine-color Pill Thunder, then it means that this medicine pill has the potential to be promoted to the Tier Nine with Power of Fortune. This level of medicine pill, called Divine Pill, is not an exaggeration.

The sky is vast, the three-color Lei Yun occupies the sky, and a vast thunder wave permeates out of it. The silhouette at this moment has become the focus of everything.

One after another, looking at the silhouette in front of the Ten Thousand Beast Cauldron with fiery eyes, the fiery enthusiasm even reached the level of fanaticism, the Alchemist who can refine the Tier Eight three-color medicine pill, even if it is in Pill Tower is also very few. After today, this youth will definitely be famous in Central Plain.

Cao Ying has a complex look, and the beautiful eyes sparkle in the depths. This demonic girl who is regarded as the most talented Cao Family seems to have let go of her pride in this brief moment.


Yan Qingshan called, the Earth Monster Puppet who was guarding Cao Ying’s side flew out, and hit the thunder pillar directly against the sky. Tier Eight Pill Thunder really terrifying, directly smashing it to the ground, but the improvement brought by such terrifying Pill Thunder is also extremely obvious.

On the Earth Monster Puppet that got up again, there was a trace of golden light, which means that it has reached the strength of the Heaven Monster Puppet under the abundant thunder energy.

The thunder of hong long long fell slowly, and the golden spots on the silver silhouette became more and more shining. As the last thunder fell and died, the energy fluctuations in the clouds gradually faded, and that Lei Yun, who was heavily pressed, also slowly spread out under the gaze of the countless line of sight.

Lei Yun dissipated, countless eyes looked towards Yan Qingshan’s direction. At this time, a medicine pill filled with faint spiritual mist was standing in the air.

Four Tier Seven and one Tier Eight appeared during the Alchemy assessment this time, a total of five medicine pills, which can be regarded as a big event.

Tier Seven and Tier Eight medicine pill are similar in appearance, but even those who don’t know anything about refining pills can see the difference between the two at a glance. This difference is The difference in spirituality.

Tier Seven medicine pill, the energy is strong, but it is a death pill, while Tier Eight medicine pill already has its own spirituality. This medicine pill is just called a living pill. Or it is Spirit Pill.

The faint spirituality fog shrouded outside of the medicine pill, faintly, it actually condenses into the form of a small scarlet dragon, which is extraordinary. Everyone has felt what terrifying pure ability is contained in this small medicine pill.

“Everyone, please be quiet.”

Elder Sheng walked out of the crowd to the forefront, raised his hands gently to stop the small but noisy noise, and smiled Said: “Today’s assessment results, everyone must be aware of it. I announced that the champion of the top five clan assessments at this time is Ye Family!”

Along with Elder Sheng’s announcement of the results, Ye Family The people who came this time were all excited and inexplicable. It has been so many years, and their Ye Family finally won the Pill Tower assessment again.

“Elder Sheng, Ye Zhong Great Elder, I still have something to do, I am afraid I will leave first.”

Various noises sounded, and many eyes gathered around Yan Qingshan Yan Qingshan just silently put away this Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill, and then confessed a few words to Cao Ying and Tang Huo Er, saying goodbye to Elder Sheng, and the silhouette disappeared in a flash. In situ.

“This kid is in a hurry, do you have anything to do!”

This action of Yan Qingshan naturally attracted a lot of attention, but most people didn’t have that. The qualifications came to the question, and only the Pill Tower giants and Elders seemed to perceive a little difference.


In the inner domain of Sacred Pill City, in a very secluded house, a jade coffin glowing with blue light stands horizontally. Yan Qingshan’s silhouette slowly emerged, looking at the jade coffin in front of him, showing faintly different colors.

He had prepared this secret room a long time ago for a major event. Before he approached the jade coffin, he lifted the lid of the coffin. Inside the coffin is a medicinal liquid that is full of vitality like jade liquid, and in it there is also a vague body exuding weird breath.

“Boy, your method is really a fantastic idea. It actually made my bones regenerate flesh and blood. It is really amazing to create Spirit Transformation!”

Venerable Tian Huo The silhouette appeared beside Yan Qingshan, looking at the body that became faintly discernible in the coffin, the eyes were faintly discernible.

The body in this jade coffin is naturally the body that Yan Qingshan intends to refining and regenerate for him, but it does not come from others, but from himself.

He was seriously injured and died that year, but the body was preserved intact, but after a long period of time, the flesh and blood decayed and only the bones were left.

But Yan Qingshan had such a fantastic idea. He was actually based on this jade bone and cultivated with a special medicinal liquid to regenerate his flesh and blood, and he had this body.

In Yan Qingshan’s previous life, science and technology were extremely advanced, and biomedical technology has been widely used. The principle of this thing has been thoroughly studied for a long time, and the magical materials of Dou Qi continent have transformed ideals into reality. , With this excellent result.

This body that has regained vitality after cultivating the flesh and blood from the bones of Venerable Tian Huo before his death is not too close to Venerable Tian Huo, and it can also enhance the success rate of the refining body this time.

“Old Mister Yào, get ready!”

Yan Qingshan’s eyes glowed with silver and blue light, and he gave the Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill to Venerable Tian Huo after taking , Take out a jade bottle from the Storage Ring, which contains a mass of purple blood, which is the Heavenly Poison Scorpion Draconic Beast essence blood from 8-Star Dou Zong level.

Yan Qingshan faces the Venerable Tian Huo nodded, spinning and spinning Dou Qi to draw out all the blood essence and sink into the jade coffin, this purple blood is stained with the body, and bursts of chi chi burst out fiercely The sound, the surface of the body has undergone a special change.

Yan Qingshan’s palm bursts out with a three-color radiant flame, which fully refines the Magic Beast blood essence into the body to increase activity. After a short time, the eyes of this body slowly open. , It seems that there is a touch of smart color.

“Old Mister Yào!”

Yan Qingshan called, Venerable Tian Huo on the side no longer hesitated, the illusory soul body rushed away against the corpse, passing through the burning Heavenly Flame rushed towards the body shrouded with red light.

Just at the moment when its soul was about to touch the body, Venerable Tian Huo between the eyebrows suddenly emitted a strange black and red ripple, which spread out like lightning and spread to the whole body.

“Old Mister Yào, it’s up to you next time.”

The initial fusion of soul and body is easy to succeed, and Yan Qingshan quickly increases Flame strength, a torch envelops the suspended body, Venerable Tian Huo to close eyes cross-legged, this step of reborn from the ashes can only rely on himself.

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