Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 271

“I have to say, you can persuade people, at least, you persuaded me.”

Yan Qingshan’s words caused the Big Three to fall into contemplation In the end, it was Xuan Yi, the only female giant, who first expressed her opinion.

What Yan Qingshan said is indeed true. The position of the Pill Tower giant means that he will inevitably be exposed to a lot of entangled interests, and the profound Alchemist is mostly a scholar. It is actually quite difficult for them to deal with these things.

Like the current Big Three, it is Xuan Kong who handles daily things the most. Heavenly Lightning and Xuan Yi are often in closed-door cultivation and rarely deal with things.

Xuan Kong is actually a bit like an arm-flinging shopkeeper, many things are handed over to the Eight Great Elder, the management of the next is actually quite loose, and Pill Tower itself is a communication platform similar to Alchemist It is related to the nature of the loose alliance, but it is also a real problem for Pill Tower.

If the Pill Tower hadn’t been loosened, Hun Xu wouldn’t have taken advantage of the loopholes, which caused the Alchemist Holy Land to face the danger of almost annihilation. After that, although Pill Tower had minor changes, it was actually not. Did not solve too much problem.

This is like this time, Yan Qingshan’s actions are still considered secret, and the three giants had not received any news beforehand.

Heavenly Lightning is also nodded and said: “Boy, I have to admit that you are indeed a talent in this area, but as a senior, I still hope that you put Alchemy first. This is the root of Alchemist. “

Xuan Kong’s son is also smiled and said: “I agree, otherwise, I’m afraid Ying Er will trouble my Teacher afterwards!”

“many thanks three It’s the Chairman.”

Yan Qingshan bowed his respect, and then said: “There is one more thing. I am going to go to Northwest Continent in the near future, and I will talk to the three Chairmen first.


I tried another experiment in the secret room during this period of time. There are some results that may interest some elders of Pill Tower. I also hope that the three chairmen will recommend it.”

Yan Qingshan then took out a scroll and gave it to Xuan Kong’s son, and then he saluted and prepared to leave.

“Ying Er is in the pill fragrance hall today. You can go and find her.”

Before Yan Qingshan’s back disappeared, Xuan Kong suddenly spoke. The former’s silhouette paused and turned around With a slight bow, he left the hall door and disappeared in the corner.

Heavenly Lightning held the scroll left by Yan Qingshan, and after a closer look, he exclaimed: “This kid is really extraordinary. He actually created a new method of refining the body.

The flesh and bones of life and death, the original body is used to recreate the universe, which greatly reduces the problem of refining the body fit. I believe some old fellows in the small Pill Tower will be very interested.”

Xuan Yi is also slightly smiled, “He really didn’t talk nonsense! If this kid becomes a candidate for the Pill Tower giant, I will feel very relieved. Seriously, if he was young, that guy would be like him…I I won’t hesitate…”

When Xuan Yi said this, both Xuan Kong and Heavenly Lightning became silent. The people Xuan Yi said are familiar, but the old friend It has disappeared for many years, and it is suspected to be related to Soul Palace. I don’t know how it is now!

Yan Qingshan didn’t know the conversation of the Pill Tower Big Three after he left. At this time, he crossed the one after another corridor and came to a side hall.

Pill Fragrance Hall, where the pill Yun produces fragrance, is a secret place in the Pill Tower. There are countless jade utensils densely packed, filled with medicine pill, filled The fragrance of medicine spreads throughout the great hall.

However, the medicine pill in it is not a Precious Pill or the like. The ones that will be sent to you are waste pills that have not been completely destroyed.

An Alchemist does not guarantee that he can make a medicine pill for the first time. Most of the time, it will be smelted due to various factors, and part of the smelted waste will directly become black embers or fryer. Others were made into pill forms but failed in the end, so there was a waste pill.

The waste pills are basically useless, but some of them still retain a lot of energy. However, the erysipelas is very serious and cannot be taken directly. However, through special methods, part of the energy essence can be extracted, and this is the pill fragrance The role of magical formation in the temple.

These essences extracted from the waste pills are good things. Refining some medicine pill requires primers, or Alchemy is not enough to be added in the middle of the medicine, so this pill fragrance hall is quite good in Pill Tower. A lively place.

After Yan Qingshan came to the pill fragrance hall, he soon found Cao Ying’s traces. She and Dan Chen, Tang Huo Er, and Ye Xinlan were actually in their team. There is a man wearing a black jacket next to him, who looks quite handsome.

He seemed to be courteous, clinging to the four of them, as if he was jesting, on his chest, there was a badge with seven bright purple stars on it.

This person is actually a Tier Seven high level Alchemist, this person is not as old as Dan Xuan, but he is better than Dan Xuan, the heir of Dan Clan, such a young Tier Seven high Level Alchemist is really rare.

When Yan Qingshan walked over, Ye Xinlan, Tang Huo Er, Cao Ying, and Dan Chen also saw him. Some surprises flashed on their cheeks, and the expressions of several people were different. Ye Xinlan, Tang Huo Er, and Dan Chen were all happy, but Cao Ying was happy first, and then her face was cold again.

“Senior Sister, Chen’er, Ying Er.”

Yan Qingshan walked over, greeted very naturally, and looked at the black clothed youth next to the three. , Said with a smile: “I don’t know if this is…”

“chuckle, Young Master Yan has been in retreat for a long time, and finally is out! Don’t you know, this Sacred Pill City these days is The news of you has spread all over!”

Cao Ying suddenly covered her mouth to say with a lovable smile, so enchanting and charming, so that the black clothed man on the side passed by the eyes of the black clothed man, allowing some to be hard to detect. The fiery.

The black clothed man next to Cao Ying stepped forward slowly, facing Yan Qingshan extend the hand, saying with a smile: “Under Song Qing, I’ve heard that Young Master Yan is in the top five clans. The performance in the assessment, when we met today, it was indeed the name is not in vain……”

“Song Qing, is the dísciple of the Qiuling Great Elder!”

Yan Qingshan said with a smile , And then walked over and stretched out his hand, grabbing Cao Ying’s wrist with a little force. Little Witch thought that he would be so direct, being taken into his arms, “Sorry, these four Young Misses are all there.

How about you! Let’s find another target to show your courtesy! I don’t like it very much. Some men with different minds stick to my women. You can take this as a warning. At least, you can’t afford to offend me. .”

Yan Qingshan’s domineering and direct words made Song Qing’s face change instantaneously. He had imagined thousands of situations, and he didn’t expect Yan Qingshan to directly explain everything clearly. Even such a blatant threat.

Song Qing’s heart sank slightly, and Leng Mang flashed across his eyes. He and Cao Ying had known each other earlier than Yan Qingshan, and naturally had thoughts about this Little Witch.

In the past few years of contact with Cao Ying, he almost always regarded the other man as being imprisoned, and would never allow other men to be contaminated with him. He wanted to come to Cao Ying’s excellence, except for him. Besides, who else can be worthy of it!

Over the years, he has been pursuing Cao Ying and constantly working hard to improve himself. Some time ago, he was in retreat to hit the Tier Seven high level Alchemist realm, making himself better and more potential. , More important to the top of Pill Tower.

But what he didn’t expect was that he just left the customs, he felt the difference between Cao Ying, and he remembered a name.

Yan Qingshan, the champion of the five major clan assessments, this book is not enough to make Song Qing face up to him, regardless of background, is innate talent, strength, etc., he has the qualifications to look out of his peers, according to him With continued development, he will inevitably be a powerful figure in Pill Tower in the future.

But the details of the five clan assessments at this time immediately made him regard this person who had never been masked as a major enemy.

This youngster, who is slightly smaller than him, actually produced the Tier Eight three-color Spirit Pill in the breakthrough Spirit Stage in full view, and became a Tier Eight Alchemist who is not inferior to the Great Elder.

More importantly, this person seems to have an extremely ambiguous relationship with Cao Ying while he is the fiancé of Ye Family Young Miss.

An Alchemy technique is above him, and the enemy who can deal with several outstanding girls appears. Of course Song Qing is concerned, but he still has confidence, because he thinks this The enemy made a fatal mistake and shouldn’t be found on multiple boats.

He knows Cao Ying, and knows how proud this is a girl. He thinks that with his own understanding, she is unlikely to forgive her, and he only needs to show the same devotion, plus years of friendship. Bonus is definitely more chance.

But this first time we met, Song Qing had imagined many situations, but alone did not think of the situation in front of him. This person actually took Cao Ying overbearingly and announced the result to him.

Song Qing’s expression froze, no longer contrived, and said forcefully: “Young Master Yan, you know what you are talking about! What do you do!”

“I naturally know , She is mine, she is mine.”

Yan Qingshan smiled at Song Qing disdainful smile, bowed his head and said something to Cao Ying, and then turned directly in her astonishment. I kissed it.

“I’m leaving, go to Northwest Continent. I don’t know when I will be back. Don’t be angry, okay.”

These words are still echoing in Cao Ying’s ears. Then, her body became stiff, with an inexplicable astringency. Suddenly, her red lips were cold and she wanted to struggle. There were mixed feelings in her heart. It was actually subconsciously holding Yan Qingshan’s neck, and she responded fiercely. .

For a long time, the lips parted, the countless pairs of eyes around the two were watching, each of them was surprised by their boldness, but Cao Ying did not pay attention to the surrounding eyes at all, only Yan Qingshan in his eyes, Looking at him, “How long will you go!”

“I don’t know, because I don’t know if things at this time will go smoothly.”

Yan Qingshan shook his head, Holding Cao Ying’s cold little hand on her cheek, “I lied to you, I’m sorry, would you forgive me!”

“You fellow, you know you are cruel to me…”

Cao Ying stroked Yan Qingshan’s cheeks, throwing into his embrace, “I don’t care, you must coax me every day before you leave, you are mine…”


Yan Qingshan slightly smiled, so he hugged Cao Ying, and moved towards the other three women. After a sound transmission, the silhouettes of the two were blurred and disappeared. This pill fragrance is in the hall.

Yan Qingshan and Cao Ying left, and the three daughters of Dan Chen left the scene quickly. Only in the hall of Pill Fragrance, there were exclamations and discussions. Various noises poured into the ears, Song Qing’s stiff silhouette Shaking, his face was blue and purple, he absolutely didn’t expect that he would lose like this.

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