Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 272

In the inner domain of Sacred Pill City, before the Space Wormhole square belonging to Pill Tower, dozens of large and small Space Wormholes are entering and leaving countless silhouettes.

Yan Qingshan and Cao Ying Tang Huo Er and the others are saying goodbye, and not far away, on a stone stage, Venerable Tian Huo bursts out between his hands one after another Power of Space, one A black hole about ten feet in size is gradually taking shape, and a brand new Space Wormhole is about to be opened up.

“Old Mister Yào, but it succeeded.”

Yan Qingshan came to Venerable Tian Huo, this brand new Space Wormhole is Venerable Tian Huo after leaving the customs Yes, it is going to connect directly to the vicinity of Black-Corner Region.

Venerable Tian Huo nodded said: “The space coordinates of the Black-Corner Region have been locked by me. As long as someone is here to help fix the Space Wormhole, we can directly cross the void to Northwest Continent.”


“Venerable, trouble you.”

Yan Qingshan turned around and faced the Venerable nodded of the sorrow that was once invited by the Cao Family to protect Cao Ying. This Dou Zun powerhouse accepted Because of his employment, it is to stabilize the brand new Space Wormhole in this Sacred Pill City.

The bitter clothes are Venerable nodded, very respectful to Yan Qingshan, “Young Master Yan, don’t worry, it’s okay for the old man to stabilize a Space Wormhole.”

Yan Qingshan and Cao Ying and the After saying goodbye to others, before they came to Space Wormhole with Venerable Tian Huo, Venerable Tian Huo waved his hands, and Space Wormhole suddenly fluctuated violently. An extremely violent space fluctuation spread rapidly from it. .

Vaguely, there was a deep thunderous sound coming out of the wormhole, and finally rang out endlessly between Heaven and Earth. When the space fluctuation came out, the Space Wormhole also began to spin slowly, one after another light suction, permeating from it.

“Let’s go!”

Yan Qingshan and Venerable Tian Huo drove a spaceship quickly into the wormhole, accompanied by waves of ripples, a silver light shining brightly The Void Passage was quickly opened up, spreading to the extreme depths of endless distance.


Northwest Continent, over the Canaan Inner Academy, the orange sky suddenly twisted, and a dark vortex appeared quickly, spinning slowly, one after another amazing With the rotation of this vortex, the space fluctuation slowly spreads out.

“What is this?”

One after another silhouette quickly appeared above the Canaan Inner Academy. Great Elder Su Qian watched the space fluctuations constantly overflowing in front of him. vortex, his face is very solemn.

“Great Elder, can you figure out what’s going on?”

The face of Deputy Headmaster Hu Gan next to First Elder Su Qian is not very good, some of them Most of the people are just Dou Wang Dou Huang, and the students below are basically under Dou Wang. This spilled space fluctuation is really terrifying.

“Elderly Qian! Elderly Bai! You are here.”

First Elder Su Qian kept looking and did not answer, suddenly turned his head and looked towards the other direction, two old grays silhouette, the weirdness is slowly emerging. These two gray silhouettes appeared without warning, and many Inner Academy powerhouses including Hu Gan did not notice.

“This thing seems very insecure, it seems that someone is coming.”

Between Elderly Qian and Elderly Bai talking, one after another intense space fluctuation suddenly spread from the two of them. As the space fluctuates, the space has become distorted, like countless folds, it looks crooked, and the line of sight is directly distorted.

As the space fluctuation becomes more and more intense, it comes, two dark and deep strange black glow slowly appeared on the gray shadow fingers, and then the two dry fingers were gently out of thin air. With a stroke, a huge Space Crack quietly emerged.

“Bang… ”

A huge silver ancient Ship suddenly rushed out. The huge space vortex rippled and stabilized. A silver bright black hole gradually forming.

“This is the Space Wormhole, the void passage that Dou Zun powerhouse can open up.”

First Elder Su Qian suddenly recognized what this thing after thousands of forms was. , His face was also full of surprise.

Space Wormhole is not an ordinary thing. This kind of passage that can directly connect two spaces is extremely rare in Central Plain, let alone in Northwest Continent.

Jia Nan Academy can be considered rich, but there is no Space Wormhole to other places, but this is not the key.

The most important thing now is that the unexpectedly appearing Space Wormhole is actually in the Canaan Inner Academy. This place was restricted by the Jia Nan Academy’s powerhouse. Generally speaking, it is basically impossible. Someone can do this. .

And the person who can open up Space Wormhole must be Dou Zun, and their Jia Nan Academy, the most powerhouse now is nothing more than Dou Zong, this situation is not very good!

“Who created the Space Wormhole, how can it directly lead to the Inner Academy.”

Elderly Qian and Bai also came to First Elder Su Qian’s side, so naturally they too I recognized Space Wormhole, but like First Elder Su Qian, I didn’t think this was a good thing, and my heart was full of vigilance.

“Great Elder! Deputy Headmaster! Although my return is considered a major event, but you don’t need to welcome me like this!”

A young voice floated in mid-air Two figures appeared one after another. One Senior Elder came to Space Wormhole to stabilize the space passage, and the other came to the surprise First Elder Su Qian.

“Qing Shan, you are back, this is…”

First Elder Su Qian looked at Yan Qingshan in front of him and was very happy, and pointed to what was taking shape in the sky Space passage, there is a kind of indescribable feeling.

“Great Elder, Old Mister Yào was invited by me to establish Space Wormhole. I am going to establish a Space Wormhole that connects Inner Academy and Central Plain Sacred Pill City. This will not only make it more convenient for some students to come and go. , And it can also enhance the Academy’s heritage.”

Yan Qingshan’s words made First Elder Su Qian smile. He also went out to learn more. Naturally, he knew the meaning of this Space Wormhole. If Jia Nan Academy has Direct access to Space Wormhole in Central Plain is definitely a good thing for the Academy and my development.

First Elder Su Qian opened his mouth again: “You just said to connect it to Sacred Pill City. That is where the legendary Alchemist Holy Land Pill Tower is located. It’s not easy!”

Yan Qingshan waved his hand and said: “It’s okay, I am still a small identity in Pill Tower, and I still have this face.”

First Elder Su Qian laughed, “you brat, it’s true.” It’s going to be mixed everywhere…”

Yan Qingshan also smiled and said: “This is also the blessing of Great Elder, Pill Tower Ye Family is after all one of the five major clans……”

“Su Qian, this kid is the kid back then, he has already broken through Dou Zong?”

At this time, Elderly Qian and Bai and many Jia Nan Academy executives next to him also came over When I recognized Yan Qingshan, these people looked like ghosts one by one, especially Elderly Qian and Bai, who had little contact with Yan Qingshan.

“You have a breakthrough in Dou Zong! Also, before you left the Academy, you were already Dou Huang.”

First Elder Su Qian came here in surprise, but Yan Qingshan has always Void Condensing Li has never used Dou Qi Becoming Wings. This is a real spatial technique. However, Yan Qingshan was already Dou Huang before he left, and it is not unacceptable that Yan Qingshan has become a Dou Zong.

“Fuck that’s all.”

Yan Qingshan just smiled indifferently, showing a hint of humility. His pupil light swept across the Inner Academy and suddenly became deeply frowned: “Great Elder, what about Xian’er! How could she not be in Academy.”

“Xiao Yi Xian! Her situation seems a bit complicated. During this time, her cultivation base has grown faster, even surpassing old man, the poison qi around her became more and more difficult to converge, so she found a swamp retreat in the depths of the forest around the Academy.”

First Elder Su Qian said to Yan Qingshan, and he also added a map. I took it out and marked a corner of the map to say a little to Yan Qingshan.

“I’ll go find Xian’er first.”

Xiao Yi Xian is okay, Yan Qingshan is sighed in relief now, but he doesn’t want to stay and wait, and First Elder Su After Qian said for a while, the silhouette instantly dissipated across the sky, heading for the endless sea of ​​forest outside Canaan’s Inner Academy.

In the depths of the endless forest, a young man is cultivating painstakingly, the surging blue flames are constantly fighting against the waterfall, and an imaginary old man is floating around looking at the young man’s cultivation.

The cultivation teenager noticed that his Teacher’s expression had changed, and couldn’t help asking: “Teacher, what’s the matter?”

This illusory soul body frowned: “Neither do I Sure, it seems that Inner Academy has a very strong space fluctuation, and that level of power should be shot by Dou Zun.”

“Dou Zun! Black-Corner Region does not have this Wait for the powerhouse!”

This teenager was startled by the word Dou Zun. The flame on his body was beating again and again, and his heart was quite restless, “Could it be Soul Palace’s chaser? When it’s there, it shouldn’t be!”

Soul body shook his head and said, “Not that there are not many Venerables in Soul Palace. I can recognize most of them, but this Dou Zun is quite good. I have no impression of mysterious, and the cultivation base is quite high, I shouldn’t!”

These souls and teenagers are Xiao Yan and Old Yao who have come to Inner Academy. Old Yao is well-known as The powerhouse on the continent for hundreds of years, has a wide range of experienced and knowledgeable friends, and most of the famous powerhouses on the continent know about it. However, Dou Zun, who appeared abruptly on this one, has no impression.

Xiao Yan body trembled and said: “Teacher, Inner Academy’s situation is temporarily unknown, so let’s continue to explore the depths of the forest sea! Do you think there is a Heavenly Flame in the forest sea?”

Old Yao shook his head and said, “It’s true that there is a Heavenly Flame in the Black-Corner Region. It’s in the underground of Canaan’s Inner Academy. The Fallen Heart Flame I told you before, but the one in the Inner Academy Fallen Heart Flame is still a rudimentary form. Even if you absorb it, you can’t evolve Qi Method.

Heavenly Flames will also compete with each other. In a region, basically there will be no second Heavenly Flame. Therefore, there is no such thing in the forest. The news should be an increasingly distort the truth.

However, the Heavenly Flame of Inner Academy has little effect after absorption, but its usefulness is not small, Fallen Heart Flame’s Heart Flame can accelerate cultivation. With Sea Heart Flame in your body, you can use it to the extreme, rapidly increasing cultivation base breakthrough Dou Huang.”

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