Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 273

“Teacher, I think too! But the cultivation like this is really slow!”

Xiao Yan gave a wry smile and sighed, “I swallowed Sea Heart After Flame breakthrough Dou Wang, my cultivation speed was much faster, but now I’m still some distance away from Dou Wang Peak, let alone Dou Huang. And that damn Ling Quan is already Dou Huang.”

Xiao Yan couldn’t help gritting his teeth when he talked about the name Ling Quan. After he came to Jia Nan Academy, he was humiliated by Ling Quan. Although he was sealed by Yan Qingshan, Ling Quan’s method There are still some lessons, but Xiao Yan, who had not been able to absorb Sea Heart Flame at the time, is still more than enough.

And when Xiao Yan finally absorbed the Sea Heart Flame and broke through the Dou Wang realm, Ling Quan has restored the Dou Huang cultivation base, and the battle between the two suffered a bit, but Xiao Xun’er Still gone, he was not qualified to stay.

Old Yao looked at the dísciple in front of him and said resolutely: “It is extremely dangerous to absorb Heavenly Flame every time. This is not a shortcut.”

“Teacher, I see.”

Xiao Yan is nodded with a smile. He also knows that his idea is not so good. Ke just can’t help thinking about it, just want to break through earlier.

“There is a Heavenly Flame in the forest? Rumors?”

Just as Xiao Yan and Old Yao were talking, Yan Qingshan’s silhouette crossed the sky and he noticed it. Old Yao and Xiao Yan, but now he doesn’t care too much about these two, but he is quite interested in some of the information they just mentioned.

In the depths of the endless forest, a stretch of poisonous swamp, constantly bubbling all kinds of bubbles, the miasma here is more intense.

In the poisonous swamp, all kinds of poisonous insects are prevalent. There are eight-legged spiders, scorpion tail Demon Insect, centipede centipede, and one after another poisonous insects emerge. Four petals, some fine teeth, make the scalp numb.

This piece of poisonous marsh is extremely large. Poison fog is permeated within a radius of thousands of miles. There are countless lethal poisons infested. The environment is extremely harsh. Over the years, some black fog has shrouded the sky of this poisonous marsh. A layer of twilight has been shrouded above it.

The depths of this poisonous swamp is a dark green and black lethal poison swamp. The water is full of lethal poison, and bubbles are constantly coming out, bringing out strands of green Hei Du gas, poison fog Shrouded, even the air here is slightly fishy, ​​if it is sucked into the body, it will be quite troublesome.

Everywhere in the poisonous marsh and under the water, there will be the sound of one after another roar from time to time. All the creatures here, after years of evolution, almost all have lethal poison. One carelessness is to have gutter capsize.

A silhouette hangs on a giant tree in the depths of the poisonous swamp, a plain white dress, long hair that reaches the waist, and long hair that shines like white snow, just so soft and tumbling down, like a splashing galaxy waterfall.

On the woman’s cheeks, there is a veil covering her face. Although hazy, she gives people a kind of curiosity to find out. In addition, it seems a little weird. It was the pair of gray-purple eyes that were as cold as dead wood, and seemed to have little emotion.

This beautiful shadow looked at the constant wave of lethal poison worms, and a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes, “What is this, not only has it attracted so many poisonous beasts,” It even caused my Woeful Poison Body to have induction?”

This snow-white figure is naturally Xiao Yi Xian who left the Inner Academy and lives alone in the swamp poisonous land. Because the recent cultivation base has progressed too fast, she has to I found a regional retreat filled with lethal poison in order to better control my own cultivation base.

But when she found this swampland, she found that it seemed a bit weird. There were often poisonous beasts that seemed to be attracted by something in the depths of the swamp, and there was a vaguely weird fire.

“ghastly flame?”

Xiao Yi Xian looked at the depths of the swamp, where countless poisonous beasts lay corpses, faintly with the light of dark green fire, like the gloomy ghastly of a mass grave flame.

“It’s not right, that thing… is not a ghastly flame, it seems to be a real flame?”

Xiao Yi Xian’s face showed a surprised look, that jade-green flame It seems to be in the shape of a beast, or to be precise a bird.


In Xiao Yi Xian’s line of sight, the jade-green’s firelight gradually became clear. It was a weird bird, somewhat similar to an eagle, with a very loud voice. Big and stern.

The flying bird quickly approached Xiao Yi Xian, and the call was full of negative emotions. It was obviously staring at her, and closer, she finally saw the full picture of the flying bird.

Black body and naked eyes, wearing purple green feathers, burning jade-green flame all over, his cry is harsh and harsh, extremely hideous and terrifying.

“Xianer be careful!”

Xiao Yi Xian’s hands are condense with a poisonous Dou Qi, and he is about to shoot down this weird bird, when suddenly there is a call from behind, she After a pause, the song of the birds approached, and she did not hesitate to spin around and flew back into a familiar embrace.

Yan Qingshan quickly retreated with Xiao Yi Xian in his arms, staring at the weird bird that was approaching quickly in the distance, with a trace of hesitation in his eyes, “The bird? Or Heavenly Flame?”

No wonder he is weird. The image of this weird bird is too much like the legendary roaring bird in the previous life, but the roaring bird in front of him is surrounded by green flames, more like the life after Heavenly Flame incarnate. If he guessed correctly, this is a Fire Spirit.

Heavenly Flame Ranked 2nd Ten’s Nether Poison Fire, the flame that existed in the ancient Nether Poison Zephyr. After thousands of years of infestation, the flame burned the endless poison. The miasma gas, a century-old spirit, a thousand-year-old formation, when the complete mastery, its color is greenish, like a ghastly flame, it generally travels through the poisonous miasma.

Because the flame itself is a poisonous miasma that feeds into spirits and contains lethal poison, as long as it is exposed to sparks for a while, lethal poison is in the body, let alone swallowed and merged. Because of this, few people go Looking for this kind of Heavenly Flame, not many people know its existence.

Yan Qingshan’s eyes released a splendid color, and an illusory rainbow shadow flew out, “I can’t think of this unexpected joy. Since it’s here, then you don’t go.”

The illusory rainbow shadow turned into another Yan Qingshan with a reddish flame in mid-air. Between the two hands forming seals, an illusory fire snake flew out and quickly met the blue flame bird.


This Fire Spirit turned into a bird is not a fool. It is easy to distinguish the danger. There are countless blue fires between the wings. Obstructed, but he descended rapidly and prepared to escape into this poisonous swamp.

“You can’t escape…”

Yan Qingshan’s body suddenly floated out of a dark blue Fire Lotus, which covered the surface of the poisonous swamp in advance. , Completely blocked the way of this Fire Spirit, there is no way to the sky, no way to enter the earth, this Fire Spirit was finally captured by the seal under Yan Qingshan’s encirclement and suppression of my two Heavenly Flames.

“Netherworld Poisonous Fire! It’s really unexpected!”

Yan Qingshan took Xiao Yi Xian to the Poison Marsh, beside him was a dark blue Fire Lotus. In the cage, the dark green flame thrash bird kept screaming and trying to get out of the trap.

“Qing Shan big brother!”

A trembling call sounded beside him, Yan Qingshan turned around and a loving body slammed into his arms, and he backhanded it tightly. Bowing his head to launch an offensive against this little beauty’s little face.

And this contact person also responded enthusiastically to him, just on this green grass, the two people embraced each other with ecstasy.

“Xian’er, I’m afraid this is a dream, Qing Shan big brother……”

After lingering, Xiao Yi Xian nestled in Yan Qingshan’s embrace of me, 酡The little red face was full of sweetness, and only his reflection was in the blurred eyes.

Yan Qingshan’s palms supported this charming face, and said affectionately: “How come! Xian’er, you are not dreaming, I am back, this time I want to take you away, we We will all be together in the future.”

“en! Everything listens to Qing Shan big brother…”

Xiao Yi Xian squinted his eyes and leaned Zhenshou in Yan Qingshan’s arms , The ear is close to his heart, just listening to his heartbeat quietly.

At this moment, she is not the famous genius of Inner Academy, nor the Heaven Poison Lady who became terror-stricken at the news in Black-Corner Region, she is just a little girl who is addicted to love.

“Xian’er, get tired! Go to sleep!”

Yan Qingshan kissed the corner of Xiao Yi Xian’s eyes lightly, soothed the little person, closed his eyes and fell asleep. , Seeing this beauty’s peaceful and sleeping face, he couldn’t help showing a slight smile.

This time back to Northwest Continent, he was most worried about Xiao Yi Xian, because he was really scared, although Xiao Yi Xian’s Woeful Poison Body was sealed again before he left, but this It’s a time bomb, and you can’t let it go without a solution in one day.

After he hunted and killed Heavenly Poison Scorpion Draconic Beast in Central Plain, Chiu always wanted to get back to Northwest Continent as soon as possible, but at that time there was still Venerable Tian Huo.

Moreover, to help Xiao Yi Xian refine the Poison Pill, the Alchemy technique must also be qualified, and he is not sure whether his Flame Energy replaces a Heavenly Flame.

But with his success in helping Venerable Tian Huo refining the body, Metamorphosis Yang Yan can replace a kind of Heavenly Flame, which means that he has reached all the refining Poison Pill Conditions, so he no longer hesitated, and immediately arranged for Venerable Tian Huo to return to Northwest Continent.

The time in Space Wormhole is extremely tormented. The closer he gets to Northwest Continent, the more nervous he becomes, for fear of hearing any tragic news. When the Academy did not find Xiao Yi Xian’s breath, he was Really almost impulsive.

Fortunately, he once again saw this little beauty he was thinking of, his childhood sweethearts, Xiao Yi Xian, who is always gentle and kind.

“Xian’er, let’s go back.”

Yan Qingshan whispered to Xiao Yi Xian who was sleeping in her arms, bowed her head and kissed her cheek lightly, silhouette It disappeared in this poisonous swamp in a flash, and then the green flame cage disappeared.

Along with his departure, the originally silent lethal poison swamp finally became more angry and began to have the hustle and bustle of the past.

However, as the Nether Poison Fire in this Poisonous Marsh was taken away by Yan Qingshan, this lethal poison marsh is not like the previous ones where poisonous beasts die from time to time. The original dense black fog seems to be too In gradually thinning, the entire swamp has undergone great changes.

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