Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 274

“Boy, you finally came back.”

When Yan Qingshan returned to Canaan Inner Academy, Venerable Tian Huo had basically fixed the Space Wormhole entrance , And First Elder Su Qian arranged for some people to prepare materials and prepare to build a palace platform at this location.

“Old Mister Yào! Elderly Qian! Elderly Bai! Great Elder! Deputy Headmaster……”

Yan Qingshan said hello to everyone, and didn’t miss any of them, although It has been a while since leaving the Academy, but he is still able to accurately call everyone present, thanks to the power of SmartBrain Dawn, which also helps him to better handle interpersonal relationships.

“This is…Netherworld Poison Fire? Where did you get this thing, although it is also a Heavenly Flame, but basically no one wants to touch it!”

Venerable Tian Huo looked at the flame cage flying around Yan Qingshan, a trace of caution flashed in the pupil light, and even he felt the slightest threat.

Jade-green’s Fire Spirit struggles constantly in the flame cage, and the overflowing green fire brings out a bit of sweet smell, just a little bit of it makes you feel dizzy .

Yan Qingshan pointed to the northeast, “Among the endless forests, there is a huge lethal poison swamp. There are many poisonous beasts dead in it. The miasma is rich and terrifying.”

Venerable Tian Huo showed a stunned color, “It turned out to be there. The old man seemed to have a bit of an impression. When I was looking for the Heavenly Flame breath, I seemed to sense something there, but at that time I had already discovered the traces of the Fallen Heart Flame. I didn’t take seriously.”

“Netherworld Poisonous Fire, I can’t imagine that there is actually Heavenly Flame in this endless sea of ​​forest.”

In the Inner Academy, there are countless His eyes were focused on Yan Qingshan’s every move, and Xiao Yan, who was hidden among the many students,’s eyes flickered, it was unexpectedly bad. The legend of the ghastly flame in the endless forest was really Heavenly Flame. This makes him desperate for Heavenly Flame.

Old Yao’s voice rang in Xiao Yan’s mind. This time is rare with caution, “Xiao Yan, this ghostly poisonous fire is different from the normal Heavenly Flame, and Yan Qingshan is now powerful I am not inferior to me now, he is not easy to provoke!”

“Teacher, I know, I will not act impulsively.”

Xiao Yan whispered in secret , But the burning eyes kept staring at the fire spirit trapped in midair, obviously he did not give up his thoughts.


Canaan Inner Academy, where Yan Qingshan’s original courtyard is located, in the pavilion’s room, Yan Qingshan sits at the table, with countless scrolls spread out in front of them. There were ink marks all over, and many blanks were piled aside, and beside him, the fire spirit was still trying to get rid of but was unavailable.

“Xiao Yan, Mr. Old Yao, it’s a rare visitor!”

Yan Qingshan suddenly frowned, then stopped the pen in his hand and looked up in the direction moved towards the door. , An illusory soul body appeared, and Xiao Yan’s silhouette also appeared in his line of sight.

Old Yao hovered in the air to observe Yan Qingshan hehe and smiled and said: “Hehe…Swallow, your cultivation base is really advancing rapidly!”

Yan Qingshan let go Paper and pen, indifferently said: “It’s just some chance that’s all, Central Plain’s Tianbao. There are so many opportunities. I just seized some opportunities.”

Old Yao still smiled and said: “Hehe…Central Plain has many opportunities, but it is your ability to be able to grasp it.”

“Mr. Old Yao, it’s better to be straight to the point! You are looking for me for this. It!”

Yan Qingshan looked at Xiao Yan. Since the latter came in, the out-of-sight has always been the Nether Poisonous Fire leaning to his side, “Sorry, this Nether Poisonous Fire I There are other uses, but they can’t be traded.”

Yan Qingshan responded very decisively. Of course he knew what Xiao Yan was for, but he couldn’t trade this ghostly poisonous fire. .

Xiao Yan complexion changed, but it didn’t happen. Instead, it took a deep breath said solemnly: “Senior, why do you refuse to be so decisive? We have traded many times between you and me. Teacher is well-known Continent’s top powerhouse, the price paid will definitely satisfy you.”

“You have grown a lot more than before, but in my opinion, you rely too much on Mr. Old Yao. Mr. Old Yao’s Things are his after all…” Yan Qingshan’s words made Xiao Yan’s face change again, his palms clenched unconsciously, his nails almost pierced into his palms, and Old Yao on the other side was also slightly Changed his expression.

“Mr. Old Yao, you came here, but I actually intend to trade, but it is not Heavenly Flame, but something else.”

Yan Qingshan faces Old Yao Laughed, the Storage Ring between my fingers flashed. Amidst the space fluctuations, a heavy jade coffin fell to the ground, and a few things appeared on the desktop, “I know Mr. Old Yao has been preparing for his resurrection, and here I am, There are just some things that are not bad.

7th-Rank Magic Beast Heavenly Lightning wolf’s blood essence, a Douzong-class corpse, and the method of refining the body with Heavenly Flame Some thoughts, this is the important experience I gained after the actual operation!”

Old Yao frowned, hesitantly said: “The old man felt that before, why is Venerable Tian Huo a little weird? The action and style are quite ancient. The old man is not bad, he should not be the powerhouse of this era!”

“Mr. Old Yao said yes, Venerable Tian Huo is indeed not the powerhouse of this era. I rescued him. I personally refined his body in Central Plain.”

Gu Sheng looked at Old Yao and said with a smile: “By the way, I am not only Burning. One of Flame Valley’s successors, and a candidate for the giant Pill Tower, successfully refined the Tier Eight three-color Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill.”

“I guessed you could Stirring the situation, but I never thought I would underestimate you!”

Old Yao’s expression in this brief moment is extremely cautious. As a powerhouse that used to be a continent, he knows the weight of these two identities better than anyone else. , It is extremely rare for a person to have one of them, and having both of these identities at the same time, this is probably the first time!

“Tier Eight, Alchemist…”

Xiao Yan was really confused. Yan Qingshan said he was the candidate of the Pill Tower giant and the heir of Burning Flame Valley. He did not Know the specific situation, but as an Alchemist, how could he not know what the Tier Eight three colors represent!

I think he calls himself Alchemy genius, and even now he barely reached the Tier Six Alchemist state. Tier Eight Alchemist is still an unattainable legend. His Teacher Venerable Yao and before death are nothing more than this realm only.

“I know that Venerable Yao has a lot of collections, and I am indeed interested in some of the things you have. I am willing to trade, but it will not be Heavenly Flame.”

Yan Qingshan looked at Old Yao and Xiao Yan who were shocked in front of him, and continued: “I want to use these things to exchange all the remaining information about Woeful Poison Body in Venerable Yao’s hands, and the Tier Nine Precious Pill, The Pill Recipe of Nine Yin Yellow Spring Pill.

If these are not enough, I can also personally refining a Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill for Mr. Old Yao, and then go to Central Plain to find Pill Tower and Star Meteor Pavilion looks for the most suitable precious materials and personally refines your body to help you regain your strength. You think this is good.”

“You said, the old man is really heart-warming!”


Old Yao was silent for a long time, the old voice sounded, Xiao Yan body trembled, there was an impulse to stop Old Yao and Yan Qingshan from trading, but he didn’t know how to stop it.

Old Yao has always been very good to him. What reason does he have? Because he is uncomfortable with Yan Qingshan in his heart, his teacher missed the chance to resurrect.

“But…what you said is not a necessary thing for the old man.”

Old Yao turned around and glanced at Xiao Yan Then he continued: “The materials needed for refining the body, except for a variety of other things except Heavenly Flame, are not difficult for the old man to collect after returning to Central Plain, including the Bone-Growing Blood-Melting Pill.

As for the refining conditions of the various Heavenly Flames, the old man can still borrow some price. Since you don’t intend to trade that ghostly poisonous fire, don’t talk about the other things!”

“Mr. Old Yao, if you add this!”

Between Yan Qingshan beckoning, a scroll appeared in his hand, and after unfolding, a few large characters appeared,’Nong Yan Jue·Change ‘, “This inflammation decision comes from Demon Flame Valley. It originally required three people to work together to cultivation. The refined Life Fire can barely reach half of the formidable power of Heavenly Flame.

Han Feng once swallowed After having practiced the life fire of Demon Flame Valley Three Great Elders for a lifetime, Flame Mantra rapid progress, the progress is not small, Xiao Yan, you should also feel that there is a different kind of flame power in that Sea Heart Flame. .

And this Yanjue was reorganized by the Earth Demon Old Ancestor of Demon Flame Valley, and a version of the Yanjue that can be single-player cultivation and can reach half the power of Heavenly Flame Method.

And what I’m taking out now is another version. The bottom lava world of Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower is within the realm. There is a strange flame lizard monster, and their crystal core contains With extremely pure fire power, people with Heavenly Flame can quickly refining breakthrough.

And the origin of these flame lizards, Fire Energy, can also use this version of my hand to get rid of inflammation. Decided, make a kind of Life Fire, I can help you get it to Blazing Qualification at the bottom of Sky Qi Refining Tower. And these should be of great help to Xiao Yan! “

Yan Qingshan’s voice fell, Xiao Yan and Old Yao were both silent. The two secretly exchanged their gazes for an instant. After a long silence, Old Yao broke the peace, “old man I have to say, you can really persuade and impress others, Xiao Yan, take all these things! ”

Xiao Yan stepped forward silently, picked up the scroll that made the Yan Jue·changed, and then put away the 7th-Rank Heavenly Lightning wolf blood essence and the jade coffin with Storage Ring.

Although Old Yao refused decisively just now, now that the deal has been concluded, the cheapness does not account for bastard, Xiao Yan’s morals are nothing, 7th-Rank Magic Beast blood essence and the dead body of Dou Zong He certainly didn’t know when he could collect it, how could he let it go now!

Old Yao sighed as he looked at Yan Qingshan, and left some scrolls and Pill Recipe, “Hey! I really don’t want to see you brat, every time I meet from my Senior…”

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