Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 275

Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower, the bottom layer is close to the lava world of the earth. This is the most extreme place in the entire Canaan Inner Academy, which can effectively suppress the poison attribute .

“Xian’er, are you ready!”

Yan Qingshan placed the Green Lotus seat that gave birth to the Green Lotus Core Flame in a suitable position, and Xiao Yi Xian Hearing this, welcome With his gaze, his heart felt a little peaceful, slightly nod, took a deep breath, and suppressed the tension in his heart.

She sat cross-legged on the Green Lotus seat, her upper body straightened, and her slender jade neck and waist outlined a moving curve.

The power of the surrounding earth fire was attracted by the Green Lotus seat. The powerful Yang Attribute Power temporarily suppressed the original poison in Xiao Yi Xian’s body.

“Don’t be nervous…”

Yan Qingshan comforted Xiao Yi Xian who was holding the jade hand tightly. A crystal nucleus filled with violent energy appeared in the palm of his hand, Heavenly The magic beast core of Poison Scorpion Draconic Beast.

A jade box emerged again. The whole body of the jade box was snow-white, and there was even a faint cold air constantly permeating out. The jade box opened, and a group of emerald green appeared, and it was still slowly The squirming sticky thing exudes a strong life force.

Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva, when Yan Qingshan stirred the endless storm in the Black-Corner Region, it took a lot of thought to get the rare treasure.

“Xian’er, your physique is very suitable for Nether Poison Fire. Because of the lethal poison of this kind of flame, ordinary people can’t bear one point of stickiness, but as a Woeful Poison Body, you can swallow the poison. Improve the cultivation base, but this process will be very painful…” Yan Qingshan’s words did not shake Xiao Yi Xian, she just looked at Yan Qingshan, gently nodded, in order to help her solve Woeful Poison Body, Yan Qingshan has been running around for several years.

Now everything is ready, no matter how painful she is, she will definitely support it, otherwise, how can she be worthy of the people in front of her for all these years.

“I want to unlock the seal in your body now and completely trigger the Woeful Poison Body…and in the process, you must temporarily suppress and control the power that does not burst out so quickly. “

Yan Qingshan said in a deep voice, this process is definitely the most dangerous point. Once the Woeful Poison Body’s seal is unlocked, it is basically impossible to seal it again, so they only have one chance.

“Qing Shan big brother, Xian’er believes in you…”

Xiao Yi Xian also seems to know the worry in his heart, a lovely smile appeared on his pretty cheeks, with a soft voice lightly said to appease Yan Qingshan. Then, a red glow flew quickly on her Qiaomei’s cheeks, and after lightly biting her silver teeth, she began to undress and undress.

Xiao Yi Xian jade hand gently unwraps the dress, the unwrapped dress slides down the delicate and white skin, a perfect lovable body like suet jade-like, that is So exposed to the scorching firelight.

Yan Qingshan quickly settled his mind, within both eyes flashing silver and blue colors, his eyes focused on Xiao Yi Xian’s body, suet jade-like body, one after another rune-like Tao The marks are all over Xiao Yi Xian’s body, forming a perfect seal.

“Heavy heart, suppress Heavenly Flame, unite inside and outside, condense the poison source!”

Yan Qingshan’s two-finger melody, jade-green’s Fire Spirit was beaten Entering Xiao Yi Xian’s dantian, Xiao Yi Xian quickly mobilized the outbreak of poisonous Attribute Power to encircle and suppress it, refining it, and confronted the two powerful toxic forces.

On the other side, two Yan Qingshan appeared before and after Xiao Yi Xian. Two colors flame of pure white and dark blue came out from Yan Qingshan in front of Xiao Yi Xian, and her behind the Heart Flame clone , Also released a strong flame power.

The white smoke of chi chi kept coming out, and the seal was completely destroyed. One after another terrifying dark gray poison fog suddenly burst out of Xiao Yi Xian’s body, her gray and purple pupils, It was gradually and completely transformed into pure gray.

This kind of gray, with the smell of death, without the slightest vitality, makes people feel a kind of trembling millet spreading from the depths of the soul at a glance.

When Woeful Poison Body breaks out completely, this gray will quickly swallow all the vitality of its owner. As the gray poison fog diffuses, the redness on Xiao Yi Xian’s cheeks quickly recedes. The soft cheeks only slowly became expressionless.

However, between her eyebrows, there is a faint color of pain and struggle, showing that she is resisting the backlash of Woeful Poison Body.

A powerful jade-green firelight illuminates in her lower abdomen, opposing the gray-purple color that is permeating death. At this moment, the Nether Poison Fire has become the key to helping Xiao Yi Xian retain his vitality.

“It looks like it did succeed. The Netherworld Poison Fire and the Poison Body’s origin check and balance each other, which is very suitable for this Woeful Poison Body.”

Yan Qingshan looked at this scene with a little peace of mind, He deduced it on the reels and simulated countless runs with SmartBrain Dawn, which confirmed the current plan. It seems that the probability of success is indeed great.

The flame of pure white, dark blue, and light red is interwoven and fused, and the final product of the combination of three Heavenly Flames, showing three distinct colors. The flame curls and rises, and there is a destructive force slowly Spread out.

The three kinds of flames were successfully blended. Yan Qingshan waved his palm, and the flame violently surged out. It suddenly swelled and opened, actually directly enveloping Xiao Yi Xian’s entire body.

The flame just enveloped Xiao Yi Xian, and the dense gray poison qi on its body surface suddenly burst out like a nemesis, with a violent chi chi sound, then flinched like lightning, and finally all rushed into Xiao Yi Xian’s body.

Along with poison qi, Xiao Yi Xian’s gray-purple pupils suddenly transformed into pure gray, a breath of death, which diffused out of her body, and the ghostly poisonous fire in her body It was the feeling of a deeper crisis, and stronger resistance broke out.

Xiao Yi Xian’s eyes also have a trace of jade-green flames, and two powerful poisonous Attribute Powers are fighting each other in her body.

Yan Qingshan stood up, the body and the Heart Flame clone, with four hands placed on the forehead and back of Xiao Yi Xian’s forehead and shoulders, the fused flame turned into countless tiny flames, penetrating Xiao Yi Xian. Yi Xian’s skin rushed into his body, madly chasing the countless gray poison qi.

Driven by these countless flames, the gray poison qi that permeated Xiao Yi Xian’s body quickly dissipated. Under conscious control, all the poison qi converged towards Xiao Yi Xian’s lower abdomen. .

Countless subtle sounds continue to be heard from Xiao Yi Xian’s body. The gray poison qi flees under the influence of the external Heavenly Flame, and finally is driven to his lower abdomen. The three flames are fused. The power of is turned into a ring of fire, which binds it inside.

The vast poison qi full of death breath, all condensed in the lower abdomen of Xiao Yi Xian, in the circle of fire is the vast poison qi, and in the center of the poison qi there is a flame that is constantly fighting and weakening With poison qi, it is as if the center is blooming, and the two flames should merge inside and outside.

Yan Qingshan took a breath, grabbed the nucleus of Heavenly Poison Scorpion Draconic Beast, and patted it on Xiao Yi Xian’s abdomen. The nucleus touched Xiao Yi Xian’s skin, but it was weird. A strange light, and then slowly blended into it.

The magic beast core weirdly blends into Xiao Yi Xian’s body, rushes into the gray poison qi vortex, and then entangles in the center of the vortex. The Nether Poison Fire seems to have a lodging place and quickly sinks into it .

Yan Qingshan’s palm is slightly curved, a suction force directly sucks out the group of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva in the jade box on the side, and the powerful Heavenly Flame power quickly starts Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva. Refining work.

With the rapid completion of Tempered, when the Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva was calcined in Heavenly Flame, many emerald green dust deposits gradually fell from it.

This kind of dust fell slowly, but it did not completely break away from the Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva. Instead, it continued to condense at its bottom. In a blink of an eye, it formed an emerald less than the size of a thumb. green beads.

At the moment when this emerald green bead was formed, Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva also shook slightly, and immediately this bead came off from it, and was held in the palm of Yan Qingshan, who had been prepared for a long time.

The touch of this emerald green bead is not smooth, but rather rough. Holding it in your hand, you can feel a kind of vitality.

“Bodhi Seed!”

Yan Qingshan looked down at this Bodhi Seed, this Bodhi Seed is the heavenly material earthly treasure produced by the legendary Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, and Bodhi Heart is generally extremely rare. The most important thing is that it is the main material of Tier Eight Bodhi Pill, and Bodhi Pill can help the cultivator break through the realm of fighting the sage, attracting countless people to chase it wildly.

Bodhi Heart, a divine object, for Dou Zun powerhouse, almost has the temptation to be difficult to match. Bodhi Pill can increase the 20% probability of promote rank fighting. Just because of this, It is enough to make all Dou Zun powerhouse moth flies into the flame.

Bodhi Seed is very precious, but Yan Qingshan doesn’t have much thoughts at this moment. He puts it in the jade box and sends it to the Storage Ring. Yan Qingshan continues his work just now, refining good Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva, He was pasted on Xiao Yi Xian’s smooth and smooth lower abdomen.

Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva just touched Xiao Yi Xian’s body, and in a whispering sound, he followed his skin pores and sneaked into his body quietly.

A vibrant emerald green color suddenly spread from Xiao Yi Xian’s lower abdomen, and within a few breaths, it enveloped Xiao Yi Xian’s entire body.

Countless emerald green liquids adhere to every corner of Xiao Yi Xian’s body. Under the invasion of Bodhi Form Transforming Saliva, some vital meridian muscles have been lost because of poison qi. Waiting, it is actually rejuvenated again, and the richness of that vitality is better than before.

“Xianer, run Dou Qi, compress poison qi, condense the poisonous fire, and turn into Poison Pill…”

Yan Qingshan suddenly screamed, shouting like thunder, hong The long long spread directly to the depths of the Xiao Yi Xian soul. Xiao Yi Xian’s consciousness was awakened and he hurriedly operated Dou Qi. According to the Poison Pill method, he began to gradually compress the vast poison qi vortex.

Poison qi vortex finally started to condense against the magic beast core in the center, and under the impact of poison qi, the ghost fire in the magic beast core also began to release I want to resist the erosion of poison qi with violent energy.

The two forces began to merge in the opposition. With the expansion of the poisonous fire, the gem-like crystal nucleus began to converge in a perfect circle, and finally condensed countless original poison qi into a perfect circle Poison Pill, and With the formation of Poison Pill, the Nether Poison Fire began to gradually spread.

A dark green flame began to appear on Xiao Yi Xian’s outside the body, adding a different style to her, and feeling that Xiao Yi Xian’s breath has stabilized, Yan Qingshan also relieved his heart, and withdrew his palm.

What he can do is basically over, the rest is to look at Xiao Yi Xian himself, he slowly got up and walked away, adjusting his breath to close eyes, waiting for Xiao Yi Xian exits again.

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