Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 277

“Xian’er, let’s go!”

Yan Qingshan was silent for a moment, closed his eyes, and the powerful soul power began to spread. He quickly passed the scope of Inner Academy. After a long time, he opened his eyes, smiled at Xiao Yi Xian, and took the girl out of Inner Academy.

The endless sea of ​​forests, the valley of the beast king, and the huge valley have spacious corridors. Various buildings are full of rough styles, and everything looks so primordial.

Magic Beast head-to-head, or walking around on the road, or trading at a stall, there is a silhouette of a human in the middle, which is very lively.

This is the forest gathering every a month in the Beastmaster Valley. Countless enlightened Magic Beasts will bring their own resources to barter. Today’s Beastmaster Valley has almost affected the entire endless Linhai’s countless Magic Beasts.

This is a grand event for Magic Beast, and of course there are silhouettes of humans, but they are all students of Jia Nan Academy, mainly to help Magic Beast of Beastmaster Valley manage the order. There are many in there. The King of Magic Beast, but a big inside story of the Blue King City.

In the wide square, a lot of huge stone stages have been set up. These stone platforms are also filled with a dazzling variety of items. There are various Magic Beasts inside and outside the stone stage. Many Magic Beasts are available. They all came in groups of the same race, and it was quite lively.

There are also many humans in this Magic Beast market. Most of them are students from Jia Nan Academy. Most of them come to maintain order, but some come to trade. And this kind of people are mostly Alchemist.

“Xiao Yan, tut tut tut, I have to say that Yan boy can really do business.”

Xiao Yan in azure clothes is also here at this time. Beast mingled with me in the market, searching for what he needed, and in his mind, Old Yao was also quite surprised by this scene.

“Here, there are a lot of precious spiritual medicine!”

Xiao Yan stared at me, constantly flowing through the stalls, a kind of robbing the entire market Impulsive, but he just thought about it, but he didn’t dare to really do it. On the one hand, one of the bosses in the Beast King Valley Market is her cousin Xiao Yu, and many people of the same race also rely on this to eat together!

The other one, he really doesn’t dare to mess around. This Beastmaster Valley has gathered a lot of middle high level Magic Beast, 5th-Rank 6th-Rank has a lot, even if he is good at There is chaos here, and the probability of being beaten out of shit is greater if Old Yao doesn’t make a move.

“This is…Azure Wood Immortal Vine!”

Xiao Yan suddenly stopped in front of a booth, and a man in a light gray shirt was sitting cross-legged and looking The eyes closed tightly, and there were a lot of good things on his booth, and what attracted Xiao Yan the most was the half chi long withered vine.

The body of this dry vine is dark green, like a piece of fine jasper, with faintly natural lines drawn on it, twists and turns, like a winding green snake.

The most weird thing is this dark green withered vine. The whole body also exudes a strange smell that makes people relaxed and joyful. From now on, I know that this thing is quite unusual.

Azure Wood Immortal Vine, refining Tier Six Earth Spirit Pill essential medicine pill, and Tier Six Earth Spirit Pill can help absorb Fallen Heart Flame, Xiao Yan knows in Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower After having Fallen Heart Flame, I tried my mind, but later I found out that the Heavenly Flame was not long enough and gave up my mind.

Although he gave up the idea of ​​absorbing absorption, he was not prepared to give up the Earth Spirit Pill. The Earth Spirit Pill can make the power of soul soar in a short time, thereby resisting Fallen Heart Flame’s attack on Divine Soul Characteristics, medicine efficacy can also enhance the soul origin, which is very helpful to his breakthrough Alchemist realm.

“Dou Wang?”

Xiao Yan only approached the booth. The youngster in grey clothes who was to close eyes opened his eyes. A pair of slightly red eyes made Xiao Yan suddenly in ones heart trembled, felt a strong threat.

“You are Xiao Yan!”

Xiao Yan hasn’t spoken yet, this person has called out his name, which surprised him, after all, he hadn’t Have seen this person!

The youngster in grey clothes said faintly: “I entered the Inner Academy together with Bai Cheng back then. I heard that he was taught by you some time ago.”

Xiao Yan’s complexion changed, the body is full of weak breath, coldly said: “You are planning to find a place for Baicheng.”

“It doesn’t mean that, Baicheng betrayed the Qing Shan meeting back then, if not for the leader has been No, I wanted to teach him a long time ago.”

The gray-clothed youth shook his head. The words in front made Xiao Yan a little relieved, but then he changed his mind, “But I heard that, You are going to hit the top of the strong list this year. I don’t agree to this.”

“You don’t agree, but this is not for you.”

Xiao Yan’s body tightened again. There was an angry look in his eyes. After he entered the Inner Academy, he also founded a Pan’s Gate, which greatly impacted the original division of Inner Academy. But in order to rise, he must make Pan’s Gate bigger and stronger. There is no better way than to hit the top of the Inner Academy’s strong list.

“What are you talking about!”

A faint voice came from behind, Xiao Yan’s body suddenly stiffened, cold sweats from his vest, and that voice sounded again. “Lin Yan, you don’t want to kill cultivation temperament, when can you change it.”

The gray youth in front of Xiao Yan stood up and said with a laugh: “Yan leader, you also know, I’m like this, without your…ability, I can only use desperate cultivation to get myself to occupy a place on Dou Qi continent!”

“I feel what you said It’s not a good thing, it’s not right!” Yan Qingshan smiled back, and then threw a jade bottle in the past. The ice spirit meditation pill I refined, after taking physique, may change, and it will almost change in the future. All Fire Poisons are useless for you, but you should also be aware that there are some things you really can’t fight too hard.

Lin Yan opened the jade bottle and smelled a tremor, and said in shock: “What kind of medicine pill, I feel the bottleneck is loose as soon as I open it.”

“Just leave it alone, I’ll go to Xuelan Xiao Yu and the others, and go…”

Yan Qingshan spoke to Lin Yan for a while, and then he greeted Xiao Yi Xian and left. Now, from start to finish, he didn’t even look at Xiao Yan on the side, let alone communicate.

Old Yao’s voice resounded in Xiao Yan’s mind, “The Meditation Pill is Tier Seven middle level medicine pill, and it is mixed with the soft ice spirit power to overcome Fire Poison. This is called Lin Yan again. Pure Fire Physique, with this medicine pill, his cultivation in the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower must be easier.”

“Tier Seven middle level medicine pill! Tier Eight Alchemist!”

Xiao Yan’s palm clenched unconsciously, facing Yan Qingshan’s ignorance, he had a kind of inexplicable humiliation, even if Yan Qingshan had helped him many times, but I don’t know why, he just hates all aspects A guy who is stronger than him, and a woman who is much better than him.

Yan Qingshan’s attitude towards him is just like a stranger. He just knows him, and he pays more attention to Old Yao on him, and this attitude of ignorance makes him the most unacceptable.

The deep valley of the Beastmaster Valley, the valley where Core Quenching Body Milk is located, the huge snow Demonic Heavenly Ape, sitting at the door like a Buddha of Buddhism, between to close eyes cultivation, a trace of white mist flies away Out, let this piece of valley be full of coolness in the hot summer.

In the rough buildings inside the valley, several shadows are dealing with things. With the dísciple of the Inner Academy, medicine pill and medicine ingredient are separated into different categories, whether they are stored in the warehouse or taken away from the transaction, and everything The arrangement is well organized.

“Here, it’s quite lively now!”

A voice sounded in the great hall, and the few shadows who were dealing with things were all a meal, one by one Turn around and look around.

“Yi! Qing Shan, you are back.”

The slightly ambiguous atmosphere was interrupted by an untimely voice, Xue Demonic Heavenly Ape came over, warmly and Yan Qingshan said hello.

“Snow Ape, you have become the 6th-Rank Magic Beast! Let me give this to you!”

Yan Qingshan looked at the Snow Demonic Heavenly Ape in front of him, and suddenly lost it. A jade bottle passed, “I improved the demonization pill when I experimented with Pill Recipe in Central Plain. The effect is better than the original one. It’s a pity that the Body Transformation Pill must have Body Transformation Grass…”

Yan Qingshan shook his head regretfully. The Body Transformation Pill is the most effective medicine pill for Magic Beast. Unfortunately, the grade is as high as Tier Seven, and Body Transformation Grass must be used as the main material, even if Yan Qingshan uses it from Gu He. One of the Body Transformation Pill has been tested for a long time, but no good way has been found.

However, there is no breakthrough in Body Transformation Pill. Demonizing Pill or something, but it also gives him an unusual trick. Now the improved Demonizing Pill really seems to be able to transform Magic Beast after taking it. The demon generally becomes an orc-like existence, leaving only a part of the beast characteristics.

“Thank you!”

Xue Demonic Heavenly Ape thanked Yan Qingshan, looking a little cramped, and took out a small jar from the side, “This is what I collected Core Quenching Body Milk, you accept it!”

“Okay! Thank you for your hard work.”

Yan Qingshan looked at the sincere snow in front of Demonic Heavenly Ape, laughed away , Now this diluted Core Quenching Body Milk is useless to him, but this is after all Xue Demonic Heavenly Ape’s heart.

Snow Demonic Heavenly Ape talked to Yan Qingshan for a while, then laughed and took the demonization pill into his residence to prepare to retreat, and Yan Qingshan only walked into the great hall at this time. Xuelan and the others.

“Xuelan, I am back.”

At this time, Xuelan is arranging some people to put away the medicine pill prepared today. Yan Qingshan’s arrival did not make her stop. , But a simple call, but let her body trembled, almost crying on the spot.

“I won’t leave you at this time.”

Yan Qingshan walked over and held Xuelan in his arms. This desert rose, which has always been strong, is just The girl who can sob.

“I, too weak, I can’t help you.”

A mosquito-like voice sounded in his arms, Yan Qingshan lowered his head and raised Xuelan’s face, the original wheat The complexion has faded a lot, and this kitten, once full of feral nature, has now become a little cat with a crying nose.

“I don’t need how strong you are, as long as you are willing.”

Yan Qingshan held her face to wipe away the tears, and said softly, “I am the weakest At the time, it was you, Xian’er, and Qing Ling by my side. You will always be my most precious treasure. After a while, we will go to Heaven Snake House and take Qing Ling back!”

“en! I miss her too.”

Xuelan nodded, buried her head on Yan Qingshan’s shoulder, she also remembered that when she was in Rock Desert City, she had been following her Little Sister in the back.

Yan Qingshan is wiping away the unstoppable tears from the corner of her eyes again, smiling and saying: “Don’t cry, we should be happy!”

“I didn’t Cry!”

Xuelan regained the vigor and vitality of the past, and he was dissatisfied and argued with Yan Qingshan.

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