Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 280

Life and Death Gate, located in the forbidden area of ​​Jia Ma Empire Misty Cloud Sect mountainside, was originally the last test before the successor of Misty Cloud Sect Sect Master became Sect Master, and it was also the Sect of Misty Cloud Sect. Master Land of Buried Bones.

“Why do you want to enter the Life and Death Gate, with your current cultivation base, this Secret Realm should not be able to help you anymore?”

Misty Cloud Mountain, when When Yan Qingshan made this request to Yun Yun, the eyes of this beautiful young woman with peerless grace and elegance revealed doubts.

Yan Qingshan shook his head and sighed: “You don’t understand, the relationship of this place is too big, I want to try to explore the bottom.”

He is actually not sure. , Life and Death Gate is a place of experience left by the Great Thousand Worlds powerhouse, which has the Ancient Teleportation Formation and a lot of Origin Qi. This is also the most likely to help Yan Qingshan become Dou Di’s treasure.

Now Yan Qingshan is close to Dou Zun, and he barely has the qualifications to contact this treasure. As for getting its recognition, it may not be easy. There are so many Sect Masters in Misty Cloud Sect that have passed the trial. Few, but it was eventually taken by Nalan Yanran.

And Nalan Yanran also received it after Xiao Yan arrived at Great Thousand Worlds. It is difficult to say whether there is any help from Xiao Yan after becoming an emperor.

“This is Life and Death Gate.”

Yan Qingshan followed Yun Yun to Misty Cloud Mountain mountainside, before an inconspicuous Cave entrance, Life and Death The three quaint big characters of Gate are engraved on the stone wall on the side.

“It’s weird inside.”

Yan Qingshan to close eyes senses the situation inside the Life and Death Gate, but the unfavorable soul force cannot penetrate even the slightest, and is caught The mysterious power is blocked, but he can feel that there is an extremely terrifying energy in the depths of the Life and Death Gate.

Yun Yun said softly to Yan Qingshan: “Yanran is also retreating inside, you met, please help me take care of her!”


Yan Qingshan nodded, left without any hesitation. As he entered this Secret Realm, there were waves and ripples around him, the scenery changed suddenly, and a barren breath assaults the senses.

Above the endless wasteland, clouds float, and occasionally a light wind blows in, bringing a yellow wave that stretches to the end above the wasteland below.

Suddenly there was a violent fluctuation in the space, and then a huge dark space gate appeared out of thin air, and shortly after the Space Gate appeared, one silhouette also appeared slowly, and finally stood on this piece of space. In the strange Heaven and Earth.

“Here is so rich Heaven and Earth energy, which is at least several times stronger than the outside world.”

Everything around seems a bit barren, the energy here is rich and scary. , From time to time there will be an energy storm, which is too strong spiritual qi, but it may become a terrible thing.

Above the foggy ground, the dazzling light floats, and when you look around, the whole world seems to be shrouded in a kind of dead silence, no trace of vitality.

“Bold, Misty Cloud Sect is a heavy land, how can you be close…”

“Who are you, dare to trespass into the Misty Cloud Sect forbidden land…”

“You don’t have the breath of Misty Cloud Sect on your body, how dare you come to the forbidden area.”

As soon as Yan Qingshan entered, there was a sound like a thunder, which sounded in the sky, one louder than one louder , I could feel the awe-inspiring murderous intention of one after another, and then the illusory silhouette of one after another appeared quickly.

“Remnant soul? Or phantom?”

Yan Qingshan’s expression condensed, he was preparing to cup one fist in the other hand, but he realized something was wrong, this Life and The Death Gate was originally the secret place of Misty Cloud Sect. It is normal for the elders of Misty Cloud Sect to be buried. It is normal to have remnants, but he always feels something is wrong.

“Illusion? Seemingly true and seemingly illusory? This secret treasure is really extraordinary.”

Yan Qingshan suddenly took a palm, stirring up ripples in the space, the light and shadow in front of him Scattered, most of them were blown away by his palm, but then they gathered again, roared at him and launched an attack, as if it were a daoist.

“This really seems to be a bit of remnant soul memory, are the original remnants of souls integrated into it!”

Yan Qingshan noticed the reappearance of the remnant soul silhouette seems to fade Many, some seem to have hollow eyes, it is obvious that they have been hurt, and their attacks have not caused much damage to Yan Qingshan.

“energy core? Heaven tomb?”

Yan Qingshan blasted out with a palm. This time was aimed at one of the illusory silhouettes. This illusory silhouette was suddenly distorted,’pu The sound burst open. A diamond-shaped crystal about the size of a thumb appeared in his palm. A little bit of dazzling light and a thick energy mist spread out from it.

He can understand a bit of the essence of this place. This trial site is similar to the trial sky tomb of the ancient eight races. It contains the energy body produced by the condensed soul of the powerhouse after death, but the scale is much smaller, Misty The highest powerhouse of Cloud Sect in all dynasties is Dou Zun. How much strength can it have.

However, this trial site is more magical than the heavenly tomb. Those who die in it can retain part of their consciousness and memory. In the heavenly tomb, unless they reach the heavenly battle sage during their lifetime, Otherwise you can’t stay subconsciously at all.

However, the Divine Item of Life and Death Gate is damaged after all. Although it can retain the conscious memory of these soul bodies, it cannot prevent them from gradually disappearing over time.

Dou Zun is the weakest in the sky tomb, so it will last for a long time, and the battle will not be destroyed for a thousand years, but this is different in the Life and Death Gate, Misty Cloud Sect is the strongest in the past. It’s just Dou Zun, so most of the Divine Soul is dead or unconscious after many years.

The soul body’s death in this secret place will also leave energy crystals. This kind of rich energy content can be well swallowed and absorbed. In the original work, Nalan Yanran was from Da Dou for three years. When Shi reaches Dou Wang, he also has the effect of these things.

“I have no intention of entangled with you.”

Yan Qingshan once again smashed a few phantom Divine Soul with a palm, and then the stature disappeared in place with a move, ten times his body The illusory, hollow-eyed silhouette levitates, chasing him instinctively.

“This place, it seems that you can’t see the side.”

In the secret place of Life and Death Gate, Yan Qingshan flies in the air and keeps exploring, looking for the possible core Location, this place is filled with dense energy mist all year round. Under this energy pressure, anything that flies by will feel that the body is as heavy as a mountain.

He just felt exhausted after a short flight in the sky, and he had to be careful to avoid the soul body that struck one after another.

This secret place is the forbidden place of Misty Cloud Sect, and all the seniors of Misty Cloud Sect are buried. These souls have stayed here for many years and have not been so awake. Dou Qi Qi Method didn’t resonate with him, just chasing him crazy all the time.

If Yan Qingshan came in for energy crystals and the like, he would have liked these guys to come over and kill them, but he simply didn’t like these mosquito legs!

Misty Cloud Sect’s powerhouses buried in secret places in the past are strong and weak. The strongest powerhouse is in the realm of Dou Zun. The weakest is Dou Wang. He is already a high-level Dou Zong. Partly, Dou Wang’s energy crystals have a fart for him.

“It should be…that direction…”

Yan Qingshan suddenly stopped the stature in front of a cliff. After sensing to close eyes, he locked one of the directions, and the stature moved Quickly flew out, moved towards that direction and moved quickly.

Life and Death Gate is on a high cliff in the secret land, a young girl sits cross-legged in front of a ten thousand zhang place, holding an energy crystal between her hands, to close eyes cultivation In the meantime, the breath on the body has not weakened.

“hong long!!!!”

An ear-splitting rumbling sounded, above the vast and dead earth, now it is filled with the loud sound of hong long long, permeating The energy storm of Heaven and Earth swept from far away, wherever it went, even the space collapsed, and the darkness was extremely shocking.

“This is…energy storm is here again…”

The girl opened her eyes and looked a little uneasy when she saw this scene. She quickly put her things away and returned within the ring of light.

“This what the hell thing? Is it an energy storm? I wouldn’t be so bad luck!”

Yan Qingshan was swiftly sweeping in the sky, and suddenly felt a wave The powerful energy quickly spread to all directions, and the soul body that was still active around shiver coldly fled around.

He didn’t dare to be careless, the Heavenly Demon Phoenix wings spread out quickly, speeding up with a swish, the whole person turned into a stream of light, and quickly approached a place of ten thousand zhang.

“Why did you come in?”

Yan Qingshan quickly found a gap in this halo land, and then quickly fell into it, but never thought, almost It collided with the shadow of a probe, and the girl looked very surprised after seeing him.

Yan Qingshan didn’t answer her question, he was still worried and looked towards the outside, “Don’t talk about this, can this stop the storm outside!”

Nalan Yanran nodded Said: “Yes, energy storm never seems to affect this luminous place, but the energy here seems to be inferior to the outside, so I often run on the cliff outside for cultivation.”

“This Ok…”

Yan Qingshan slightly sighed in relief, and then he looked at the haloing strange passage around him. He touched his hand slightly and felt the rich energy contained in it. Dou Qi burst out and never stayed. The next trace, the full explosion did not destroy the slightest.

Nalan Yanran hurriedly pulled Yan Qingshan’s palm, “Don’t mess around, you can rely on it to block the energy storm!”

Yan Qingshan shook his head, “No need Worry, this place is very strong. If I don’t use Dou Technique, it can’t be destroyed at all. By the way, you’ve been in for so long, do you know anything about this place?”

Nalan Yanran did not answer his words, Instead, he said with a little suspicion: “This Life and Death Gate is the secret place of my Misty Cloud Sect. Did the Teacher let you in? What are you doing in here!”

Yan Qingshan shook his head,” It was not she who came for me, but she who I took the initiative to look for. There are secrets in this place, which you don’t even know about Misty Cloud Sect.”

“What’s the secret?”

Nalan Yanran is a little said curiously, he doesn’t have much contact with Yan Qingshan, but he also knows that he and his Teacher are a little bit that… ambiguous, not a good impression on him, but there is no dislike.

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