Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 282

The southern edge of Central Plain, near the wild land, called the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. The mountain range is endless. There are many Magic Beasts. This is the paradise of Magic Beast. Magic Beast clan takes root and multiplies here, and it is also the dangerous land of the continent.

The wild beast domain, this is the paradise of Magic Beast, although there are also humans there, but in general, it is controlled by many Magic Beast clan, among them Three Great Supreme Races The strongest.

The sky is blue, ten thousand li is cloudless, and the sky looks like a huge blue mirror. The silent sky suddenly heard the sound of an eagle crying, and a sky-blue shadow rushed from the distant sky, bringing a gust of wind, whistled past from the sky.

This white shadow is a giant eagle with a bluish luster all over, and on its spacious back, several silhouettes sit cross-legged, one of which is a youth lazily leaning against a girl in a green skirt On her lap, there are two exquisite beauty beauties next to her. They are really happy.

“Young Master, what are we doing in the beastland this time?”

Yan Qingshan leaned upside down on the three beauties, with his head resting on Qing Ling’s thighs, enjoying his forehead The gentle soothing of the beauty jade hand, but Qing Ling’s soft sound came from her ears.

After he left the life and death gate, he returned to the Central Plain with the battallion men and horses, Xuelan, Ya Fei, Hua She’er, Yue Mei, Yun Yun…Of course, it is also indispensable for the original story of Dou Po Among the three most powerful beauties with potential and strength are Queen Medusa, Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Ling.

He brought such a group of people back to Pill Tower, naturally to form his own team. Of course, because there are a lot of beauties, it is inevitable that there will be some…but fortunately, Yan Qingshan’s methods are still acceptable, and after repeated manipulations of invincible waist strength, they are barely settled.

Yan Qingshan solved the problem of forming the Chamber of Commerce team on the Central Plain Pill Tower, and then took Qing Ling, Xiao Yi Xian and Medusa again, riding on Xiao Yi Xian’s blue Eagle left the Pill Region, and after many days of trekking, he finally arrived here.

Yan Qingshan sat up straight, put Medusa and Xiao Yi Xian in his arms with one ring of hands, and said in a low voice: “I’m looking for an Ancient Ruins. There should be a lot of babies here. !”

“Ancient Ruins, where did you get the news?”

Queen Medusa’s beautiful eyes lit up. Although I have a good impression of Yan Qingshan in my heart, he is so unfaithful to him , She is still quite dissatisfied, so among the three women who traveled this time, she has always kept Yan Qingshan at ease, deliberately showing him!

But now that she heard about Ancient Ruins, she couldn’t help but become interested. These Ancient Ruins, as the name suggests, are naturally those things that have been passed down from ancient times, and can survive the changes over the years, and still leave traces, then the owner of the remains will certainly not be an ordinary person.

Ancient Era and the current Dou Qi continent are completely different environments. During those countless years, there will naturally be many residues, and some of them may be buried or disappeared in the years.

But there are also some that will happen again by accident, thinking that I had more resources in the ancient times, and many things that were not precious in the Ancient Times are extremely scarce today.

So every time an Ancient Ruins is born, it will attract countless attention, and it will cause a burst of foul wind and bloody rain. More importantly, if there were real remains, the news would have spread all over the Central Plain long ago. How could they have not received the news at all!

Yan Qingshan’s mouth is slightly curved, “This remains is a bit special. It hasn’t been born yet, but I know its approximate location. If we can enter in advance, then it’s us. That’s it.”

“Qing Shan big brother, I heard that the beast domain has gathered nearly 70% of the Magic Beast clan from the continent. It is the world of Magic Beast, among which is included in the Magic Beast world. Three Great Clans group, Heavenly Demon Phoenix family, Nine Underworld Python, too Ancient Void Dragon.”

Xiao Yi Xian was a little worried and said: “We just passed, we want to act in the animal domain. It’s not easy!”

Yan Qingshan laughed, and brought his self-belief: “Of course it’s not easy to get mixed up in the Beast Realm. Magic Beast values ​​the bloodline, and the affiliate relationship within the Beast Realm is very strong. A powerful ethnic group can have many vassal tribes.

These vassal tribes are dominated by the main ethnic group. There is a lot of involvement between them. The speaking of which is far more than the Main Sect and branch of the human world. The sect is complicated.

Before I came to the Beastland, I ordered someone to send a message, marked it, and got a response a few days ago. I brought you here. Remember Zi Yan , She and Chi Lian and Amethyst are waiting for us in the Beast Territory!”

Yan Qingshan’s words relieved the three of Xiao Yi Xian’s heart a lot, and Yan Qingshan’s words were another one. Turn, warned repeatedly: “Qing Ling, Your Royal Highness, when you are in the animal domain, try not to expose the miracles on the bloodline, especially Qing Ling.

The mountain range of the beast we are going to this time , Is in the territory of Nine Underworld Python, exposing Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, I’m afraid it will attract people from the Nine Underworld Python clan.”

Magic Beast Three Great Races both have Fighting Saints are in the town. Among them, the most powerful and the most vassal tribe is the Nine Underworld Python family. Their number is the largest among the Three Great Races.

Of course, the consequence of the skyrocketing number is that the bloodline of the current Nine Underworld Python is becoming less and less pure, and it has always been at the end of the Three Great Clans group.

Although it is at the end of the Three Great Races, it is after all the Supreme Magic Beast family derived from the ancient bloodline, and has certain resistance to Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, and similar to this kind of upper serpent race Magic Beast, for the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils of Tianke serpent race, of course, I will not have any good impressions.

“Young Master, I know.”

Qing Ling is well-behaved and nodded, and Queen Medusa is also slightly nodded. She is pregnant with Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python bloodline, which is easy to attract Nine Underworld Python, also a high-ranking serpent race Magic Beast, there are not that many corners between Magic Beast. It is common to see strong grabbing.

The area of ​​the animal domain is not as large as the Central Plain, but it should not be underestimated. The heavily stacked mountain range with invisible end is enough to make people feel the alternative wild breath of this animal domain.

The animal domain is known as Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, but this is only a reference. If you really want to calculate it, the number of mountains in this domain must be far more than 100,000.

These mountain ranges spread to distant places beyond the reach of man-made. The passage of years also left countless treasures in this endless mountain range, waiting for the destined person. Go ahead and turn it on.

The mountain range of beasts’ bones is quite famous among the beasts. This mountain range has a terrifying sea of ​​bones, and countless beast bones are thrown here. , These animal bones, as the years go by, will gradually volatilize some of the strange beast power contained in the bones.

This kind of energy has no effect on humans, but it is a good tonic for Magic Beast, which also leads to the mountain range of bones and becomes a favorite gathering place for many Magic Beasts.

The mountain range of bones is located in the Southwest direction of the beastland. Among the endless green mountain range, there is a dazzling place full of snow-white bones, which is quite easy to identify.

Close to the center of the mountain range of bones, there are many mountain peaks towering, blue eagles hovering and falling, sending out waves of eagles, attracting countless Magic Beast roars below, and the mountain range of bones is quite lively. .

“Xian’er, we are here to find a place to stay, you can try to sense all around, is there that special space fluctuation.”

Blue eagle fell on the mountain range On a desolate peak, Yan Qingshan opened his mouth to Xiao Yi Xian after landing, Xiao Yi Xian is Dou Zun powerhouse, and his sensitivity to Power of Space is stronger than that of the three fighting sects.


Xiao Yi Xian nodded, leaping into a stature, cruising in the sky on all sides of the mountain range of skeletons, testing the changes in the surrounding space.

Yan Qingshan stands on the top of the peak, and looks around it is white, scattered bones everywhere, and the surrounding land is accompanied by the roar of beasts. This is the mountain range of bones. Magic Beast, attracted by a mysterious force, does not live here all year round.

This mountain range is a bit too barren. Barren, no heavenly materials and earthly treasures are produced. There is no Magic Beast willing to stay here for a long time.


The night of the full moon is like the full moon of a jade plate hanging high in the sky, cold like water, and the cold moonlight pouring down from the sky, shining brightly on this brightly In the mountain range of lit, the entire mountain range is covered with a mysterious gauze.

Yan Qingshan sits on a boulder on the edge of the mountain. Here, it happens to be able to overlook a small half of the mountain range. At the foot of the mountain, you can vaguely see a lot of blue light flashing, accompanied by arrays. The roar of the beast, that is Magic Beast that is active at night.

These Magic Beasts fight each other in order to compete for the singular beast power that is scattered outside. This strange beast power is very helpful to the growth of Magic Beast, especially for some low-level Magic Beasts who succumb to instinct. It’s crazy for this.

“chuckle…little brother, it’s so late, are you lonely…”

Yan Qingshan was watching the movement of the four directions, and suddenly there was a clear and sweet laughter. But it suddenly rang in this empty mountain except for bones and rocks, which made people feel like have one’s hair stand on end.

“Zi Yan, I have seen you, so I can’t come out soon.”

Yan Qingshan looked towards one direction helplessly, but suddenly there was a ripple in front of him, and one thing was entangled first He touched his wrist, and then a big head hit his chest, and he turned his head to see the huge body of the Amethyst Winged Lion King.

A little girl in a purple shirt is sitting on the back of the Amethyst Winged Lion King, her legs drooping on one side of the lion’s belly, and she can’t help but swing gently. When she saw Yan Qingshan looked over, she couldn’t help but laughed, and made a face at him. She looked pretty, very affectionate.

“Red training! Amethyst! Stop making trouble.”

Yan Qingshan raised his wrist, and what was wrapped around his hand was a double-headed Fire Snake, and Amethyst Winged Lion King The huge head leaned over, almost crushing him.

“chuckle, smelly Little Child Shan, can’t move this time!”

Zi Yan chuckle jumped on Yan Qingshan’s body with a smile. As cute as before, like a porcelain doll, but with the same temperament as before, I especially like to come over and make fun.

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