Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 283

“Zi Yan Senior Sister!”

A soft female voice sounded from behind. Zi Yan quickly turned around and jumped to Xiao Yi Xian’s side, revealing The color of joy.

Zi Yan, this little girl is not young, but she will sue, “Xiao Yi Xian, this stinky Little Child Shan has been bullying me after arriving in Central Plain…”

While complaining, she turned her head and made a grimace at Yan Qingshan, smiling like a Small Fox, her eyes narrowed into crescent moons.

On the contrary, Xiao Yi Xian, like a big elder sister, comforted Zi Yan and said: “I know Zi Yan Senior Sister, I will teach Qing Shan big brother.”

” Hmm, you must teach him well, it’s too much, let people come to this animal domain to recognize relatives or something, and don’t prepare enough rations for them.”

Zi Yan repeatedly nodded and said “I am so pitiful. I ate my rations soon after I left, and there are no more delicious pills. Every day, I have to be filled with nasty and dying disgusting things by those nasty guys…”

Zi Yan clutched Xiao Yi Xian’s sleeves, and the big water spiritual eyes immediately became bright and intelligent. During this period of time, her life seemed to her to be too horrible. It was the same as before in Yan Qingshan Compared with his side, it is simply a life in hell, so naturally he has a bit of’blaming’ towards Yan Qingshan.

And she also knows that it’s useless to tell Yan Qingshan these things, knowing who to act like a baby can get the most benefit, in order to be able to have a more pleasant meal in the future, she decisively abandon the morals and move towards being one year younger than herself. Xiao Yi Xian of the wheel complained.

Xiao Yi Xian touched Zi Yan’s forehead, “Let’s see, Zi Yan is really thin, Qing Shan big brother, you are too much.”

Yan Qingshan wants to argue, but it is obviously not a wise move to reason with a woman, so she can only whispered: “My entire Storage Ring is almost full, and it’s not enough to prepare that many. This is obviously someone’s own appetite. Okay!”

“Zi Yan Senior Sister’s clansman, how can…”

Xiao Yi Xian looked at Zi Yan with aggrieved face a little distressed, and so did Zi Yan Nodded fiercely, it seems that the treatment of her clansman is too much, she hates her very much.

But if her clansman had learned about it, she would probably be vomiting blood with anger on the spot. In this world, it turns out that good people are not rewarded.

Yan Qingshan watched these two little actors from the side, some grudgingly shook the head, how could the seniors of the Ancient Void Dragon clan treat Zi Yan, a little ancestor, not good, maybe the stuff she gave her The taste is not good, but it is absolutely precious.

“Two people, are you enough? Stop acting and start working, Zi Yan. If you don’t find anything today, I will still cut off your ration.”

Yan Qingshan reluctantly walked over, and gave a chestnut on one head. Of course, the one on Xiao Yi Xian’s head was just a pretender, “Xian’er, you really are. You still don’t know what she is like. She…”

“Qing Shan big brother! You are a large number of adults, don’t be angry…”

Xiao Yi Xian pouting her mouth and bowing her head, holding Yan Qingshan’s arm in a low voice While speaking, he was pleading with Zi Yan in a low voice.

“I thought about the benefits before working, and you really are…”

Yan Qingshan was not really angry, of course, just doing something and reaching out again Touched Zi Yan’s head and handed over a Storage Ring. This little girl quickly started doing it again with enthusiasm.

After sending Zi Yan, Yan Qingshan held the Amethyst Winged Lion King’s chin and teased for a while, then handed Chi Lian to Qing Ling’s side, “Chi Lian, do you remember Qing Ling? !”

“Young Master, the red training has changed so much!”

The two-headed Fire Snake did not resist and wrapped around Qing Ling’s wrist, and Qing Ling was also happy And teasing it, this may be the treatment that Qing Ling only has. Yan Qingshan has many girls around, but even Xiao Yi Xian can’t get so close to Chi Lian.

“Amethyst, Zi Yan’s home, how is it…”

Yan Qingshan smiled at the laughing Qing Ling while showing a smile while hooking Amethyst Winged Lion King’s lion head asked while tidying the lion’s mane for it. He was very interested in Dragon Island, the ancestral land of the Ancient Void Dragon clan.

Amethyst’s voice is a bit wronged, and her big eyes seem to be a little watery, “Master, the clansman of Zi Yan elder sister is on a very strange island, and her clansman is very difficult to deal with Yes, they and Chi Lian have passed, and any little child can’t beat…”

“You, are you skinny again…”

Yan Qingshan is soothing Gently squeezed the lion’s face that was slightly fatter. This Little Brat used to be a young Demon King when he was in Magic Beast Mountain Range. He liked to play pranks with other cubs very much. It was probably a heavy trick when he was on Dragon Island. Shi, then kicked to the iron plate.

Where is Dragon Island, the base camp of the Ancient Void Dragon clan, Magic Beast inside is full of dragon blood, and the potential and bloodline are extraordinary. The bloodline potential of Little Brat is not weak, but it depends on what it is. In contrast, compared with those pure-blooded young dragons, isn’t this looking to clean up!

“Master, how can anyone…”

Amethyst Winged Lion King retorted with a milky voice, with a little coquettish touch, but his words were obviously lacking in confidence. Obviously it doesn’t make sense, otherwise Zi Yan will get it back, and it won’t be used to complain to Yan Qingshan.

The return of Zi Yan, Chi Lian and Amethyst made Yan Qingshan and his party a lot of laughter. Ancient Void Dragon is worthy of being the overlord of Magic Beast. Zi Yan will not mention it. Amethyst and Chilian have successfully broken through after Dragon Island and become 7th-Rank Magic Beast.

7th-Rank Magic Beast can be transformed, but the two of them prefer to stay beside Yan Qingshan in their original form and did not try to change their human form.


“Zi Yan, are you sure, this is it.”

Before a huge basin with thousands of miles in the mountain range of bones, Yan Qingshan and the others stopped, and Yan Qingshan also turned his head and looked towards Zi Yan who frowned slightly.

The appearance of this basin is a little scary. It is filled with bones and bones. Looking at a sea of ​​bones from a distance, the white flowers and piercing eyes make people have one’s hair stand on end. a feeling of.

“Look at the location of the center point, the space fluctuation is a bit weird…”

Zi Yan pointed to the center of the ocean of bones in this basin, where the sun shines In this location, there are some spatial ripples that resemble the distortion of the air under high temperature, but the space fluctuation is so subtle that you can’t find it if you don’t look closely. This is probably the reason why this remains is buried for so many years and has not been discovered.

Xiao Yi Xian walked over and put out his hand, one after another Power of Space tried to penetrate a space passage, “Qing Shan big brother, there is a problem here, there is a space restriction, it is very strong, I can’t understand it. Open…”

“The prohibition here seems to have a limitation on strength. Dou Zun powerhouse cannot enter without the remainings being completely born.”

Yan Qingshan walked over, eyes With blue and silver light, SmartBrain Dawn tried to deduce, and at the same time recalled some descriptions of this place in my memory, frowned: “Zi Yan, can you solve this problem!”

Zi Yan 琼鼻微Wrinkle, “If you help Xiao Yi Xian elder sister suppress breath, people have a way, but this remains entrance, I am afraid that there is no ability to open, do you want to notify other clansman to come over.”

“Your clansman just No need to call, this is the site of Nine Underworld Python after all. People from the Ancient Void Dragon clan came over, and it is easy to cause problems.

Before I came, I deliberately read the Pill Tower information. This remains belongs to that This is a situation that is about to be born, and there are loopholes in the prohibition. In this case, we can still think of some way.”

Yan Qingshan turned his head, but refused to let Zi Yan call someone over again. For Zi Yan Of course he is trusted, but the other members of the Ancient Void Dragon clan, even if there is no problem with the original Middle East Dragon Island, he does not dare to take risks.

The things in this Ancient Ruins are too important. For the members of Ancient Void Dragon and Heavenly Demon Phoenix, it is a shortcut to become a continental Peak powerhouse. He dare not go bet.

East Dragon Island supported Zi Yan, the Dragon Emperor bloodline, but when Zi Yan absorbed the Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit in the original work, the other three Dragon Island all attacked, which was obviously leaked. News, this shows that there are probably some problems inside East Dragon Island.

Since the place has been found, Yan Qingshan also immediately started to act. He asked Xiao Yi Xian to keep an eye on everything around him to avoid leaking the news, and at the same time, he kept deducing and comparing himself from Pill Tower. Bring the information, look for loopholes in the remains ban.

Three days later, the space in the center of the sea of ​​bones began to fluctuate. Yan Qingshan was standing aside, constantly changing the position of the formation flag, using the magical formation engraved by him, and finally opened A space vortex with a diameter of one and a half meters. These Ancient Ruins are finally going to see the sky again…


The space is fiercely distorted, and the sound of hua hua is like a stream of water. With the spread of this sound, the fluctuation of the space is becoming more and more intense. This vortex is like a weird Space Wormhole, with a hazy interior and it is impossible to see the specific situation inside.

Yan Qingshan squinted at the increasingly distorted space. In the strange crash-bang sound, he felt an extremely terrifying energy fluctuation, because he opened a space passage For this reason, the originally problematic prohibition seems to have accelerated the collapse, and this remains is only going to be born early.

In this case, it means that there is not much time left for Yan Qingshan. The birth of Ancient Ruins is extremely dynamic, and it is bound to attract the attention of many forces. This is for those who are ready to make a fortune. Yan Qingshan is not good news.


There is another strange hua hua sound, the distorted space vortex seems to be stabilized, and Yan Qingshan’s handprints are also converging, “We are fast Click in, hurry up, Zi Yan, you help Xian’er suppress the breath.”

Yan Qingshan’s voice fell, and everyone no longer hesitated, they got up and moved towards space vortex and rushed away, passing through for a while. After the hazy white fog, they appeared in another sea of ​​bones.

The area of ​​this sea of ​​bones is extremely wide, and not far away, there is a huge outline like a mountain faintly, which looks like an ancient ominous beast crawling in the sea of ​​bones. Generally, it makes people feel stunned.

A few people from Yan Qingshan approached the past until they found out that it was a great hall, a huge hall almost like a mountain peak, looking up at this huge monster standing between Heaven and Earth, A sense of insignificance arises spontaneously.

The huge hall is red all over, and when seen from a distance, it looks like a kind of flame is rising. In this sea of ​​white bones, it looks extraordinarily dazzling.

“This is Dousheng handiwork!”

Yan Qingshan sighed, and stopped a hundred meters away from the scarlet giant hall. Standing here, the giant hall is more It looked huge, and at a glance, the top of the giant hall seemed to be inserted into Yunfeng.

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