Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 284


Not long after Yan Qingshan and the others appeared outside the remains, it seemed that something was triggered. This land suddenly became subtle Trembling.

The giant hall that has not been moving, suddenly brought a loud hong long long noise, a red stone gate weighing ten thousand catties, suddenly rises slowly, revealing the dark passage behind it.

“Qing Shan big brother, come on Xianer!”

Yan Qingshan was about to step forward to find the way, but Xiao Yi Xian grabbed his wrist and shook his head, watching He could only shake his head with the eyes of the girl in front of the appraisal. The current Xiao Yi Xian is indeed stronger than him, and he has the ability to protect himself.

Xiao Yi Xian approached the passage without being quite reckless. He came to the passage safely all the way, and suddenly moved his hands, an emerald green fire bird screamed and flew towards the passage.

“Bang… ”

Sure enough, this passage does have a problem. Soon after the fire bird entered the passage, the pitch-black passage suddenly became red and the floor was hard. It cracked slowly, and then everyone saw the hot lava of crimson spraying out of it.

At the same time, on the four walls of the spacious passage, one after another fascinating blue pillar of fire was violently sprayed out, but fortunately, it was the Fire Spirit of the Nether Poisonous Fire that explored the way. These flames are nothing but It’s just to give it food.

“Qing Shan big brother, the mechanism of this round is just flame, but the fiery path is extremely long, it seems that there is no end…”

emerald green fire bird Return of Pathfinder , Xiao Yi Xian whispered to Yan Qingshan about the situation inside, Yan Qingshan nodded, the dark blue Heavenly Flame swept out of the body, just wrapping everyone in, and quickly sinking into the fiery path.

Yan Qingshan led everyone into the fiery path, and the surrounding temperature was obviously increased by dozens of times. The hard red rock around was burned to the ground, and the hot lava underneath continued to be like spring water. The jet came out.

The lava contains hot gravel, and it has a very strong lethality at this moment. If it is accidentally penetrated by Dou Qi, I am afraid it will be pierced in an instant.

But this is quite a tricky fiery path for others, but it is not at all difficult for Yan Qingshan, with Heavenly Flame in the body, whether it is lava or the monster sprayed from all around The blue pillar of fire could not cause any harm to him.

Xiao Yi Xian said from the side: “Qing Shan big brother, or let me come! I just tried to find the end of the fiery path, but I didn’t get any results. The fiery path is too long. Your Dou Qi can’t support it.”


Yan Qingshan shook his head and pointed to the lava under the fiery path, “This fiery path is A trap, the road in front of us is not the real way to enter the remains. If you keep walking along the fiery path, you will consume Dou Qi in your body sooner or later.”

Zi Yan was surprised: “Little Child Shan, you mean…passage is not in the front, but below. The person who designed this place is too bad, right? Normal people, who would be okay to jump into the lava.”

Yan Qingshan laughed, Heavenly Flame wrapped everyone around, and with a thud, went directly into the hot red lava. Everyone stature dived quickly. Although the lava was hot, there was no obstacle. After the sinking lasted for about one minute, everyone arrived at the place.

Everyone dropped their feet on the floor and looked up. At a few ten zhangs above their heads, crimson’s lavas were like complete pythons, hanging in a ring shape, twisted and twisted. on the top.

Zi Yan was a bit dissatisfied: “The end of the fiery path seems to be a sealed stone wall, that is, us. If we change other people and don’t let him play to death, the builder of the remains is too bad.”

After Yan Qingshan passed the fiery path level, they soon came to a square from the passage. At the end of the square, there is a very heavy stone gate, and before the stone gate, ten roads A straight silhouette like a gun, stands here unchanged for thousands of years.

These ten silhouettes are all puppets, their skins are bright silver, their eyes are hollow, their faces are expressionless, just like ancient corpse.

“Little Child Shan, this is not the one you refined for me…”

Zi Yan suddenly had a golden light wolf-shaped puppet beside him, although The shapes and colors are different, but they are similar in nature.

“Yes, these are Earth Monster Puppets, wait a minute, I will collect them.”

Yan Qingshan looked at the puppets outside the stone gate, the whole body was bright Silver, these ten Earth Monster Puppets, should be at the level of Dou Zong Peak, and are engraved with a strange magical formation, which can gather the power of many puppets to condense into one to enhance battle strength.

Yan Qingshan stepped forward and then stood close to a safe distance. The vast Spiritual Strength entrenched between the eyebrows was the violently surge out of hiding the sky and covering the earth, and then turned into thousands of threads. The wisps, looted at those puppets bursting with silver light.

Yan Qingshan once made Earth Monster Puppet, and also carried out an alternative transformation. He is very clear about the weakness of this kind of puppet. What he wants is to control and take these puppets for his own use.

In the body of the Earth Monster Puppet, there is the soul mark of its creator. As long as the soul mark is erased and your own mark is left, then you can easily control the puppet.

However, this kind of mark is generally very deep hidden, but the process of subduing this Earth Monster Puppet went so smoothly as unexpectedly. There is not even a trace of soul mark in the body of these Earth Monster Puppets.

In the endless years, the owner of this remains has already wiped out all Divine Soul. Perhaps the soul mark has been obliterated by the years, or it may be the ancient fighting saint, who doesn’t have much to do with this level of puppet. His interest, even the soul mark is too lazy to leave a trace.

Yan Qingshan didn’t know the specific reason, but the process of conquering was particularly smooth. After he established a connection with these puppets, he included them in the Storage Ring.


Shortly after the ten puppets were put into the Storage Ring, the closed stone gate suddenly rang the sound of creak creak, and that The thick stone gate also slowly opened a crack.

“Let’s go.”

The stone gate gradually opened, a bleak and ancient breath, slowly drifting out, the Yan Qingshan stature turned into a black shadow, lightning-like After facing the remains behind the stone gate, Xiao Yi Xian and the others followed quickly.

Yan Qingshan and the others slid into the stone gate, stopped slightly, and appeared in front of them, a huge hall like Hegemon. Standing in the great hall, it looked extremely small , Great hall all around, there are many very deep corridors, and I don’t know where to extend.

Yan Qingshan turned his head towards Zi Yan and said: “Zi Yan, let’s find the location of spiritual medicine first. You try to determine the position below.”

“I can smell it Order the medicine ingredient, but it is very vague.”

Zi Yan’s pretty nose moved, nodded, and then slightly differentiated the direction, and then swept away towards the passage on the left of the great hall.

The passage of this giant hall is extremely spacious, and a few people fly by in it, like birds, on both sides of these passages, but Yan Qingshan has no interest.

He knows the situation about the remains. The heavens in these pavilions are Di Class Low Level things. It’s not worth stopping him. The most precious things are not in the pavilion, let alone the core of the remains. .

Yan Qingshan followed Zi Yan behind with a few people wholeheartedly. After they flew in this corridor for about fifteen minutes, Zi Yan in front finally stopped gradually.

There is an extremely old stone gate in front of it. On the stone gate, there are many moss climbing on it. The faint color makes people feel the passing years.

Zi Yan pointed to the stone gate and said: “This is the place where the medicine ingredient has the strongest flavor. It must be the place where the medicine ingredient is stored. I don’t know if it will break after so many years.”

“You retreat.”

Yan Qingshan stepped forward, cautiously checked it, and after not finding any trap mechanism, he forcefully gave the stone gate to Pushed away.

“hong long long……”

In a deep sound, the thick stone gate covered with moss was pushed aside slowly, and it was hidden deep for countless years. The thick mist of medicinal fragrance burst out immediately, making everyone’s spirits refreshed.

At the moment when the stone gate was opened, the dazzling and brilliant light burst out from it, making everyone’s eyes slightly narrowed, and the footsteps quickly stepped back two steps, Dou Qi in the body is also swiftly running at this moment. Get up, ready to deal with any emergencies at any time.

The light gradually weakened, and everyone’s eyes opened again, all taking a gentle breath. After the stone gate, it is not a stone chamber, but a forest, an ancient forest constructed entirely of various rare medicine ingredients.

“Wow, this is a good place, Little Child Shan, you really have eyesight.”

At this moment, Zi Yan has seen countless small stars in his eyes and wiped a handful of them. The saliva was finally a leap that I couldn’t help but rushed into a piece of lingzhi mushroom full of energy, and I just grabbed it and stuffed it into my mouth.

After countless years of growth, the medicine ingredient here is extremely rich in energy. For Zi Yan, the item of great nourishment, although it has not been refined and tastes a little worse, but the abundant energy is It is possible for Zi Yan to conceal the taste.

“Let’s go first. After we get the things, this is all yours.”

Yan Qingshan picked up Zi Yan who was stuffing oneself with food, and resisted The urge to pack everything here dragged her to the depths of the forest.

The vast ancient forest, shrouded with a fragrant smell, and a faint mist shrouded in the forest, occasionally small beasts swept in a flash from the grass, a peaceful atmosphere, which looked like Immortal Realm.

After countless years of evolution, this ancient forest has become a world on its own. There are also many powerful Magic Beasts here. Among them, there are ancient bloodlines. The battle strength is good, but in front of Zi Yan , Basically not enough to see.

“Hey, it’s just some Magic Beast that’s all from the ancient seed. Don’t worry, there will be no trouble with me.”

Zi Yan interrupted Yan Qingshan’s eating quite a bit. I was dissatisfied, but when I thought that this’poop shoveling officer’ still had some effect, he followed his instructions and started to lead the way. He curled his mouth and glanced around, with a branch on his toe, and his petite body was swept in a flash. Out, swept toward the depths of the forest.

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