Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 287

“Qing Shan big brother, I want to hug it too!”

“Young Master, this Little Brat is so cute!”

Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Ling both leaned in and couldn’t help but speak. Although Medusa and Zi Yan didn’t speak, their eyes were still shining.

Women always like furry things. This law of truth has nothing to do with strength. Yan Qingshan handed over the little white beast. After hesitating for a while, Little Brat also rushed into Xiao Yi Xian’s arms, furry Xiao Yi Xian’s head was rubbed in his arms, causing Xiao Yi Xian to laugh.

“Xianer elder sister, give it to me, I also want to hug.”

Qing Ling couldn’t help but reach out, even Medusa and Zi Yan are the same, but Little Brat resisted Zi Yan a bit, perhaps because her gaze was a little scary. Little Zi Yan has always had an appetite for things that are full of energy, especially this plump Little Brat.

After Yan Qingshan got Pill Beast in this line, he ransacked the Dandian again, and then continued on the road, but without the pill fragrance to lead the way, it would be more difficult to find a path.

The complexity of these Ancient Ruins is beyond imagination. The surrounding corridors directly make people feel like walking through a maze, but fortunately they found a map on the detour. , This is how to find the main hall smoothly.

The main hall of Ancient Ruins is copper yellow. Countless years have made this copper yellow look deeper. The ancient breath diffuses out from under each stone slab. People feel the vicissitudes of silence for countless years.

This great hall is extremely wide, and people stand in it like ants. In the center of the great hall, there are ten huge light clusters. The light clusters are suspended in the air, dazzling and dazzling. In the light, it seemed that something like a scroll could be seen faintly.

In the center of the ten light clusters, there is a stone seat. On that stone seat, a skeleton with a jade-white color is pinched with hands and sits cross-legged.

“The bones of the powerhouse of Dousheng contain the essence energy of Dousheng, and they have not been lost due to the years.”

Yan Qingshan stared at the skeleton with scorching eyes, although it has already been. Dying in the years, but the coercion that precipitated into the depths of the skeleton was like a jack, making everyone feel a sense of depression.

There are more than a dozen silhouettes sitting around the towering stone pedestal. These silhouettes are lime-colored. From a distance, they look like stone carvings with their eyes closed. I don’t know how many years have been preserved in this posture. , These are the last hurdles to guard the remains.

Xiao Yi Xian saw these stone-like silhouettes without the slightest anger, and whispered in surprise: “Are these all puppets?”

“Yes, these are quite High-level puppets, these dozen puppets should all have the strength of Dou Zun level.”

Yan Qingshan’s words made everyone reveal a grave expression, a dozen Dou Zun powerhouses, this Waiting for the lineup is not something they can resist.

Everyone looked over the puppets looked towards the ten light groups, “Within these ten light groups, it should be the inheritance left by the master of the remains!”

Yan Qingshan But he kept staring at the ribs of Dousheng Bone. If he remembered well, the most precious Heaven Class Dou Technique among the remains was on a jade bone on the ribs of the Bone.

“There is still a seal in this great hall, but I can think of a way to break the seal, but after breaking the seal, I am afraid it will accelerate the birth of the remains!”

Yan Qingshan His eyes flickered, and it was difficult to choose, but in the end he chose to break the seal. Anyway, the two most precious resources are already in hand. Even if this remains is born and attracts warriors, as long as he successfully obtains the skeleton, he will not be too disadvantaged. .

Three days later, with Yan Qingshan’s formation flag bursting out of aura, one corner of the seal was broken, and one of the ten light groups trembled violently, and immediately burst out a burst of dazzling strong light.

In this strong light, the scroll inside it also turned into a stream of light, rushing out of the light group. At the same time, the two stone puppets around the stone seat suddenly opened. Opened the pupils that had been closed for countless years.

Yan Qingshan carefully studied the seal here, used the formation flag to disrupt the corner of the seal, opened a part to collect a scroll, and also awakened part of the seal countermeasures, that is, two puppets.

A scroll swept across the stream of light in the air, and was finally received by Yan Qingshan in his palm. An ancient breath came out from the scroll.

“These ancient puppets are still alive. They used special methods to pull the soul of the powerhouse out of the human body, and then sealed them in the puppet’s body. They possessed the wisdom and can also use Dou Technique, which is far more tricky than ordinary puppets. “

Yan Qingshan hurried back all the way to avoid the two puppets who were chasing him. A lot of data flashed in his mind. He made a risky plan through SmartBrain Dawn.

He turned’a thought bloomed flower’ into multiple silhouettes. When he entangled the puppets, he changed his position, and used the formation flag to undo seal again from another position. He also collected a scroll and awakened one. puppet.

He kept repeating this process, the seal was completely opened step by step, and the ten scrolls were completely taken away by him. By this step, Shi Lai puppets comparable to Dou Zun were all staring at him. Fortunately, he told Xiao Yi Xian and the others to leave far away, and did not involve them.

Yan Qingshan kept approaching the stone seat while avoiding the puppet. Just before he approached the stone seat, a whistling sound came from behind. A puppet had entered his behind, and he raised his hand to shoot.

Yan Qingshan splits out a palm-strikes stone seat, and at the same time quickly stalks away from here, just as the palm-strength is approaching the bones, there is a sudden slight squirming in the space, and it is like countless roots that are extremely sharp. The space is spiky, bursting with powerful power.

The jade-white skeleton sitting cross-legged on the stone seat trembled slightly, and in the hollow skull, two groups of faint spiritual radiance appeared flickeringly.


This fighting sacred bone slowly raised its head, and a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar resounded like the thunder of Heaven and Earth. , The terrifying roar turned into a substantive sound wave, like a storm, with the stone seat as the center, sweeping away like lightning.

The first thing that was affected by the sonic storm was the puppets who came in by Yan Qingshan. The sonic wave fell on them in an instant, and their bodies were like sandbags hit by shells. The peng sound burst and turned into Countless dust.

“Qing Shan big brother!”

“Young Master!”

Yan Qingshan spread out the Heavenly Demon Phoenix wing after taking a palm, and immediately moved away The great hall square came to the edge, but was still swept to the ground by the aftermath of the sonic offensive. Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Ling and the others hurried over.

Queen Medusa helped him up, and asked with some concern: “Are you okay!”

“It’s okay!”

Yan Qingshan shook his head. Turning to observe the center of the square, there are a dozen Dou Zun-level puppets. The few that were chasing after were completely destroyed by the sound wave. Most of the remaining puppets were damaged. The powerhouse left behind a trace of thoughts during his lifetime, but he has no consciousness.

And this ancient puppet will attack indiscriminately. The two groups were brought together by me, and they got too close. There must be a battle between them.”


The sound of the skeleton touching the ground from far to near, the sound is not loud, but it makes everyone All of them felt extremely depressed.

A full-body skeleton walked slowly out of the dust, the hollow eyes flickered, and an ancient and hoarse indifferent voice was gently resounded in the great hall, “The one who breaks through the remains, die!”

The thin body of the skeleton stood in the great hall. The body of the original jade white was glowing with aura. In the eye sockets of the skeleton, two groups of faint light flickered slightly.

The many remaining puppets, at this time, seem to be suddenly mad, rushing towards the skeletons in the Central Zone together, bursting out extremely powerful powers one by one.

“Sure enough, the restraints in these puppets will be destroyed by the Xeon’s attack, and the soul restraint damage will allow my soul’s power to invade and urge them to fight instinctively.”

Yan Qingshan stared at the scene in front of him, his eyes gleaming slightly, “These ancient puppets were refined into puppets alive. They must be very angry with the master of the remains, and when they sense his breath, they will definitely launch an attack. .

The lord of the remains still set up a round after his death. Once someone approaches his body, it will trigger a ban, and someone will bleed if injured. The skeletons recovered after absorbing the blood will be extremely powerful. .

Unfortunately, these human puppets have no spirituality blood when refining, and skeletons that can’t absorb blood, that little mental aura will not last long.”

Numerous ancient puppets rebelled and besieged the skeleton, and the skeleton immediately counterattacked. Its speed is extremely terrifying. Just when the palm is raised, the space in front of it is torn apart by its life, and the arm penetrates into the broken space. When it reappears , Has scratched the head of a puppet.

A large number of puppets gathered together at this time, one after another attack was like overflowing heaven stormy seas, covering all the bones of the fighting saint, and the fierce wind hit the bones fiercely. Sparks burst out.

Sparks shot violently, and the puppet’s attacks continued to fall on the fighting sacred bones. Every heavy blow would make the aura on the bones fade, and the skeleton’s eye sockets The light is also gradually languishing.

The puppets and the skeletons are in constant battle. Many puppets attack at the same time. The offensive cuts through the space like a shooting star. Heavily explodes on the body of the fighting sacred skeleton. The terrifying power will bring the extremely hard great hall. They all shook open one after another the thick cracks in the arm.

But the skeleton’s counterattack was also extremely fierce. Between raising their hands and kicking their legs, each of the puppets was completely smashed without knowing evasion, but after all, they did not see blood, and the spiritual radiance was still dissipating.

Many puppets kept going, and in the end only four were left. Under the fierce bombardment of the four puppets, the halo on the body of Dou Sheng Bone was getting lighter and lighter, and the eyes On the contrary, the aura was beating more and more violently. At a certain moment, his body suddenly solidified.

“Let’s go quickly and leave the great hall!”

Yan Qingshan has been using the power of soul to induce the puppets to launch an offensive against the skeletons. Seeing this scene, he immediately stopped drinking, pulling everyone into violence. Retreat and leave the square.

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