Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 288

Fighting Saint Bones paused for a moment, suddenly raised his head, and a somewhat vague low, hoarse voice rang out.

“Big… Heaven… Made… Palm…”

The hoarse and ancient intermittent sound, but it made everyone’s feathers stand up. This feeling of extreme danger overflows from the depths of the soul. Driven by this fear of death, they continue to run wild even after they leave the great hall.

The aura of Dou Sheng Bone Skeleton’s whole body suddenly seemed to be alive, and all of it gathered towards his palm, and in a flash, it rendered the right palm like a blazing sun.

When the last halo gathered into the right palm, a black spot about the size of a soybean suddenly appeared in the palm of Dou Sheng Bone. This black spot was extremely black and pure. If people take a look, It seems that even soul will be swallowed in, which is very strange.

After the black dot appeared, Dou Sheng Bone’s right palm suddenly lifted, and then heavily slammed on the hard ground of the great hall.

The stone slab did not make any sound at the place where the bone palm fell. At the moment of contact, the extremely hard stone slab seemed to have disappeared in an instant, exposing the deep brown rock under it.

“chi chi chi chi……”

The floor disappeared, and a black ring of light suddenly emerged from the stone slab, and then suddenly spread, the black ring of light spread, whatever that The places affected by the black circle, whether it is a slate, a stone pillar or other things, disappeared in an instant and completely disappeared.

The black ring of light spread to the outside of the great hall before disappearing. With the disappearance of the black ring of light, a huge deep hole about several hundred zhang appeared in Yan Qingshan and the others. Within sight, and the vast main hall, at this time there is not even a bit of dregs left.

The huge deep hole was in the air, and a jade-white skeleton stood in the air. The light in the eye sockets dissipated, and the soul remnant left by the powerhouse of the fighting sage was also completely dissipated.

“This powerhouse is really terrifying, even if there is only a ray of consciousness left, it can still explode with such power.”

Yan Qingshan stepped forward slightly with lingering fear, Even if I had prepared in my heart, when faced with that type of Heaven Class Dou Technique erupting power, I still felt terrified, and a great terror attacked my heart.

Yan Qingshan flew in front of him, grabbed this fighting saint skeleton in his hand, and flew back into the passage. Several people looked at this skeleton and showed interest and surrounded them.

Qing Ling spoke timidly, rather worried, “Young Master, there is nothing terrifying in this skeleton, right!”

” Some things, but good things.”

This skeleton started with warmth, as if it was a fine jade, Yan Qingshan was running Dou Qi while speaking, and everyone found that there seemed to be a kind of natural strangeness on it. The lines and dazzling light faintly radiate out, which is very magical.

“Yi! There really seems to be something in it!”

Qing Ling’s eyes light flashed, pointing to one of the bone arms, against the brilliance, the translucent bone arm In it, something like a liquid seemed to be flowing quietly.

Yan Qingshan said with some regret: “This is the essence of fighting spirit, an extremely pure and rare energy, which is more precious and easier to absorb than the general Tier Eight medicine pill. It’s a pity, this Among the skeletons, only part of the skeleton has this kind of treasure.

However, this fighting spirit is not the most precious treasure in it. The most precious thing is still here!”


Yan Qingshan pointed to the ribs of the bones. Everyone followed his guidance and saw that the belly of the bones seemed a little strange, and there seemed to be different writing on the three ribs.

“Do you still remember the powerful Heaven Class Dou Technique just now, it’s the Great Heavenly Fortune Palm.”

Yan Qingshan stretched out his hand to slam down the three ribs Holding it in the hand, these three ribs are covered with strange words, these words gleaming with extremely subtle luster, it looks like a living thing, is slowly squirming.

“Heaven Class Dou Technique, I didn’t expect to have such a harvest!”

Xiao Yi Xian and several people were also quite surprised. The trick is quite terrifying, I thought that this Dou Technique would be in those ten scrolls, but I never thought it would be inscribed on the remains of the fighting saint.

“The main hall at the core of this Dousheng remains was destroyed. The original ban may not last long. This Ancient Ruins may not be born soon, leaving us running out of time. “

Yan Qingshan used the Storage Ring to store the bones of the Dou Saint and the ribs of the Heaven Class Dou Technique separately, and then took everyone away from the main hall, and all the pavilions along the way, they did not delay time. But once again came to the location of the remains entrance.

“I have followed your instructions and sent the message to someone familiar with East Dragon Island. If you count the time, he should have arrived.”

Everyone followed the flame. Passage came outside of the remains, and once again entered the sea of ​​gray misty bones. Zi Yan looked around at this time and whispered to Yan Qingshan. Her right hand specially wore a glove to avoid exposing the Dragon and The mark of Phoenix Origin Fruit.

“Zi Yan, you are so anxious to find me, what the hell is it!”

A rough voice sounded from in the sky, just above the sea of ​​bones, Space Crack is quickly generated, and with the sound, a strong silhouette emerges from Space Crack.

This sturdy silhouette stands on the sky with arms around his chest so casually, a powerful and domineering horror power swept the a side World, making those who were born by the remaining unusual form attracted The many Magic Beasts were so terrified that they dared not make a sound.

Above the void, a big man dressed in a simple leather jacket looked at the more obvious space fluctuations in this ocean of bones, and was a little surprised: “Zi Yan, you this girl, luck is really good. It’s pretty good, this turned out to be an Ancient Ruins.”

Zi Yan opened his mouth very unceremoniously: “Hei Qing, don’t talk nonsense to me, come and see if you can This remains sealed for me, taking advantage of the fact that the movement is still small and no one has been recruited yet, don’t hurry up.”

“You this girl, why are you so unkind, call it Uncle Hei.”

Hei Qing fell down quickly, patted Zi Yan’s head with a grin, and then moved his hands, and suddenly there was a strange wave of fluctuations in the space. Originally, the space fluctuations became more and more obvious in the skeleton ocean center, as if silenced slowly. Nothing happened.

“It’s really not easy to do, it’s really, you black uncle, I’m good at fighting, this seal is really troublesome. But did you destroy something inside, or follow me The ban I just sensed, this remains should be a few years away from birth!”

Hei Qing barely banned the space fluctuation, wiped away the sweat from his forehead, and said: “The space for this remains is banned. It has been completely destroyed, and I can only temporarily seal its movement, only for a few months, but this time is enough for our Hui people to be called people.

This kind of ancient seal, inside There are a lot of good things about, and many people in the family should be interested. It’s not a problem to move it back when the time comes.”

When the time comes, Zi Yan said, nodded, very generously: “Well, you did a good job… this time, I won’t sue you.”

The big guy was quite speechless when he heard the word complaint. He turned his head and saw standing there. Yan Qingshan and the others on the side greeted with a smile: “You should be Zi Yan’s friends, let me guess, you are the Little Child Shan he often talks about!”

Hei Qing smiled and patted Yan Qingshan on the shoulder, Yan Qingshan felt a rush of energy passing through his body, “Boy, the cultivation base is good!”

“Senior jesting.” “

Yan Qingshan laughed and touched Zi Yan’s head, “During this time, there are more seniors to take care of Zi Yan, but I have something here, so I have to take me to wait with the senior. Let’s go to the East Dragon Island!”

“You are going to the East Dragon Island!”

Hei Qing’s complexion changed, quite undecided, turned his head and looked towards Zi Yan, But Zi Yan was nodded to him.

“This matter has something to do with Zi Yan’s father, under the crown of the previous Dragon Emperor.”

Yan Qingshan lowered his voice, and Hei Qing’s face suddenly became extremely serious , He looked at Yan Qingshan, said solemnly: “Do you know what you are talking about! Who are you?”

Yan Qingshan faintly smiled and said: “My name is Yan Qingshan, a friend of Zi Yan, In Pill Tower and Burning Flame Valley, they both have a bit of identity! As for why I knew about the previous Dragon Emperor, it’s a coincidence!

However, shouldn’t Hei Qing senior take us back first? This is the site of Nine Underworld Python. Some things are not convenient to say outside.”

“I hope you didn’t lie.”

Hei Qing said with some hesitation, and then With a random wave of the big hand, he drew a crack in the empty space in front of him. He pulled Zi Yan to go first, and Yan Qingshan and the others entered it together.

Inside Space Crack, a strange passage filled with faint silver light, the passage extends to an unknown end, Yan Qingshan and his party followed Hei Qing and Zi Yan, flying fast in this passage.

Hei Qing’s positive color is slightly dignified and leads the way. He didn’t say anything along the way. Zi Yan seemed to be affected by him. Along the way, he just made eye contact with Yan Qingshan from time to time. Lively and talkative of the past.

Hei Qing kept turning around to get through the passage. After traveling for a long time, at the end of the passage, a silver ring of light appeared faintly.

Everyone speeded up and rushed past the ring of light. After a moment of blur, they suddenly became brighter. The vision in front of them was no longer the monotonous silver, lush green and mountain peaks. Appeared in sight.

A piece of land, or floating islands, appeared in front of Yan Qingshan and the others. This island is extremely vast. Above the island sky, there is a circle of pale-silver bowl-shaped masks hanging down, wrapping the entire island into it.

Outside the island’s mask, there is a dark and chilling empty space. The area of ​​the island is not as large as the space created by the powerhouse, but it is more hidden here.

empty space, even a place where Dou Zun powerhouse dare not rush into it at will. Placing the habitat here is absolutely extremely safe.

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