Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 289

“Come with me!”

Hei Qing’s gaze swept down, and then he waved his hand and took the lead in landing at a certain part of the island. Go, Yan Qingshan and Zi Yan exchanged their gazes, and led others to follow along.

“Young Master, the breath here is terrifying…I feel a lot of Magic Beast breath.”

Qing Ling whispered beside Yan Qingshan with steps, Xiao Yi Xian and Queen Medusa also showed vigilance, and the always lively Amethyst Winged Lion King also became a little dull.

Yan Qingshan can also feel that on this Dragon Island, there are many extremely powerful and obscure breaths, which should be the powerhouse of the ancient Void Dragon clan, and most of them are 7th- Rank above.

Yan Qingshan and the others followed Hei Qing and landed on a huge peak in the center of the island. Along the way, they also met several Overseer-like silhouettes, but when they saw Hei Qing, they He stopped, looked at Yan Qingshan and the others in surprise, but left without making a sound.

“Hei Qing, why did you bring outsiders to Dragon Island.”

Just when the entire group fell on the ground, a silhouette appeared silently After they were behind, Yan Qingshan turned his head to look at the sound. This is a powerhouse with black and white hair, wearing strong clothes, and a bit serious and indifferent.

“Hei Qing has seen Qi You Elder.”

Hei Qing saw the old man in strong clothes in front of him, quickly cupped the hands, and then pointed at Yan Qingshan entire behind. The group said: “Qi You Elder, they are friends of Zi Yan, they say they have dragons…”

Hei Qing was just about to say what Yan Qingshan said he knew about the Dragon Emperor’s message, Yan Qingshan quickly interrupted After his words, “Hei Qing senior, that matter, I want to discuss it after meeting Zhu Li Elder.”

Zi Yan stopped in front of Yan Qingshan and said with a grimace: “Qi You Old man, Little Child Shan is my good friend, nothing will happen, we have very important things to see Zhu Li old man, hurry up and lead the way.”


There was a moment of silence. The reserved Qi You Elder faced Zi Yan, but finally nodded. He took the entire group to the depths of Dragon Island. Before an altar, a white robed old man turned his back. They turned around after hearing the sound of footsteps.

The white robed old man smiled at the moment when he saw Zi Yan, smiled and greeted Zi Yan: “Zi Yan is back, is this your friend!”

“Zhu Li old man!”

Zi Yan stepped forward and called out, and Hei Qing also stepped forward quickly, reporting: “Third Elder, this friend of Zi Yan, said he I know the Dragon Emperor…”

When I heard the word Dragon Emperor, whether it was Zhu Li who was smiling kindly or Qi You, who had a cold and severe face, his complexion changed at the same time.

Zhu Li Elder looked at Yan Qingshan said solemnly: “young friend Yan, what Hei Qing said is true, you really know the news about the Dragon Emperor.”

Zi Yan seems to There was something I wanted to say, but Yan Qingshan grabbed his wrist and shook his head. Then he said: “Zhu Li Elder, this is not the time yet.

I think it’s a top priority. Things about Zi Yan are important. If I remember correctly, she hasn’t finished accepting Ancient Dragon inheritance! Everything will have to wait until Zi Yan has accepted Ancient Dragon inheritance.”

Silence, for a long time Zhu Li Elder pondered the silence, Yan Qingshan and him kept staring at each other. After such a long silence, the old man was nodded, “Well, Zi Yan’s business is indeed more important.”

Although I really want to know what Yan Qingshan means by knowing the Dragon Emperor news, but now Yan Qingshan has made it clear that he is unwilling to say that, and has to insist that Zi Yan accept Ancient Dragon inheritance first.

If Zi Yan is an ordinary Ancient Dragon clansman, that’s all, but she is the next generation of Dragon Emperor, Zhu Li must consider her emotions.

Yan Qingshan couldn’t, neither the news of the Dragon Emperor Zhu Kun nor the Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit is too important, he really can’t take risks.

In the original work, when Zi Yan absorbed Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit, the three major Dragon Island forces attacked. This is obviously the news that East Dragon Island has been detected. He is not sure whether there is anyone in East Dragon Island. There are problems, and I don’t dare to take risks. I can only hold them first and let Zi Yan accept the Ancient Dragon inheritance while absorbing the Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit.

“Come with me!”

After Zhu Li Elder called to Yan Qingshan and the others, he turned and walked towards a stone palace hall on the mountain. Yan Qingshan pulled Zi Yan to follow, and the others passed by.

Walking through the entire group stone palace hall for a long while, a few people finally stopped in the depths of the great hall. This great hall was built by boulder. In the center of the great hall, there is a towering altar. , Around the altar, there are various Ancient Dragon patterns and sculptures, filled with a touch of draconic power.

Before Zhu Li Elder walked to a dragon head, said solemnly: “This ancient Dragon altar is a sacrificial place where the ancient dragon inheritance is started. Zi Yan’s identity is special, and her inheritance is also It can only be turned on by the old man himself.”

Yan Qingshan suddenly said: “Hei Qing senior, Qi You senior, please go outside and wait for a while. , I have something to talk to Zhu Li Elder.”

Hei Qing and Qi You are both complexion slightly changed. From Yan Qingshan’s words, it’s not difficult for them to hear the distrust. From the very beginning Yan Qingshan showed this faintly, which made them quite dissatisfied.

However, Zhu Li Elder gestured with his eyes at this time. They had to take Xiao Yi Xian and the others to wait outside the hall in the face of this situation.

Yan Qingshan touched Zi Yan’s head with one hand, laughed and asked: “Zhu Li Elder, let’s turn on Ancient Dragon inheritance first! I heard that after the Ancient Dragon inheritance is turned on, it cannot be stopped halfway. Really!”

“The young friend Yan said that it is true that the inheritance of my Ancient Dragon clan cannot be stopped after it is turned on. Zi Yan, you go up first.”

Zhu Li Nodded with a smile, pointed to the apex of the altar and signaled Zi Yan to stand up. Zi Yan turned his head and looked at Yan Qingshan, moving forward to the apex of the altar in a small step.

“Bang… ”

Zhu Li Elder took it out with a palm, and a lacquered black light column rushed to the top of the altar, then rushed into the sky, and the Ancient Dragon inheritance array was instantly activated .

between Heaven and Earth, violent wind erupted, it seems that there are countless old dragon roar voices coming from the ancient Dragon altar that far away, echoing in this between Heaven and Earth.

A huge purple dragon shadow emerged, and an indescribable terror and coercion swept across the great hall. When this purple dragon shadow rushed into Zi Yan’s body, she floated into the air and bloomed. There are countless purple lights, and the dresses are automatic without wind.

Yan Qingshan looked at Zi Yan whose breath was changing in front of him, said solemnly: “It’s really a powerful force! Zhu Li Elder, Zi Yan’s Ancient Dragon inheritance, how long will it take.”

Zhu Li Elder looked at Zi Yan with expectation in his eyes, “Zi Yan bloodline is special, and it will probably take several months. But she has always moved, and we have not managed well. If it wasn’t for you this time, I’m afraid She has not accepted inheritance so smoothly.

Don’t be surprised. After Zi Yan left Ancient Dragon Island, I actually followed her secretly to protect her integrity, but you didn’t find that’s all, but the bones. I did not enter the remainings of the mountain range. I just waited outside.

Do you have any gains inside? I saw that Zi Yan’s breath seems to have changed.”

Zhu Li Elder’s words did not change Yan Qingshan’s expression. In the original book, Zhu Li Elder seems to have been secretly protecting Zi Yan. When Xiao Yan took someone to rescue Old Yao, he still saved Xiao Yan. and the others Venerable Tie Jian after the break.

Yan Qingshan suddenly said: “Zhu Li Elder, I heard people say that when the power of Ancient Void Dragon and the ancient Sky Phoenix are combined, the Supreme Dragon Phoenix will be born. This is the real Magic Beast Supreme. This legend is true from time to time!”

Zhu Li Elder still said with a smile: “young friend Yan is interested in this. This matter is not groundless, but it is not in some rumors. It requires the combination of Ancient Void Dragon and the ancient Sky Phoenix, which is derived from a kind of heavenly materials earthly treasures called Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit.

This kind of heavenly materials earthly treasures incorporates the power of the Dragon Phoenix clan , Can also be absorbed by the Dragon Phoenix second family. If it is fluke, it is the legendary Supreme Dragon Phoenix.”

Yan Qingshan looked surprised strangely said, “Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit, and this kind of magic The heavenly materials and earthly treasures, I just don’t know if this kind of treasure needs a special way to absorb it!”

Zhu Li Elder also gave an answer, “This is not, Dragon and Phoenix Origin The use of Fruit is not complicated, as long as people of the second race with dragon blood or phoenix blood take it directly. According to records, only the my family and the ancient Sky Phoenix clan have each produced a Dragon Phoenix.”

Yan Qingshan nodded, turned to the direction of the altar and said: “So that’s it, Zi Yan, can you hear it!”

“Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit!”


Zhu Li Elder turned his head in surprise, but saw that on the altar, Zi Yan untied the gloves of the right hand, the tattoo on the little hand wriggled, the Dragon a nd Phoenix Origin Fruit is slowly emerging.

After she released the Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit, she held it to her mouth with her small hand, and then swallowed it directly. During this process, Zhu Li Elder was always in a state of shock.

Zhu Li Elder woke up from shock, a little impatiently said: “You unexpectedly discovered Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit, why didn’t you explain such a big thing.”

Yan Qingshan said indifferently, coldly said: “How do you say that Favor is well known, has attracted the attention of the other three Dragon Island people, and even attracted the intervention of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan, this is Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit , Are you sure no one will be tempted in East Dragon Island.”

Zhu Li Elder was silent, when he saw Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit, even he was a little moved, but he He quickly recovered his calm, “This matter, you are right. Instead of discussing it with a group of old fellows, it is better to act in a concealed manner.

Anyway, even if this thing is handed over to the elder assembly, In the end, it’s probably for Zi Yan to use it. It’s even better. It saves trouble and it’s not easy to leak the news.”

Yan Qingshan spoke again: “Zhu Li Elder knows that it’s good to know that it’s fine, please also. Notify Hei Qing senior and Qi You Elder outside and ask them to guard the gate of the temple and not leave for half a step. If you pass the message, let my friend do it for you.”

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