Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 291

In the spacious room, sunlight pours in from outside. On the bed in the room, one silhouette lies quietly on it.

At a certain moment, the closed eyes of the silhouette trembled suddenly, and then finally opened with a little difficulty.

“Young Master, you finally woke up.”

A voice called with joy, one after another silhouette quickly entered the room, and the dazzling sunlight made Yan Qingshan, who hadn’t seen the light for a long time, felt a little uncomfortable, but soon he got used to it.

“Qing Ling!”

Yan Qingshan was a little awake, and at the same time he felt the changes in his body. He could feel that his physical body had transformed to an extremely terrifying level, SmartBrain The data displayed in Dawn’s mind is terrifying powerfully.

Yan Qingshan opened the quilt and opened the sleeves, and found that under his skin, there was a faint purple color, which looked like metal, giving people an extremely hard feeling.

An unfamiliar voice came, and a purple figure came to the bed, “The power of Magic Beast in your body has been sorted out. Only the power of Dragon Phoenix is ​​left. You can try The power of urging it.”

Yan Qingshan Hearing this, closing his eyes, concentrating his mind, quickly searching for the strange energy hovering in the flesh, and then urging it, this moment There was a sour and itchy feeling from all over his body, that feeling was like being bitten by countless ants all over his body.

He opened his eyes and found that in addition to the head, countless purple dragon scales appeared on all parts of the body. These dragon scales cover the whole body, just like armor, giving people an indestructible feeling.

Zi Yan smiled and said: “The clansman of the Ancient Void Dragon family all possess the defense skills of Dragon Scale Armour, but yours is not the ordinary Dragon Scale Armour, but the most advanced dragon-phoenix ancient armor.

You have this dragon-phoenix ancient armor. Under the ordinary 5-Star Dou Zun, it won’t hurt you at all. At the same time, you have also broken through the realm of Dou Zun. This is My gift to you, do you like it!”

“Zi Yan, come here!”

Yan Qingshan sat in front of the bed facing Zi Yan beckons with the hand, Zi Yan slightly Some curiously approached him, but saw that as soon as he stretched out his hand, he grabbed the pretentious Dragon Emperor into his hand, and pulled out a jade bottle from the Storage Ring.

“Here, eat it, this is your favorite pill.”

Yan Qingshan smiled and took out a mellow medicine pill and got it together with Zi Yan On the lips, she was going to feed her like a kid.

“Can you still treat me as a little girl?”

Zi Yan couldn’t help but gave him a blank look, but in the end he ate the medicine pill he was feeding. This For a moment, she was a bit less majestic, and a bit more lively and lovely.

But after all, I became a Dragon Emperor, and I have grown up. It’s a lot more elegant to eat medicine pill, and I don’t have to gobble it up like a little girl before.

Yan Qingshan touched Zi Yan’s head, causing her to roll the eyes, “I think it’s still cute before, although it’s a bit naughty, I like to stick to my side to eat and drink…”

Zi Yan was dissatisfied with the snort, and argued: “I used to be to grow up, OK? Besides, it’s not called eating and drinking. I will also find spiritual medicine for you. And you’re so wicked, you’ve been squeezing people…”

Yan Qingshan shook his head, pretending to be helplessly said: “Look, when you grow up, you will not only have a bad temper, but also become more It’s heavier…”

Zi Yan rolled the eyes, but made the lovable body closer to Yan Qingshan, “Hey! Just pretend to be! People know, you guys like big ones, I have secretly seen your elder sister to Caier…”

She glanced at Medusa while she was talking. This little girl used to like to sit in the corner and listen to the roots of the wall, but that’s privately. all, now that I say it so directly, it’s a bit embarrassing for a few people.

Yan Qingshan’s hands that are neither light nor heavy, Zi Yan’s face flushed suddenly when he was talking, and Yan Qingshan looked at him secretly. His face was hot, something annoyed him. At that time, Yan Qingshan spoke again, “By the way, I gave you the explanation before, you can do it!”

Zi Yan nodded, “en! I have been listening to you, although the inheritance is completed But they never showed up in front of clansman, only Zhu Li Elder and the others know my changes now. However, Zhu Li Elder and the others have asked me to unify dragon clan many times.”

Yan Qingshan asked, “Zi Yan , What do you think about yourself!” Zi Yan firmly said: “I naturally want to unify Dragon Clan. Those three people who split the Ancient Dragon belong to rebellion. I am the Dragon Emperor. , They must take back their Dragon King bloodline.”

Yan Qingshan pondered for a moment, and said: “So, what kind of cultivation base are you now.”

Zi Yan raised his own Little fist, “I was in retreat during your drowsy breakthrough. Now I am a 3-Star Dousheng Late Phase. The power of Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit will continue to make me stronger. 4-Star Dousheng will not be. It’s too big a problem, but it will take time.”

Yan Qingshan thought for a while and analyzed: “3-Star Dousheng Late Phase, this is still a bit lower. In addition to the east Dragon Island, the three major dragons in the southwest and north. Among the islands, only the three dragon kings have reached the 3-Star battle, and only they can barely resist your Dragon Phoenix power.

The three dragon kings relied on their bodies to carry a trace of the dragon king’s bloodline. And if you are born with rebelliousness, you must not stay. But the Ancient Dragon clansman on the three Dragon Island, you can think that they are mostly deceived, so you should kill the monkey and hack the chicken.

You have not been exposed yet. Identity, the three major Dragon Island do not know your existence, and have not been too alert yet. If you want to unify the dragon clan, this is an advantage. If you don’t move, you have to make a final decision.

You are now The cultivation The base is still a bit lower. The three dragon kings may not be as strong as you, but they are experienced and break through earlier than you. 3-Star Fighting Saint, even if it is one-on-one, you can’t take it down in a short time, and once you get caught up Fighting, it is difficult to guarantee that it will not attract the other two.

These three teamed up, the battle strength is not weak, you are still young, and you may not be an opponent. The strength of the three major Dragon Islands is united, and they are still above the East Dragon Island. Will make the war of unity fall into the mud.

The news is impossible to hide forever. Sooner or later your existence will be exposed to the sight of the three Dragon Island. At that time, the unexpected advantage will be gone. Therefore, you must breakthrough 4-Star Fighting Saint, and it must be a breakthrough within a short period of time. “

Zi Yan frowned and said: “In a short period of time, the breakthrough 4-Star Fighting Saint, this is probably not easy. After the battle, every bit of progress is not easy. The difference between the primary level Half Sage and the high level Half Sage is the difference between Heaven and Earth, not to mention the 1-star.

Even though I have the power of Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit, it takes time to take this breakthrough. I’m afraid it won’t work without a few years of effort. “

Yan Qingshan thought for a moment, said solemnly: “I know a place, as long as you get that one thing, you can bring it up a level in a short period of time, and it can be reached. A strong foreign aid. “

Zi Yan eyes shined, hurriedly said: “What are you talking about?” “

Yan Qingshan smiled after being silent: “Nine Underworld Yellow Spring! “

“Nine Underworld Yellow Spring? “

Zi Yan was quite puzzled: “If you want to talk about the Nine Underworld Python clan, I can understand that although they are not as good as our Ancient Dragon clan and the Monster Phoenix clan, but they also have a fighting sage, if they can With their help, it can indeed help me unify Dragon Clan.

But what does this have to do with Nine Underworld Yellow Spring? Nine Underworld Yellow Spring is in the depths of the earth, and the Nine Underworld Python family regard it as Holy Land.

Anyone who has a promote rank Nine Underworld Python will go to the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, soak in it, and it will make the breakthrough much smoother.

The spring water in the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring is dark to cold. For the snake-shaped Magic Beast, which is already biased towards the cold, it is one of the very best body refinement in the world. This For Caier’s elder sister, it is a wonderful place.

Seven-Color Heaven Swallowing Python is the serpent race divine seed, and Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python is even more comparable to the existence of the Ancient Heavenly Snake King. If Caier’s elder sister can be in the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring In the successful evolution, the strength will undoubtedly be advanced by leaps and bounds.

The legendary Nine-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, transformed into a snake body, can swallow a mountain range in one bite, and even the sky can be swallowed by it. You don’t have this kind of idea, right? “

Zi Yan opened his mouth quite jokingly, Yan Qingshan mysteriously smiled and sold it off, “Everything, you will know it when Nine Underworld Yellow Spring.” ”


Among the beasts, Magic Beast Three Great Races is True Paragon. Among the three races, Ancient Dragon mysterious and demon phoenix domineering, but the most powerful , But it is the Nine Underworld Python family.

The Nine Underworld Python family has its base in the deep underground of the Beastland, but on the ground, they also have many branches.

This race The number is considered to be the first among Three Great Races, but the large number naturally leads to the impurity of their bloodline.

According to Nine Underworld Python family Elder’s estimation, according to this situation, I am afraid A hundred years later, the ancient bloodline owned by the Nine Underworld Python family will be exhausted, and when the time comes, Nine Underworld Python will also be reduced to a situation similar to the normal Magic Beast.

For this kind of thing, the disputes and disagreements among the Nine Underworld Python family are quite big, but without the supplement of the ancient bloodline, according to their reproduction speed, that day will come sooner or later.

Nine Nether Lands Yuan , This is a main passage into the underground world, and it is also occupied by the Nine Underworld Python family, so the defense can be considered strict, but this kind of strictness is only for the ordinary powerhouse. In the face of the powerhouse, this is It’s not enough to see.

A purple light travels fast in the depths of the veins, and soon it’s a breakthrough. Heavily defense comes to the depths of the veins. A few silhouettes slowly appear, but it is Zi Yan and Qing Ling. , Xiao Yi Xian, Yan Qingshan and Queen Medusa, they came to the base camp of the Nine Underworld Python family, the Nine Underworld Python family, the Nine Underworld Python family.

The Nine Underworld Python family’s headquarters is also where many Snake- Person tribe in a Holy Land in mind, and as Holy Land , The defense of this underworld snake ground vein is naturally extremely strict, even the ordinary Snake-Person cannot enter it.

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