Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 292

“The strength of the Nine Underworld Python family is pretty good, but if you want to multiply like this, you don’t know how to converge. Sooner or later, the ancient bloodline will be exhausted.”

On a mountain outside, Zi Yan looked at the mountain range in the distance. He was quite puzzled by Nine Underworld Python’s approach.

“Unexpectedly, in this Central Plain, you can also see this huge Snake-Person tribe, which is countless times stronger than our tribe…”

Queen Medusa Looking at the densely packed Snake-Person tribe on the plain below, he exclaimed: “I have seen in the genealogy, our one also migrated to Tageer Desert, but I don’t know if it migrated from this beastland. “

Yan Qingshan just glanced at it and said solemnly: “Zi Yan, let’s go to Nine Underworld Yellow Spring.”

Zi Yan nodded, purple A faint halo enveloped Yan Qingshan and Medusa, “There are many powerhouses hidden in this ground vein, and there are even powerhouses of the Half Sage level. If it is alarmed, it will be a little troublesome, so try to converge all breath.”

Zi Yan’s body flashed light, and the surrounding space was quickly distorted, the space swayed, and everyone’s stature disappeared strangely.

She has been promoted to the 3-Star Fighting Saint Realm. The Ancient Void Dragon’s spatial innate talent is unparalleled in the world. Her Power of Space has been brought to the point of perfection, and she travels through the space all the way to the point of perfection. The Dark Snake’s veins swept deep, but did not attract any special attention in the middle.

The entire group is getting closer and closer to the depths of the Nether Snake Earth Vein, and it can also be noticed that the powerhouse breath inside is getting stronger and stronger. One or two of them are occasionally swept by soul fluctuations, but everything is shocking. There is no danger, and in the end they quietly entered the depths of the Dark Snake Earth Vein.

In the deepest part of the Nether Snake’s veins, there is a huge deep stream of Darkness. This deep stream is as wide as a hundred zhang and has no bottom, a breath of astonishing coldness, like a wind. Generally, constantly whizzing up from its depths.

Ordinary powerhouse just standing here, there will be blood in the body and even Dou Qi has a kind of freezing feeling, Yan Qingshan and others without the help of Zi Yan, it is difficult to withstand such a level of power.

The bottom of this deep stream is the holy pool that hides the Nine Underworld Python family, Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, which is also the destination of Yan Qingshan and the others.

Beside the deep stream, there is no defense. The cold and cold wind that constantly roars out of the deep stream is the most natural guard. Faced with these winds, even Dou Zong class The powerhouse, dare not approach easily.

The space is suddenly slightly distorted, and a few silhouettes slowly emerge. Zi Yan now looks behind the dark abyss. The rich Power of Space directly envelops a few people, breaking through the extreme darkness. The cold wind swept into the bottom of the dark abyss.

At the bottom of the deep stream, an extremely large lake exudes a trace of cold air, and the cold breath that is enough to freeze Dou Qi in the human body is diffused from it.

This lake is extremely huge, and the water in the lake shows a deep yellow color. However, in this deep yellow, there seems to be a trace of blood flowing, with traces of light yellow mixed with The airflow of faint blood constantly seeped out from it, and finally rose up, whizzing towards the sky.

“This is the legendary Nine Underworld Yellow Spring.”

Zi Yan looked at the yellow lake, pondered slowly approached, getting closer to the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring is able to feel a faint cold force continuously invading in.

“This kind of power really helps me a lot.”

Queen Medusa stopped by the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, squatted down, palms touching the lake, Suddenly, only the sound of chi chi sounded, a kind of deep yellow ice crystal was climbing up her arm quickly, but a colorful force was also stimulated at the same time.

“Zi Yan, underneath this Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, there is a confined person, two stars, the original Clan Leader of the Nine Underworld Python clan.”

Yan Qingshan looked at the bottomless Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, and pointed to it said solemnly: “The current Clan Leader Yao Xiao Tian of the Nine Underworld Python clan, and the Great Elder, the Nine Underworld Python clan, secretly sneak attacked this monster and imprisoned it. Here, I won the position of Clan Leader.

The cold power of the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring is like invading the human body, like a sharp blade, and the demon has suffered for hundreds of years. The incomparable resentment in the heart, and the incomparable desire for freedom, in order to be able to get away, will definitely do everything.

In the hands of this monster, there is a Nine Nether wand, which is a token of the Clan Leader of the Nine Underworld Python family. You can be the true Clan Leader only if you have the wand. As long as you get rid of Yao Xiao Tian, ​​the monster will be the new Clan Leader. When the time comes Nine Underworld Python clan can be used for you.

But You have to remember that it’s okay to let the demon gaze out, but let him agree to conclude the soul seal, he will probably agree for freedom.

Also, among the Nine Underworld Python clan, there is Demon Sage Huang Quan left behind. The inheritance stone tablet of Demon Sage Huang Quan contains the Heaven Class Dou Technique inheritance of Demon Sage Huang Quan and a group of blood essence. This is the key to your breakthrough 4-Star battle. Let him agree to surrender the stone tablet and hand over some Netherworld Blood Crystal. .”

Zi Yan suddenly looked at the bottomless Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, slightly smiled nodded Said: “So that’s how it is, is it demon?” I understand, you guys be careful here, and send me a signal directly if there is any movement. “

With a thump, Zi Yan stature moved directly into the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, and then the stature rushed towards the bottom of Yellow Springs like lightning.

“chi chi…”

As Zi Yan jumped into the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, a white plume of smoke rose from the lake, and blisters continued to rise.


Nine Underworld Yellow Spring is cold and silent, and occasionally some sky-splitting sound will remind of the sky, Yan Qingshan and the others are waiting for Zi Yan, beside Suddenly there was a muffled sound from the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, and the swirling and terrifying vortex appeared, which stirred the turbulence of the lake.


In the sound of breaking water, two figures came one after another. Flying into the air, Zi Yan slowly fell to Yan Qingshan’s side, and another silhouette landed slowly. He was skinny and thin, and his breath was rather weak, but he was very excited and howled wildly.

“The Netherworld Blood Crystal you want. This guy has been going crazy in this Nine Underworld Yellow Spring for hundreds of years. He actually took this thing for food. “

Zi Yan waved, several bloody brilliance swept out, and finally hovered in front of him. There were five fist-sized blood-colored crystal blocks. In that crystal block, there seemed to be The infinite blood flow is normal, and it looks very strange.

The scarlet crystals floating in front of you exude terrifying cold power. Yan Qingshan barely bears them with Heavenly Flame wrapping his palms, and puts them in a special jade The box is then stored in the Storage Ring, which is the main material of Nine Underworld Yellow Spring Dan, which will be useful in the future.


It is in the place of Nine Underworld Yellow Spring When the drastic change occurred, in a magnificent palace in the underworld, many leaders of the Snake-Person tribe gathered here, and the sound of laughter echoed in the great hall.

“Continue playing. , Continue to dance, hahaha……”

On the throne of the great hall, a man wearing a black jacket looked at the lithe and graceful snake dancing woman below, laughing happily.

This man looks quite handsome, but between his eyebrows, there is a cold that cannot be concealed. His eyes are slightly closed, and his brilliance flickers, like a poisonous snake that can kill people in an instant. It makes people feel chilly.

Beside the man, two enchanting women are kneading and massaging him cautiously, and the man’s big hands are constantly moving on the soft lovable bodies of the two women. As a result, the expressions of the two women are a bit blurred and look very charming.


Suddenly, the man wearing a black jacket closed his eyes suddenly. Opening it, there was a look of shock in his eyes, and he pushed the two snake girls away suddenly, “What’s the matter? The seal is broken? “

At the bottom of this man, an old man with a red poisonous snake entrenched on his shoulders saw this and asked in a deep voice: “Clan Leader, what’s wrong?” “

“Great Elder, the major event was bad, the seal that suppressed Yao Ming suddenly broke…”

This black clothed man is the current Clan of the Nine Underworld Python clan Leader Yao Xiao Tian, ​​he stood up abruptly, his face was gloomy, and a faint voice came into the old man’s ears.

“What? This impossible……”

The old man’s complexion changed drastically after hearing the sound transmission, but soon after he calmed down, he glanced at the Elders and the leaders of the tribes in the great hall without a trace, and whispered sound transmission. He said: “You go over quickly, if you let Yao Ming escape, we will be finished, I will hold this side, and then quickly come to support you…”

Yao Xiao Tian smiled gloomily, and the stature moved. , Disappeared above the throne, “Don’t worry, I won’t let him turn over. “

The instant disappearance of Yao Xiao Tian made everyone a little strange, but the Great Elder quickly stood up and smiled and comforted everyone in the great hall.



On the bank of the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, the demon screamed and laughed, moved towards the sky and roared, “Yao Xiao Tian, ​​you shit, I will break your corpse into pieces. “

“Your current state is not as good as Dou Zong, let alone trouble with Yao Xiao Tian. “

Yan Qingshan walked over and handed him a bottle of medicine pill, “The seal is broken, Yao Xiao Tian will soon sense the changes here, let’s leave Nine Underworld Yellow Spring first, and wait. After you recover your strength, you go to trouble with Yao Xiao Tian. “

“What the little friend said is extremely true. “

Yao Ming is also nodded, he swallows a bottle of medicine pill directly into his stomach. With his current state, it is basically impossible to be Yao Xiao Tian’s opponent.

Zi Yan At this moment, I suddenly said, “I can sense that a powerhouse is approaching this direction quickly. It is a 1-star fighting sage, not my opponent. “

Yan Qingshan looked towards Yaohu with a searching gaze, “This should be Yao Xiao Tian here. Although it is easy to win him, if you want to re-establish your own prestige, you must be in full view. He defeated him thoroughly. “

“The Clan Leader must solve the internal affairs of the Nine Underworld Python family himself, Dragon Emperor, please take me away first! “

The monster turned to Zi Yan and said, Zi Yan nodded, Power of Space surged out, Yan Qingshan and the monster and the others disappeared quickly, and shortly after they left, A black clothed appeared in Nine Underworld Yellow Spring.

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