Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 293

“Monster, I ran away.”

At the bottom of Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, the black clothed man looked at the messy Land of Sealing. Liao’s Netherworld Yin Stone was completely smashed, which made him extremely frightened, because even if he shot with all his strength, he couldn’t destroy the Netherworld Yin Stone.

An old man also appeared in the place of Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, some flustered and exasperated said: “What the hell is going on? How can the demon still call for help. I have already said that he can’t Stay.”

The black clothed man Yao Xiao Tian finally couldn’t help but shouted: “He can’t stay, but what about the Nine Nether stick, we haven’t found it until now, so we just watched The ancient bloodline in the clan has dried up, and those old fellows have long had opinions on us.”

The old man was still very angry, and hummed: “Does the quarrel still make sense now? What should I do now.”

Yao Xiao Tian coldly said: “Now, don’t worry, we have been operating in the clan for hundreds of years and have promoted a lot of our own people. As long as we block the news and find the monster, everything will not be a problem. “

The Great Elder of the Nine Underworld Python clan looked at the Netherworld Yin Stone that shattered the bottom of a lake, said solemnly: “But the monster has a helping hand, and he can break the Netherworld Yin Stone. I’m afraid this person It’s hard to deal with.”

Yao Xiao Tian shook his head, “Don’t scare yourself, if Yao Luo really has a helper, he would have taken it down when I came over. I think he is mostly Only after finding the seal’s mistakes and omissions did he get out. Now his strength is not good enough to give him a chance.

However, the top priority now is the leaders of the various tribes who came to participate in the Nine Nether. , But many of them are former supporters of Yaolu. If this is found to be wrong, then it is over.”

Great Elder said solemnly: “Nine Nether has basically ended, if you don’t leave them Trying to win, these people have already left, you can disband them, It shouldn’t be too big a problem.”


Nine Underworld Python Ancestral Land , Inside the Mingyuan Temple, Yao Xiao Tian sat in the position of the Grand Palace Master, smiled at the many snake tribe leaders below, and said: “Every tribe leader, there are still some things in the ancestral land today, and this Clan Leader is not good to continue. I’m leaving you…”

“Clan Leader’s order, I will obey it myself.”

The leaders of these tribes were just puzzled, and none of them questioned anything. They all left with the demon and prepared to leave.

“hehe, Yao Xiao Tian, ​​you drove these tribal leaders away, do you want to get rid of the top secret again, right?”

There are many Elders and leaders one after another When saying goodbye to Yao Xiao Tian, ​​a sneer sounded outside the hall, and a silhouette rushed in and appeared in the sight of many Nine Underworld Python executives.

This person is a demon. At this time, his body is no longer dry, but has become much taller, a face, although a little dark, his eyes flashing, it is also filled with allow some Yin-Fiend Qi.

Yao Ming and Yao Xiao Tian have similar faces. The two looked at each other. After a while, there were some unbelievable screams from Elder: “Yao Ming Clan Leader? How is it possible? Didn’t your cultivation cultivation deviation fall?”

“Yao Ming Clan Leader?”

“This seems to be the big brother of Xiao Tian Clan Leader, the previous one. Clan Leader.”

“At the time, Xiao Tian Clan Leader said that his cultivation deviation died. It has disappeared for hundreds of years. How can it reappear now?”

With the numerous whispers that resounded across the sky, Yao Xiao Tian face twitched suddenly, his eyes met the Great Elder with the crimson poisonous snake on his shoulders, and he coldly shouted, “All pipe down, you don’t get caught.” This guy lied.

My big brother died a long time ago. He has been dead for hundreds of years. This guy must be a conspiracy man. He deliberately pretended to be my big brother and wanted to make my The family is in turmoil, all the Elders, follow me to punish them.”

“haha, Yao Xiao Tian, ​​are you in such a hurry to kill people and kill your mouth?”

Yao Ming Yang Tian Laughed, then turned his eyes to several Elders: “Salty Elder, Elder Ming, Elder Liu, you were my closest people back then. Could it be that you don’t even recognize me.”

Three hairs Wan Bai Elder shook his whole body when he heard his call, his eyes swept over Yao Ming, and there was also some excitement on his face, saying: “It seems to be Yao Ming Clan Leader. His breath is quite familiar to the three of us. “

The Great Elder of the Nine Underworld Python clan looked at the three men with gloomy eyes, coldly shouted: “Mingchang, the three of you are here to disturb the heart of the clan. Today’s Nine Underworld Python clan, Clan Leader is Yao Xiao Tian, ​​do you want a traitor?”

The Three Elders said anxiously upon seeing this: “Great Elder, this is really Yao Ming Clan Leader, what’s the misunderstanding? “

The monster said indifferently with a smile: “There is no misunderstanding. I was brutally wounded by my brother and Great Elder, and sealed at the bottom of the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring. If Pan is not saved, I am afraid that I will have to be sealed in the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring for the rest of my life. When they see me out of trouble today, they naturally want to kill people quickly. “

“What? “

Yao Ming’s words are undoubtedly like thunder. Suddenly, everyone’s eyes are focused on Yao Xiao Tian and Great Elder.

“Nine Underworld Python A clan listens to orders. “

Yao Ming took a step, his eyes swept across the great hall, his mouth suddenly opened, a black glow swept out, and finally turned into a half-foot-sized black scepter.

The scepter is completely black, and the top is made up of two lifelike black poisonous snakes. Between the two snakes, there is a fist sized black bead, emitting a faint cold glow.

“Nine Nether Wand? It is actually the Nine Nether wand that has been lost for a hundred years. “

“This is a token of Clan Leader! “

“He is really the demon Clan Leader, a token that only the orthodox Clan Leader has. “

All Elder’s complexion changed, and there was a frenzied surging in his eyes. From the scepter, they felt a pressure on the bloodline, and several of them even knelt down.

According to legend, among the snake beads of the Nether Scepter, there are the purest Nine Nether Royal Clan Bloodline. If the current Nine Underworld Python clan can have these bloodlines, it will undoubtedly be greatly improved. Extend the bloodline’s thin speed.

Yao Xiao Tian looked at Yao Ming extremely heavy, with his fists clenched gnashing teeth, “No wonder I searched everywhere and couldn’t find the Nether wand. This bastard swallowed in his stomach. “

“All Elders, you can’t do anything…two stars fight each other, how is it possible.” “

Great Elder opened his mouth, trying to influence many Elders with these hundreds of years of operation. A terrifying Qi machine locked him, and he looked towards the direction of the Qi machine owner, which he couldn’t believe.

Yao Ming’s robe is hunting, his gaze shoots at Yao Xiao Tian and Great Elder like a sharp sword blade, stepping, slowly walking out, and with his step, he is stronger than anyone present. They are all powerful and terrifying breath, hiding the sky and covering the earth violently surge out.

The complexions of Yao Xiao Tian and Great Elder suddenly turned pale. They had never expected that they were suppressed so Over the years, Yao Ming’s strength has risen instead of retreating, directly from Half Sage that year, soaring to the level of two stars.

“It is worthy of being Yao Ming Clan Leader. This innate talent is compared to Yao. Xiao Tian didn’t know how much he was strong. ”

Elder Ming and the others who support the monsters are all showing ecstasy. As Magic Beast, their cultivation speed may not be comparable to humans, but they have a long lifespan in the animal world. It took hundreds of years to reach the two-star battle from Half Sage.

“I have to thank you for trapping me in the bottom of Nine Underworld Yellow Spring. These hundreds of Over the years, in order to survive, I have been squeezing my own potential. Instead, the cultivation base has been advanced by leaps and bounds! You said, should I personally thank you! “

Yao Ming’s gloomy and bitter gaze is locked in look pale Yao Xiao Tian and Great Elder, step by step as if stepping on their hearts.

“I My good brother, today, I will return all these hundreds of years of suffering to you. “

After a few flashes, the monster appeared in front of Yao Xiao Tian, ​​and the face slowly lifted a touch of hideousness, and the palm of the hand was a strong black energy that drove incomparable horror.

” Why are you undying, why do you want to come back, why don’t you die……”

Yao Xiao Tian is crazy, a monstrous cold breath violently surges out from his body, this world is violently fluctuating ,Hiding the sky and covering the earth gathered above its head into a huge giant palm full of thousands zhang, above the giant palm, contains the power of extreme coldness.

The huge palm fell suddenly, The terrifying force distorted and shattered the space, but the black mist in front of the demon’s body was extremely rich and terrifying, and the life blocked Yao Xiao Tian’s full attack.

“Netherworld Finger! Single Netherworld Finger, Judge Life or Death! “

Yao Xiao Tian still undying the heart, the energy in the body condenses into a deep yellow finger the size of several hundred zhang. The surface of this finger is extremely rough, but it is filled with a faint Destruction Strength. Go, like a Heaven-supporting Pillar, towering between Heaven and Earth.

His fingers jerked, and the huge Netherworld Finger in the sky, hong long long rushed down, The whole piece of space collapsed at this moment, and The earth shook and the mountain quivered in the great hall seemed to be like an earthquake.

When Yao Xiao Tian once again attacked the monster, Great Elder was also at the same time It moved, and instantly appeared behind the demon’s eyes, a pair of dry palms, which became extremely dark at this moment, a violent stench, permeating, “Withered leaves and poisonous palms! Dark Ghost Poison Fiend Claw! “

On the Great Elder’s claws, a lot of black viscous liquid was condense, and the liquid dripped, and even the space was corroded into nothingness. His two Dou Techniques came out together with Yao Xiao Tian Intent to kill the demon.

“The Wrath of the Underworld Snake! ! ! “

The demon roared and raised the Nether wand, a circle of black light radiated in an instant, and the extremely dark ring of light condensed the black mist into a huge giant Black Snake, and the monstrous flames filled the sky. Come, like an evil Evil God between Heaven and Earth.

The moment when the three silhouettes run Dou Technique and collide, Heaven and Earth are silent, and immediately hiding the sky and covering the earth’s energy. The storm took shape suddenly, the space within thousand zhang almost completely collapsed, the Temple of the Dark Abyss shattered to dust, and the many Clan Leaders of the Dark Clan Leader ran away early.

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