Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 294

“My dear brother, you have made progress at this point for so many years, which disappoints me too much!”

A sneer passed from the twilight period After coming out, a huge heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound suddenly sounded, followed by Yao Xiao Tian’s screams and Great Elder’s groans.

The dust settled, everyone at the scene finally saw the situation clearly, the demon stood upright, the Nine Nether wand in his hand pierced the Great Elder in the air, and Yao Xiao Tian was like a dead dog Generally fall aside.

The original Temple of Underworld, completely collapsed due to the fight of the Three Great Powerhouses, and only a few broken walls remain. The fight between the powerhouses of the fighting sages can destroy a city with every gesture. It is also because of the special materials of Mingyuan Temple, otherwise the impact will only be greater.

“You scumbag, I trust you so much, but you betrayed me and tortured me for so many years. Today, I want to smash you into Myriad Snake Cave. The death penalty of the snake bite!!!”

Yao Ming’s voice is like the cry of a Nether ghost, with incomparable hatred, he stomped on Yao Xiao Tian’s body. The terrifying wind ripples erupted centered on the soles of their feet, and shook some nearby boulders directly into powder.

Yao Xiao Tian was also a mouthful of blood by this blow. In the sprayed blood, there were also allowed some broken internal organs. This scene made many clansman of the Nine Underworld Python family jump their eyelids. Jumped.

The monster’s body was bathed in blood, and his face looked extremely hideous. His hatred for Yao Xiao Tian was indeed terrifying. When he shot, he recruited very ruthless.

“Big brother, big brother, forgive me, I was tempted by the Great Elder back then, and I just missed that kind of brutal thing!”

Yao Xiao Tian was trampled on by the demon With the heart, the original sullen face was full of fear, and he screamed to ask for mercy, but Great Elder, who was picked in the air by the demon, listened to his words and spewed out old blood in anger.

“Do you now know that I am your big brother? Do you know how painful I have been all these years? All the sufferings I have suffered over the past hundreds of years are thanks to you!”


Yao Ming’s tone is vigorous, he squatted down slowly, and stroked Yao Xiao Tian’s head with his palm, the blood-filled face, “Back then, I truly regarded you as a biological brother. If you don’t betray I, the position of Clan Leader, will be yours sooner or later…”

“No, no, don’t kill me…”

Yao Xiao Tian trembled, he could feel To the killing intent that the former cherished, but just now, his whole body Dou Qi was banned by the demon, simply because of there’s no resistance.

Yao Ming’s eyes gradually became gloomy. Just as he was about to kill the killer, a silhouette suddenly flew into the arena and came to the demon’s body.

Purple eyes stared at the monster in front of her. This majestic woman said solemnly: “Monster, keep them alive, I’m still useful, I will make them worse than dead.”

The demon was silent for a long time before replied: “Yes, but you have to make sure that the woman who owns Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils will not be able to attack my clansman from the Nine Underworld Python clan in the future.”

Zi Yan also responded: “You are our ally. As long as you don’t betray, we will naturally not do anything to our friends.”

“You two are very lucky and can still be clansman Make some contributions and don’t have to suffer the torture of the ten thousand snakes.”

Between the demon’s hand, Great Elder was thrown on the ground, and the Nine Nether wand in the demon’s hand flew out of two black circles Qi, the blood from both of them kept flying out, and their ancient bloodline was being drawn away.

Nine Nether Wand is not only the Clan Leader token of the Nine Underworld Python clan. As the most proliferating clan among Magic Beast Three Great Races, Nine Underworld Python lineage for a long time can maintain the ancient bloodline. The key lies in the Nine Nether wand.

This Nine Nether wand can extract the ancient bloodline from the body of the Nine Underworld Python family powerhouse. It is this method that guarantees the endless bloodline of the Nine Underworld Python family.

The demon raised the Nether wand, “all Elders, my demon wants to regain power, no one will have an opinion!”

“I’ve seen it before Clan Leader!!!”

The numerous Elder Hearing this of the Nine Underworld Python clan hurriedly knelt down to respond, Yao Ming has a not weak reputation in the Nine Underworld Python clan, although hundreds of them are missing Years ago, his fierce power to fight the two sages alone was enough to make him frighten all clansman.

“Yao Ming Clan Leader returns to the top position, and I will follow it to the death!”

A senior Elder, who is quite senior, quickly stepped forward and spoke respectfully to Yao Ming.

“There are all Elders, you will solve the problems of the clan, and those who shouldn’t stay should be sent to the Temple of Mingyuan!”

Yao Ming indifferently said If he wants to regain control of the big position, he must wash away some of Yao Xiao Tian’s cronies, and Qing Ling, who owns Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, can control the Magic Beast of the snake clan and can slowly refining them. Controlling the cultivation base of the puppet, this can be regarded as an agreement reached between Yaolu and Yan Qingshan.


Many Elders of the Nine Underworld Python clan looked at each other. Just now Yaolu and Zi Yan mentioned Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils. To avoid taboo, when thinking of the fate of these two people and Yao Xiao Tian, ​​they didn’t realize that their bodies trembled, and they responded quickly and respectfully.

“Under the Dragon Emperor, this time, thanks to your assistance.”

After the demon has arranged the Nine Underworld Python family in an orderly manner, he turned around. , And said sincerely with his hands in front of Zi Yan.

Zi Yan glanced at the demon and calmly said: “I will help you, and it is conditional. Where is the Yellow Springs stone tablet, take me there!”

Hearing this body trembled, but after hesitating for a moment, he stepped forward and led the way to the depths of the ancestral land of Nine Underworld Python.

“Demon Sage, if I remember well, this Demon Sage Huang Quan should be Human Race, but I don’t know why his inheritance is in your Nine Underworld Python ancestry!”

In the ancestral land of Nine Underworld Python, Yao Liao led Yan Qingshan and his party towards the Yellow Springs stone tablet. Zi Yan glanced at Yan Qingshan by his side, and turned his head to the Yao Liao in front of him. Asked.

“Dragon Emperor knows something. Although this Demon Sage Huang Quan is not mine, it has a lot of connection with my family. Back then…”

Bring Yan Qingshan and the others to an ancient altar, pointing to the altar, “This is the Yellow Springs stone tablet, which not only records the three major inheritances of Demon Sage Huang Quan, but it is deep inside. There is also a mass of blood essence of Demon Sage Huang Quan…”

When demon Sage Huang Quan’s blood essence was mentioned, there was an involuntarily expectation in his eyes, Demon Sage Huang Quan, the half-di powerhouse, its strength has truly reached the point where it can accomplish all the good fortune. This level of powerhouse, the bloodline in the body, has been able to gradually mutate.

As long as Demon Sage Huang Quan can fully take that step to become Dou Di, then its descendants will also enjoy its Bloodline Strength and be sheltered by EMI. From then on, it will be a far ancient seed. The family was born.

Unfortunately, that last step, Demon Sage Huang Quan did not succeed until the day of his fall, so his children and grandchildren did not have that blessing.

However, although his Bloodline Strength cannot be brought to his children and grandchildren, the blood essence of Demon Sage Huang Quan itself is also extremely precious to the powerhouse of Dousheng, not inferior to Tier Nine medicine pill, if it can If you get it, you can also improve your own strength.

Yan Qingshan and the others As the demon stepped onto the altar, this altar was extremely magnificent. It was built entirely of cyan boulder, standing on the top of the altar, enough to overlook some of the surrounding mountains.

In the center of the altar, there is a huge pale-yellow stone tablet about a hundred zhang, standing lonely here, an ancient breath spreading out, as if eternal.

The demon looked at the stone tablet and pointed to the two engravings on it and said: “On this stone tablet, there is the inheritance of Demon Sage Huang Quan, Netherworld Finger and Netherworld Palm, the former is Heaven Class Dou Technique of low level, while the latter is Heaven Class middle level. The formidable power is extremely powerful, but only the Clan Leader of the clan and a few old Fang can practice it.

apart from This, there is another inheritance that has not yet been revealed, it is the fame of Demon Sage Huang Quan, Netherworld Heaven’s Fury. But unfortunately, no one in my family has successfully obtained the inheritance of Netherworld Heaven’s Fury for so many years, let alone It’s done.”

“Netherworld Heaven’s Fury!”

Zi Yan looked at the stone tablet in front of him and said emotionally: “Netherworld Finger, Judge Life or Death, Yellow Springs anger, broken human soul, Netherworld Heaven’s Fury, Heaven Class high level sonic Dou Technique.”

Netherworld Heaven’s Fury, a powerful Dou Technique with a high evaluation in the ancient book records, is said to have fallen on Demon Sage Huang Of those Peak powerhouses in Quan’s hand, at least nine of them were among the ten, all of which were finally shattered and killed by Netherworld Heaven’s Fury.

Heaven Class high level Dou Technique, even though there are not many of the Ancient Void Dragon clan, and Zi Yan is the body of Dragon Phoenix, he is good at dragon roar and the technique of Phoenix, and it is formidable using the sound wave Dou Technique. power is even worse.

In other words, if Xiao Yan uses the “Netherworld Heaven’s Fury” cultivation success skill, even if it is facing a powerhouse that has reached the level of 3-Star, if the latter is completely unprepared, Will suffer a great loss!

“hehe, it is Demon Sage Huang Quan’s famous technique, Netherworld Heaven’s Fury.” Yao Ming was very satisfied with Xiao Yan’s surprise and said with a smile.

The demon pointed to the stone tablet and said: “In this stone tablet, there is a trace of the soul guardian of Demon Sage Huang Quan, and the cultivation method of Netherworld Heaven’s Fury and the group of Demon Sage Huang Quan. According to our estimation, the blood essence is probably kept by the remnant soul.

After years of testing, we have also discovered that at least the soul of the heaven realm is required to successfully invade the stone tablet. .

But Magic Beast has always rarely had a cultivation soul, and a soul that can reach this level, generally speaking, can only be possessed by some of the Alchemists of the Great Grandmaster level among humans.

The previous clan also discussed it. I tried to invite an Alchemy Great Grandmaster, but later I was worried that the Yellow Springs stone tablet would be exposed and cause some unnecessary troubles, so I had to press it down.

After all, in the Yellow Springs stone tablet, there is still the blood essence of Demon Sage Huang Quan hidden. If this is spread, even some powerhouses will begin to stir, even some of ours clansman only knows the existence of Yellow Springs stone tablet, but he doesn’t know what is hidden in it.”

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