Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 297

“This is…”

Nine Underworld Python ancestral land, deep in the veins of the underworld snake, when Yan Qingshan rushed out of the quiet chamber, a vein penetrated through the veins The Straight Clashing Nine Heavens beam of light catches the eye.

In this purple beam of light, there is a kind of strange pressure. Many powerhouses of the Nine Underworld Python clan are on the ground. Even the monsters that have just rushed out show a terrified look.

“Is this Zi Yan breakthrough?”

Xiao Yi Xian was also alarmed and flew to Yan Qingshan’s side. She was also a little different at this time, her hair recovered After the blackness of the past, there is a rune on the forehead, and the cultivation base has reached the level of 7-Star Dou Zun.

“This should be…yes!”

Yan Qingshan was also a little uncertain, just as they spoke, the purple light slowly dissipated, and a shadow of purple hair , Walking slowly in the void.

A slender purple hair is naturally Zi Yan. At this moment, her body is filled with a terrifying coercion that makes people thrilling.

“You succeeded.”

Yan Qingshan looked at the majestic Zi Yan in front of him, showing a pleasant smile.

“Yes, I have successfully been promoted to 4-Star Fighting Saint, the three rebellious self-reliance kings, the good days are over.”

Zi Yan nodded, with a move of his palm, A small group of golden flooded blood essence came to Yan Qingshan’s side, “The energy of the Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit in my body has not been fully developed yet. I just used a part of this demon saint blood essence and it is enough to break through 4-Star Fighting Saint. , The remaining three drops, you are good for life.”


Yan Qingshan nodded, the demon saint blood essence is not only useful for Zi Yan, but also for him It is even more precious. With these three drops of blood essence, he and Xiao Yi Xian breakthrough are also sure of the battle.

Yan Qingshan looked at the Mingyuan Temple where Nine Underworld Yellow Spring and Qing Ling were retreating, and then regained his gaze, said: “Cai’er and Qing Ling are still cultivating, but it’s better not too late to unify the dragon clan. Let’s rectify for a while, and let’s go tomorrow!”

Zi Yan nodded, “I will go to the demon to discuss it later. With the help of Nine Underworld Python, I believe that the rebellion will be quelled soon. “


Yan Qingshan stands beside the deep stream, with his hands behind behind, his eyes are on the Nine Underworld Yellow Spring and the Temple of Underworld in the depths, this is Zi The second day Yan left customs was also the day when they prepared to go to Dragon Island to unify Dragon Clan.

Xiao Yi Xian flew from a distance and landed not far from Yan Qingshan, “Qing Shan big brother, Yao Xian is ready to go.”

Yan Qingshan and Xiao Yi Xian came to Yaolu and the others, Yaolu and Zi Yan and the others have been waiting here, Nine Underworld Python this time almost came out, the powerhouse on Dou Zun Ninety percent was dispatched, and only one Half Sage stayed behind.

“Let’s set off.”

Zi Yan’s body was rendered with purple light and Xiao Yi Xian wrapped in Yan Qingshan, and then he waved his palm against the void in front of him. The pitch-black Space Crack suddenly emerged, and soon it spread into a stable space passage.

Zi Yan led Yan Qingshan and Xiao Yi Xian to enter first, Yaolu led many Nine Underworld Python Elder follow closely from behind, and accompanied the last person to walk into Space Crack, the crack slowly disappeared, and finally Disappeared in this world.


The emptiness of space is still so quiet, the pitch-black space, from time to time, bursts of extremely strong space fluctuations, one after another, like a big mouth The cracks emerged…


In the silent nothingness, a crack emerged, in the crack, one after another silhouette shuttled out, and finally appeared in In this dark and deep space.

“East Dragon Island is here. I have sent a message yesterday to inform Zhu Li Elder that my army in East Dragon Island should also be ready.”

The familiar silver ring of light When he greeted his eyes, Zi Yan waved his hand while speaking, opening the space barrier of East Dragon Island, and he entered in file with numerous powerhouses.

“I am waiting to welcome the Dragon Emperor.”

When Yan Qingshan and the others came to the widest plaza on East Dragon Island, Zhu Li Elder and the two white-haired gray men, The old man with unusually sharp eyes flashed out, leading many Ancient Dragon powerhouses to worship Zi Yan and greet him.

Zi Yan brought Yan Qingshan and Xiao Yi Xian down, and slightly raised his hand to signal them to get up, “all elders, clansman, exemption…”

Zhu Li Elder and three others The holy powerhouse stepped forward to respectfully spoke: “Lord Dragon Emperor, after receiving your message yesterday, his subordinates invited Great Elder and Second Elder out of the retreat. Now all the elites on East Dragon Island are assembled, and it will be done soon. Put down the rebellion.”

“Dragon Emperor Your Majesty!”

The Great Elder of the Ancient Void Dragon clan hurriedly stepped forward and looked at Zi Yan with excitement in his hands. A white haired old man with a dragon-shaped crutch is a two-star fighting saint who is a real deal, and it is also the key to the East Dragon Island so much to withstand the pressure from the three dragon kings.

“You have a heart, Great Elder.”

Zi Yan raised his head slightly, staring at the army of East Dragon Island in front of him, with a passionate expression in his eyes. The clansman, the three dragons rebelled against the rebellion, intended to split the Ancient Dragon clan. Today, in the name of the Dragon Emperor, the emperor suppresses the rebellion and unifies the dragon clan.”

“Suppress the rebellion, unify the dragon clan!”

“Suppress the rebellion, unify dragon clan!”

“Suppress the rebellion, unify dragon clan!!!”

Many ancient Dragon clan powerhouses shouted at the same time, soaring to the sky The imposing manner concussed the void, almost tearing this piece of void barrier.

Aoki Great Elder bowed and said: “Dragon Emperor Your Majesty, the military will be available, please order, immediately send troops, suppress the rebellion, and unify dragon clan.”

Zi Yan looked at Yan. Qingshan said, after the latter was nodded, she pointed to the north said solemnly: “The Great Elder said it is very true, but the three major Dragon Islands are strong. If it is a strong attack, it will only cause the dragon clan to have serious internal friction. It must be unexpected. I think, attack North first. Dragon Island.”

“Dragon Emperor Your Majesty has an order, attack North Dragon Island first and set off!!!”

After Aoki and the Three Great Elders looked at each other, they gave a long drink at the same time , Many Ancient Dragon powerhouses operate Force of Void at the same time, and the entire East Dragon Island is driven, moving towards the north in this empty space and flies quickly.


empty space In the north, in a large floating island, in a majestic palace, a silhouette sits on the dragon’s seat, this is a dragon dressed in dragon Robe’s man, at this moment, he opened his eyes slowly, his eyebrows were frowning, and he seemed a little disturbed.

“What’s going on, why do I feel like a catastrophe is imminent, and I feel restless?”

The man looked a little anxious and pressed his palm with his palm. The heart, the usual stable heart rate, beats extremely fast today, “Come on!!!”

As the man shouted, two figures appeared in the palace. After looking at the man, At the same time, he bowed and said: “I have seen the Dragon King!”

The man looked at the two below, and asked in a deep voice: “Qing Yan, Huo Zhan, these days, the four major Dragon Island What’s the difference?”

The two looked at each other, and one of them stepped forward and said: “Long Lord Wang, everything is fine in North Dragon Island these days, nothing is different, West and South. There is no special news from the island. Only East Dragon Island, who has never contacted my Mishima, is not clear…”

“East Dragon Island? Could it be Donglong… Bang…”

The dragon robe man at the top muttered to himself a little uneasy. Just as he was talking, there was a loud bang, and the whole great hall was shaking, which was abrupt. The change caused all three of them to change their faces.

This dragon robe man stood up suddenly, shouted angrily: “What’s going on…”

A silhouette quickly rushed in, “Dragon King, Dragon King, East Dragon Island group of people I’m crazy, driving the East Dragon Island and directly hitting my North Dragon Island, and even the powerhouse of the Nine Underworld Python made a big attack. My North Dragon Island elite resisted desperately, but it didn’t help.”

This man wearing a dragon robe is naturally the North Dragon King. Hearing that the East Dragon Island army had invaded, he was naturally angry, “East Dragon Island, as expected, it was them, and they actually joined the Nine Underworld Python. How dare they… “

North Dragon King furiously shouted, and gave the command with a flick of his sleeve, “Qing Yan, Huo Zhan, you guys will fight back with many Elders soon. This king wants to see, Old Aoki What is your confidence?”

After he ordered the two Great Elders, he quickly escaped out of the temple in the form of a stream of rainbow light, and moved towards the battlefield with the most intense battle conditions and flew over.

In front of the Dragon Island battlefield, Hei Qing, who led his army, respectfully spoke to Zi Yan: “Dragon Emperor Your Majesty, with the help of the powerhouse of the Nine Underworld Python family, North Dragon Island has already been waited for by me. Full suppression, I believe they will be completely defeated soon.”

Zi Yan Hearing this, with a hint of happiness in his eyes, turning to look at a corner of the sky said solemnly: “Don’t take it lightly and tell them to be careful. Some, North Dragon King is here.”

“Okay, good, very good, Nine Underworld Python, I will find you to settle the ledger sooner or later.”

Over the battlefield, North Dragon King looked at the North Dragon Island army that had been defeated by the East Dragon Island and the Nine Underworld Python powerhouse. His eyes were full of anger, and his whole body released a terrifying draconic power. The voice spread throughout the audience, “Aoki, you rebellious, give I’ll get out!!!”

“North Dragon Ni, today is your time to die.”

Aoki Great Elder and the other three appeared at the same time, together with the demon and several Nine Underworld Half Sage of the Python family took over the draconic power imposing manner of the North Dragon King together.

North Dragon King looked at the monster, coldly smiled and said: “It turns out that there is an extra two-star battle. I never thought that Nine Underworld Python actually produced such a powerhouse, Yao Xiao Tian, ​​isn’t he the Clan Leader? , Why didn’t you come together!”

Monster said solemnly: “The Clan Leader of the Nine Underworld Python clan, Yao Xiao Tian, ​​a rebellious person, has been killed with the help of the East Dragon Island powerhouse. Now.”

A trace of sarcasm flashed in the North Dragon King’s eyes, “Monster? Yao Xiao Tian? Rebellion? Hehe, it’s really ridiculous enough, no wonder you would mix into the internal strife of my dragon clan. “

East Dragon Island Second Elder stared at the North Dragon King, gnashing teeth cursed: “North Dragon Ni, the old Dragon Emperor Your Majesty cultivated you so much, but you united with the other two to rebel , Today your time of death has arrived.”

North Dragon King’s face is heavy, angrily said: “I am a Royal Clan Bloodline, even if it is just a collateral line, it is not comparable to you, you dare to call me a dragon Ni, are you worthy? You guys who unite with foreign races are the real Long Ni.”

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