Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 299

“Qing Yan, Huo Zhan, you two lead the North Dragon Island powerhouse to promote North Dragon Island as the vanguard and lead an army to attack West Dragon Island!”

North On Dragon Island, Zi Yan issued an order to the North Dragon Island Ministry that had only been regained. The troops were very fast. Now that North Dragon Island has been regained, the best way is to take advantage of the fact that the other two Dragon Islands have never reacted. Quickly attack dragon clan to unify.

“Dragon Emperor Your Majesty!”

At this time, Qing Yan Elder of North Dragon Island suddenly spoke, after a little hesitation, he said: “Among the three Dragon Islands, Regardless of the three big dragons, Long Ni, West Dragon Island should be the strongest, Dragon Armor Army elite, and there are two two-star powerhouse.

Subordinates believe that the next goal, The best is South Dragon Island’s Nanlongni…”

Zi Yan glanced at him, “Northern Longni is the most powerful house among the three dragons, even he can’t stop him. My Slaughter Dragon Sword, you think the West Dragon Sword will be an exception. As for the powerhouse of West Dragon Island, it depends on you, whether the heart of guilt and meritorious service is true…”

The three major divisions of dragon clan Among the dragon kings, the North Dragon King has the strongest strength and is already close to the 4-Star Fighting Saint, while the other two are just 3-Star Late Phase, but in terms of power, they are the opposite, but I don’t know if it is three. The Dragon King deliberately maintains balance.


empty space, West Dragon Island, inside the Dragon Island temple, a middle-aged man wearing a crown suddenly looked towards outside the temple gate, two figures joined together Then, a black-faced man with a body like a giant ape, and an elderly man wearing an azure robe.

The black-faced man bowed and said solemnly: “Report to the Dragon King, North Dragon Island and East Dragon Island suddenly flew to my West Dragon Island, but I don’t know what happened.”

This middle age person wearing a crown said solemnly: “Is it because the turbulence of empty space has arrived again, and the time has come for Dragon Island to converge and collide?”

azure robe the old man said solemnly: “Dragon King, it’s not like that. , The two dragon islands are being pushed by people and are constantly approaching me…Boom…”

Just when the two reported the situation, the three dragon islands had collided together, outside the great hall There was the sound of rushing in an instant.

West Dragon King flew out of the hall with Two Great Powerhouses, watching the crazy attacking North Dragon Island powerhouse, and tremblingly said: “North Dragon King is crazy, dare to attack like this. Cut me down on West Dragon Island. Why did the old man Aoki go crazy? He actually joined hands with him.”

Aoki Great Elder flew out, and his voice spread throughout West Dragon Island, “Xilongni, yours The good days are over, the Dragon Emperor is here, and the dragon clan tribe, don’t surrender!!!”

“Aoki, you are crazy…North Dragon King…”

The West Dragon King thought this time it was Aoki Great Elder who caused some moths, but when Zhu Li Third Elder and Second Elder carried the North Dragon King’s thousand zhang Dragon Body and flew over West Dragon Island, his body was not Consciously trembling, North Dragon King actually died.

West Dragon King was stunned, and muttered: “How can North Dragon King die? How dare you, how dare you to kill him…”

At this moment, he I am really scared. The North Dragon King is the most powerful powerhouse among the three of them. The rebellion that year was also his frustration, but nowadays, as powerful as the North Dragon King is dead, and now this group of people have come to him again. , Could he also…

At this moment, the black-faced man on the side, West Dragon Island Great Commander Xuan Mo, pointed at the monster on the side and the others shouted: “Nine Underworld Python, Aoki , You actually violated the ancestral motto and colluded with foreigners…”

“The alliance with Nine Underworld Python is an order of the emperor, rebelling against Xuan Mo, what do you think.”

Qing Leng And the majestic voice spread throughout West Dragon Island, this time Zi Yan did not hide, but appeared directly, the pupil light looked at West Dragon Island Three Great Powerhouses with evil spirits.

“This pure dragon blood pressure, this is the bloodline of the king…”

The bodies of West Dragon Island Great Commander Xuan Mo and Great Elder Zhu Mu are shaking, Under Zi Yan’s draconic power, they had no resistance at all.

“This impossible, the Dragon Emperor is already dead, dead…”

West Dragon King lost his voice and roared hoarsely. The death of North Dragon King confirmed his Uneasy, and the appearance of Zi Yan made him even more desperate.

He knew very well that Zi Yan might let go of dragon clan’s other rebellious powerhouses, but for the rebellion of the three of them with Royal Clan Bloodline, they will undoubtedly kill them. The North Dragon King is dead, and more It intensified this thought and was the last straw that overwhelmed him.

“Xilongni, don’t hesitate to tie it soon…”

Zi Yan’s palm showed a touch of golden light, and the invisible coercion told West Dragon King, facing Zi Yan, he will die, he will really die.

“Slaughter Dragon Sword, really is Slaughter Dragon Sword, this is impossible……”

West Dragon King originally had a little rebellion, when Slaughter Dragon Sword appeared. He had only one thought in his heart, to escape to South Dragon Island and join the South Dragon King. Maybe he could have a glimmer of survival. He thought of doing the same. Stature turned into a thousand zhang giant dragon and quickly flew away from West Dragon Island. .

“You thought you ran away…”

Zi Yan’s behind reveals a pair of purple wings. The wings spread out at a rapid speed, and the latter came first to West Dragon. The King’s behind, a sword was gently sent out, the golden light bloomed in front of the West Dragon King’s forehead, a thousand zhang giant dragon crashed down, and the dragon’s blood was everywhere after heavily hit the ground.

“West Dragon King, dead…”

The bodies of Zhu Mu and Xuan Mo are trembling, Slaughter Dragon Sword, this is the Slaughter Dragon Sword, the new Dragon Emperor is born , Not only reached the 4-Star Fighting Saint Realm, but also took control of Slaughter Dragon Sword, easily killed West Dragon King and North Dragon King, dragon clan unification, it seemed that there was no suspense.

“The sinners Xuan Mo, Zhu Mu, pay homage to the Dragon Emperor…”

These two guys were also very bachelor. When they saw the West Dragon King died, they faced Zi Yan, who came with his sword, knelt directly to acknowledge allegiance.

Zi Yan looked at Xuan Mo and Zhu Mu in front of him, said solemnly: “You two quickly set up the Dragon Armor Army, along with the men and horses of East Dragon Island and North Dragon Island, and moved South Dragon Island. Take me down.”

“Subordinates do your bidding!”

These Two Great Powerhouses are all shivered, and then they hurriedly said yes, with the two great powerhouses and many others The West Dragon Island high-levels stood up, the storm of West Dragon Island disappeared, and the three dragon islands were driven by dragon clan powerhouse and moved towards the last South Dragon Island.

On the South Dragon Island side, South Dragon King has discovered something wrong and led many South Dragon Island powerhouses to the north of South Dragon Island. “The three major Dragon Islands moved towards our South Dragon Island at the same time. They are all crazy…”

In the empty space, the three Dragon Islands are being pushed to attack rapidly at the same time. The Savage Dragon Army of South Dragon Island is ready to go, and the four islands are about to collide. At that time, countless silhouettes of tyrannical breath flew above the three Dragon Island, and the army moved towards South Dragon Island was oppressed.

South Dragon Island looked at the many powerhouses that came into the sky with caution, “The four two-star sages, Aoki, Xuan Mo, Zhu Mu, and there is a Nine Underworld Python, North Dragon King. The two guys and West Dragon King died. What is the situation?”

South Dragon Island Great Elder, Lie Shan said solemnly in a yellow robe: “Dragon King, this situation is not right. It seems that there are still people…”

South Dragon King was talking, Zi Yan in a purple robe appeared, “Of course this king knows, just because they have no power to kill…Dragon Emperor bloodline ……”

Zi Yan pretty face, light purple eyes filled with chill, said with a sneer: “Nanlongni, you took advantage of the disappearance of my Imperial Father and usurped the Ancient Void Dragon clan to split , Which caused the Ancient Dragon clan to fall to such a point. Today, Xilongni and Beilongni have been put down, what else do you want to say.”

South Dragon King roared hysterically: “The three of me are also pregnant with Royal Clan Bloodline. My ancestors also made great contributions to dragon clan. The Dragon Emperor is missing. We are king only to stabilize dragon clan. How can you…”

“stubborn , Die!!!”

Zi Yan no longer talks nonsense with him, the dark golden long spear is like a roaring angry dragon, drawing a bright arc in the void, and slamming hard in South The Dragon King has turned into Dragon Claw’s arms, and the terrifying force directly shattered the scales on its Dragon Claw.

When the slender long spear is out of the body, the stature moves, and the stature moves forward. A pair of huge phoenix wings with a hundred zhang stretch out quickly from behind, and the phoenix wings sway slightly. The power of terrifying rises.

“Dragon Phoenix body, how could you still have such a chance…”

South Dragon King originally had a little useless struggle mind, when you saw Zi Yan behind the hundred zhang At the time of Phoenix Wing, the little confidence in his heart completely collapsed.

He is pregnant with Royal Clan Bloodline. Although Zi Yan’s bloodline is more pure, draconic power can’t suppress him. Although Zi Yan’s cultivation base is higher, he believes that his experience can be a battle. Zi Yan, who is simply 4-Star Fighting Saint, might really not be able to take him down all at once.

But unfortunately, Zi Yan is not only the Dragon Emperor, but also the Dragon Phoenix. The Supreme Dragon Phoenix plus the purest Dragon Emperor bloodline can suppress the Ancient Void Dragon Royal Clan Bloodline, let alone Zi Yan. The cultivation base is even stronger, he simply doesn’t have the strength to start a war.

“Netherworld Finger! Netherworld Palm!”

The three stature just moved, and a loud shout suddenly sounded in this empty space, and immediately a huge finger and palm fierce. Soaring down into the sky, knocking South Dragon King out of the body.

With a wave of the sleeves of the South Dragon King, the terrifying energy spread out like lightning, finally shattering the Netherworld Finger and Netherworld Palm.

“Today I will solve you with the Heaven Class high level Dou Technique mastered by the emperor, Netherworld Heaven’s Fury!!!”

Zi Yan’s handprints change with lightning, between the eyebrows The Spiritual Strength suddenly surges out, transforming into a huge phantom with several hundred zhang, enveloping all of its body, and the phantom appears like a Dragon Phoenix.

When Zi Yan’s handprint took shape, he opened his huge mouth fiercely, and a strange terrifying wave burst out of his mouth like a storm.

With the strange syllables coming out of the huge phantom mouth, this world seems to have been silent for a moment. The complexion of South Dragon King changed, and the strong soul impact caused He was hard to resist, and finally fell powerlessly.

The South Dragon King turned into a thousand zhang giant dragon and landed, and the huge Dragon Body swept up in dust. With the death of the South Dragon King, the three dragon kings with Royal Clan Bloodline all fell, and the Ancient The Void Dragon clan finally ushered in the dominance of the Dragon Emperor again and returned to unity.

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