Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 301

“This is the void thunder pool.”

Yan Qingshan looked at the flashing lightning flash in front of him, and his eyes showed the color of expectation, this place The place where thunder gathers is the famous empty thunder pool in the empty space.

It is said that the space here is quite weird, exuding a kind of natural suction, causing a lot of energy to condense here in chaos, and in the end countless thunders are derived.

Yan Qingshan drove the three-headed dragon close to the void thunder pool, one after another flashing silver luster came into view, faintly, there was an unusually violent energy permeating from a distance.

Yan Qingshan is in front of a huge’lake’ near thousands of zhang. However, in the’lake’ here, it is not ordinary water, but entirely by the bright silver thunder light. Composition, this is a thunder pool formed by thunder.

The Power of Thunder contained in this thunder inside the pool is not only extremely large but also quite pure, and even contains the legendary Thunder Spirit.

The three-headed magic dragon rushed into the thunder pool under the control of Yan Qingshan. At the moment he rushed into the thunder pool, many thunders rushed out like a silver snake because of induction. Strikes at him like lightning.

However, these thunders have not yet been completely close to the three-headed dragon, they burst out with one after another faint dull sound, and then annihilated invisible.

Although Power of Thunder is powerful, this puppet is really terrifying. Only the body surface is surrounded by terrifying energy, even space turbulence is hard to hurt.

In the ocean of thunder, the thunder like a silver snake kept detonating everywhere, and Yan Qingshan stood on the dragon’s head safely and unscathed.

The three-headed devil dragon walked on the thunder inside the pool and only stopped at about hundred zhang. The Power of Thunder here is already quite rich.

This void thunder pool, the Power of Thunder that has condensed countless years, is naturally extreme horror. The peripheral Power of Thunder is at least something that can be resisted by Dou Zong.

A silver light shining puppet flew out of the Storage Ring. In addition to the monster scorpion and the monster puppet, there are also ten Earth Monster Puppets obtained from Ancient Ruins. These twelve Earth Monster Puppet was released by him, and then there was a place where Power of Thunder was particularly concentrated not far away.

As soon as the monster puppets flew out, the surrounding thunder was like being pulled by some kind of traction, turning sharply, and then rushing towards the Heaven Monster Puppet frantically.

However, when these seemingly violent thunders come into contact with the body of Heaven Monster Puppet, they will be like water from a sponge, and they will be immediately disappeared.

In the thunder pool, violent thunders danced, one after another near ten zhang or even a few ten zhang’s huge thunder, all rioted wildly at this moment, bringing the thunder of hong long long, hiding the The sky and covering the earth’s blast to the demon puppet.

Under the anger of such crazy thunder, the originally bleak silver body of the demon puppet began to improve at a rather dissatisfied speed, and the golden spots on each body became more and more obvious.

In the shining silver world, thunder is like a giant dragon-like roar, and the thunder of hong long long resounds endlessly in this void.

Twelve puppets sit cross-legged in a circle, the violent thunder roars wildly outside the circle, one after another thick thunder angry python, continuous strikes on the puppet, but this wait The horrible strikes not only did not make the puppet stature tremble at all, but made the color on the puppet’s body more radiant.

“The twelve demon puppets stay here to let them rise slowly. As for the dragon puppets, at least a higher level black demonic thunder is needed!”

Yan Qingshan His eyes flickered, without much hesitation, the three-headed dragon tail under him flicked, and he quickly approached the center of the thunder pool.


In the depths of the void thunder pool, Yan Qingshan was driving a three-headed dragon and it didn’t take long until he approached. He sensed that the energy fluctuations in an area were not quite right, and his eyes After a turn, he immediately took control of the dragon and left.

When Yan Qingshan rushed to the place where he sensed the problem, a silhouette rushed out of the thunder pool in a very embarrassing manner. There were a dozen huge thunders that were so dark that it was chilling, like a black dragon-like. Follow along.

Yan Qingshan thoughts move, the dragon flew out to block between the thunder and the silhouette, dozens of pitch-black thunders hit the body, and the dragon puppet was not damaged at all, and even continued to move faster.

“5-Star Dou Zun? What a terrifying puppet, which youngster is this youngster, actually carrying a puppet of the fighting saint level, is it the Divine Rank bloodline of which clan, but I didn’t even listen. Speak, or, the old man has been in retreat for too long, and the news is not good?”

A silhouette stopped and turned around, looking at Yan Qingshan driving the back of the dragon, his eyes were full of curiosity, incomprehension, and questions. .

The owner of this silhouette also looks quite old, with some pale hair exuding all over his head, and his robe is already mostly torn at the moment, apparently destroyed by thunder.

Although this old fellow looks very embarrassed, he still feels energetic, as if the dark thunder of destroying heaven extinguishing earth behind did not cause him much damage. general.

“Su Qian’s Little Brat, a few days ago, I heard that Inner Academy had produced two geniuses, one was Woeful Poison Body, and he reached Dou Zun before graduation, and another unexpectedly At the same time, he is the candidate for the successor of Pill Tower and Burning Flame Valley. What kind of monster are these…”

The old man glanced at the direction Yan Qingshan was leaving, then shook his head and turned around, “It’s a pity, Void The spirits of the thunder in the thunder pool are all gathered together, it is really not to be trifled with…”

The old man watched Yan Qingshan driving the magic dragon deep into it, but he didn’t mean to continue to associate with each other. , Looking for another direction, is disappearing in the empty space.

Yan Qingshan also turned his head and took a look. He was a little unsure whether it would be Man Qian Chi, but even if it was Man Qian Chi, it still matters to him now.

In the depths of the thunder pool of the void, when the thousand zhang dragon entered it, it immediately caused the situation of Wan Leiqi, countless Power of Thunder fell, and was swallowed and absorbed by the dragon puppet. Strength.

However, most Power of Thunder is almost harmless to the puppets of the middle-level powerhouse powerhouse like the three-headed dragon, and the effect is not so good. It seems that the imposing manner is full, but in fact It’s not as good as the black lightning just a dozen times!

The void thunder pool is extremely vast. At the speed of the three-headed dragon, it quickly came to the very core. When looking at the black lightning that creeps like the giant dragon of Darkness ahead, Even with his current strength, his complexion couldn’t help but become solemn.

These pitch black Power of Thunder are famous on Dou Qi continent. They are not inferior to Heavenly Flame’s Thunder Spirits, and are the Peak Thunder Spirits. Only Dou Qi Level 1 will appear— —Tier Nine level black demonic thunder.

Black demonic thunder, generally only refined Tier Nine medicine pill can attract this level of thunder, but here, it is possible to have such a terrifying number, between this Heaven and Earth Sure enough, there is no lack of strange things.

And these black demonic thunders here still have some intelligence, part of which is the source of thunder similar to Heavenly Flame-Thunder Spirit, which is a monster constructed by Power of Thunder, and can Refining is promoted to Heaven and Earth Spirit Object of Fighting Saint. Of course, the premise is that you must be able to swallow the black demonic thunder spirit and survive.

Black demonic thunder spirits, such as fighting holy spirits, are replaced by Heavenly Flame. To say less, they are also in the forefront of the Heavenly Flame list, at least in the top ten levels of existence.

Yan Qingshan did not directly let the three-headed dragon rush into it to absorb Power of Thunder. There are quite a few black demonic thunders here, and many of them have spirituality. If they are accidentally induced , Maybe he was cold and scorched first.

Yan Qingshan drove the puppet to a position where he could bear and easily see the inner situation, and then controlled the three-headed dragon to slowly approach the core position.

As the three-headed dragon puppet approached, it attracted the attention of the black demonic thunder. A black thunder that was about ten feet thick was like a python. In a flash, the puppet was smashed. On his body, scoffing lightning flashed continuously.

The black demonic thunder just approached the puppet, and a strange suction suddenly burst out of the three-headed dragon’s body like black iron, which actually sucked in the black demonic thunder directly. In its body.

A black demonic thunder was arbitrarily pulled into the body. The dragon scales all over the puppet were erected like needles, and black thunder and lightning continued to flash around his body crazily. , The strange sounds came out one after another, and it seemed extraordinarily harsh in the depths of this somewhat silent thunder pool.

The power of the unusually violent black demonic thunder, after raging wildly in its body, finally gradually integrated into its body, the violent energy, a trace of the North King’s Muscles, skeletons, and cells make it stronger.

black demonic thunder Under the Tempered of the power of Ting, the puppet’s originally dark body has become a little darker, and the accumulation of muscles all over his body is filled with a sense of visual power.

However, the behavior of the three-headed dragon to pull and absorb the black demonic thunder naturally spurred the rest of the black demonic thunder with spirituality to counterattack, one after another huge black thunder and lightning, like a giant dragon-like surrounding it , The electric flowers flicker, filled with the violent power that makes people scalp numb.

One after another huge black thunder caught up with the puppet at an astonishing speed, and then slammed on its body, knocking it out of the thousand zhang. More than enough, Yan Qingshan controlled the puppet Sitting cross-legged, showing a state of cultivation, allowing numerous black demonic thunders to keep coming to strikes.

The depths of the originally quiet void thunder pool are now bursts of thunder, and countless python-like black thunders roar and move, with such momentum, hiding the sky and covering the earth, all thunders move together Before these spectacular sights, even the powerhouse of Dousheng would feel insignificant.

In the depths of the thunder pool, loud and loud sounds keep ringing, one after another black demonic thunder, just like a series of giant dragon-like, one after another bite at the three-headed dragon, but With the improvement of the strength of the three-headed dragon, the effects of these black demonic thunders are ultimately limited.

I don’t know how long it took, when Yan Qingshan felt that this puppet was close to the absorption limit, and finally controlled the three-headed dragon to escape from the core of the thunder pool.

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