Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 302

"I have such a puppet comparable to the 6-Star Fighting Saint. On Dou Qi continent, at this stage, there will be basically no security issues."

Yan Qingshan satisfactorily watched the face once again turned into a three-faced burly three-headed dragon puppet. After many black demonic thunder a month's Tempered, it finally reached its limit, comparable to 6-Star Fighting Saint level.

Its color is even more profound. That kind of black possesses a kind of weird magic power. At first glance, it is like a rotating black hole. Any attack falling on it will be It will be swallowed by the black hole.

The weird black glow haunts the body of the dragon, and when seen from a distance, it is as if a very thin layer of black armor is put on its body, deep and dull, making it transparent With allow some mysterious strange smell.

This puppet’s body can only be described by the word terrifying. Even in the face of the real 6-Star Fighting Saint, it can be a battle without giving up to it, and it inherits With the rich experience of the three dragon kings' instincts, the opponent will truly regard him as a true 6-Star powerhouse.

And when North King's body was strengthened to this step, it seemed to have touched a limit in a vague manner, no matter how it absorbed the black demonic thunder, the effect was minimal.

No matter how perfect it is, the puppet is just a puppet after all. It is very rare to be able to strengthen it to this point. As for the stronger strengthening, it is impossible. The more tyrannical Power of Thunder is not without it, but it is not what this puppet can bear.

The Nine Black Gold Lightning in the depths of the void thunder pool is a Power of Thunder that only appears when the Tier Nine Golden Core is refined. It is equivalent to the top three powerful spirits on the Heavenly Flame list. Comparable to a high-level fighting saint above 7-Star, this level of power can destroy the incomparable puppet in front of him.

But Yan Qingshan was not stupid enough to provoke the power of that level. He flew before the dragon puppet and observed this killing machine at close range.

It's whole body is like a black spar, shimmering with mysterious luster, a breath that makes him feel a little dangerous, slowly spreading away, letting people win Don't dare to underestimate the slightest.


empty space, Ancient Dragon Island has now been given a brand new look. On the vast island, Myriad Mountains rise from the ground, shrouded in clouds and mist, and occasionally there is a huge Ancient Void. Dragon flew past, and the deep dragon roar sounded endlessly on Dragon Island.

Today’s Dragon Island is a combination of the four dragon islands. It not only has a huge area, but also gathers most of the Ancient Dragon clansman.

When Yan Qingshan returned, he could feel the one after another cryptic and extremely deep breath in the Ancient Dragon Island.

Zi Yan ruled the dragon clan decisively and quickly, quickly suppressed and killed the three dragon kings, and did not cause much impact. The strength of the Ancient Dragon clan is still quite intact, but at this time The Ancient Void Dragon family is also not in Peak state.

The Ancient Void Dragon clan in the Peak period is even more powerful than the ancient soul clan, which is the most prosperous continent today, and there are definitely a lot of high-level fighting saints.

However, with the disappearance of the last generation of Dragon Emperor Zhu Kun, the three dragon kings who possessed the dragon king’s bloodline drew the younger generation to split the dragon clan. what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over, many Dousheng powerhouses have left Dragon Island.

This time dragon clan is unified. Zi Yan gathers as the new Dragon Emperor summon clansman. Many ancient dragon powerhouses have chosen to return. In addition, among the four dragon islands, there are a lot of them. The powerhouse, the ancient Dragon Island now has a flourishing period of power.

Although it has undergone a major change and the personnel have been damaged, the most high-end fighting sage, except for the three dragon kings, has not caused any damage. Now the four dragon islands are integrated, these powerhouses All belong to Zi Yan, the lineup is naturally not weak.

With more than five true fighting sages, a two-digit powerhouse, Ancient Void Dragon, the name of the first group in the Magic Beast world, naturally no one can provoke, even if it is conserve strength And store up energy The Heavenly Demon Phoenix clan for many years, if they really want to go to war, they will lose even more.

The defense over Dragon Island is much tighter than before. Teams of Ancient Dragon guards crossed over and patrolled. When Yan Qingshan appeared, they were aware of it. There were more than a dozen silhouettes. It is flying by quickly.

However, when they discovered the identity of the visitor, the vigilance on their faces immediately turned into respect. After facing Yan Qingshan from a distance, they retreated away.

Yan Qingshan stature moved and swept into Dragon Island. The stature flashed a few times and appeared in a secluded courtyard.

"Qing Shan big brother!"

The appearance of Yan Qingshan surprised Xiao Yi Xian who was sitting in the courtyard, and quickly fell into his embrace.

"Little Child Shan, you are back!"

A silhouette appeared in the courtyard. Zi Yan's strength became stronger. How she appeared, Yan Qingshan is a little bit Didn't notice it.

Yan Qingshan holds Xiao Yi Xian in one hand, still touching Zi Yan's head as before, "I haven't been back for so long, so are you worried!"

"Hey, don't be passionate about yourself, I'm not worried about you!" Zi Yan curl one's lip, with a little dissatisfaction, throws away Yan Qingshan's palm, but when he speaks, it is The imposing Dragon Emperor is exactly similar to when she was a little girl.

"Qing Shan big brother, Zi Yan these days, but come here every day..."

Xiao Yi Xian sneaked up to Yan Qingshan's side and whispered, and the two Naturally, these whispers did not escape Zi Yan's ears, and the ears of the new Dragon Emperor turned red unconsciously.

"Don’t think too much about it, I’m just because you helped us Ancient Void Dragon a lot, so..."

What direction to go, mainly because she herself doesn’t know how to say it, but she is not a mother-in-law, she feels she can’t say anything, she just stretched out her hand, two kinds of rare treasure with divine light glowing. Appeared in front of Yan Qingshan.

"This is... the dragon bone? Phoenix wing?"

Yan Qingshan looked at the two rare treasures can't help being emotional floating in the air, one of them looked like a ridge Bone-like jade bones and a pair of Feng Huang wings glowing with purple light. The pressure from above made him feel suffocated as a 5-Star Dou Zun.

These are not ordinary dragon bones and phoenix wings. Their predecessors were at least the ninth-order Sacred Beast, and Yan Qingshan also noticed the familiarity from these two distinct things.

"This pair of treasures, speaking of which, is still related to you!"

Zi Yan said to Yan Qingshan: "Remember that Ancient Ruins! That! The remains were nothing, but Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit was born there, and it was destined to be extraordinary.

When we were leaving, let Hei Qing seal it up, when I unified After the dragon clan, clansman was ordered to move it to the Ancient Dragon Island.

In addition to the Dragon and Phoenix Origin Fruit, the dead ancient Sky Phoenix and Ancient Void Dragon also have The remnant soul and blood essence survived.

Among the two bones, there is still the blood essence of the Ancient Void Dragon and the ancient Sky Phoenix. I refined them with the power of Dragon Phoenix and obtained this A section of keel and a pair of phoenix wings both contain a trace of Dragon Phoenix power. It is an extremely rare treasure. It should be of great help to you."

Yan Qingshan nodded, there is no more words, silently This pair of rare treasures is included in the Storage Ring, "I know."

"The Ancient Dragon Island has just been unified, and there are still many Elder and Powerhouse that have not been recalled and returned to the three major Dragon Islands. There are also many people who still have opinions in their hearts, and these need to be dealt with by me, so this time, I can’t go to Central Plain with you..."

Zi Yan was silent for a while and talked about the situation. , And talked with Yan Qingshan about the future development and arrangement of the Ancient Void Dragon clan.

Yan Qingshan was silent for a moment and said: "You are now the new Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Dragon clan. If you have a heavy responsibility and you are busy, I believe it will only be for a while. When you integrate the Dragon Island things Come to me, your father's matter, sooner or later you will have to solve it."


Zi Yan listened to Yan Qingshan saying the word father, There was a long silence, but finally nodded and Yan Qingshan continued to say goodbye, "Nine Underworld Python I will arrange it, Qing Ling and Caier elder sister will be fine, don’t worry!"


Yan Qingshan nodded, and told Zi Yan a lot. The two chatted for a long time. At the end, Yan Qingshan waved his hand and a Space Crack appeared. In the void.

"Xian'er, let's go!"

Yan Qingshan greeted Xiao Yi Xian, Xiao Yi Xian came to him, and the silhouettes of the two disappeared Space Crack, as they disappeared, Space Crack also slowly dissipated, leaving behind Zi Yan who was staring at the cracks disappearing.


"Finally back to Pill Tower."

Central Plain Pill Region, outside Sacred Pill City, a Space Crack in the sky quietly Born, two figures emerged from the cracks, looking at the Heavenspan giant tower that runs through Nine Heavens in the distance, Yan Qingshan's eyes showed a trace of nostalgia.

Although the time to leave this time is not long, it gives him a feeling of being separated from the world, mainly because of lack of strength. The major event of this time cannot really influence the development of things at all. There is no The bottom feeling is quite uncomfortable.

However, after this trip, his gains are quite significant. Not only did he successfully help Zi Yan and the others have a better future, but he also gained Heaven Class Dou Technique. Skeletons and other treasures, and even their own cultivation base also breakthrough and reached 5-Star Dou Zun.

5-Star Dou Zun, this level of powerhouse, even if it is a side powerhouse in Pill Tower, let alone he is very young and has greater potential.

"Xian'er, let's go down!"

Yan Qingshan and Xiao Yi Xian descended high in the sky, and the sky above the Pill Tower was basically prohibited from flying, unless it was Some powerhouses are allowed. Of course, if you feel that you are strong enough to collide with Alchemist Holy Land, you can also try it.

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