Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 303

“Qing Shan big brother, there are so many people who come to Sacred Pill City today!”

In addition to Sacred Pill City, countless people marched into the city with the team, crowds The turbulent scene was really spectacular. Yan Qingshan and Xiao Yi Xian followed the crowd and finally entered Sacred Pill City.

Yan Qingshan listened attentively for a moment, before turning to speak: “It should be that Pill Competition is approaching. Most of these people are here to watch the excitement!”

Xiao Yi Xian was a little surprised She has also heard of Pill Competition, but didn’t expect it to be so lively, “Should the Pill Competition be an Alchemist event? How come there are so many people? And, there is no longer a period of time before the Pill Competition. “

Yan Qingshan laughed, and clicked on her Qiong nose, “Remember the previous you? At that time, I had been yearning for Alchemist. Most of them were the same. The first Pill Competition is a grand event in Central Plain!”

Yan Qingshan identified a lower position and took Xiao Yi Xian’s hand to the inner domain of Sacred Pill City, “We go directly to Pill Tower!”

The inner region of Sacred Pill City is as prosperous as before, but it is not as crowded and crowded as the external region at this time. The inner region is basically all forces related to Pill Tower. Or clan, most people don’t have the face to come in.

Yan Qingshan took Xiao Yi Xian all the way to Pill Tower and it was unimpeded, but when he arrived at Pill Tower, there was suddenly one more person in front of him.

“Yi! you brat this is, what you have eaten, Divine Pill won’t make it.”

Xuan Kong stopped in front of Yan Qingshan, his eyes were full of inquiry, he Being one of the Pill Tower’s Big Three who handles more general affairs, he naturally pays attention to everything inside and outside of Pill Tower.

Yan Qingshan only returned to Sacred Pill City and he felt it. He didn’t take seriously at first, but when he got close to Pill Tower, even Xuan Kong didn’t consciously perceive the slightest threat. He was curious. Observed by Spiritual Perception, I noticed that the Yan Qingshan cultivation base has increased greatly.

Yan Qingshan took Xiao Yi Xian and a few people to leave Pill Tower when it was Peak Douzong. Only a few months have passed. He actually became 5-Star Dou Zun in one fell swoop. This is almost It is the same promotion speed as the triple jump, and of course it will arouse the curiosity of Xuan Kong.

“Xuan Chairman, it doesn’t seem to be your business!”

Yan Qingshan glanced at Xuan Kong in front of him. He was so powerful that he could not see through before. Things are as clear as palm reading lines, “Why isn’t Ying Er in Pill Tower?”

He opened his mouth a little strangely, just when he approached Pill Tower, he swept across with soul divine sense Sifang,’seeing’ a lot of people, but Little Witch Cao Ying is the only one, which makes him a little strange.

Cao Ying is now the treasure of Pill Tower. Generally speaking, it is impossible to let her leave Sacred Pill City, and before he left, I didn’t hear Cao Ying mentioned that he was planning to leave Sacred Pill City. With.

Xuan Kong sub faintly replied: “Ying Er said that she seemed to have sensed the Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Fire, so she took a group of people to the wild, don’t worry, Heavenly Lightning personally led the team, no There will be problems.”

Yan Qingshan heard that Heavenly Lightning was there, and felt a little more peaceful. One of the Big Three, Heavenly Lightning, is the powerhouse of the older generation, Peak Dou Zun. There is also a fighting force against Half Sage. With him watching from the side, Cao Ying should be fine.

Yan Qingshan thought for a while and then spoke again: “Xuan Chairman, near the Pill Competition, I’m afraid there will be some ghosts and snakes begin to stir this time, it is better to arrange the people below to pay attention.”

Xuan Kong heard Yan Qingshan’s words so solemnly, saying solemnly: “What news did you get.”

“This time Pill Competition, Pill Tower decided to open the Three Thousand Raging The news of Fire attracted a lot of powerhouses. This is actually nothing but Soul Palace.”

Yan Qingshan said after paused, he naturally has no other news, but he has the inside story. Ah, Soul Palace was eyeing the Pill Competition this time. To be precise, it was eyeing the Three Thousand Raging Fire, and even sent a number of Senior Elders to act together. This actually happened in the original book.

“Soul Palace, they dare!”

Xuan Kong’s reaction was great. The breath on his body surged. Pill Tower was absolutely unhappy with Soul Palace. He was very unhappy with Soul Palace. Palace is full of hostility.

Soul Palace has been collecting soul bodies for many years, especially the souls of Alchemist, and Pill Tower is the Holy Land of Alchemist, the two are naturally opposed. Apart from this, the weakness of Pill Tower is also inseparable from Hun Clan after Soul Palace.

The Pill Tower in the Peak period is a huge monster comparable to the ancient souls, but because of the conspiracy of Hun Clan, the Pill Tower powerhouse suffered serious losses, and now it has become a battle with Soul Palace. Reluctantly, Pill Tower powerhouse naturally hates Soul Palace and Hun Clan.

“How could they not dare, so this time, you must be careful.”

Yan Qingshan sighed and reminded him, even if he has secretly accumulated a lot of hole cards now, But facing Soul Palace, or Hun Clan after Soul Palace, still felt quite weak.

Hun Clan is too powerful. There are only two 9-Star Fighting Saints alone. High-level Fighting Saints above 7-Star add up to more than ten fingers. It is a person who can stand alone against the ancients. The strong Great Influence of the other seven clans of the eight clans, even to put it ugly, before the birth of the Dragon Emperor Zhu Kun, Hun Clan was able to fight the entire continent with the power of one clan.

“I understand.”

Xuan Kong finally recovered his calm and accepted Yan Qingshan’s suggestion, “I will arrange people to patrol around and notify the little Pill Tower. In addition, , Heavenly Lightning and I will always pay attention to changes.”

“Xuan Chairman has been prepared for a long time. The Pill Tower at this time is more critical. It is better not to make mistakes, not only external Make arrangements. I will take care of it internally.”

Yan Qingshan nodded said, he is also ready to participate in the Pill Competition this time. It’s not that he must get a ranking or something, it’s purely to Go to guarantee and protect. Of course, if you really run into someone like Old Man Mu Gu, he doesn’t mind crushing him to death.

It’s a bit awkward. He can’t move Soul Palace. Is he afraid of a small Senior Elder? In fact, if he wants to, it’s okay to sweep Soul Palace. Soul Palace Palace Master Hun Miesheng has a breakthrough. 5-Star Fighting Saint, but his three-headed dragon is comparable to 6-Star, and he can still solve a Soul Palace.

But this is really meaningless. Soul Palace is just a bunch of little tentacles of Hun Clan, and destroy it. Apart from attracting Hun Clan’s attention, there is nothing else at all. He is not an impulsive person.

“The matter here, since the Xuan Chairman has made arrangements, I won’t bother.”

After Yan Qingshan discussed with Xuan Kong for a while, it was his hands. cup one fist in the other hand, after a cultivation ceremony with Xiao Yi Xian, turned and left.

“Hey! The eventful autumn!”

Xuan Kong looked at Yan Qingshan’s back and sighed with emotion, then turned around to arrange a series of matters.


When Yan Qingshan returned to the inner domain residence of Sacred Pill City, there was a voice from the secluded courtyard. The two of them speeded up their pace and gave People brought surprises. There was only Xuelan in the quiet courtyard. It seemed that he had just finished the cultivation and was ready to eat some snacks.

“Qing Ling, didn’t she come back?”

In the courtyard, Yan Qingshan and Xiao Yi Xian took their seats, Xuelan gave him a snack, and looked a little disappointed. Looking at his behind, there is indeed no silhouette that reappears.

Yan Qingshan gently hooked Xuelan’s little hand, holding her in front of her, “Qing Ling, she is retreating. After this time, she might let everyone to be startled. , Don’t worry about it anymore.”

Xuelan laughed, seemingly disappointed, but also a little lonely, “Her innate talent is really good, I actually envy her, I can help you.”

Xuelan’s innate talent is not bad, compared to most people in Rock Desert City where she was born, but it’s just not bad, really speaking, her innate talent is not as good as Xiao Yu At least Xiao Yu is a direct descendant of Xiao Clan, even if the Bloodline Strength is exhausted, some innate talent is still left behind.

Wu Tan City Xiao Family’s innate talent is actually not weak. What is lacking is the resources and Qi Method, and Xiao Yu can stand out from the original Xiao Family, naturally it is the well-known figure among them.

Xuelan and Xiao Yu entered Jia Nan Academy at the same time. At first Xuelan also has Yan Qingshan’s caring attention. Later, they are not lack of resources and Qi Method, and they all followed Yan Qingshan. Central Plain. Now Xuelan still stays in Dou Ling, and Xiao Yu is already Dou Wang powerhouse.

“Xuelan, open your mouth.”

Yan Qingshan looked at the slightly pale girl in front of her, and suddenly smiled. The long time of retreat has made her wheatish healthy complexion much lighter, and she has been silently cultivation, following their footsteps silently.

“Well, what did you eat for me…”

Xuelan was a bit strange, but still opened his mouth obediently, and suddenly a stream of light flew out of Yan Qingshan’s palm, Accurately submerged into her mouth, a burst of energy quickly radiated to the limbs and a hundred skeletons, making her stop completely when she spoke.

“This, you still don’t know…Calm down, prepare to welcome the shedding body, exchanging bones, the process may be a little unfavorable.”

Yan Qingshan thought for a while, Still didn’t tell Xuelan what to do with the essence, not because it was too precious, but because she was afraid that she could not accept the psychological shadow.

To put it bluntly, this thing is the essence extracted from a skeleton. If this is an animal bone, it’s all, but it’s a human-shaped skeleton. To be honest, Yan Qingshan every time It feels weird when I use it, just like I am a Human Race.

Xuelan’s transformation did not take long. When she woke up again, she seemed to have a whole new look, with an unusual and wonderful feeling. The most intuitive point is that she successfully broke through Dou Wang.

After Yan Qingshan returned to Pill Tower smoothly, he began to implement some of the previous ideas, expanded his power, increased his influence, and settled down some outstanding girls he brought over.

It didn’t take long for such a comfortable and cozy life. A message from Central Plain Northern Domain broke the silence, awakened part of his memories that seemed not so wonderful, and made Yan Qingshan step on again. On the journey, went to the Central Plain Northern Domain.

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