Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 307

“Four-Way Pavilion competes in Grand Meeting, it’s really missed, Venerable Lei, don’t mind putting up a few more seats!”

The four Venerables were ready to take their seats. When the Grand Meeting was about to open, a voice came from the clouds, but three silhouettes appeared in the square.

These three are three youngsters, one man and two women. The two women are the best in appearance and appearance, and they are similar in appearance. They should be sisters, while the other youth wears a silver robe. Silver-haired jade belt, holding a folding fan, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

At the moment when youth appeared, Fei Tian, ​​the lord of Wind and Thunder North Pavilion, his face changed transiently, angrily said: “Surnamed Zhang, you are actually making trouble again.”

” Oh! This is not Fei Hall Master. I haven’t seen it in a few years, and it’s still so angry!”

The youth folding fan opened and shook gently, as if it didn’t put Fei Tian in his eyes, and he At the moment when he appeared, the faces of the four Venerables present changed, and there was a more cautious look in their eyes.

“Venerable Lei, won’t you not welcome me!”

Yan Qingshan is now dressed up as Zhang Wuji at the time, bringing Han Yue and Han Xue over. At this moment, he slightly arched his hands to greet Venerable Lei, but he was not restrained.

Venerable Lei did not remain silent for long, and said: “Your Excellency is willing to come to my Wind and Thunder Pavilion to enjoy the grand event. This is the glory of my Wind and Thunder Pavilion. How can old man not welcome it!”

In the secret, Xiao Yan listened to the whispers of the people around him, and his eyes lit up, “arrogant and despotic, he was so brave, he was so brave that he actually had two consecutive Four-Way Pavilion Grand Meetings. All come to make trouble.”

Old Yao’s voice rang in his mind, “Xiao Yan, that guy is Yan Xiaozi who is wearing makeup. The name Zhang Wuji should be fake. Look at the one next to him. silver haired woman, is it a bit familiar?”

“Han Yue Senior Sister, what do I say…”

When Xiao Yan heard Old Yao mentioning Yan Xiaozi, his face looked Something was wrong. I took a closer look at the two women who came with the youth. Among them, the older silver haired woman was not Han Yue who was quite famous at Canaan Inner Academy.

However, when he was chanting the name Zhang Wuji, his eyes were rather weird, looking at Yan Qingshan on the stage, his eyes were full of exploration, “This guy, it’s really weird. Did he have a background with me…”

Above Ginza, Yan Qingshan’s gaze glided over Xiao Yan and locked on another person, “Lin Yan is here too? What’s the situation? Obviously there is a Space Wormhole that goes directly to Sacred Pill City. If you don’t go to the Pill Region, you will all go to the Northern Domain. What do you do.”

In the corner of the square, a black clothed man held his palm. The handle long spear flashed out, and his breath approached Dou Zong. It was Yan Qingshan’s friend Lin Yan in Jia Nan Academy, but he didn’t know why he came to Northern Domain.

The clock sounded again, and Venerable Lei stood up and said: “Everyone, there are 54 people in this Four-Way Pavilion Grand Meeting. It’s still the old rule. Start with a melee until the end. There are only eight people left in the field…”

Venerable Lei’s voice fell, and one after another young silhouette swept in a flash entered the arena. The appearance of these people suddenly made the Grand Meeting hot. stand up.

Above the seats, Mu Qing Luan, Tang Ying and Wang Chen also moved into the square lightly. As soon as the three entered the arena, there was an empty circle around them.

Although it is only a few years away from the previous time Four-Way Pavilion, the three Mu Qing Luan at this time have already become famous as the continent. They are close to the strength of Dou Zong, and their background is not weak, allowing them to be in the entire Central Plain. With a certain reputation and strength recognized by the public, naturally no one will easily come to the trouble.


A clear crane chirping sounded in the sky, and a beautiful shadow driving the cloud crane on the tiptoes, a little crane’s back lightly swept down, but it was not picked up immediately The slightest sound fell softly in the square, that noble temperament, no one in the field can match.

Feng Qing Er’s appearance also drove the atmosphere inside and outside the field. Everyone knows that this woman’s victory rate is probably the highest in this Four-Way Pavilion Grand Meeting.

“This guy is still so annoying.”

Mu Qing Luan looked at Feng Qing Er with a stinky little face and hummed to express his dissatisfaction, whether it was because of Sect competition or Man, she and Feng Qing Er are both rivals!

In Xiao Yan’s mind, Old Yao’s voice suddenly became extremely cautious, “Xiao Yan, this woman is not simple. Since we met last time, now even the old man can’t see clearly. , She must have broken through Dou Zong, there seems to be something else.”

“Dou Zong, it’s not the goal I had hoped for anymore!”

Xiao A gleam of light flashed in Yan’s eyes, and his eyes flashed all around. In his heart, ten thousand zhang pride, originally a youth temperament, naturally has a passion for being famous, “Let this Four-Way Pavilion Grand Meeting become a famous Central The starting point of Plain!”

On the square, fifty-four people glanced at each other, and their eyes were full of vigilance. In this chaotic situation, as long as anyone can keep oneself staying forever Going down is victory, but in the same way, this selection is also extremely harsh and cruel.

Only eight of the fifty-four people are left, and the four places are basically occupied by the young powerhouse of the four pavilions, and four of the remaining fifty people can be left.

When this tight atmosphere reached an unbearable culmination, finally someone couldn’t help taking the lead. One person moved, and naturally triggered a chain reaction, one after another Dou Qi with different colors and lustre Gushing out, a big melee began.


A long spear collides with a heavy ruler, four lines of sight are intertwined, and two surging flame Dou Qi collide endlessly, each trying to fight each other Depress completely.

“Lin Yan!”

“Xiao Yan!”

The two people who played against each other recognized each other, and they were both students from Inner Academy , Have also fought for rankings above the strong list, naturally familiar with the opponent’s moves.

“It’s not time for us to collide!”

Xiao Yan blocked Lin Yan’s shot with his feet. For this crazy opponent, he once had Although Xiao Yan was not afraid of fighting, he was unwilling to chew on this hard bone so early.

“Just to my liking, how do you and I join forces for the time being.”

Lin Yan nodded, between the two talking, a few people are coming around and preparing to bring them together The dark horse was cleared off the court.

Heavy ruler and long spear staggered across. Between sparks flying in all directions, there was a burning odor in the air. Two figures staggered past. Two flames erupted from two directions. The few people who came to prepare for the black hand flew out directly, and then the two of them found their opponents to fight chaos and open the situation.

Above the square, Dou Qi is overflowing, and chaos is constantly spreading. Under such chaos, the situation where a few people join forces to deal with one or two people will naturally occur frequently, and most of them are targeted. Neither Xiao Yan nor Lin Yan has the strength, so I can only count as my own bad luck.

“This guy’s body style, isn’t it, is this a’coincidence’…”

Yan Qingshan looked at Lin Yan who was jumping and moving in the field, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly , Lin Yan’s body skills are extremely ugly when used, giving people an awkward feeling, just like a duck swinging from left to right.

He guessed right about this body technique. It should be the Di Class Dou Technique called Manta Duck Fire Avoidance Step that Lin Yan obtained in the original work. It can only be said that there are some things in the dark. There is a certain number, even if Yan Qingshan has changed a lot of things, this inheritance is still in the hands of Lin Yan, and he still came to participate in the Four-Way Pavilion Grand Meeting.

“Boy, I think you have a good skill!”

A silhouette stopped in front of Lin Yan, with two pitch black daggers in his hands gently rubbing, sending out a zhi zhi The chilling voice of “Are you and that Xiao Yan friend?”

“Death Pavilion Wang Chen!”

Lin Yan looked at the one in front of him with a cold breath The guy didn’t choose to answer his words. After a short pause, he shot directly, the gunblade scorched the air, and a red tornado hit Wang Chen’s head.

He and Xiao Yan are not friends, but Wang Chen is even less eye-catching. The tone of this guy makes him even more uncomfortable. Besides, everyone is in this room, and sooner or later they will be opponents. , What did Fei do!

“You are courting death!”

Wang Chen’s eyes suddenly became cold like a poisonous snake, a look of awe-inspiring color appeared on the face, two in his hands The daggers flew out one after another, and the dark Dou Qi swept out like venom, driving a Darkness storm.

“Liaoyuan’s Wrath!!!”

Lin Yan’s gun shot sparks, and within a few breaths, it burst into a ball of Huo Yun, and then continued to expand into A wall of fire.

“chi chi… ”

Darkness collided with the wall of fire, and Dou Qi of the two were in a confrontation. After a short while, an unexpected scene appeared, and a silhouette flashed back. It turned out to be Wang Chen from Death Pavilion.

“How could Dou Qi and Dou Technique of this guy come to such a degree? What is his origin…”

Wang Chen’s palm is hot, the dark capital of the dagger With a hint of fiery red, above Lin Yan’s gun, a hint of red flame lingers up, and the surrounding air has long been distorted, and even the space seems to be fluctuating.

He has never accepted Heavenly Flame, but Yan Qingshan once stayed in Inner Academy’s Zhen Nong Yan Jue. Later, he has studied it, and merged many Beast Flames into a life fire. The temperature is not inferior to the real Heavenly Flame, and the Beast Flame that Lin Yan chooses to absorb and condense is biased towards the direction of the hot explosion, and the power is even more extraordinary.

“The high disciple of Death Pavilion, it seems that it’s just this that’s all.”

Lin Yan’s gun shot was on the ground, and the fire star kept bursting out with a flat voice, Wang Chen’s eyes became fierce.

“I just warmed up, don’t look at yourself too high.”

Wang Chen’s scarlet tongue is lightly added with a dagger, and the pitch black Dou Qi is like black Like ink, a huge pillar of ink soared into the sky, surpassing the breath of ordinary Peak Dou Huang, making people tremble.

Lin Yan’s eyes showed a slight dignity. The breath that Wang Chen showed at this moment can be called a quasi-douzong. Although there is still a huge gap with the real powerhouse, no matter what, Compared to some Peak Dou Huang powerhouses, it is much stronger.

Now Wang Chen has almost half-footed into the Dou Zong level. The Heavenly Gully between Dou Huang and Dou Zong has been crossed by him in half, and the last half is just time. That’s it.

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