Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 308

“Quasi Douzong, some trouble.”

Lin Yan’s pupil light sank, Wang Chen’s strength is really not weak, he is not I was scared of this guy, but even if he could win, Dou Qi was lost after a fight, and he couldn’t get any good rankings afterwards.

“Boy, you have lost your last chance to regret.”

On Wang Chen’s face, there is a bloodthirsty and hideous color, and there is a faint distortion. It feels terrible.

Wang Chen, who had reached the peak in the imposing manner, had a stronger grin on his face, and the stature moved, the strong corrosiveness of Dou Qi on his body directly caused a long ravine to appear on the ground.

His speed is also much faster than before. He swept up in a flash, and the two daggers in his hand turned into countless black glow, and even the space was marked with one after another inky black trace, that The arc of the dagger is very strange, and the black glow carries a chill like one after another.

“You treat me as I am afraid that you will not succeed.”

Lin Yan will naturally not be afraid of Wang Chen, with long spears in his hands sweeping, densely woven into a net like fine needles, hiding the sky and The black glow covering the earth poured out on the gun net, and the crisp sound suddenly burst out continuously.

Every time a crisp sound is heard, a huge energy fluctuation will rapidly surge out violently, bringing out one after another spider web-like crack on the hard silverwood square.

The sound of one after another was suddenly heard around. No one had thought that when Wang Chen used Dou Qi in his body to Peak, this dark horse that appeared suddenly could still deal with it calmly.

“Life Fire · Burning a prairie fire!!!”

Lin Yan roared, the flames above the guns quickly gathered, and the terrifying high temperature made the guns around The space is distorted and fluctuated.

A red and gold flame lightly adheres to the tip of the gun. This is not only the Life Fire from Lin Yan cultivation, but also the Dou Qi in his body.

When this style Dou Technique was used, Dou Qi in his body was compressed to a certain unimaginable point, and the strange fire was condense. After mixing with Life Fire, the power is even more powerful. This style Dou Technique The formidable power is also really terrifying.

The crimson flame adheres to the tip of the gun. It looks like it is about to dissipate when it blows. With the tip of the gun dancing, the aftermath is like an extremely sharp blade, and even the surrounding space is covered by it. Shengsheng tore out a finger-wide pitch black crack.

This style Dou Technique, there is no sonic boom or other strange noises, there is only a dead silence like before the eruption of a volcano.

As soon as this move was released, the powerhouse on and off the court was complexion changed, Tang Ying, Mu Qing Luan, and even Feng Qing Er, the eyes were filled with dignity in an instant.

Xiao Yan was relaxed when he saw this scene. Lin Yan and Don’t man-made fight, he no longer has to worry about being entangled in this trouble, “This Lin Yan is really a hard bone, the more fights the The guy with more brave is is the most troublesome.”

The moment Lin Yan made the move, the ferocious color on Wang Chen’s face also became a lot harder, a strong feeling of danger, from the bottom of my heart It spread out, but his eyes became more and more crazy.

Wang Chen took a deep breath, his eyes quickly became red, a touch of madness emerged from the bottom of his heart, and a wild beast-like low growl finally came from his throat, and the blood instantly filled him Body.

Wang Chen’s breath suddenly soared, his eyes transformed into pitch black, hiding the sky and covering the earth’s dark energy, violently surge out from his body, countless black energies spread, looking far away , Just like an ancient ominous beast of pitch black, revealing a ferocious evil.


At the moment the two collided, huge energy fluctuations swept from the point of contact between the two, and a big hole and crack appeared in the silverwood square. It spread rapidly like a spider web, and cracks spread across most of the square between the sawdust flying across.

“The high disciples of Death Pavilion are really extraordinary. Lin surrendered.”

Countless sawdust fell to the ground, the breeze blew the smoke away, two figures reappears, and this At that time, Lin Yan spoke suddenly. He picked up his gun and left while speaking, and retired cleanly.

“cough cough ……bastard ……”

Wang Chen half-kneeled on the ground, the capital of the two daggers was knocked out, everyone can see it, the collision just now Among them, he was the one who had the obvious disadvantage, but Lin Yan chose to surrender after the fact. This is not to smash his face.

“Trash, please stand up quickly and get rid of the irrelevant guy.”

Venerable Huang Quan slowly stood up, and in the voice, there was a forest that tried to suppress it. Cold killing intent and furious, he was angry at Wang Chen, but Lin Yan had already locked in a killing intent before leaving the field.

Wang Chen looks like this. It is their Death Pavilion who is ashamed. The result just now is that everyone can see that Wang Chen is defeated. The other party is just Dou Qi who is losing and knowing it is difficult to obtain. He chose to retreat only when he ranked too well, which really made him unacceptable.

But I can’t accept it anymore. The face of Death Pavilion is still more important. Since Lin Yan has chosen to take a step back, if Wang Chen doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity to sweep some people out to stabilize the quarterfinals, then he Death Pavilion I really lost my face.

“dísciple understand.”

Wang Chen bowed and recovered a little. Dou Qi was quick to act. This time I didn’t dare to be cautious or arrogant, and recruit very ruthless. , Forced one by one contestants to end quickly.

It’s not that no one thought of joining hands to clear Wang Chen down, but Venerable Huang Quan just spoke, and the eyes that want to eat people can keep staring at the court. If they go against the meaning of Venerable Huang Quan, then Isn’t it a proper courting death? Therefore, although there is helplessness in my heart, many people still choose to leave.

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!!!”

Wang Chen has solved a number of opponents who are not weak, and is about to send the last few down, when suddenly he bumps into one. Hard stubble ran into Xiao Yan who had just fought Lin Yan, Xiao Yan would not be polite with him, let alone give Death Pavilion face, the shot was Di Class Dou Technique.

“Boy, you know what you are doing!”

Wang Chen used the forbidden technique to improve his strength to an extremely close to the level of Dou Zong, and then he had the slaughter all sides just now. After all, this kind of temporary has a time limit. This will be coming to an end. When Xiao Yan’s heavy ruler smashed it down, the double dagger almost flew out again, and the tone became flustered and exasperated.

“Of course I know, I will send you off!”

Xiao Yan will not be polite with Wang Chen, this Death Pavilion expert, in his opinion, is far from Lin Yan In comparison, the start is more ruthless.

The sky-blue flame exploded quickly, Dou Qi in Wang Chen’s body seemed to have encountered natural enemy restraint, and the backlash of the forbidden technique arrived, he simply couldn’t form an effective defense, and the defense was defeated in an instant.

A silhouette suddenly flew out of it, and immediately fell heavily on the square, tearing a huge gully nearly 100 meters away in the square.

The whole scene is silent, countless line of sight, staring blankly at the dark silhouette whose body is embedded in the silver wood.

“pu ~~~”

Wang Chen is struggling to get up, a mouthful of red blood is sprayed out, just about to urge Dou Qi, but there are waves in his body Feeling of burning pain, I hurriedly looked inside, but saw a ray of extremely blue flame releasing high temperature in his body, destroying it crazily.

Xiao Yan glanced at Wang Chen who was still a little angry, then lifts the head, and looked at the terrifying Venerable Huang Quan with a heavy expression.

Venerable Huang Quan’s voice was extremely cold, “Okay, okay, okay, I didn’t think there were two geniuses who surprised Ben Venerable today.”

Xiao Yan did not answer. , But quickly shot and eliminated the two again. This time there are really only eight people left in the field, and they happen to be the eight who qualified.

The result of the first round Four-Way Pavilion grand competition came out, but there was a silence in the square. No one dared to hum. Everyone looked towards the direction of Venerable Huang Quan and wanted See how he is preparing.

The Four-Way Pavilion competition at this time was really an upset. First, Wang Chen pulled his head to challenge the dark horse character with a gun. After he was pressed on the ground and rubbed against him, he But they can only choose to abstain.

After the Death Pavilion master, he planned to clear some people out and successfully enter the quarterfinals. I never thought that I didn’t choose a good target at all. I chose a guy who was similar to the one before. This time It was cleared directly.

This is in full view of the Seeded Contestant Wang Chen of the Four Pavilions competition. He has never even passed the first round. This is a shame to the extreme and a shameful thing.

Venerable Lei’s voice sounded, and the eight people with swords drawn and bows bent each took their weapons, “The first round is over, everyone, stop!”

Venerable Lei is silent After a while, then he said again: “Everyone, the result of this first round is Feng Qing Er, Mu Qing Luan, Tang Ying… Eight people including Xiao Yan advanced to the second round. The second round is the battle of the ring. , First of all…”

The one-on-one arena competition, although it is not the thrilling thrill of the melee, but the observability is higher, and the ones that can be left to the end are not mediocre. Powerhouse confrontation is naturally pretty good-looking.

There was no suspense in the next battle. Eight people competed in twos. Xiao Yan, Tang Ying, Mu Qing Luan and Feng Qing Er all easily defeated their opponents and eliminated the other four. The remaining four The individual is the most powerful young powerhouse in Central Plain Northern Domain.

“Feng Qing Er vs. Tang Ying, Xiao Yan vs. Mu Qing Luan.”

Venerable Lei personally draws lots to determine the order, each of the next two battles is quite In order to attract people’s attention, countless people are extremely looking forward to who will be the winner of the Four-Way Pavilion grand competition.

The contest between Tang Ying and Feng Qing Er ended very quickly. It should be said that Tang Ying is better than Wang Chen to some extent, and he couldn’t hold on for long. Anyway, Wang Chen tried to fight bravely and At one point, he had a slight advantage.

“You are really a junior of Teacher!”

On the square ring, Mu Qing Luan stared at Xiao Yan curiously, looking back at Venerable Feng from time to time.

Although Venerable Feng barely maintained seriousness on his face, he was extremely excited at the moment. He was able to confirm that Xiao Yan is really Venerable Yao’s discipline.

Venerable Yao’s friends are all over the world, but the most trusted person is Venerable Feng Feng Xian, and Venerable Feng’s knowledge of Old Yao is unparalleled. When Flame Splitting Tsunami came out, there was also Xiao Yan’s finger The dark Storage Ring on the top, these are Venerable Yao’s tokens.

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